7th House Astrology Meaning

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The 7th House in astrology is the house of partnerships. The 7th House often represents your relationship with your lover, spouse or significant other. If you have planets in this house, this tells us a great deal about your personal needs in relationships.

The 7th House house signifies the relationship between husband and wife, brothers and sisters, or partnerships.

The 7th House is often referred to as the “relationship house”, as it represents our relationships in general and how we relate to others. It is also a house about sharing resources, and teamwork. It looks at who we share our lives with and the agreements we make with others.

The 7th House is the house of marriage, partnerships, and close relationships. It represents connections with your soulmate, ex partners, marriage, and any partnership you may have with those in your personal life.

In your chart, you’re most interested in your own opportunities for marriage or partnership, but your spouse or lover’s 7th House also represents some of your own character traits.

If you’ve been married for a long time, your partner’s 7th House can tell you how he or she has changed over the years. If you’re not married now but hope to be someday, remember that both partners' 7th Houses will be factors in any relationship.

A planet in your 7th House shows that you will receive income from legacies, investments and other sources. This placement also implies that you have numerous expenses, losses and injuries of various kinds.

Sun in 7th House

The Seventh House represents service and the ability to relate to a partner. If you have a Sun in the 7th House, you crave being around other people and you are excellent at involving others. You are drawn to the popular person or the leader of a group.

You are acutely aware of the mood of those around you. You can also make use of your natural gift for seeing things from other people’s points of view. So, you can build bridges and achieve intimacy easily.

Solicitousness and kindness are a trademark of this placement, as it provides security. The challenge is to avoid becoming so other-focused that your own needs are ignored.

The placement of the Sun in the 7th House indicates that one is capable of making strong contacts and relationships with other people. The individual will enjoy a more prosperous career than others in the same field due to his/her thriving social network.

Sun in the 7th house persons are talkative, straightforward and quite social. They have a broad outlook in life, more so than most other people, and can maintain good relations with many people. They are also very shrewd and manipulative and are greatly interested in acquiring money and property.

If you look at the horoscopes of famous people who were born with the Sun in the 7th house, you will see that they have been lucky in their relationships. If you are looking for love, or want to strengthen your current relationship, then this placement is a positive sign of good things to come.

The Sun in your 7th House shows how you hold yourself back from others, how you’ve managed to protect and care for yourself over the years with help from a partner, and how you tend to be self-centered and self-motivated.

Moon in 7th House

A Moon in the 7th House placement indicates that you value relationships, find love and romance to be important aspects of your life, and are capable of forming close emotional bonds with friends, family members, and perhaps coworkers. Your need for a large family or stable relationship can also indicate an interest in politics and social issues as well.

People who have the Moon in 7th House are compassionate, kind and instinctively compassionate towards their partners. They are good at keeping themselves out of harm’s way, and can be as chameleon like as their partner.

The 7th House rules shared resources; this is the partner that will most likely be your best financial advisor. People with Moon in 7th House great listeners, and if a romantic relationship is new to them they may make every effort to listen to the other person’s dreams and ambitions as they’re willing to help bring them about.

The Moon in the 7th House represents a person who is good at reading personalities. They have a very good instinct about who people are and where they stand within a social group, and that gives them an edge in figuring out how to present themselves.

When it comes to whom they are going to have in their life, the Moon in 7th House types don’t so much search for someone as recognize when someone else has chosen them.

The Moon in the seventh house of a horoscope shows that you have good relations with your spouse and partner. Women with the Moon in the 7th House may be successful in politics or business; men are especially inclined towards social success. They have sharp intellect and can see things from a prophetic point of view.

Moon in 7th House people are sensitive, reserved and artistic. They’re very social creatures. These individuals are known for being great listeners, they like harmony and enjoy understanding other people.

The Moon in the 7th House means that you will find love and acceptance from someone who is older, more experienced - perhaps a teacher or mentor. You could learn self-discipline from this person, and gain wisdom as a result. Such relationships could be very helpful to your career, especially if it is in an artistic field.

The Moon in the 7th House suggests that the native may get married under difficult circumstances. A woman with the Moon here may have to put up with a difficult husband.

The native will not be well-placed to take advantage of legal ties but marriage can bring him benefits and good fortune if beneficial aspects exist to powerful planets during a transit of the Moon by the Sun or by Jupiter.

Mercury in 7th House

The placement of Mercury in the 7th house can show a number of things. It denotes marriage, children and foreign travels. It also represents good fortune from older people and relatives, and friendships with people your own age.

Mercury in the 7th House individuals are good at making and holding onto friends. They have a natural ability to identify the common ground with people and to feel how others are feeling.

Mercury in the 7th House represents a period of profound change both for the native and for his surroundings. Change, travel, education, diplomacy and work in the foreign service are all indicated here.

The individual may possess nervous energy that needs an outlet, but should use these opportunities to expand their mind instead of merely being a “rebel without a cause.”

Mercury in the 7th house represents a person who is dependable and respected by others. These people are often very much in demand and find it easy to attract friends and partners, especially if they are good at communicating their needs.

Mercury in the 7th house people should pay attention to all legal documents so that they do not lose any rights, and can protect themselves from others claiming their land, possessions or other assets.

Mercury in the 7th House is all about communication. Mercury in this house rules our neighbors, siblings, extended family, and associates.

Mercury in this position indicates a deep sense of spirituality and idealism. This placement is often found in the charts of people who become activists. Your optimism, ability to inspire others, and basic honesty inspires people to follow you.

But you still have difficulty trusting others and allowing yourself to commit to a relationship or cause. You like to keep your options open, which frustrates those you are attracted to and makes them feel as if they can never be quite sure of where they stand with you.

Venus in 7th House

Venus in the Seventh House often indicates a person who is extremely beautiful and well-groomed. They are even sometimes referred to as glamourous. This placement of Venus can give a person the ability to have a long-lasting relationship with another (and sometimes, even multiple) people.

The 7th House Venus person will normally have many loves over the course of their life, or they may struggle to commit to a relationship at all. However, it is their willingness to see this kind of personal freedom as something that is fun that makes this placement work out for them.

Venus in the 7th House is a placement that creates a gentle and friendly disposition. The Venus person loves to laugh, is easygoing as well as democratic. They dislike conflict and is happiest in harmonious surroundings.

When Venus is in the 7th house it shows the value and importance of friends and relationships on all levels. We need human connection to feel alive and we crave security and family as well. Venus is the partner to both Mars and Jupiter so when they are in alignment we can be lucky in love relation.

If Venus is in your 7th House it reveals that you have a strong need for external harmony and to please others. You tend to be popular and very attractive to the opposite sex. Romance is important and you greatly enjoy being around those you love, although you can be quite romantic towards just one chosen person.

You probably fall deeply in love quickly, even though you are not a true-blue romantic type. Your marital commitments are often quite passionate, but can become possessive at times. Without sufficient room to be alone, or to get away from it all, there may be big explosions within the relationship.

Venus in the 7th House is an interesting placement, as the 7th House is opposite to the 4th House of home where Venus holds domain. Often, this placement can indicate a relationship that feels foreign or distant early on.

Venus in the 7th House has a romantic, very idealistic sense of romance. This placement is usually found in extremely loving marriages or in secret, passionate love affairs.

This is a passionate placement. Venus here ‘addicts’ you to love. Not the type of love where people seem to lose control and do things that are not cool, but rather the good kind of love.

Mars in 7th House

Mars is associated with the drive for independence, initiative and action. The planet of action has its impact in a person’s career, the place where a person does their work.

It brings the force that pushes a person to show what they can do. If this energy is not directed into an area of responsibility or tasks, it can cause serious problems. A person will either cause trouble by stirring up conflict or may be reckless causing accidents due to being more concerned with his selfish desires than that of the safety of others.

The positive side of Mars in the 7th house placement is that it can give a sense of leadership ability and strength in the ability to carry out a mission or task.

If you have Mars in the 7th House, then you’re probably a very ambitious person. You do not back down from even the toughest challenges, and when you commit to something, you know that it’s going to be done right. Sports is often popular as a hobby or occupation for people with this placement.

A person with Mars in the 7th House is outspoken, wants to be noticed, and likes to be independent. When this placement is well aspected, he can use his charm to get his way. However, if Mars is afflicted by malefic planets, he can be mean-spirited, opinionated, and tactless.

Mars in the Seventh House is a strong placement for people that are naturally motivated to be social, and who thrive on teamwork rather than working alone. These people tend to put a very high value on partnerships and networking to achieve their goals. They like to keep things fair, and are not afraid of confrontation if it’s necessary.

Mars in the 7th House indicates that you can function with the energy of power and transformation. This placement lends a spirit of aggression, but not usually an angry one. Mars here desires to bring change, so it is likely that these individuals were brought up in an atmosphere of some sort of conflict or change.

Since Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, these are the qualities they are likely to reveal: a need to be independent, self-motivated, possibly rebellious, as well as possessive and controlling over others. Additionally, this placement is prone to both accidents and illness.

The placement of Mars in the 7th House of your horoscope indicates that you are quite assertive and have a go-getter attitude. You are always itching to get into new things and love taking risks. In fact, you feel most alive when you are on the move.

Mars in the seventh house is the placement of a lover, a fighter, and a warrior of sorts. With Mars ruling one’s courage and boldness, this placement gives you the guts to speak your mind, defend your beliefs, and fight for what you believe in.

As you can imagine, this placement makes the seventh house the most passionate house in the zodiac as lovers are often happy with nothing more than physical relationship.

Jupiter in 7th House

Jupiter in the 7th house is one of the most powerful placements, as well as the most joyous and beneficial. Jupiter brings good luck, a sense of humor, expansiveness, and prosperous social endeavors to those who have it in this position.

This placement not only enhances your way of relating to others–sense of fairness or justice, enjoyment through conquests and triumph over others–but also develops your approach to the world at large.

You’ll achieve success through intermingling of your personal interests with various realms of the larger world. Comparatively speaking, you may gain more social recognition or popularity than others than those with other planets in their 7th house.

A rare formation of Jupiter in seventh house indicates a highly blessed person. An infant born under this scenario is often very intelligent right from early ages with great speaking skills. The child may master many languages at a very early age and know about the cultural diversity and the differences in people.

With Jupiter here, we will feel as if everyone else is older and wiser than us and must take care of us. It’s a position that makes for jealousy and over protection, particularly anytime there is a separation or estrangement.

A Jupiter placement in your 7th House indicates a powerful, intense romantic relationship. This relationship will probably be one of the most important parts of your life and will play a role in inspiring you to greater heights.

It is quite possible that you fall deeply and madly in love with someone and can never get them out of your mind. In return, this person may feel a great emotional attachment to you as well. They may even be a higher-up in business, politics, or just a higher social status in some way.

Jupiter in the 7th House brings out the best of the domestic side of your personality. You’re able to see how others may be hurt or confused, and you’ll naturally want to help them. This can make for a very supportive partner.

If your Jupiter is in the 7th House, you are an enterprising individual. A 7th House Jupiter native seeks out the company of a wide variety of friends from important business sources and/or influential people.

You will decide to live with a roommate or two in order to enjoy the increase in friendship and financial support. In other words, you want two or more planets in the 7th House, especially when neither Venus nor Mars is positioned there.

Saturn in 7th House

Saturn in the seventh house is about partnerships and marriage, and has a great emphasis on responsibility and domestic issues. Saturn in 7th House people are very serious about their relationships, and will always put their family first.

A Saturn partner or spouse will expect the same kinds of responsibilities back from them. It is very important for these people to be part of a bigger picture, which can include any number of things: domestic life, community, health, long-term relationships with people.

They also understand that those these things require a lot of energy and work, but at the same time they also know how to get a positive return on their investment.

A Saturn in 7th House person likes to keep a low profile. Your Saturn position describes how you can best face the world, what you must do to establish yourself as a person, and your attitude towards working and authority.

When Saturn, the planet of limitations and boundaries, is transiting through your 7th House it brings strong feelings of commitment to marriage or other lasting union. At worst, you find yourself feeling hemmed in by domestic responsibilities, leading to problems with your intimate relationships.

Helping you to develop greater responsibility toward others is one important way Saturn’s transit will work out positively for you. If Saturn rules your chart, then expect important changes in your relationships with authority figures and other people who have power over you.

Saturn in the 7th house is indicative of a lasting relationship, once you have given the relationship all the time to develop and grow.

You have an awareness of other people’s emotional makeup, and what makes them tick; they appreciate your sympathetic qualities for this very reason. A 7th House Saturn placement means you will work together towards a common goal and you never get bored with each other.

Uranus in 7th House

Uranus is the planet of surprise, sudden change and upheaval. 7th house also describes partnership and marriage so a Uranus in the 7th house placement indicates challenges in relationships.

In the 7th House, Uranus provides us with freedom of self-expression and the courage and strength to make change in our lives. People with this placement seek relationships which are exciting and experimental, seeking out people who share their idealistic views about life in general. But in order to experience true fulfillment, they must find balance by learning to be more “traditional” and responsible.

Uranus in the 7th House is an extremely unique placement. The mythology behind this planet suggest it rules electricity, anti-establishment and the destruction of everything that has been accepted by society, traditions and more. It also suggests that anything revealed to you may be shocking or unexpected.

An individuals with Uranus in the 7th house is often one who is ruled by their heart while their head is being overwhelmed. There is also an excellent amount of strength and determination that they possess, and can attract people who are older than them (such as parents). They do not like to take orders and are likely to rebel against any form of structure.

Uranus in the Seventh House means that your relationships with your lover and other significant partners will be distant and aloof. You are aware of the power struggles that develop in interpersonal dealings, and seek to maintain an air of detachment, if possible.

Holding on to this attitude will be difficult; life is not likely to be pleasant unless you have a lot of self-confidence that may border on arrogance. This is probably not easy for you, because there is a tendency for you to be very sensitive with others taking advantage of you.

Neptune in 7th House

Neptune in the 7th House is a placement that will change your perception of love. The relationship you are most committed to will change in an unusual way; if you have a spouse, you may become distant from him or her.

It will be difficult to get through to someone when Neptune is placed in the 7th House. You feel misunderstood and confused by the other person, and this may result in separation or divorce.

Neptune in the 7th House is a placement of fantasy and illusions. The native may find that their life, including relationships, will be full of mystery. They may fall into compulsions and obsessions with regard to romance, lovers and partners.

Creativity is likely to blossom at some point during their lifetime, but they should be aware of their tendency to idealization during Neptune periods.

Neptune in the 7th House of love and relationships bring out the more intuitive, spiritual side of you and the people you love. You may be particularly interested in healing, religion, philosophy or an esoteric subject in your lifetime.

The need of self-discovery is strong for you and may take you on many adventures across the world; however, staying at home will probably fulfill that need just as much.

If you have Neptune in the Seventh House of your natal chart it warns of a lack of trust in relationships, and how you approach them. Allowing others to take advantage of you or your naiveté is also a possibility with this placement.

The placement of Neptune in the Seventh House can cause us to feel lonely in a relationship and obscures the lines of reality so we may lose sight of who we are as well as hurting our partner.

When Neptune is in the 7th House it places an optimistic focus on matters of lasting partnership. You can see idealistic or unrealistic desires for a long-term union unfold with full force.

You desire a soul mate who is of noble mind, yet also someone who would enjoy the excitement and challenge of shared adventure. At times, you have tendencies to deceive yourself regarding the nature of your relationships: you are more attached to the idea than to the person.

Neptune in the 7th House individuals are highly intuitive, and have a profound sense of spirituality and philosophy. They are night dreamers who are capable of escaping reality; the physical world can become almost meaningless to them. But they also feel the needs of others, and tend to experience hypochondria.

7th House Neptune people are dreamers. They want to be in love all the time and usually are, at least in their imaginations. They may not be with the right person, but they’ll have someone loving them.

Pluto in 7th House

Pluto is the planet of power, transformation, and regeneration. It rules the sign of Scorpio and is a powerful transformative planet. Pluto is called the ruler of the underworld in astrology.

Power and transformations are both about death and rebirth. The placement of Pluto tells us about our mastery over both inner and outer transformations, our ability to control power in our lives, and how we use it to effect lasting change.

Pluto’s energy is transformative and regenerative in 7th House. Violent, vindictive, ruthless, vengeful, and controlling behaviors can be exacting upon others as well as on yourself.

Deep seated doubts concerning the possibility of real love can wash over the individual with a sense of futility. Pluto rules government, rulers, executors or authorities, while Neptune is the ruler of faith, romance, illusion or delusion, betrayal, illusion or delusion.

Pluto in the 7th House shows that your partner has a strong desire to influence you. If your partner is the Plutonian type, you may find yourself very much under their thumb. It could lead to psychic power struggles that are impervious to logic and reason.

This placement indicates a lot of tension with partners during this lifetime. The natal Pluto energy means that the relationship will be wrought with all kinds of influences from outside, including from relatives. It’s possible that there’s an intergenerational Pluto problem represented in this placement, and here may be where you choose to learn about taking responsibility for the way you act.

A 7th House Pluto placement takes its energy from past experiences and transforms them. In fact, Pluto’s presence in this house can see you suddenly thrust into an entirely different social setting, where you may feel that you have very little in common with the people around you. This is a placement that likes to learn through experience and about the naked truth of interpersonal relationships.

Pluto in the seventh house comes with a rather intense and complex set of social relationships. You may find that your social life makes you feel insecure about the way that you are seen by others. There is a sense of power struggles or co-dependency issues, as you can tend to want to control others.

The ongoing struggle here is not to control yourself, but to become more aware of what motivates you. Once this is identified, then you can use this knowledge to help you to avoid negative circumstances and protect yourself from abuse.

Pluto is the planet of intense transformation. You have experienced a lot of change in your life, and it has been difficult at times. Not everyone knows how to deal with this side of your personality.

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