Mars in Sagittarius Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Sagittarius means that you are energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic. You are known to be adventurous, courageous, honest and straightforward.

You have a strong mind and great willpower. Careers that interest Mars in Sagittarius include teaching, politics and religion.

Because of your high ideals and fearless personality, you are not afraid of anything. You love freedom and travel.

What Does Mars in Sagittarius Mean?

Mars in Sagittarius placement will help you make plans and pursue them with vigor. An expansive, experimental mind combined with fiery enthusiasm makes you an exciting friend to be around.

You’re a true humanitarian, interested in everything and everyone. With Mars in this sign, it’s easy for you to get along with almost anyone.

But as much as you love to talk about abstract ideas, you can be just as enthusiastic about getting out there and doing something about it.

The excitement of Mars in Sagittarius is boundless, and often feels endless to those around them. They also have a great sense of humor, and their outgoing personality makes them easy to be around.

The energies of this placement are those of excitement, enjoyment and freedom. These individuals have a bright outlook on life, and are known to be optimistic and enthusiastic. They are very brave individuals who would do anything for those that they love.

Mars in Sagittarius Woman

The Mars in Sagittarius woman loves freedom, travels and adventure. She likes to spend her spare time on mountain climbing or running marathons.

She is also very intelligent and has a broad interest, which means that she can be successful in many jobs like writing books, composing music or painting pictures. Usually she has good public relations skills and is good at communicating with people.

It’s never been a better time for Mars in Sagittarius women to take their rightful place in the world. As an adventurous and daring fire sign, you are likely to be drawn to travel, make as many acquaintances as possible, and even marry abroad.

Shy and reserved, this woman doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd. She’d rather be an observer than the center of attention.

This woman is blessed with an inherent sense of fairness that shines through her need for order, organization and justice. Her acute intuition helps her to see things for what they really are.

This can be a dynamic and liberating placement. Women will have more energy and strength to go after their dreams or to fight for their cause. They will feel more alive, vital, optimistic, religious, philosophical, and they will have an increased love of travel.

When the initial energy of Mars goes direct in Sagittarius, you are more likely to feel enthusiastic about the future.

Mars in Sagittarius Man

The Mars in Sagittarius man is friendly, spontaneous and adventurous. He is a free spirit, highly independent and open to new experiences.

He is an independently minded individual, keen on self-discovery and original exploration. He stresses over the future he has planned. Such a man can never be called lazy.

In fact, it would be wrong to use the word workless instead of laziness. He always knows what he wants to achieve and make it happen with his enthusiasm, vision and cleverness.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign that is considered to be a masculine, extroverted and energetic judging element. The Mars in Sagittarius man will have many friends because of his daring and adventurous nature.

He is confident, fun and enthusiastic in a way that challenges some of the things his companion holds dear.

As a man with this placement, you are honest, open-minded, and adventurous. You are confident and care a great deal about the people around you. But you could be rash sometimes!

Mars in Sagittarius makes a man adventurous and generous. He is interested in philosophy, discoveries and explorations, and loves new impressions.

When he falls in love, he gives the other person freedom, yet he is very jealous. He is attracted to everything that is beautiful – his speech and manners are flirty. He has a quick intelligence and investigative abilities.

He is fearless, enthusiastic and has boundless energy. If you are have this placement, you are an adventurer, the one who’s not afraid to take risks.

However, it can often seem that you don’t pay enough attention to details. The passions of Mars in Sagittarius are freedom, physical activities and traveling.

Mars in Sagittarius Transit Meaning

Mars in Sagittarius transit is a good time for you to start planning a long-term project. You’ll be more energetic and motivated to achieve your goals than at other times.

This transit is just as adventurous and free spirited as you would imagine. This transit is all about exploring new places and possibilities with gusto.

Mentally, it’s a time of developing your beliefs and opinions. It’s also a superb time to learn new skills. And it will open new doors to exciting opportunities for making money, possibly through risk taking.

Transiting Mars in Sagittarius often intensifies whatever is happening in the chart, bringing extra force to our actions and reactions. We may feel we are called to do more or be more active. This transit is a good one for starting new things.

This can be a wonderful time to push yourself into broadening your horizons. It’s a period of optimism and ambition, when you have energy to spare for new adventures.

But there are also issues that can come up during this time, stemming from overly optimistic expectations.

Mars in Sagittarius promises to bring positive change into your life, motivating you to push forward and know that anything is possible with a positive attitude.

This is one of the most beneficial periods you have experienced in a long time. Your adventurous nature and optimistic attitude will be stimulated.

You will have a strong sense of purpose and passion for life. In some cases, people feel restless and frustrated when Mars transits Sagittarius. Don’t make any hasty decisions without thinking them through first. Focus on the future.

Now It’s Your Turn

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Is your natal Mars in Sagittarius?

What does this placement say about your personality?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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