Neptune in 10th House Personality Traits

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The Neptune in the 10th House person is an extremely compassionate, spiritual individual who wants to devote his or her life to the service of others. This person will have a great interest in metaphysical areas.

Music and art may be incorporated into work for the purpose of furthering spiritual evolvement. The work that this person chooses to do may involve helping others, as well as philanthropic work or work for religious causes.

If you have Neptune in the 10th house, you are likely to have a need to transform your environment and find a new role for yourself in some way.

After all, you feel that life is all about change and that the things which you are attached to now will not be necessary in the future.

What Does Neptune in the 10th House Mean?

When Neptune is in a prominent placement in your natal chart, you may feel somewhat alienated and completely separate from the world around you.

You may also feel a great need to escape certain circumstances or responsibilities to get away from what feels like a stressful situation.

People with Neptune in the 10th House have an idealistic view of life. They usually have a very strong spiritual and philosophical orientation and show interest in areas such as evolutionary and humanistic psychology and theories that explore the transpersonal.

They approach religion as an inner experience rather than one defined by religious dogma.

They tend to be more concerned with ideas than with practical matters, though they are nevertheless capable of carrying out certain tasks.

Neptune in the 10th house combines enormous idealism, charm and the imagination with an exaggerated sense of self-importance and dependence on others.

The person with this placement is usually a visionary, philosopher or artist of some sort although people with Neptune in the 10th can also be very lost in inner worlds without any tangible outlets for their creativity.

Neptune in the 10th House can be a confusing influence in a horoscope. No matter how “good” Neptune is positioned within your chart, it will never make you feel satisfied.

It makes you want to escape from your environment, to get away from social and work pressures.

This position makes you idealistic and visionary; it’s easy for you to conceive of something better than the reality around you.

You have presence of mind and can understand complex situations with ease, so when others don’t get what you’re trying to tell them, it’s frustrating for you.

With Neptune here, you are immersed in your beliefs and ideals. It’s easy to get caught up in dreams – maybe you’re living a life that doesn’t quite fit with what you really want to be doing.

You have a great sense of compassion and are drawn to idealism and religion.

At times, you may be so wrapped up in your head – so caught up in how things “should” be – that you forget about the world around you and the people there. You may feel lonely or misunderstood sometimes.

In astrology, Neptune in the Tenth House can be said to have effects similar to Jupiter. They are both associated with the idea of expansion and growth and how energy is used to achieve it.

In this position, Neptune affects your ability to communicate with others and can make you aim for higher goals, sometimes at the cost of being practical.

Neptune in 10th House Woman

The Neptune in the 10th House woman is an emotional, passionate person who will live a rather mysterious life.

She will never be the typical married housewife - she’s just too creative, and is too inclined to follow her heart’s desires.

Wherever her dream takes her, she’ll go - where ever it takes her, she’ll stay - whatever it takes, she’ll do. She’s not particularly interested in taking care of someone else’s needs, and so this doesn’t make for a very good marriage match.

Neptune is a planet of fantasy, glamor, confusion and illusion. A woman with this placement tends to look at life in her own way and she tries to live it under the spirit of freedom.

Neptune in 10th House women are quiet, sensitive, and tender. They are artistic and most enjoy expressing themselves through the arts.

They interpret their dreams and fantasies creatively through music, poetry or writing. They love to daydream and like to get deep into conversation about soul matters or spiritual connections.

A woman with Neptune in the 10th house will usually strive for perfection and success, her ideas need to be original if she wants to stand out from other people.

She is constantly looking for approval and recognition from others, always trying to attract admirers, although a shy lady, she can be quite the exhibitionist.

She has a tendency of being gullible as well as secretive about her interests and personal relationships. She adores extremes and tends to make life a little more complicated than it really is.

Neptune is the planet of illusion. The same woman who is very generous and magnanimous to others may not be willing to spend money on herself.

She always wants to give away her hard-earned money, but sometimes, she spends beyond her means and her finances are not always healthy.

A Neptune in 10th house woman takes life seriously, so she may exhibit a wearisome tendency to worry a lot. She despises the idea of any kind of suffering or illness, even when it concerns only the people around her.

Women with this Neptune placement are also extremely creative, they usually have many hobbies and talents and have an affinity with supernatural things.

They also become renowned artists if they put their powerful imaginations to work. They are seen on a high career level and make idealistic thinkers even if they don’t study philosophy or religion.

Women that have Neptune in the 10th House or have Neptune as a prominent planet in their natal chart are popular with men, though they are not necessarily interested in being romantically involved with them.

Instead, they might find themselves spending time with guys who seem interesting at first but later prove to be problematic. This also gives women the tendency to idealize people and even obsessive thinking.

Neptune in 10th House Man

Neptune in the 10th House is associated with the career and status. Neptune here will give a spiritual twist to almost anything he/she becomes involved with.

They can easily become victims of their own vanity and/or imagination. The imagination is not unhealthy unless it becomes excessive or unrealistic, but this is very often a problem in this placement.

This person needs to have his feet planted on the ground as much as possible in order to avoid overheating his imagination.

This placement indicates his success based on the pursuit of knowledge and education. As this position gives more opportunities to the natives, they can advance well academically and acquire a high level of professionalism in their fields.

Neptune in 10th house makes its subject an imaginative, loyal and kindhearted individual. The individual has a sharp intuitive nature that can make him an excellent teacher or engineer. The person is honest to his feelings and emotions.

He has a creative mind when a good scope is provided for his inventions. He loves to be clean and orderly even when amidst confusion.

Neptune in the 10th House makes a man impractical and idealistic, living in a sort of dreamy atmosphere. He is visionary and philosophical, as well as poetical and literary.

He loves pleasure and the refinements of life, but it is apt to prove an illusion, for the pleasure he craves is not of lasting nature.

This placement correlates to the way you present your goals and wishes to the world. You have a visionary approach, so you are prone to daydreaming a lot.

Other people might see you as overly idealistic or lazy, but that’s far from the truth. You have all sorts of different ambitions, and the only thing stopping you from realizing them is lack of determination and will-power.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

A Neptune in 10th house placement indicates an artistic or spiritual inclination. You want to pursue knowledge and meaning in life, but may have a difficult time focusing on the practical.

Idealistic, you will find most of your happiness within your own inner world. The realm of higher emotions, spirituality and idealism is where you will find the greatest abundance of joy and fulfillment.

Neptune in the 10th House says that the native may have a brilliant destiny ahead of them.

This placement is similar to Jupiter in the 10th House, but the big difference is that Neptune promises a successful life, but it usually takes a long time for this to develop.

Neptune is about spirituality and fantasy, and if Jupiter was involved in your chart, then you would work hard on whatever your passion was.

Neptune in the 10th House of career and reputation is the placement of the self-sacrificing visionary. It is a mystical placement which expresses through creative channels.

Neptune here has an unconscious need to merge with others in idealized unity, transcending separations and divisions.

This placement shows a deep desire to learn, travel and broaden your horizons. You will be inspired to learn about life and your place in it through philosophy, religion and things unknown.

In short, you are a seeker after truth and what better way to seek out truth than to travel. Traveling becomes a quest, exploring different places becomes an adventure and pushing yourself to the limits becomes exhilaration.

The Neptune placement in the 10th house usually indicates a form of glamour, particularly in the professional environment.

Very often, a person with this placement excels at communication and expresses his thoughts eloquently. People with this placement often become active in philanthropic or humanitarian projects, as well.

Neptune represents compassion, friendship, and spirituality. When Neptune is placed in the 10th house, you feel unconditional love and compassion for everyone and everything in your life.

You have a duty to help those who are less fortunate (including animals) and to bring peace and understanding into the world.

You are very intuitive about yourself and others, so you can sense when someone needs help and support.

Meaning in Synastry

Neptune represents connectedness in all kinds of higher dimensions. 10th House synastry reveals unrealistic approaches to dealing with these higher level associations and relationships.

In a mutually positive synastry, this influence is nurturing in the relationship as it represents the longing for something that transcends your everyday existence. The question is will you be able to stay connected and stay present at the same time?

Neptune is the planet of illusion, deception, and delusion. The 10th House is the House of Career and as said before, Neptune is not known for being trustworthy.

So in a 10th House synastry, that big opportunity that your partner presents you with might just be more fantasy than reality.

When Neptune is placed in the 10th house of a synastry chart, it creates a series of fantasies the couple link together to form an idealistic notion.

Once one gives permission for this to happen the other person becomes aware of how they can use this to manipulate them into some type of fantasy to feed their own needs. This creates drama within the relationship at times.

This placement represents a spiritual dimension in your partner’s life and brings an intuitive, transcendent quality to any relationship. However, Neptune also rules deception, confusion and delusion so it must be treated with care.

If you place Neptune in the 10th house of synastry, the native will have an active interest in exploring new ideas that are far removed from what might be considered conventional everyday reality.

The 10th house is one of the best positions Neptune can be in for synastry. It creates intense romance and love affairs. It is the deep, spiritual, psychic connection that makes you emotionally and spiritually connected to another person.

The tenth house also represents authority, career and public service, so the Neptune influence in this part will be able to enhance a “Utopian” or “idealistic” quality related with professional or social status. The same happens with lottery winnings, inheritance or unexpected gifts.

Assuming there is good expression in the sign that Neptune rules and it does not fall in the 3rd house of communication or the 8th house of partners' possessions, Neptune in 10th house tends to be a very good indicator of a spouse who brings opportunities for spiritual growth and an interest in future dreams.

Now It's Your Turn

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