6th House Astrology Meaning

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The 6th House in astrology pertains mainly to our health and our work, which are of great importance to us. It has been said that the 6th House is about the shadow, and the area wherein we project a part of ourselves onto a person or thing.

The 6th house is the house of service. People who have planets in this house are more interested in serving others, helping and doing charitable work than they are about accumulating wealth or power for themselves.

If a planet is placed in the 6th House, it gives good qualities to the person, and this placement generally contributes much to their success in life.

The Sixth House represents our foundations of life – health, security, and value we get from working. It tells us how our day-to-day experience can be influenced by the physical environment we live in, from knowing that we have enough money to rear for a comfortable retirement to knowing that our property is safe and sound or even that we are in good health.

The 6th House is the double-occupancy house of health and work. The demands of the Sixth House are exerted on a daily basis to keep the house clean and in good repair. Saturn, the planetary ruler of this house, governs jobs, employees and bosses alike.

This house deals with effort, responsibility and how you manage your time and finances. It also has some bearing on your working hours, health and safety at work, and aspects of your family life. Natives placed here are likely to be very involved in service, hospitals and health at some stage in their life.

When a planet is placed here it describes a person who tirelessly explores and experiments with their creative side. This is the sign of artists, philosophers, scientists, orators, writers, and inventors.

These people are incredibly insightful and often communicate in unconventional ways. In many cases this placement is associated with pressure sensitivity or psychic abilities.

6th House is the house of health, service and entertainment. It is the house of profession. The natives having 6th house in good position are able to get good health and longevity. They get divine knowledge by which they can earn name and fame in their life. They become successful in their profession.

The 6th House also governs sickness, diseases, injuries and accidents. It is also associated with hospitals and medical practice. A person’s diet and sleep are also governed by this house.

The 6th House rules the health and service industries, your daily routine, and the way you respond to others. Descendants of this house are generally charming, popular, and often possess a combination of grace and practical skills.

They excel in communications and tend to be excellent diplomats. The resources of this house are tied to the qualities of health and service; when illness threatens a loved one or friend, there’s no problem too big to solve.

Sun in 6th House

The Sun in 6th House means that this person is naturally trusting, and once he or she finds a true friend, they will stick to that friend like glue. They may experience difficulty at times making decisions about their career or long-term plans, but with the support of a few close friends and family, they should eventually get their creative juices flowing.

The placement of the Sun in the 6th House shows how you will be influenced by your work environment. Anyone who has a Sun here is likely to pursue a career directly related to their feelings of security and power.

Other details of this placement include liking to bestow favors on people you work with, needing a supportive work environment but not wanting to be controlled by anyone else, having a boss who works behind the scenes instead of being very hands-on, getting along with co-workers but not forming close relationships.

The Sun in the 6th House brings increased energy levels, an optimistic attitude and a sense of independence.

The placement of the Sun in your 6th House suggests you are practical, methodical, and tactical in nature. You’re a hard worker who can be counted on to follow through on duties in a thorough and conscientious manner.

The Sun in the sixth house can indicate a perfectionist and a hard worker, who often strives to improve their career situations. But with this character trait, problems may arise if other people do not recognize their unique talents. This placement is also emphasized by a heavy emphasis of planets in the introverted signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

The Sun in the 6th house of your horoscope affects your attitude towards life, your health, and your work. You are typically very practical minded and enjoy doing what’s necessary instead of what you would like to do.

You have the ability to see all parts of any project and provide efficient suggestions as to how they can work to benefit you most. You are prone to feel under appreciated for the work that you do.

The Sun in the 6th house is a general placement, allowing you to deal with many different types of situations. With this position, you often have a talent for helping others with their problems.

It is extremely important that you do not lose sight of the fact that you are helping people and not making yourself look better. By reminding yourself of this, you will be able to help others in ways that they truly need and appreciate.

Moon in in 6th House

The Moon in the 6th House can indicate an overall workaholic personality. If “work” is something you are passionate about then this placement is beneficial.

People with Moon in the 6th House are often excellent employees and make great workers because they love what they do and never let their work interfere with their health, social life, and family. If you find that work causes you to neglect your health, social life or family, then the placement is working against you.

The placement of the Moon in the 6th House of your natal chart reveals that you are a sensitive and compassionate soul. You have a natural ability to sense what others feel and how they are feeling.

This trait is an asset, especially in the medical or psychological fields where care for others is essential. But you can be left feeling drained from time to time if you allow excessive worry to take over or prevent yourself from receiving proper rest.

When the Moon is exalted in the 6th House, profession and job position is a very important part of this person’s life and contributes to their overall status. Since the 6th House rules hospitals, patients and health care, a person with Moon in this House may work in a hospital or as a healer in alternative medicine.

This placement indicates emotional needs to feel wanted or needed and will seek these needs out because of their own past experiences. The emotions are particularly strong since it is ruled by Venus. A person with this placement may be an actor, singer, hairdresser or work in some other form of beauty care.

Moon in the sixth house shows how you work at your day job and interact with colleagues. The placement shows how you handle challenges and how you relate to authority figures. The moon in this house also gives clues as to any dissatisfaction with the workplace environment.

Moon in the sixth house increases the likelihood that such a person will be dedicated to his or her workplace. Responsible, reliable, and efficient, a Moon in the sixth house individual is someone who can be counted on to do the right thing. This person usually earns the respect of his or her supervisors and co-workers alike.

The Moon in the 6th House represents your relationship with your job. It describes how you relate to people at work, how much you are motivated by personal gain, and where your ambition and motivation comes from. Whether you work for yourself or are an employee there is a lot we can learn about you through the placement of this natural satellite.

Mercury in in 6th House

Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, and transportation.

Mercury in the 6th House can mean trouble communicating with your fellow man or woman. It also means you may have severe communication issues with those you work for, such as bosses or co-workers.

If your Mercury is in the 6th House you may get fired from a job. You can use this placement to your advantage in that when you do get a job it will be at a place where you really don’t need much direction and you can do the work all by yourself without much supervision from above.

Mercury in the 6th House people are honest and clever. Such people are self-motivated, intelligent and resourceful whether they work or engage in business.

They trust their own intelligence and they are astute at learning from their past mistakes. Such natives require an outlet for their ideas and talents through interests and hobbies as well as the business environment.

Mercury in 6th house people easily assimilate new information and new technology, sometimes to a fault and detriment. Mercury in 6th house people enjoy obscure facts and trivia with great enthusiasm. If you have this placement, you are likely to develop passions for certain topics or take up hobbies based on those thoughts.

Mercury in the 6th House is elusive placement that results in the native’s health being less than ideal. It corresponds to those who have ill health and currently undergoing clinical or hospital treatment.

Far from being a purely negative placement, however, it can actually be quite positive–Mercury in the 6th indicates that an individual has highly developed mental abilities for dealing with medical issues and may even become a widely known authority on whatever ailment they themselves have.

The placement of Mercury in 6th House makes a person highly analytical and excellent in brain work. This placement adds a great sense of fairness which helps the natives' friends to get rewards and gifts.

Venus in in 6th House

Venus is the planet of attraction, harmony, and desire. The placement of Venus in the 6th House will produce a harmonious life of social interaction, financial success from mutual interests in business matters, and favorable relationships with relatives and friends.

Venus represents love, art, beauty and values. A Venus in the 6th House person is a lovable, kind, and friendly woman. She doesn’t cope well with criticism because she has an inferiority complex. She’s usually very nervous about everything.

Venus in the 6th House people are the most artistic and creative, love variety in their lives. You are naturally a good diplomat. Making friends comes easily.

You enjoy parties, especially those at your place because you have such a great time preparing for them and all your guests seem to love every minute of it. You are very lucky in love and financial matters.

Venus in the 6th House represents a pleasant relationship with women, whether they are friends or co-workers.

Venus in the 6th House of a natal chart indicates that. relationships, romantic attachments and marriage become an important part of your life.

All work places are now considered a relationship for you if your Venus is in the 6th house. remember that you are in the workplace, so like it or not this is going to happen. What transpires at work will have some type of impact on your love life.

Venus in the 6th House represents the way you relate to your surroundings and those you live with. Your sense of artistry, love of beauty and appreciation for finer things in life is also what makes life more fun.

Mars in in 6th House

Mars is the planet of energy, action, and initiative. The sixth house is where we release our energy, take action, and directly affect the world around us through work done. Our Mars in the 6th house placement will have a profound impact on our personality traits, routine tasks, and even aspects of our health.

If Mars is situated in your 6th House, the energy and drive in this placement can manifest a great deal of work ethic or a burning desire to be of service to others. This placement is considered one of the most beneficial placements of Mars.

The placement of Mars in the sixth house of your natal chart can give you a high energy level and a natural appetite for physical challenges that will blossom into real talents and skills. The challenge with this placement is to channel your strong will and courage, so it doesn’t get out of control.

Mars is usually considered the planet of action, and the 6th house represents friendships, travel, and all kinds of service work. If you have Mars in the 6th House, you are probably a lively person who will be full of energy from childhood through old age. You could be an athlete or do job work that involves a lot of activity.

Mars in the Sixth House means you have a strong physical body. This placement is so powerful that it can give a person a reputation for being superhuman.

You don’t want to mess with someone who has Mars here. Life is all about action to this person and they do not enjoy idle time, unless they utilize it on an outdoor hobby such as hiking, biking or skiing.

When Mars is in the sixth house, the native is vigorous, enterprising, and optimistic. The sixth house relates to health. When Mars is placed here it gives the native a strong and robust body. It also generally makes him bold and fearless.

Mars is the planet of energy, action and passion. It represents the inner warrior that lies within us all and its placement in your astrological chart determines where this energy will be felt most strongly.

Jupiter in in 6th House

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. He wants to be free to move around. This may bring duties or jobs that stretch you in new directions that broaden your interests and opportunities.

The placement of your Jupiter has significant influence on your life experiences. Jupiter in the 6th House brings luck and optimism to those born with this placement. Those born with Jupiter in 6th House, also known as the house of service, enjoy long-term relationships with those who are older than themselves.

They don’t rely on others often, but when they do need someone older or wiser, chances are that person will be around when needed most. This placement is considered favorable for establishing a career that requires long study and intensive training, possibly in an occupation related to the health care industry.

Jupiter in the 6th house means desire for expansion, to grow or develop. There is more of a focus on outside interests and expansion of opportunities which might include more traditional development, such as a bigger job with more responsibility.

It also indicates a focus on travel, exploring new places and even starting a family or adopting children. These children could relate strongly to the beliefs that they have learned from their parents growing up, especially if that Jupiter placement falls into the 6th house.

If Jupiter is in the 6th House, you will have lots of work-related success as well as good luck for hobbies and everything else that keeps your mind busy. You may come across many opportunities to acquire new skills and further your career.

Your mind is powerful in this placement. You are a great target for positive thinking!

The planet Jupiter in the 6th house enhances intuition and imagination. It indicates a very strong, persistent and active mind with excellent memory power, nervous force, and will to contend against all odds.

Jupiter in the 6th House may bring a great deal of success into your life. This placement indicates that others may be drawn to you due to the positive energy you radiate. Your happiness will be heightened by the fact that these people will come to help you achieve your goals, which might include building a better reputation.

Saturn in in 6th House

Saturn in the sixth house gives responsibilities at an early age, and makes the native industrious, hard-working and ambitious.

The Saturn in 6th house placement could cause you to feel insecure at times. You may worry about the possibility of becoming ill as a form of punishment for something wrong that you have done.

Fear and anxiety are likely with this placement, but they can motivate a person to do better. Some people will even give up things in order to avoid getting sick, although nothing can prevent illness. This astrological placement may be common among nurses, doctors or other people who find themselves working with sickness on a regular basis.

Saturn in 6th House can show what issues you are dealing with when it comes to your parents, your home, your job and anything else about the structure of everyday life. But, Saturn there can also show how serious you are about managing that structure well.

This placement of Saturn means that you take responsibility for your commitments and that you learn from whatever experiences you encounter.

Saturn in the 6th House indicates a period of hard work to get things done, due to the effort and determination needed to achieve your goals. Problems and responsibilities in this area can teach self-discipline and orderliness, but a lack of discipline or responsibility may lead to chaos and poor health affairs.

Saturn in the 6th House brings a very practical and materialistic focus to everyday life. They are called to be conservative, save resources, and focus on cleanliness, attractiveness, tidiness and health.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius. In the house of health and work Saturn in the sixth house will manifest as a supportive influence during challenging situations.

This placement indicates that having good health is more challenging but also a medium for success. By a fortunate combination of purposefulness, hard work, and persistence during serious problems or major health issues one will be able to achieve better results than usual.

Saturn in the 6th house may be a difficult placement for many people. This placement in your horoscope indicates that pressure and responsibilities are extremely important in your life, and they will occur more often than not.

Being a traditionalist, you feel most comfortable when helping with problems associated with bad health, accidents on the job, injuries to family members, illness of relatives, and being a general source of comfort to those nearby. It becomes difficult for you to do everything you’re supposed to do, but it does not deter you from trying your best.

Uranus in in 6th House

Uranus in the 6th House has a love for science, technology, and even medicine. This placement makes it easier to be in the fast lane and be more successful with anything that entails change or is revolutionary.

A strong Uranus in 6th house will cause a person to experience unique financial opportunities, as well as unique difficulties. With Uranus in their 6th House, their money and resources are never stable.

This person is constantly finding new ways to make money and experiencing new forms of reputation or recognition. They may even find themselves in strange or unusual jobs because they need the money, which will ultimately aid them in their overall career or occupation goals.

Uranus here indicates that there will be a large amount of change in how you view your career or vocation. It also means there may be unexpected changes happening in your life because of career related factors.

Career goals are made more important with this placement in your natal chart. There is going to be an interest in investigating alternative vocation fields.

There may also be numerous changes with this placement, especially if you are a young adult. You are trying out different types of professions and methods of making money to see what your strengths are and what you could actually make a living from.

Many people with Uranus in 6th house in their natal charts are easily influenced by liars, which leads them to all kinds of trouble. On the positive side, they do have excellent business skills and are very good at saving and investing money.

Uranus in the Sixth House brings about many opportunities to reform certain areas of your life. This placement can indicate a disruptive influence in that it can bring about some changes in your health and well being.

Sudden changes can affect your day to day life, leaving you feeling like things are out of your control, but with Uranus involved you have the power to take charge and shape the way you want things to go.

Uranus in the 6th house shows an individual who enjoys being in the limelight and has a need to be recognized for his or her work. Such people often have original ideas and are adventurous in their approach to things. They make good developers, research experts, and inventors.

Neptune in in 6th House

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and imagination. When Neptune is in the 6th House, natives will be a drawn towards a career as a healer or a medium.

Of course, there are also unconventional healers to be found in this placement. This could mean that some people will have an undefined illness or chronic pain.

Neptune in 6th House represents strong interest in religion, spirituality, philosophy and mysticism. This placement may help you to deal with the loss of a loved one or friend.

Neptune in the 6th House placement affects peoples values, addictions, and the way you relate to others. You may have a difficult childhood where the abuse of drugs or alcohol was present. Some people may find it hard to behave beneath the surface and can be manipulative at times.

The good news is that Neptune rules compassion, creativity and helping hand. You are sensitive to comforting others and also yourself.

Neptune represents the creative expression of feelings, and tells us how we express ourselves in ways that are not always obvious to others. Its placement here means we can be subtle and reserved about how we exhibit this quality.

The House position shows what we do with this creative gift, and the 6th house shows us how to refine it into a tool that can help us contribute creatively to the community at large.

Neptune in the 6th House is all about improvement through sacrifice. It means changes coming into our lives that are intended to make us stronger and wiser. Chances for spiritual growth are increased with this placement, but be sure to be a good steward of the opportunities gifted to you.

A transit of Neptune through this house can be an extremely powerful event. The key to understanding what happens during this period is to understand the nature of Neptune itself. When it begins its transit through 6th house, things will appear more chaotic than usual. Chaos might feel like an appropriate word for your life at this time.

Neptune in 6th House is symbolic of spiritual healing. These natives are skillful at providing a sympathetic ear to others. They have a unique ability to relieve mental burdens and/or anxieties with inspirational advice.

They have a tendency to dream about the future, and are often idealistic. This placement provides the capacity to open up psycho-spiritual experiences of a transcendental nature.

Placed here, Neptune wants you to attain spiritual wisdom, but it is up to you to find your “Teacher” who will show you the way, and give you spiritual guidance and inspiration in your life.

Pluto in in 6th House

The 6th house of any horoscope deals with family, services and skills. If Pluto is placed here, it creates great changes at home at an early age.

Exploration, intuition, change, transformation, healing and regeneration are among the many themes associated with a 6th House Pluto placement. The sixth house corresponds to the fingers and toes and the nervous system.

In this house Pluto is said to represent wounds suffered during one’s life journey. Here you can find out what a Plutonian will do in order to achieve a certain goal, how he or she faces obstacles or whether he or she is able to recover from wounds received.

Pluto in the 6th House can create an interest or desire in things that are morbid, bloody or just creepy. The placement of Pluto in this house can cause you to become obsessed with your health, a desire to have very good or perfect health, and an interest or curiosity related to the human body.

Pluto in the 6th house shows a close to powerful position, with good chance of a meaningful promotion or job change. What is more, this placement signifies a struggle between the desire for power and money and the fear that they will bring harm by attracting enemies, especially enemies at work.

This aspect relates to self-willed, serious, bossy, and stubborn people. They must go through difficult periods in their childhood because of some accidents caused by carelessness which can lead to emotional trauma.

Pluto in the 6th House is very powerful. The placement can reveal lasting and profound transformations related to your health, your career or your reputation. Any of these could be seriously affected by Pluto, so you have to be careful.

Pluto in the sixth house means being influenced by the hard work and self discipline of a father. A teacher or doctor may have your father’s Pluto placement.

Pluto in the sixth house of astrology can indicate a lot about your personality, or if you’re born with it, even the nature of your career. If Pluto is located in the sixth house of your horoscope, then you have certain tendencies that make you stand out from other people.

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