Planet Meanings in Astrology

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The positions of the planets in the sky are highly symbolic and have special meaning in astrology.

The placement of the planets affects people and societies in major ways. Some Astrologers say that the symbolism around the planets is actually deeper than we often give it credit.

Below are some of the larger meanings associated with each of the major planets in the astrological solar system as well as some interesting facts and history behind each.

What Does Each Planet Represent in Astrology?

  • Sun: Outward personality
  • Moon: Emotions
  • Mercury: Communication
  • Venus: Love
  • Mars: Passion
  • Jupiter: Abundance
  • Saturn: Discipline
  • Uranus: Creativity
  • Neptune: Inspiration
  • Pluto: Change


The Sun in astrology represents a person’s outward personality and energy, and their particular way of expressing the inner self. It rules your personality, and the position of your Sun sign in your birth chart reveals your true nature.

The Sun is your ruler, your ego and the center of our solar system. It represents power, authority, energy, creativity and originality.

In astrology, the placement of the Sun affects a person’s health and well-being as well as their life experiences and opportunities.

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Your Moon sign represents the position of the Moon at the moment of your birth. The Moon makes one rotation around the earth every 28 days and moves through a new zodiac sign every 2-3 days.

The Moon is a symbol of change, growth, emotions, instincts, and our deepest feminine nature. She is the goddess of fertility, and her cycles dictate the ebb and flow of the tide.

She rules over Earth. Our bodies are constantly reacting to her phases and rhythms; her effects on us are more powerful than we may realize.

It is thought that the position of the moon represents your emotions and inner self. Studying your Moon sign can help you understand your emotions and why you feel they way you do.

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Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. It is the fastest moving planet in the zodiac, which means it travels 30 degrees a month.

It represents the mind and the ability to think quickly. This is key in assessing situations. Mercury is known as an intellectual planet, and is involved with how you communicate with others.

Mercury is named after the Roman god Mercury who was the messenger of the gods, known for his speed.

Mercury is the planet of communication. Mercury rules our minds, reasoning and short-term memory. It’s also responsible for things like the nervous system and motor skills (for example, it governs fine motor skills like typing).

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Venus is a very important planet in astrology as it is associated with the female and love related concepts. Love, luck, and romantic chance is also what this zodiac has the greatest influence on.

Venus is primarily responsible for aspects between a man and woman. It determines the beautiful, attractive and charming nature of a person. It is associated with love, finance, family affairs and partnership.

If Venus is placed in a favorable house and sign then the native can expect great social success in his life. The person is also generally lucky with the opposite sex and can expect to have a beautiful wife or husband.

It is the planet of value, love, and relationships in astrology. Her placement on your solar return chart shows where and how you can attract more love into your life.

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Mars in astrology is the ruler of the sign Aries and is considered one of the most important planets due to its influence over human relationships. This sign governs physical appearance, desire, and passion.

This planet is known for being ambitious, strong-willed and energetic. In astrology this is the warrior planet, who gives us courage and the will to succeed.

Mars represents our goals, desires, impulses and demands making us restless for pleasurable experiences.

It also represents our capacity to exercise self-discipline, willpower and endurance which makes this planet among the most commanding of the planets.

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Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is the largest in the Solar System. It is called the King of Planets and is associated with expansion, prosperity, abundance, joviality and optimism.

Jupiter gives importance to the physical, financial, and mental well being of the native. Its influence can be seen in a person’s spirit, intellectual growth and ability to expand.

It rules travel, foreign lands, higher education, religious beliefs and philosophy, music and literature, as well as candy and sweets.

Astrologically, Jupiter represents high ideals, growth potential, optimism and good luck. Those fortunate enough to have a positive Jupiter placement in their horoscope enjoy leadership abilities, expansive thinking and a tendency to become involved in large enterprises or be leaders of local community events.

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Saturn is known as a planet of discipline and responsibility in astrology. Those born with a positive Saturn placement are often ambitious, responsible, strong, and courageous people.

It is the distant planet of limitations and restrictions. It is also a planet of wisdom, austerity and self-discipline.

Saturn is a strict teacher who specializes in challenging lessons that often require hard work and perseverance.

This planet is associated with fate, structure, discipline, hard work, patience and wisdom. The natives with a Saturn sign in their horoscope are governed by conservative principles.

These people may display the lack of interest in others and societal relations. They love solitude and are involved in art, science, writing, and other creative things.

Saturn is the second-largest planet in the Solar System and is renowned as the giver of maturity. This planet gives unselfishness, ambition, patience, wisdom, progressiveness and self-discipline to those born under this particular placement.

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Uranus is the planet of genius. It gives people who are born with it a social conscience, great independence of mind and originality in their thought.

This astrological significator can make you creative, innovative and quick-witted or impulsive, erratic and irresponsible.

It is the planet of awakening, individuality and liberty. It represents invention, genius, and personal power, as well as such positive attributes of vibrant health and intuition.

Uranus is magnetic and erratic in its energies. Happy to break free from social order, it seeks to live on its own terms.

Uranus symbolizes originality and ingenuity, it’s also the awakener of consciousness and the breaker of conformity.

It’s a unique energy that shakes things up and ultimately changes the world for the good, but not without going through a phase of chaos first.

It reflects your individuality, creativity, and leadership skills. The positioning of Uranus in your birth chart may give rise to inventiveness, rebelliousness, and ambition – both good traits that can spur success when harnessed properly.

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The planet Neptune governs spirituality, religion, compassion, mercy, and humility. It’s also associated with imagination, compassion, creativity, and mysticism.

In astrology, Neptune is a feminine planet that represents self-sacrifice and devotion. Its negative side represents escapism and denial.

Neptune symbolizes compassion and spirituality, imagination and inspiration. It is the farthest planet from the Sun in our solar system.

It represents the aspirations and idealistic urges of humankind. Freedom, artistic and spiritual expression, and faith are of great importance.

These people are sensitive, thoughtful, and given to contemplation. They have a deep appreciation for beauty in all forms.

Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and is best known for its karmic influence. It represents both spirituality and transcendentalism, and rules over unconscious forces, hidden influence, deception, confusion and delusion.

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In astrology, Pluto represents rebirth, regeneration and renewal. Pluto symbolizes intense transformations, power struggles and epic journeys to dark places we have long since hidden from ourselves.

Pluto brings change. For better or for worse, all things come to an end, and the current structure of your life will be overthrown in favor of a new one.

This change may take many forms, as Pluto is a wanderer, but it will ultimately lead to a period of rebirth.

The meaning of Pluto in astrology can be translated as radiance or aspiration. This planet is associated with originality, creativity, passion and rash decisions.

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