Sun in 6th House Meaning

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The psychology of Sun in the 6th House suggests that you have a great calling from within, and an innate need to help others.

The house your Sun is placed in also determines your basic attitude toward life. For example, if it is in the 10th house, you will be realistic and practical about life - and likely to work hard for everything you get.

If your Sun is in the sixth house, you have an indomitable spirit. You are a hustler, responsible, and always doing something for somebody else.

Leadership is in your nature, and people often notice your presence without knowing how it happened. You are the type of person who knows exactly what needs to be done, but also takes the time to help others achieve their goals as well.

Sun in the 6th house shows a person who is a good planner, financial stability and ability to support his family. The 6th house has an important role in a chart because it deals with the health of the person as well as the spouse and the children of a native. The 6th house also deals with the possessions and assets that a person owns.

The Sun in the Sixth House of your horoscope is accompanied by an expansive personality and active mind. You are at your best when dealing with facts and figures. The Sun here bestows a high level of physical energy that you can harness to accomplish goals.

This placement is associated with pain and suffering through work and weakened vitality through overwork or sudden disruption of habits. It also indicates great energy for any job undertaken.

The native may be a slave to routine but once on his own will move at top speed with endless possibilities of spontaneity. There may be a period when he is unable to cope with existing situations or new ideas which produce anxiety when it appears the situation cannot be changed.

The sixth house represents the body, daily routine, service and work, and also diseases. It is a house of duties and responsibilities. This placement is considered good for health, as people who have the Sun in this house have very responsible natures, which they are motivated to fulfill.

Your keen sense of yourself allows you to be your own best advisor. You can get in touch with what is really going on around you. The 6th House also tends to be the area of your chart where you worry the most; it’s where many people put all of their worries, especially if they have a poorly aspected 6th House.

Sun in 6th House Personality Traits

The Sun in the 6th House is a very clever person. He will often set goals that are tricky to achieve, and can be difficult to impress. This is because he likes to surprise people with his cleverness, and to get them to react with surprise.

He makes for an excellent planner, his great focus of attention on detail ensuring that he plans with precision. The Sun in the 6th House likes to assemble groups of like-minded people who work hard and are supportive of one another.

The Sun placement in your natal chart makes you the kind of person who attracts friends, and in the 6th House it means you’re not afraid to work hard for them. It’s that combination that makes you a naturally talented networker and strategist.

Your Sun sign determines your general mode of existence and how you approach life. The Sun in the sixth house suggests that you constantly work for the greater good and put others' needs ahead of your own. This position allows for a great deal of success through service to other people.

A person born under the Sun in the 6th House is someone who will be a dedicated and loyal employee. Such a person will always take their work seriously and is going to take the time to learn as much as possible and get involved in as many projects as possible.

Since the influence of the Sun is strong in the sixth house, these personalities are extremely hard working and ambitious. They are very good organizers, and have no problem making decisions that they feel are the best for everyone.

Sun in 6th House Woman

There are some major traits you should know about extroverted Sun in the 6th House woman as an individual. Below are some Sun in 6th House personality traits you will find in a woman with this placement. This is not a complete analysis; however, the below listed Sun in 6th House traits can help you understand this kind of woman better.

When the Sun is in the 6th house, she can be bossy, aggressive and controlling. The woman born with the Sun in this house will have an enterprising nature. She might also be talkative or argumentative and attempt to control others.

If you find yourself to be a Sun-in-6th-House woman, we recommend that you surround yourself with successful people. Allow their energy to rub off on you and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Sun in the 6th House will make a woman dominant in her career and personal life. Such a woman will have a commanding presence and great decisiveness. She can be extremely assertive, especially in times of need. She may not shy away from getting what she wants, whether it’s to get the upper hand in a negotiation or to gain favor.

As a Sun in sixth house woman, your interests are more likely to be artistic or dominated by your emotions.

Like the Sun in your House of Partnership, a woman born with the Sun in the 6th House is a lively socialite, eager to make friends and show off new things. She may be an entertaining dinner guest, but she is most at ease at home—a place usually filled with children and pets.

Wise, spiritual, and insightful, the sixth house Sun woman is often content to simply appreciate the world around her. This woman knows how to find beauty in even the tiniest detail. Often perceived as an artist or mystic, she is actually practical and down-to-earth.

Her innate creative talents may surface in unexpected ways that surprise those closest to her. Accomplishments will not come quickly or without effort for this woman.

Practical concerns may keep her grounded and focused on home life. When this Sun woman does eventually work toward her life goals, she often shuns traditional methods to reach her own personal

The Sun in the sixth house gives rise to women who are honest, industrious, and who love knowledge of any kind. They also have a tendency to be organized, logical and precise, as well as to pay attention to details. Another common characteristic these women possess is their curiosity about things and a desire to converse with others.

Sun in 6th House Man

The Sun in the 6th House man feels the heat in a social sense as well as physically. He is leader by nature, has an easy-going personality and loves fun. He is good natured but with the warmth of Venus put to test by Saturn’s predisposition towards austerity.

Sun in 6th house individual is very religious in his own way. He is a person who likes to get most out of life. He enjoys the company of women and gets along with them very well. He is both physically and intellectually strong and does well in any physical activity as well as mental activities.

The sunrise in the 6th House of a person is also referred to as ‘the light over the horizon’ or ‘the light just breaking’. The reason for this is that the dawn of a new day symbolizes birth; therefore, the sun can be considered to be born again each morning.

The Sun in the sixth House indicates a man who is true to himself. He may have strong opinions about ethical issues and an inclination to take on the world’s problems. He is not easily upset, and still less likely to give way to fury or rage.

Standing firm under pressure, he is the very model of good sense, fair play, and justice. He knows his own value and is reluctant to praise himself. Never making excuses for his mistakes or shortcomings, he takes them calmly in his stride.

The Sun in the sixth house of your natal chart indicates that the Sun’s focus and attention falls on your daily work and routines. You will work hard to achieve your goals and lead a regular life, with desire for order and balance.

You have a great need to feel secure in your life, which might lead you to create dependencies for this feeling using habits such as exposing yourself to danger, denying yourself or other people freedom, or overworking.

Sun in 6th House Synastry

Sun in 6th House synastry indicates that you both are active, fun loving people who are always going to be around each other. You love sports figures and athletes as well as anyone who is well respected or has a lot of talent. You also like politicians, lawyers and other people in high places.

In synastry, the Sun in the 6th House shows a person who feels it is never wrong to show a little cleavage. This person would rather lose an argument by flirting than by giving in.

He or she will delegate responsibilities for yard work and household maintenance without being asked, but also expects to be paid back with adoration and compliments as soon as he or she walks through the door.

Sun in 6th House is an indicator of a strong and enduring relationship. The presence of Sun in this house creates a feeling of family and domestic bonding. This is true for romantic relationships as well as other types of relationships.

The Sun in 6th House always creates exciting times. When it comes to romantic relationships they have a weak need for commitment.

They do plan things out, making sure they don’t move too fast or involve themselves in a relationship that has no future. They expect the other person to be of equal power and when this isn’t the case they tend to pull back.

Aspects between the 6th House and the Sun will tell you how you work together toward mutual goals and the things you share socially. Areas of potential conflict include one or both parties' tendencies to overspend.

Your partner may be an all-around information guru or perhaps just a bit of a know-it-all. That said, you both do love knowledge and are eager to improve your lot in life through education and vocational training.

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