19 Best Places to Meet Single Women Online or Near You [2023]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 15, 2022 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

When it comes to meeting women, there are a lot of options out there. Most guys try to meet women at the bar, club, coffee shop, shopping mall, or grocery store. But those aren’t necessarily the best places to find women. 

In this post, we will discuss where to meet women in real life. These include unique locations where you are likely to find intelligent, interesting, and beautiful women near you!

Where Are the Best Places to Meet Women?

Online Dating Apps

Online dating apps are a great place to meet women because they provide a convenient way to connect with a large number of potential partners in a short amount of time. 

Additionally, dating apps allow you to screen potential partners before meeting them in person, which can help reduce the risk of getting stood up or scammed.

One of the dating apps we recommend with a high female to male user ratio is eHarmony. With over 30 million registered users, eHarmony is one of the largest dating apps available. 

The app has a patented matching system that takes into account your interests and personality with the sole purpose of matching you with potential partners.

Other popular apps include Tinder and Bumble. Both of these apps have a large user base and are very easy to use, which make it a great way to meet women.

Tinder is especially popular for party girls as well as for women who are looking for hookups, while Bumble is great for those looking for more serious relationships.

Local Concerts

If you’re looking to meet a beautiful woman near you, local concerts are the best place to start. 

These events often have a more intimate setting compared to a music festival, which makes it easier to get up close and personal with the ladies in attendance.

Plus, meeting at a coffee shop concert is a great conversation starter since you both enjoy the same type of music. 

So, put on your best concert attire and head to the next show in your small town or college campus! You never know who you might meet. Just be sure to arrive early so you can snag a good spot near the stage!

Meetup Groups

Joining a meetup group is one of the best places for meeting women outside of your social circles because it provides a fun and relaxed environment where you can get to know people without feeling pressured. 

Such events are also great for finding activities that you enjoy, which makes it easier to find common ground with potential dates. Plus, meetup groups offer a variety of different events and activities, so you’re sure to find one that interests you.

Dog Park

The dog park is the best place to meet single females. It’s a win-win situation. You get to go and exercise your dog, while meeting a friendly woman at the same time.

The women you meet will be dog lovers, which according to research, means they are caring, outgoing, and loyal. All these women likely love people, and will be just as interested in talking to you as her four-legged friend at the park.

You don’t have to worry about trying to impress her with your conversation skills when you’re with your dog. The dog will do all the work for you!

It is also true that finding a date at the dog park can be more rewarding than trying to date other places. Why waste time going out on a date with someone who doesn’t share your love for dogs? 

At least here, everyone has one thing in common, so it makes it easier to start an interesting conversation or chit chat.

Coed Sports Groups

Coed sports leagues are a great place to meet women and like minded people because the competition is friendly. 

The coed atmosphere makes it easier for everyone to get out of their shell, have fun, and spend time together. The games are usually played at night, which means you have plenty of time afterwards to socialize with other players. 

And if you’re looking for someone who shares your interests in fitness or just playing sports, there are plenty of beautiful women to choose from!


Volunteering in your community is a great place to meet the right woman because it provides opportunities to get to know people in a relaxed and informal setting. Plus, there’s no pressure to cold approach women like there is at social events.

In addition, many volunteer organizations are looking for new members, so there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find one that appeals to you.

And finally, volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and make a difference in the everyday life of others.


If you’re looking for a great place to meet hot women, your local yoga studio is the place to be.

Yoga classes are filled with health-conscious and in shape women who are looking for a relationship. And because yoga attracts so many women, it’s easy to find someone who shares your interests and values. 

Plus, the laid-back atmosphere of most yoga studios makes it easy to start a conversation with someone new. If you’re ready to meet the woman of your dreams, sign up for a yoga class today!

Private Parties

A party is a great place to meet more women because it’s the only time where there are so many people in one room. This means that you’ll have plenty of options and can find someone who shares your interests, hobbies and personality traits. 

You’ll also be able to approach women without having to worry about feeling like you’re being too forward or coming on too strong. You don’t need to be someone special or rich, anyone can attend and get lucky!

All this makes for an incredibly fun environment which will allow you to get closer than ever before! 

Improv Class

If you’re looking for a way to find women, going to an improv class is the best way to do it. That’s because improv classes attract creative and interesting women who are looking for a fun and challenging way to meet new people. 

Plus, the skills you learn in improv class will help you become more confident and social, which will make you more attractive to women.

Public Speaking Groups

Joining a public speaking group is an easy way to meet women because you immediately have something in common with them.

Public speaking groups are perfect for introverted men because you can sit back and listen to other people speak. 

This is a great way to learn about new people and their interests. Plus, you’ll get some practice talking in front of a group.


Going to church is a good way to naturally attract women. I don’t mean for a date, but for a relationship.

Why? Because you are making a statement about what you find important. You are saying that you are willing to give up some time to spend an hour or two each week in the company of people who believe in God and share religious beliefs. This is a statement of values.

Women want men who have values, and many women are particularly attracted to men who have religious values. Religious people tend to be more family oriented, and family is important to most women. 

Ladies Night

Going out to a local bar with your friends is a great way to meet up with people, have a few drinks, and dance the night away. However, one of the best ways to meet women is by going out on ladies night specifically.

The women at ladies night events in bars are not looking for their future husband; they are looking for some fun. They are there because they probably had a bad week at work or have been fighting with their current boyfriend. 

They are looking for someone who can make them forget about all of the things that have been bothering them lately and give them some excitement.

Treat the women with respect and act like you would if you were meeting her for a date. You want to ask her questions about herself, as well as listen to her answers. 

Women love this; it shows that you care about what she has to say and want to get to know her better. Before long you will have exchanged numbers, and this can lead to a second date.

You want to make sure that you ask the woman out on another date before you leave the bar; otherwise she might think that you only wanted one night of fun, rather than something more serious.

Speed dating

Speed dating is a great way to meet women. By their very nature, speed dating events attract a range of people who are interested in meeting someone new.

While it might be easy enough to strike up a conversation with a woman at a bar, the setting of a speed dating event ensures that you’re both interested in talking to each other.

The concept is simple: as the name suggests, single women attend a speed dating event with the intention of meeting as many eligible men as possible within an hour. Most guys attend with the intention of doing likewise.

Once you’re both seated at your table, the pressure is off - there’s no need for an awkward introduction or any formalities. The organizer of the event will have made it clear what the rules are and what to do if you’re not feeling any chemistry with your date - either move onto someone else or leave altogether. 

You can speak about anything you like - from politics to current affairs to films - there’s no need to stick to ‘safe’ subjects like work or current events as there may be at a social gathering.

Business Networking Events

Business networking events can be great places for meeting women who share your interests and career goals.

You will find that there are many different types of these events, such as those held by professional organizations like chambers of commerce or trade associations, which provide opportunities for people within specific industries or geographic regions.

In addition, there are also private groups that hold regular social mixers where members come together over drinks and food to network with new contacts while having fun at the same time!

This type of event may be open only to members; however some host their events publicly at coffee shops or restaurants so everyone can attend without being part of an organization - though typically there will still be some sort of registration fee associated with attending one of these gatherings.

Art Classes

Signing up for an art class or cooking classes is a great way to meet girls because, not only are you likely to find single women there, but you’re also doing something that you enjoy. Plus, art classes usually attract creative and intelligent women.

While you are likely to meet women at events like this, it doesn’t mean everyone should sign up for the next art class in their neighborhood. 

It is important to remember that how you spend your evening or weekend should be fun whether you meet women or not. If this idea doesn’t sound like fun to you then move onto another idea on the list.

Neighborhood Watch Groups

There are a lot of reasons why a neighborhood watch group is a great place to meet women. First, it’s not a bar or a club, so there’s no pressure to pick someone up or impress her. It’s a chance to get out of your own home and actually get to know each other in a casual setting. 

Women who go to neighborhood watch groups tend to be more mature and settled down than most girls who go out drinking frequently. Dating someone who goes to neighborhood watch groups is more likely to lead toward something long-term.

The best thing that can happen is that you find someone with whom you have enough chemistry to start dating; if your timing is right, this could be the beginning of something serious

But even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll at least have made some good friends and gotten some exercise by walking around your neighborhood.

High School Reunions

If you are thinking seriously about meeting someone, a high school reunion is a great strategy for meeting women. Why? Because these women have something in common with you

At a high school reunion, it is easy to talk to others because you already have something in common with everyone.

The guests at a high-school reunion are all around your age, so there’s no need to worry about being hit on by someone too young or too old. And since they’ve all known one another for years, they’re more likely to be friendly and open-minded than if you met them randomly at the bar. 

Not only that, but they’re also probably more financially stable and emotionally mature than the bar crowd; both of these things can make them easier dates.

The downside of dating at a high-school reunion is that it can be awkward. You might know some of the guests from high school, but not others. 

If you haven’t seen each other in years, it might be hard to find something in common. There’s also no guarantee that every person will be there; some may have skipped out on the event entirely.

College Alumni Groups

If you are a confident man, and you want to meet attractive women, then joining your college alumni association is a good idea. Why? Because it is an easy way to meet girls near you.

Alumni associations are great places to meet single people because they are full of ambitious people like yourself. Alumni associations are also great because they tend to host events for singles as well as for married members. 

Joining your college alumni association is a great way to meet more women because there is no pressure on either side of the equation.

Tips for Meeting Women

Attractive women want to be approached

Research shows that single women are not getting approached as often as they would like. This is a great opportunity for you to step up and be the one to take initiative.

When you see a woman that you would like to meet, walk up to her and introduce yourself. Do not wait for her to come to you.

When approaching a woman, make sure to maintain eye contact. This will show her that you are confident and interested in her.

Shyness doesn’t turn women on

It’s a simple fact that confident men meet more women. Shyness is a major turn off for women, so it’s important that you overcome it if you want to be successful at meeting women.

The best way to do this is to practice your social skills by talking to as many people as possible. This will help you overcome your shyness and make it easier for you to approach women.

Most women do not choose men based on looks

Yes, many women are picky. Most women, however, are looking to meet confident men rather than the most attractive man at the bar.

The best way to meet women is to be confident, make eye contact, and smile. These three things will help you get started on the right foot.

Don’t worry about being the most interesting man in the room; just focus on being interested in what she has to say.

It’s okay to strike out

Not every woman you meet will be your soulmate. In fact, you will probably meet a lot of women that you’re not interested in. That’s okay!

The important thing is to keep trying. The more women you meet, the better your chances of finding someone that you’re compatible with.

So don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your dream girl right away; just keep practicing your communication skills.

Running errands is full of opportunities

Going grocery shopping at Whole Foods might not seem like the best place to meet women but you would be surprised.

Women tend to do more shopping than most men so you are more likely to meet women at grocery stores than at music festivals. An added benefit is that you’ll have less competition from other guys.

Consider visiting a new city

If you live in a small town or are hard pressed to meet women where you live consider taking a trip to a new city like San Diego.

This is a great way to expand your dating pool and meet new people. A change of scenery can be just what you need to meet someone special.

Bottom Line

There’s really no sense in beating around the bush about this: if you are single and would like to meet women, then you need to be going out and doing so. 

Don’t sit at home on a Friday night waiting for a knock on your door; take advantage of the fact that there are plenty of options at your fingertips. 

As we discussed, there are many great places to meet single women near you or online. Online dating sites, speed dating events, and singles groups can help you find your date. 

Final note: Just be yourself, get out there, and meet someone new.

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