Mars in Scorpio Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Scorpio people are warm, intense individuals, passionate and driven to accomplish their goals in life. They can be passionate - sometimes to the extent of being possessive and jealous.

They’re not afraid to get in your face if they need to - they just like to do it in a subtle, secretive way. They’re determined and work hard in pursuing their goals.

What Does Mars in Scorpio Mean?

Where Mars is located in your chart will help explain your drive, determination and take-charge attitude. Use this as a starting point to better understand yourself.

Mars in Scorpio is energetic, intense and magnetic. These individuals have a natural tendency of being controlling, which can become both a good and bad thing.

They approach life in a very analytical manner and use their sharp, critical sense to make decisions. If given the chance, they will pour over every detail on any problem or issue to ensure that they have considered every angle before coming to a conclusion.

Mars in Scorpio people tend to be private and possess quiet charisma. Intuitive and insightful, they have an ability to see beyond the surface of events.

They lack compunction and are surprisingly ruthless when their interests are at stake. Due to a profound depth perception, they know when other people are lying or being evasive. Scorpios can be notoriously vindictive.

Mars is the planet of assertiveness and control; it gives us the will to take action and get things done. Scorpio represents depth, resourcefulness, determination, and a strong sense of authority.

When Mars is in Scorpio, you are determined to get what you want, and you have the resourcefulness to do so.

Mars in Scorpio Woman

A Mars in Scorpio woman is one of the strongest, most passionate and intense people you’ll ever meet. She seeks depth in her relationships and interactions with others.

It is this very intensity that allows her to connect so well with others while at the same time bringing them to their knees.

Mars in Scorpio women are fierce, passionate, and alluring. Their intensity gives them the power to be extremely attractive and seductive. They’re not ones to take no for an answer—and they almost never do.

This woman is intense, ambitious, and assertive, which means she is not afraid to make things happen in her life. These women are often found as bosses or managers in the workplace.

As a Mars in Scorpio woman, you express yourself with desire and intensity. You approach every aspect of your life with passion and fire, trailing behind a cloud of steam.

She is passionate, and she expects the same from her partner. She needs to be with someone who can match her intensity, someone who knows how to go after what he wants and doesn’t believe in playing games.

She needs someone comfortable with intimacy and darkness so that she can show him her true self. It is likely that she has had some profound experiences with other men, but she’s not interested in getting back together with them. Her past relationships have all been learning lessons.

Mars in Scorpio Man

The Mars in Scorpio man is all about taking control of their life, and standing independently. They will use their considerable willpower to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.

Fast-paced action is exactly what brings them the most pleasure and complete satisfaction.

You will find that they tend to be impatient people who are brutally honest. Understanding a Mars in Scorpio man is not always easy, but you can make better sense of him if you take time to understand his personality type and also if you know some other aspects about this individual such as his other placements.

These men are proud individuals. They can be extremely secretive and hold a lot of depth inside. They have a courageous and charismatic nature that is both compelling and magnetic.

Once they’ve won the favor of others, their seductive vigor typically makes it tough for people to let them go. When given affection, they can be very passionate lovers, with a tendency toward a more domineering approach.

Mars in Scorpio natives are passionate, impulsive, and often secretive. They have a magnetic attraction that draws others together in serious relationships.

Mars in Scorpio Transit Meaning

As Mars travels through the water sign of Scorpio, there may be more love triangles than usual, along with relief projects that draw on water as a symbol for emotions. The red planet governs both competition and passion and is known for inciting lust and anger among humans.

A Mars in Scorpio transit indicates that making repairs and renovations in one’s world would be the most favorable activities during this time.

This can be a difficult transit, as it can bring out your deepest darkness and shadow side. It will also challenge you to look at that side of yourself, and so often you will find that it brings forth deep transformation.

Mars in Scorpio transits are the perfect time to take a stand and make a powerful statement about who you are. Others will take note of your courage, so it’s important to be true to yourself. Do not be afraid of using extreme measures to make your point if necessary.

This period is said to be an extremely powerful one, as the planet of energy and initiative is closely trine Neptune, the planet of illusions. If you are someone who has always dreamed of changing careers, or if you simply want to clean up your current environment and establish new working relationships with those closest to you, this transit is the one for you.

This transit is all about passion, power, and determination. Mars in Scorpio individuals are competitive, intensely focused, and enjoy taking risks.

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