Mercury in 8th House Personality Traits

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Mercury in the 8th House individuals are excellent communicators, but their talents often go unrecognized. These people are highly attuned to others' healing abilities, as well as to their own.

They sometimes prefer not to be the center of attention, and work best with an environment that gives them a wide berth for personal expression. Mercury here gives them self-awareness that enables them to excel at careers as interviewers or investigators.

Mercury in the 8th House gives a sense of importance. These people often behave one way at home, as opposed to another way with co-workers. They generally believe they are right.

What Does Mercury in the 8th House Mean?

Mercury’s placement in the 8th House shows how you take your power and express yourself when given freedom. This placement shows that you are passionate, independent, clever, and skillful.

You may have psychic powers and a magnetic persuasion to get things done your way. You can be good with money and have powerful friends who can help you out in a bind, but there is always a price attached, whether it feels right or not.

Mercury in the 8th House (sometimes called the secret house) refers to an intuitive mindset. In general, people with Mercury in this house have a strong interest in metaphysics, psychic readings, astrology, and the supernatural.

They have a developed mind and may wish to pursue an advanced degree. Individuals with this placement tend to be imaginative and have a desire to create or learn about new things. It also refers to a philosophical mindset, and gives an inquiring mind.

Mercury in the 8th house is one of the key astrological placements associated with the gift of the psychic. People with this placement can be considered real psychics as opposed to those with other placements who may just have an “instinct” or a strong intuition about things.

For the psychics born under this placement, there is the ability to connect and tune into other peoples energies on a very deep level.

Mercury in 8th House Woman

The psychic and mental levels of this lady are highly developed respectively. She has the capability to meditate too much and this may not become good for her. In general, she will have intense thoughts and mindset.

She may be working in the field of astrology or psychology or counseling because these are those fields which are linked to the mind. Her thoughts will interact with the people around her, particularly women and she should take care that she does not treat them cruelly on any count.

Mercury in 8th House people concentrate on finding hidden motivations in all their dealings with everyone. They also love new experiences and new challenges that will enable them to expand their horizons.

These people have a knack for seeing both sides of any situation or argument and are able to work through problems in original and unique ways.

The woman born with Mercury in the 8th house is a mystery. She’s intelligent, wise beyond her years, and a natural psychologist, able to easily empathize with others and offer sage advice.

She can be elusive, drawing others in then suddenly disappearing into a realm only she knows about. Her deepest strength lies in her ability to return to her center while remaining focused on the needs of those around her.

Mercury in the 8th House is likely to make a relationship a focal point in her life. Wherever she is, her partner is likely to be directly across from her. She doesn’t like to eat or drink anything whose source she can’t identify.

A woman with Mercury in the 8th House likes to get to know others. She is inquisitive and curious about what’s going on, even in the lives of those she doesn’t yet know too well.

She will strike up conversations with others just because she finds them interesting. She will read or listen to news stories to keep herself informed about the world around her.

This Mercury placement, as they say, is lucky for some and a curse for others. You will find a variety of opinions about what this aspect signifies due to the fact that it is one of the most complex ones that appear in people’s natal charts.

Your Mercury sign is a complicated business, perhaps reflecting your complex interior life, but it also says a great deal about your personal style and how you make a first impression.

Mercury in 8th House Man

Mercury in 8th House men are always prepared with their thinking cap on. They use their intelligence to solve problems and come up with creative solutions to the most challenging of cases.

Indecision and lack of focus are eclipsed by their ability to think in the long term, a trait that many people don’t associate Mercury in this position with. These men demand attention because they need it; they’re just not needy about it like others.

A man with Mercury in the Eighth House may speak of quiet matters of the heart and of our place in the cosmos. The man with this placement is a faithful-without-being-fatalistic kind of person.

This is an incredible position of power. It gives you a thrilling and unlimited sense of ambition that makes you capable of anything you set your mind to.

You are a born leader who is not afraid to take chances. The Mercury in the eighth house man wants it all and doesn’t waver from what he knows he deserves even if others think it’s too much for one person to have.

They have a strong sense of imagination and creativity. These people most likely do not fit in with the crowd. They are quite individualistic, and they don’t take control from others well (even if they ask to do so).

Mercury in 8th House people have high energy, but it isn’t seen like kind of an explosion. It is more like a seemingly endless reserve that goes unnoticed unless tapped into.

He can have a different set of gestures and facial expressions to show what mood is he in. Since we found that this placement dignifies the mind, any person with 8th house Mercury will have good brain power.

Furthermore, with such placement, this planetary position grants an excellent knowledge about commerce business and art types of pursuits.

People born with this Mercury placement are usually fond of knowledge and gain a good deal from education. They have excellent researching and analysis skills, always striving to find deeper meaning in things.

Mercury in the house of your partner, the 8th house, is a very positive placement. You will have an inquisitive mind and be good at understanding people’s problems and helping them with their worries.

Add to this a natural ability to communicate with others on a deep level and you have a potential healer, psychologist or counselor. You have good insights into human nature and are able to recognize the motivations of others.

You are rather courageous as well, not willing to let go of your intuition even when logic points in another direction. This gives you wisdom that can help you grasp life more fully and understand what is most important to you.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

Mercury in the 8th house is a common placement. In astrology this usually denotes all kinds of communication, but especially with regards to travel or news from other countries.

A person with this placement is good at communicating to others and also says what they think, without filtering their words. They enjoy learning new languages or about other cultures because of this placement as it often affects their own way of thinking.

Mercury in the 8th House of a birth chart signifies that there will be many changes in the natives lives, especially with regard to educational matters.

The 8th House is very much related to where you put your energy. If Mercury is in the 8th house during your birth chart reading, it means that you have an unusual memory and often can read people well. Also, you find joy in communicating with others.

This placement testifies to someone with a great imagination, someone who loves to travel, and is able to move freely in their mind. They are very intuitive, and they are often attracted to foreign cultures.

They are excellent writers and speakers and enjoy studying languages. A person with Mercury in the 8th house tends to be restless and often travels aimlessly around the world, but their willingness to explore new places and cultures could make them a successful diplomat or publisher in the future.

Mercury in the eighth house is a placement that talks about communication with an emphasis on telephone lines and communication devices.

Here people are usually quick to pick up on things and can express themselves well in writing or verbally. This placement indicates that you were born to talk, not with words, but with your hands.

Mercury’s placement in your eighth house will affect your personal and business relationships, as well as how you handle finances. It also indicates ailments related to the throat, jaw and mouth, as well as the ears.

Meaning in Synastry

Mercury in the 8th House synastry can be very good for people that are building a business or career together. Partners that demonstrate Mercury synastry will help each other to get the word out by using their communication skills and ability to think outside of the box.

They could help each other become fortune 500 level executives, as they are willing to work beyond the limits of what they think is possible. Partners that show this astrology aspect may also enjoy trying new things together, like traveling to exotic places, and generally broadening their horizons. These two partners will be able to handle setbacks well.

The Mercury in 8th House synastry aspect creates the kind of couple that can’t stop talking, and can easily engage or disengage from their mate.

These two natives have the energy for conversation down-pat, and it often has a learning, teaching, or sharing feel to it.

They tend to like to share ideas about this and that, and they’re good at intellectualizing whatever feelings might be going on between them.

Mercury in the 8th House of a synastry chart reveals the mind-set and feeling processes behind the decisions of another person. There is a shared mindset that comes out of an independent thinker based on past experiences and education.

Both partners may have similar hobbies, interests, or attitudes because they have seen the world through the same eyes from accompanying each other on past experiences.

When Mercury and Venus are in the Eighth House, there can be a tremendous amount of attraction between you. It is possible that your partner has an unusually magnetic personality, or it may be you who really fascinates this person with what you have to say.

There could also be a lot of sharing going on between the two of you in terms of money and possessions. Naturally, this aspect of synastry works wonders for business partnerships, as well online relationships where both parties can feel like there is a good emotional soul tie.

In synastry, Mercury in the 8th House shows a relationship where one or both of you are doing research on a subject, something related to their career for example. It’s an ideal match when it involves market research..

In these relationships, the couple are able to learn from each other’s areas of knowledge. They enrich one another intellectually, and exchange information readily.

These couples are extremely similar in their ways of working and thinking, and they tend to be attracted to new ideas. They’re also extremely well suited for handling money together and earning a lot of it.

This placement indicates incredible success in investments and insurance policies. Successful business deals are also promised. The person with Mercury in this house has a skill for counseling others, explaining things to them in a way that makes sense.

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