Mars in Pisces Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mars in Pisces can have a very simple outlook on life, with an almost childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. This simplicity interplays with the more fundamental qualities of a Pisces Mars personality, which are all about fulfilling one’s desires.

They are dreamers and are highly imaginative. They love to get lost in daydreams, perhaps because they have a tendency to put off reality for later or because they admire the world of fantasy so much.

They prefer to keep their feet on the ground, but they can also become compulsive gamblers or risk takers. Possessing great inner strength, Mars in Pisces people will go to any lengths to help those in need, but they themselves expect to be taken care of and protected by those close to them.

What Does Mars in Pisces Mean?

The Mars in Pisces person is artistic, selfless, and kind. They feel emotions deeply and seek to help others improve their lives. They have a hard time keeping themselves to themselves.

These people get attached to everyone they meet and end up putting many people before them, causing feelings of loss and emptiness. This makes it hard for them to find that special someone. This person loves helping others and is very spiritual.

Mars in Pisces people are compassionate and sensitive. These people prefer to live in more imaginative realms where they can find meaning in life.

They may appear shy or timid at first but once they know a person well they can become talkative and powerful with their creative energy.

Mars is the planet of action and passion. This placement closely resembles the original characteristics of Mars and is a powerful being.

At risk of becoming combative, this person will protect him or herself with a great deal of zeal. An uncanny sensitivity to what is going on around them makes these individuals quick to react.

A potential for conflict can be seen in the fiery depths of their eyes, but only if pushed too far. An individual with Mars in Pisces also has a kindhearted, sympathetic side that not many are lucky enough to experience.

This astrological placement gives you an innate desire for peace and harmony, something that comes naturally to everyone born with Mars in Pisces.

You are a deeply sensitive person, willing to give more than most, and you have a great depth of understanding when it comes to human nature. It is not surprising at all that many performing artists and musicians also share this placement!

Compared to the typical Pisces native, you are more sensitive, receptive, and poetic. You are artistic and creative, and may be fond of music and poetry. You have great instincts when it comes to people.

Mars in Pisces Woman

Mars in Pisces women are typically creative and intelligent women, but will only share their talents and abilities with those they love.

They are prone to supporting causes that benefit society, and often have some secret desire to use their gifts to help others. As individuals, they are often strong-willed and motivated to achieve goals.

She is imaginative, creative and talented. She has strong intuition and great emotional intelligence.

Highly sensitive and creative, she is ruled by her emotional nature rather than logic, a positive trait that leads her to have incredible artistic ability. She is always looking for new experiences. She may be eccentric and unrealistic at times.

The Mars in Pisces woman is extremely nurturing and caring, providing plenty of understanding and support to her partner. She is an excellent listener, very wise and insightful, so she knows how best to help the people around her.

She is very intuitive, in touch with all of her feelings and able to express them easily. She is a natural born psychic who can sense things just by being near them.

She has a wonderfully kind heart, and almost always wants to help out others. They are an extremely caring partner, lover, and friend. This often attracts people to them who may be looking for guidance or a shoulder to lean on.

She does not have a mean bone in her body, and is very warm and sensitive. They can be shy, even insecure at times, but they get past that by trying their best to help other people feel good about themselves.

She is the compassionate, sensitive and mysterious water bearer. She looks like a princess. She is a deep thinker.

Her eyes can look either big or dreamy-eyed. She has an air of mystery around her. She has an inner strength to her.

Most Mars in Pisces women are highly intuitive, which is never more apparent than when they’re dressing for work. They may dress in a very feminine manner, with skirts to the knee and long sleeve blouses, or opt for a more masculine look with jeans, boots and a man’s shirt.

They possess such extreme emotions they may suffer from mood swings. Such sudden ups and downs have so much intensity that they may even become physically ill over them.

When it comes to thinking, Mars in Pisces woman are brilliant and imaginative. But when it comes to acting on their thinking, they tend to be most impulsive, which is not always productive.

Mars in Pisces Man

The Mars in Pisces man is the definition of charm. They have charisma and confidence to their name. This man is considered the very definition of romance and all things beautiful.

Men born under this combination are great friends to have. They are loyal, caring, compassionate, and playful. They make excellent partners whenever they decide to take it that far because they love relationships and partnering up!

Mars is the planet of action and self-assertion. Its placement indicates that you have strong will power, but it also reveals your dominant traits and shortcomings. The Mars in Pisces man is sensitive, compassionate and very intuitive.

He hates confrontations and avoids conflicts at all costs whenever possible. The ideal career choice for a man with this placement is to be a therapist, teacher, musician, poet, psychologist or a writer.

He is a strong, independent and assertive man. He needs just one word to describe his behavior: fierce.

Mars in Pisces men possess a very good intuition and have the luck with creative projects. They adore the comfort of love and are not afraid to show their feelings.

People who are born with this placement will most likely behave in a friendly manner towards others. They also enjoy meeting new people and will be fascinated by what makes them unique.

These individuals are the ones who will readily seek new adventures, not only because of their curiosity but also because they want to offer help or provide assistance wherever it is needed.

Mars in Pisces man has a passionate and strong-willed nature. He is quite a romantic and loving of nature, and is often rather spiritual.

Hw believes that love can do no harm, but can only do good for himself, his partner, the whole human race, and the universe.

He respects his lover with all his heart and loves her unconditionally. This man admires beautiful things of nature and enjoys music very much. He enjoys traveling to places that are not too crowded.​​​

He is a loyal and devoted partner, a great father and a true leader. He is adaptable, calm, and nurturing.

With his touch of spirituality and shy demeanor, he is somewhat of an enigma to others. The Mars in Pisces male is so soft-spoken that people may wonder if he is sad on the inside.

Mars in Pisces Transit Meaning

As soon as that Mars moves into Pisces, your energy gets an indulgent makeover. Mars on the move in Pisces can seem a lot like Jupiter in Libra, but with a purifying twist and a sly sense of humor.

This transit often causes a person to feel stuck. They can’t make any headway in their life, and find getting out of the same old situations very difficult.

There is often a desire for self-sacrifice, and feelings of guilt for being selfish. Being so fearful of others' reactions and a sense of entitlement, Mars in Pisces will always put themselves last and thus back away from challenges.

This transit can cause relationships to be difficult because there is often a different kind of bonding between two people that takes place during this time period.

Emotions play a big role during Mars in Pisces transits. People want experience. They want to feel inspiration and can be easily tempted to neglect their daily responsibilities for the sake of adventure and discovery.

They are willing to surrender to love or anything that they consider divine, thus losing track of reality.

During this transit, your energy is quiet and easy going. You have a calming influence in a group of people. Your optimism and enthusiasm for a partner or situation makes you receptive to a gentle kind of love when it presents itself to you.

Mars in Pisces means that you feel compelled to do things that are special, bigger than yourself, or things that help people less fortunate. If you catch yourself thinking about how you can use your own resources or ingenuity for the greater good, this transit is speaking to you. It’s also saying that other people can bring out your more compassionate side as well.

This can be a difficult alignment, as the natural aggression of Mars finds trouble when placed in a flimsy sign like Pisces. This transit suggests explosive energy that is often misdirected due to being over sensitive and unsure of oneself.

This period indicates that you can be an instigator of conflict, even though that is not your intention. Explore this transit, and consider what you can do in order to ease any discord, or be less overtly confrontational when creating change.

Transiting Mars in Pisces can indicate a desire to be kind and compassionate to people in crisis, for example by helping refugees or the homeless. In our view ‘crisis’ is taken to mean any situation or event which is causing significant change and feelings of being overwhelmed.

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