8th House Astrology Meaning

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The 8th House in astrology represents inheritance, both material and non-material. It rules wealth, great possessions, and potential for power. The 8th House also rules joint resources such as bank accounts, credit cards, and other shared assets.

It’s associated with your partner, spouses, business partners, and people/organizations with whom you have a joint financial venture. The 8th house rules inheritances as well as legacies that come out of the blue, monetary gifts from unknown sources and chance windfalls.

The chart of 8th house shows your hidden assets and liabilities that are out of the eye of others. Your secrets, goals, ideals, fears, and ailments are being explained by this house.

The eighth house also concerns death and rebirth. If you have planets in this house (and the ninth) it signifies a powerful influence on your life, and special strengths in certain areas.

An 8th house natal chart describes someone who has all the qualities that are attributed most highly to their sign. The personality traits of powerful ambition, and leadership potential, for example, are inherent in an 8th House placement.

The eighth house is your house of transformation, energy exchange and regeneration. To the ancients, this area represented the hearth and home. Events in your life that occur in a meaningful and significant way usually happen here.

There is a good placement of 8th house in your natal chart and it indicates that you are wise and intelligent. You are careful about your financial matters which will bring prosperity to your life. There may be chances of disputes, court cases and litigation in your life; however, you win the case easily because of your intelligence, logic, ability to analyze the situation in right perspective.

Sun in 8th House

If you have your Sun in the 8th House, then you have a brilliant and powerful mind. You are on par with other world leaders and what makes you unique is the invaluable insight that you provide to them.

Sun in the 8th House people have a good sense of smell. These natives are outspoken, courageous, and enjoy taking risks. If they have to work, they need to concentrate on something according to their own impulse of thought and not in accordance with anyone else’s wishes.

They are self-assertive and stubborn, but never frank or open in discussing their plans and ideas. Their life lacks idealism if they do not take an interest in religion or other philosophical theories.

They will risk their health by undertaking too much hard labour, careless of any loss if it is going to benefit the home or result in monetary gain to themselves.

8th house Sun personalities have a tendency to be more interested in other people’s business and it tends to be an uncomfortable position. If this is not mitigated, this placement can make you very nosy and threaten to trespass on others' privacy.

In the less negative form, there is a sense of compassion and sympathy toward others that motivates you to help them accomplish their aims. This is a useful placement also for career development along humanitarian lines, but only if you learn to focus your empathy for other people on them alone.

The eighth house is a very powerful place to have the Sun. Those who have this placement are motivated by a desire to achieve material security for themselves or for others. On an emotional level they give freely to others without feeling that they will lose something of value.

They may also enjoy putting on lavish displays of big-heartedness, but it’s up to others to make sure they don’t get caught short-changing others in their own time.

The Sun in the eighth house can give a person an intuitive and psychic nature. Not only can this individual be fascinated by the idea of love affairs, they also may have had some past life experiences that were geared to develop their psychic gifts.

Individuals with the Sun in the eighth house may have a deep awareness of how others feel about them. They are certainly aware of how they feel about others.

The placement of the Sun in the 8th house can indicate that the native will have an adventurous life filled with desire, passion and pleasure. A strong enjoyment of romance and gambling is apparent in this chart as well. This placement also indicates carelessness for financial matters and often times, it is due to internal insecurities or a fear of loss.

Your life is influenced by people from other countries and cultures. You have a strong interest in philosophies which include religion and the occult. You may experience travel to foreign countries, study at universities of the world, or be attracted to foreign cultures.

Moon in 8th House

The Moon in the 8th House intuitively senses situations and reacts to them. They understand the complexity of a situation, which allows them to sway and manipulate situations to their advantage.

The Moon in 8th House person is a natural manipulator and controller, often manipulating others without them realizing it. They may also be able to project their own feelings, needs and wants onto others as well as possess the ability to see through people’s facades.

When the Moon is in the eighth house, there are many hidden and secret affairs being conducted. It gives deep instinctual feelings about sexuality but it also gives deep feelings of sorrow and despair when they feel that they are not loved.

When the Moon is in 8th house, people with this placement want to be around others more than alone. They do not like being confined to one area or one home unless it is the home that they live in with their husband or wife.

This placement can indicate that a person will have three marriages or will get divorced if already married more than once.

The Moon in the Eighth House singles out your deep emotions, and that which is hidden and eluded. You may have an unconscious or passive side that you don’t want to face.

Secrets, unanswered questions, indecision, and avoidance keep you from moving forward. Perhaps childhood was a difficult time – your needs were not met or you felt controlled or dominated. As a result of such negative experiences, you are attracted to anything that sustains control over the events in your life.

Some with this placement find themselves involved with organized religion; some become very protective over their land or possessions and lose their sense community with their neighbors.

The Moon here may mean that you’d like to have better balance in love, or that you enjoy living on the wild side when it comes to romance.

The Moon in the Eighth House of astrology shows that you are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and you are more aware than most people of what goes on around you.

The moon represents our feelings, our reactions and our subconscious. In your chart, the positioning of the Moon determines whether you are emotional or rational, intuitive or practical and how you react to the things that happen in your life. A Moon placement in 8th house might be someone who is one for solitude and has strong feeling.

Mercury in 8th House

Once you know how Mercury in the 8th House placement affects your life, you can take steps to focus and direct your goals and ambitions. As Mercury goes through its retrograde periods, you may find that some of the traits you inherited from this placement intensify.

On the other hand, you may find that you have more energy and drive than usual to complete projects you have already begun.

One way to interpret Mercury in 8th House influence is to consider how you prefer to deal with other people. If you have Mercury here, dealing with others is a conscious activity.

You may feel that others may not be easily understood or that they seem impulsive and unpredictable. In terms of your own personality, others are an excellent source of feedback to you about yourself.

The placement of Mercury in 8th house indicates a need to keep an analytical mind regarding health, safety and life insurance. If you have Mercury in the 8th house, you have a preference for solitude and will think basically of your place in society and in the world.

This will also affect how you get information from others; basic perceptions or opinions conveyed by neighbors, relatives, associates, news sources and the like.

With Mercury in your 8th House you are well informed of your place in society and the world since you tend to be well read. You have developed a discriminating knowledge of current events through watching television news programs or being interested in public affairs.

If you were born with Mercury in the 8th House, then you are undoubtedly a quick-witted and naturally gifted communicator. You possess a great deal of charm that is almost impossible to resist. This magnetism only becomes stronger as you grow older. Your ability to fascinate others with your words will only increase as you mature.

Venus in 8th House

Venus has planetary rulership over relationships, values and money. Since Venus here is in the 8th House, this is a very karmic placement. It usually indicates a person’s core beliefs with regards to the “meaning” of relationships, of money, and of values on a more global scale. It also gives an idea of what one looks for in a partner.

Venus in the 8th House is a position where energy, communications and facts are all related. When Venus is in the 8th house, there is the potential for you to be highly analytical and possibly deal with issues regarding death, dying, or inheritance.

Venus in the 8th House, one of the most unusual places for it, indicates you will have extremely high standards for a partner. You may feel you have been put upon when you are drawn toward people who intrigue — and sometimes confuse — you.

It might be a long time before you find the person who satisfies you completely, but that doesn’t mean this placement means you’ll never be content with enough in your life to satisfy needs. On the contrary, this position often entails high spirituality or a search for enlightenment.

Venus in the 8th House represents your capacity to be nurtured by a partner. Venus here signifies that you may be attracted to relationships that provide the unconditional love and acceptance that you have never experienced in childhood.

If Venus is weak or afflicted in this position, you may choose partners who are emotionally unavailable, or you may seek out relationships that meet some of your emotional needs but are ultimately damaging to you because they are unbalanced or used as a way to keep emotions at bay.

People with Venus in the 8th House often develop lasting, warm, and loving partnerships. This placement promises an intense relationship, whether a present one or a past one. You’ll find that people form very special attachments to you, particularly those with Cancer and Pisces Sun signs.

There is often a close bond between you and your mother. A need for security may have arisen through your childhood – this could have been due to the absence of either parent or sibling, especially if they were older than you.

Venus in the 8th House indicates that you have a very strong desire to beautify your surroundings. You will spend money on architecture, design and art. You love luxury in all its forms, from the finest clothing to beautiful landscapes. Although being generous with your family and loved ones, you are very possessive of your possessions. You may collect rare treasures and enjoy the beauty of things past.

Mars in 8th House

Mars is the planet of energy, action, ambition, and desire. Like the 8th House itself, it delves into those things we cannot see or feel. With Mars in this House, you want something that you have very little control over.

The 8th house of your natal chart governs shared resources, joint efforts, and the process of distribution or dispersion. It also rules any association you have with other people, groups or organizations, as well as inheritance issues and financial transactions.

The placement of Mars in this house will give you drive, ambition and strong desires to get ahead in life. These are natural qualities of Mars, but normally seen in a more disruptive manner. When Mars is placed in an area of your chart where it’s comfortable (i.e., not too stressful), it can be a wonderful placement!

Contentment and ambition may seem like polar opposites, but this placement can unite them. With ambition born from contentment, the life of Mars in the 8th House person is a constant search for ways to improve on what he already has. He has enough confidence to push further, and the patience to return when he falls short.

When Mars is in the Eight House, it can bring about two very different personality types. On one hand, this placement could mean that you are a fierce competitor.

You may be ambitious for success and will take ruthless routes to get ahead - often with no regard to who you may hurt. It seems as if you were born looking for a fight, using everything at your disposal—even your dangerous feelings—to win at any cost.

Mars in the 8th house gives an interest and ability to manage money and investments. They have a natural business mind. They were born to be rich and will achieve their goals using their charm and leadership qualities.

People with Mars in their 8th house should gain experience at an early age with handling finances, or they may squander money or get involved with risky dealings.

Many Mars in the 8th house people have a restless mind that can never seem to be still. They are frequently busy with ideas and thoughts, and often feel guilty for staying “past their welcome,” once they grow tired of socializing with friends or family members.

Jupiter in 8th House

Jupiter is well known as the planet of good fortune. When it enters a person’s 8th house of death and rebirth, they build secret enemies who wish to oppose their success. They are likely to acquire land or financial gains from their spouse through inheritance.

This placement signifies a focal point for financial success that comes from the family, perhaps through inheritance, or correspondingly from some type of occupation that involves the family.

The financial opportunity won’t necessarily come with super-human effort on the part of the native. He’ll have the knowledge and a special touch to accumulate wealth while very young.

Jupiter in the 8th House is an indication of a charismatic, magnetic personality. A person with this placement will attract others to him or her, and will blend effortless with socializing. He or she will be drawn to knowledge and power, as well as making friends and partners in business or politics.

Jupiter’s placement in the 8th house represents an increased appreciation for spirituality and limitless sources of wealth from abroad.

When Jupiter is in your 8th House, it means you will have a sudden rise in luck in wealth. Lots of money and good fortune come to you with ease and timing is not crucial. This could be an inheritance that you previously did not expect, or an unexpected bonus from your employer.

With Jupiter in the Eighth House, you tend to have strong beliefs that you stick to. Some people might be suspicious of how strong your beliefs can be and might find what you say offensive. However, others will fit right into your belief system and may share your beliefs.

Saturn in 8th House

Saturn is the planet of discipline, commitment and responsibility. If Saturn is in the 8th house, then a person’s life may have to do with death and births or personal transformation in regard to relationships or finances.

The 8th House rules all kinds of hidden enemies and adversaries, as well as other people’s money or resources. Saturn in the 8th House people can be ruthless with others' possessions, but they are not likely to steal money to fund their own purchase.

They are more likely to work themselves to death, taking jobs that pay poorly and do not allow time off for family or vacations. It is better for them to have a job that allows for advancement and raises, even if it takes some time.

Saturn represents obstacles, boundaries, limits, restrictions, blockages and delays. This placement of Saturn denotes that the person cannot escape from its karma and it is essential for the individual to come to a more balanced understanding of both karma and dharma (the process of becoming).

Saturn in the 8th House is one of those placements that needs to be considered seriously. It makes one hard-working, determined, and serious about financial matters. And as all Saturn positions, also a little bit rigid and conservative.

The placement of the planet Saturn in the 8th House gives you a strong sense of who you are. You are a very private person, like to work behind the scenes and can sometimes be detached from others.

People sometimes worry about what you are up to. You definitely take your time making decisions and can stay isolated until you decide there is just no other way.

Many people with Saturn in the 8th House do share some things in common, they tend to have limited social contacts, and they struggle with issues concerning death, dying, and funerals. They also may go through an early life crisis or feel there was something missing in their life that they need to correct.

Saturn in the 8th House shows how you handle death, obligation, and loss. In some ways, it may be very similar to understanding Saturn in your 1st House because you will have to make changes (or at least consider them) with respect to your personal boundaries, values, creative self expression, morals, other people’s finances and personal property.

Having Saturn in the 8th house in your natal chart can be a superb thing, as this placement bestows you with the attributes of excellence and wisdom. The 8th house is said to govern loss, and can give rise to obstacles in life, but Saturn’s position here can bring solace to you as it creates some rather helpful symptoms.

Uranus in 8th House

Uranus in the 8th house can work in amazing ways when it comes to your career and daily life. It can give you many, many gifts and abilities which include the ability to heal by bringing a person into better alignment with his or her true inner nature.

An 8th house Uranus placement represents instability and chaos in a relationship. The person with Uranus here is often the cause of the turmoil, often times not even realizing that their own actions are creating instability in their relationships.

When this placement is combined with other challenging placements, such as Pluto or Mars in the 8th house there can be chaos and great upheaval in relationships.

There can be great unexpected windfalls when Uranus is placed in the 8th House, but the person must be prepared for the unexpected. Power will shift drastically within your life, and this can bring both good and bad to your life.

You will have the power to bring positive change into your life, but it is possible that the changes are not what you envision them to be.

Placement of Uranus in the 8th house is an astrological aspect that often causes the native to experience confusing or secretive love relationships, which may not be to their liking. The slow movement and placement of this planet in this house suggests that the individual is more understanding and patient when dealing with such relationships.

If Uranus is in your eighth house of joint finances, responsibilities to others and all forms of partnership (including marriage), you may be very independent, even secretive. You are also attuned to choices concerning marketplace investment now or in the near future.

Uranus adds a zest for adventure and a desire to do things on the spur of the moment. This placement favors people who develop their own lines of work, particularly those who make their livelihood by way of the Internet.

Uranus in the 8th house denotes obsession with occultism or the paranormal. During the growth period it can indicate an occultist. It indicates involvement with rebellious and extreme religious teachings.

Neptune in 8th House

Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams and mysteries. So, your Neptune in the 8th House placement will give you an almost psychic intuition about the people around you.

You will be able to sense things about others that they themselves are not aware of. However, unlike a typical psychic reading, this does not mean that you will be able to know everything that they are thinking and feeling at any given time.

Neptune in the 8th House is a sensitive placement for this planet of illusion and deception, which can easily deceive one into thinking that he or she has landed into some sort of a miracle. The problem with this placement is that you sometimes fail to realize if it is true love or just some mere ethereal experience.

Neptune in the eighth house can be extremely helpful and supportive if you are willing to work for it. It can bring you to the right place, at the right time. With Neptune in the eighth house, there is a chance to make big money and support yourself.

If you earn that money then it’s also your duty to help others with their financial troubles. Once you accept that others are suffering for no fault of their own, helping them is natural. You don’t want to see anyone suffer, especially those less fortunate than yourself.

An 8th house Neptune placement exotically inspires an individual to detach from a conventional life and step into the unknown. Whether it’s for love or money, this placement will develop a powerful spiritual need to awaken to one’s spiritual purpose and communicate spiritually to others.

Neptune in the Eighth House can signify a lot of financial help, be it from unexpected sources. However, there is the matter of misuse or misunderstanding anywhere. By its nature, Neptune can be perceived as being slippery and elusive – it follows no rules and this may play havoc with an early relationship.

If you are single, self-sacrifice might be a concern for you – as you may be hyper-aware of how others appear to perceive you. There may be powerful psychic connections that seem to come out of the blue and could trigger an extreme response on your part.

You may be interested in creating long-term intimate relationships at this time, or perhaps even the culmination of a committed relationship. Although this placement doesn’t have obvious indicators about marriage, it could point toward meeting someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with.

Pluto in 8th House

Pluto is an extremely potent placement in your natal chart. It lays out your motivations, what you will fight for and against, your need to develop self-mastery, and how you will go about this process of transformation.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, in the eighth house of your horoscope indicates that you will begin a new aspect of your life through relationship and deep emotional bonding.

Pluto is associated with rebirth and transformation, and this placement encourages you to look closely at your past relationships in order to learn from them. This could mean trusting past relationships more than usual, or it could be a bad phase for failed partnerships. You may have an attraction to partners who are out of the ordinary for you.

Pluto in the 8th house is a placement indicating financial difficulties. Pluto being the most powerful planet of all, represents power, control, aggression and transformation.

An 8th House Pluto placement shows that you will have your deepest transformational work in relationships with those who are not a part of your core family. Your partner will likely be a powerful, magnetic personality and have a great impact on you. You may take on this influence by proxy.

Pluto in the 8th House describes a person who is very possessive. If you were blessed with Pluto in this House, you’ll know that you said goodbye to your individual identity the day you met your future spouse.

Disciplined and strong-willed, you don’t relinquish control that easily. In fact, it’s going to take time for your partner to earn your trust, and then some more time before the two of you become ‘one’.

Pluto’s placement in your 8th house speaks to your deep psychological motivations, specifically regarding profound transformational experiences, collective issues, and inheritance. With Pluto in the 8th house, you’re motivated by a desire to uncover the truth or secrets of others, as well as the truth about yourself.

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