Moon in 7th House Personality Traits

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The Moon in the 7th House position represents the relationship between a person and their subconscious. Individuals where the Moon has dominant influence in this area of their chart can be obsessive, sensitive, moody and temperamental.

These people tend to be highly emotional and have a tendency toward frustration. They’re intense, passionate and changeable with the ability to get into a rage.

The Moon in the 7th House person is a charmer. When they set their mind on a partner to love and to be loved by, they will go out of their way to make sure everyone around them is happy.

The Moon in the Seventh House signifies a person who is within the influence of some powerful motivation. For more advanced students of astrology, it may be considered one of the most important placements, especially if it is conjunct the Sun, or in conjunction with either the Ascendant, Midheaven, Mercury, or Venus.

The Moon in the 7th House person likes to be around people and gain understanding through duty and romance. Family life, love affairs, foreign travel, marriage, and partnerships of many kinds are favored. Life is a wide-ranging experience filled with many diverse studies and relationships, but it is never boring.

The Moon in the 7th House makes a person loving, kind, honest and diplomatic. They are also known as “co-dependents” and may tend to lack self-confidence. These people are often poor leaders but make strong followers.

For those born with this placement, relationships are a true labor of love. You understand that romance doesn’t last—as long as the union itself is enduring and strong.

You carefully choose the kind of partner with whom you can spend your life, which means you have high standards to meet. Compromising your ideals or being in a relationship where your freedom is restricted is not okay with you; rather, you look for an equal partner characterized most by fairness and equality.

The most negative effect of a 7th house Moon is that the native can be controlled by the partner or feel completely dependent on the partner and give away their life to them.

Moon in 7th House Personality Traits

Strong and straightforward, the Moon in the 7th House individual is nearly always serious and studious. They’re heavily invested in philosophy, social psychology, sociology, anthropology, archeology, and other pursuits of the mind.

They have a burning desire to discover the truth about human nature and how society works. They are also keen on uncovering karma in action and believe in learning lessons from the past so they can help shape the future of mankind.

They have no problem confronting unpleasant truths and as a result tend to be brutally honest in most dealings with family members and friends. Finally, their spiritual or philosophical interests often make them idealistic.

The Moon in the seventh house is a person who bases his whole life and career on a strong relationship with his partner. He wants love and needs it, and if he doesn’t get it, he suffers.

The problem is that he can be so focused on it that he doesn’t know what else to do with himself. He may become clingy and jealous; someone has to knock him out of his rut.

This planetary configuration gives you a very powerful mind, but without the stabilizing energy of the Moon you can have trouble with practical details and managing daily life. You may not have a great deal of concern for your appearance and your personal surroundings may be messy and unkempt.

You need to recognize that the true test of power is knowing when not to use it. A slight obsession with sex and romance is quite possible, also a strong craving for new experiences and knowledge.

You seek adventure and excitement in your relationships, but also long for deep intimacy. Your need for freedom and independence can antagonize your mate, but you usually bounce right back.

Changeable, fun-loving, optimistic, full of imagination, you’re a social butterfly who needs a lot of space. You’re on a charm offensive with everyone; you’re everyone’s best friend.

The Moon in the Seventh House is one of the more mysterious placements in the horoscope. It gives an indefinable something, which is usually a good deal less than clearly expressed.

People under this configuration are often extremely charming, and they have many friends. They do not always mean all they say, and this causes others to be confused with them.

Moon in 7th House Woman

The Moon in the Seventh house is one of the most mysterious and unique Moon placements there is.

The Moon in 7th House woman is often attracted to charismatic and forceful men. They are very sensual and sometimes extroverted, attracting attention from others. This can make their lives adventurous.

If she has a 7th House Moon, this woman may travel frequently or spend much time in foreign places. They will have the ability to communicate easily with others and understand the ways of cultures different from her own.

A Seventh House Moon placement shows that you have a playful and charming personality, but you want to be with someone who shares your romantic sensibilities. You’re most compatible with people born on the days directly before, or after you.

She is known to be a loyal wife, who is usually very intelligent. She will be drawn toward older men and might develop interest in them. However, this doesn’t mean that she will show affection instantly. You need to impress her in some manner or other, so that she acknowledges and falls for you.

The Moon in 7th House woman can be a bit more secretive than other Moon placements. But, she will still treat herself to pampering sessions and facials, like a celebrity out on the town. However, she doesn’t usually talk about it to just anyone.

They are often cool and aloof but has a constant inner fire that makes them a passionate individual. They may not seem overtly passionate, but there is a slow burning flame inside that needs to be fed. With their strong sense of self and desire for change, they can be quite inspiring and motivational.

Moon in 7th House Man

The Moon in 7th House man is a beaming, good-natured, affable, diplomatic dream man - or your husband’s alter ego if you’re the woman of the relationship.

He’s a charming entertainer who adores hosting parties and celebrations. He’s even-tempered, stable and dependable. Maybe even a body-builder who keeps in top shape.

He is handsome, stylish and always sharply-dressed. A bit like that guy you saw the other day on TV, all perfect teeth and suntan.

The Moon in the 7th House man is very creative and imaginative. He is an emotional individual who has very strong opinions in life. He looks for a mate who is intelligent, creative and independent.

Moon in 7th House men possess qualities of being wise yet at the same time they are so passionate about having women in their lives. They have got multiple relationships going on at once but after these flings end, they remain loyal to their partners.

These men are powerful and caring and it seems that they don’t even get tired of facing the problems because they are so willing to solve each problem and make their couples more stronger.

The Moon in the 7th house, gives the person a love for home comforts. The native likes to nest in a warm and secure setting that welcomes his family and friends.

This placement may make the native a good host or even an able manager of an inn. In some instances, these people can be prone to overspending on sentimental items such as knickknacks. They may also seemingly overspend their income at times. These people may also be prone to inheritances from older parents or relatives.

Moon in 7th House Synastry

The Moon in the 7th House tells about your own wants, needs and hopes. It tells about the relationships you have with others and your opinions about intimacy. In particular, Moon in 7th House people say: “I want to be wanted.”

Meeting someone with a Moon in the seventh house is quite an uncommon thing. This is a marriage of one half of the world to another, and as such it’s usually very difficult to pin down. The person with the Moon in 7th House has both feet on the ground and also has their head in the stars; they’re perfect for liaising between two people or groups.

Moon in the 7th House shows an air of mystery to you and your partner. Moon in 7th House relationships are the most sensitive and intuitive of any Moon position. This is a good thing, as you have a heightened sense of emotional needs and can better meet them when required.

The true challenge here is that while you pick up on the needs of the other person very easily, it’s hard to protect your own insecurities once you’re aware of what they are. Moon in 7th House also correlates with a lot of unconscious fear – fear that needs to be worked out before you can truly feel secure in yourself.

Spiritual, deep, and private, the Moon in the 7th House is someone you will become very close to emotionally. This person may be a teacher offering valuable lessons and insight into your spiritual nature. Many Moon in 7th House people are shy about their talents, but they are charming and others are easy to get to know.

In a Moon in 7th House synastry, if both partners share nothing in common but their love for each other, not even a similar background or family culture, then one partner is most likely to abandon the other.

The only “common ground” that they have is the relationship itself, and since both are bound together by the bond of marriage or close emotional ties, then in times of crisis or difficulty one partner may choose to run off with someone who has similar interests or familial bonds. The relationship will work for a while as long as everything goes smoothly and there is no crisis.

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