Neptune in 8th House Personality Traits

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Neptune in the 8th House people are idealistic individuals who search for meaning in their life.

They also get mesmerized by creativity and art. Sometimes called the “psychic detective,” they are someone who dedicates his or her life to finding the truth, and they are never afraid to ask the big questions.

Often a little hard to get along with, this person has great difficulty with people who pretend to be something that they are not.

Here is a collection of Neptune in 8th House traits that will help you understand your own personality better:

What Does Neptune in the 8th House Mean?

Neptune is the planet of mystery, illusion, and confusion. Neptune in 8th House people are often off the beaten path.

They tend to be a bit more introverted and can find it difficult to make small talk.

These people are visionaries and idealists, but their creative inspiration can lead them toward fantasy and evasion.

This is one of the most potent and important configurations for any astrologer to interpret. When Neptune aspects the 8th house there is always a strong connection with death, rebirth, and the collective unconscious.

Neptune’s realm is the spiritual world, and Neptune in 8th house suggests there will be a mystical cast to your relationships.

You may have clairvoyant insights into other people that have a great impact on how you relate to them.

Or you could be someone who feels you are very involved with other people on a spiritual level, and even mystically.

Regardless of your perspective, this aspect indicates that Neptune’s energies flow powerfully through your relationship house.

Neptune in the 8th House can bring about an enigmatic and mysterious personality. With prominent Neptune, you can have a deep connection to spirituality, mysticism, religion, imagination, and psychic abilities.

Neptune is strongly intuitive and clairsentient (the ability to feel or perceive things).

This placement indicates a profound spiritual seeker. This is about the transcendence of everyday life, enlightenment, nirvana, or simply realizing your place in the cosmos.

Look to your career, avocation and health for hints about how you are living this deeper spiritual quest.

Neptune in 8th House Woman

The Neptune in 8th House woman loves to dream, is a visionary who seeks perfection and has a powerful imagination.

She has a capacity for profound, spiritual experiences that link her with the ultimate mystery of life and with those forces which lie beyond the bounds of time and space.

Her perceptiveness may make her psychic or clairvoyant. The Neptune in 8th House woman is capable of deep sympathy, understanding and idealism.

While she may be supportive of you, she’s not apt to understand or take an interest in your current career path.

She could have experienced a loss during her childhood, her parents may have separated or divorced when she was young, or her mother may have died prematurely.

A Neptune in eighth house woman is a dreamy, imaginative soul who would give anything to be loved.

She finds it difficult to accept love from others. This is why she is usually hard on herself and often suffers low self-esteem.

She meets her needs with fantasy and daydreaming rather than through reality. She can be highly psychic and intuitive and seems to have a very good idea of why people are attracted to her or why they keep their distance.

Neptunian’s are always wanting something more, and in this case the women want romance, but they rarely experience true satisfaction with men or sex.

The Neptune in the 8th house woman can be extremely sensitive. She feels all the things that happen in her surroundings, including the energy of other people and their surrounding.

They might feel all the things that even people around them do not realize they are feeling.

Neptune in the house of partners shows that an individual is a highly creative person and has an emotional and idealistic approach towards love and affection.

A person having this Neptune placement has an unusual kind of beauty. She may have good looks but he or she is also a bit weird in his or her appearance.

Neptune in the 8th house shows a woman who is enigmatic and mysterious, often hiding her emotions and feelings from others.

She does not like to be emotionally dependent on another person. They are often attracted to men who disagree with them.

Neptune in 8th House Man

Neptune in the 8th House men are very spiritual. People of this sign consider themselves to be like the wise men of old.

They are highly spiritual and have strong psychic inclinations. Neptune in 8th house individuals are deeply philosophical and can be very intelligent and insightful.

They delve into past lives at an early age, often getting into trouble for it, but often becoming great mystics and being spiritually attuned later on.

However, Neptune is notoriously difficult to get a handle on. Neptune represents the imagination, dreams, intuition and denial of reality.

As such, Neptune’s influence will tend to lead the person into the arts or far off places from a young age.

The Neptune in 8th house man tends to develop an interest in religion and mysticism. This type of man will feel a strong connection with the idea of the afterlife, revelation, and reincarnation.

He has a mind which is willing to explore on spiritual and mystical things. He is somewhat of an artist with keen imagination and artistic flair.

He is often found to be preoccupied with his own feeling of power and this makes him ignore the needs of others.

He often tends to think big and may often create an illusionary picture in his head rather than working towards realizing them.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

A Neptune in the 8th House placement can create several challenging aspects. First of all, your life is bound to be full of mysteries and secrets.

You know that you have been liked by those around you, but there will be situations where people will do things out of their own lust without thinking about your feelings which is quite challenging.

Well, this is not something new for you because this is a Neptune’s blessing to you, you just need to prove it and then use it for your own interest.

There is a big clarity in such a placement that the soul intends to work with their spirituality and to use it as a platform to reach out to their loved ones with.

This is a placement of imagination, sensitivity, creativity, and psychic ability. Those with Neptune here dream of higher things, leaving their earthly needs behind them.

They also have to guard against getting lost in every fantasy and nuance of what they encounter, so that they don’t become confused for life.

A large planet in your eighth house of shared resources, joint finances, and intimacy can present challenges as well as opportunities.

On the one hand, the sheer vastness of your combined resources can be overwhelming – a temptation to splurge on unwise investments and extras at the expense of future security.

At the same time, you are likely to support each other’s fortune by offering financial assistance, support, and advice. A larger than life presence attracts Neptune in 8th House people to partners who are equally charismatic.

Their relationships tend to be passionate and intense, as these lovers love with their whole hearts.

Neptune in the 8th House is a tricky placement to have. This is not because Neptune itself is a hard aspect or placement to have, but because of the house that Neptune falls into as well as the sign that it’s in.

The first and foremost thing that you must understand is that wealth will be a major factor in your life.

You are blessed with a vivid imagination and creativity, and there is no way for you to avoid getting involved with creative endeavors.

This placement suggests a strong belief in psychic ability, mystical experiences, and spiritual communications. You likely follow a personal path different from “the norm” and would have great difficulty adhering to beliefs which may seem dry or outdated.

Meaning in Synastry

When Neptune is in the 8th House of synastry, relationships are never straightforward and always include some element of mystery.

All may seem well, but the underlying feeling is that something is missing, and this can lead to tumultuous arguments and misunderstandings.

The partners will need to communicate openly about expectations and expressivity to avoid problems.

Neptune in the 8th House charters a longing for a deeper meaning to one’s life and views what a partner might represent on that level — the idea of “finding your soul mate.”

This is a powerful and stable romantic relationship that tends to last as long as both partners keep denying that their partner has any faults. This is the rare kind of love that has no illusions.

Partners have a very high regard for each other, and they don’t play games with each other’s hearts or egos. The problem is when one partner’s Neptune is in superior aspect to another’s Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto.

This aspect shows a deep spiritual love and mysterious bonds. This placement is more common among the Pisces, Sagittarius and Aquarius couples, as well as among Virgo and Gemini.

It indicates ecstasy, the sublime, and mystery. Neptune is one of the trickiest planets to read in synastry, due to its positive and negative qualities.

It represents unrequited love, idealized romance, and poetic idealism allied with mystical insights.

Its influence may give rise to a spiritual teacher-student relationship that invariably enriches both parties enormously.

If your partner has Neptune in the eighth house, you can expect a loving relationship that is full of genuine altruism.

Although there may be some challenging aspects to this relationship, it is likely that you will be able to overcome anything together.

Now It's Your Turn

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Were you born with Neptune in the 8th House?

What does this placement say about your personality?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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