Pluto in 8th House Personality Traits

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You represent the powerful energy and idealism of Pluto in your 8th House of Partnership. You are looking for a soul-mate or someone who can be a friend for life to share your deepest dreams and secrets with.

Many astrologers believe that Pluto in the eighth house gives a personality characterized by self-effacing ambition and an obsessive desire to get ahead, regardless of the methods used to achieve success.

The person with Pluto here can be steely, determined and secretive - in other words she may be very Machiavellian in her pursuit of power and material wealth.

What Does Pluto in the 8th House Mean?

Pluto, as the planet of transformation, is best known as the generational planet.

In the 8th House, however, it represents the foundations of any relationship, including all of its unconscious, conscious, emotional, and psychological underpinnings.

These include past parental relationships, conception and birth itself, earliest family patterns, and even our sibling relationships.

A Pluto person takes charge of the dynamics involved in a relationship. He or she initiates the process of dealing with each other’s differences, and is up to doing the work it takes to make the relationship work.

These people are continually questioning what real love is, and whether they are truly expressing it.

Some people are just not happy unless they are pushing the limits of society’s accepted norms. They strive after power and pleasure. They can change partners like other people change clothes.

They make their careers into a means for personal aggrandizement. And they have little regard for tradition, ritual, or modesty. In short, your may have Pluto in the eighth house.

Pluto in 8th house sees business opportunities on every street corner, and every service provider from printer cartridge salesman, to landlord, to broker.

There is no gig too small for them that they can’t make money off of somehow. Their greatest skill (and delight) is a good side hustle.

Pluto in 8th House Woman

Pluto rules transformation, both of self and others. Having Pluto in the 8th House indicates a very powerful woman who is on a pursuit of knowledge that leads her to experience life with pure determination, drive and passion.

She is a person that has exceptional ability to turn negativity around into something positive without inhibitions or reservations.

She may be somewhat rough around the edges with little room for compromise, but once she loves, she loves with all she has.

Women with Pluto in this house are often depicted as powerful, independent, mysterious and angry. These individuals have the potential to become very influential personalities.

They may also seem to possess a strong sense of wisdom and understanding, probably because they see right through everything, even if from a distance.

The influence of Pluto in the 8th House is a powerful one. If you tend to wander, work like a beast, or live in the social underground, you have the influence of Pluto in your chart.

If you are secretive, emotionally intense, or just can’t be trusted with other people’s secrets, you might have this Pluto placement.

She is a woman who is very aware of her sexuality, she is liberated emotionally and physically.

She is practical but sometimes unconventional by nature. Her sense of values and morals can be quirky and it might not fit within the social norms.

She will carry out any plan she intends to do as long as she believes that her actions are right and justified. She is intelligent with the wisdom of experience, creative and ambitious too.

Think the man is in charge? Think again. A woman with Pluto in the 8th House feels compelled to take control of her relationships.

She wants to guide and help, but not through simply giving orders; she must do so by understanding the men in her life as much as possible.

This can mean being a veritable therapist or life coach, but if that’s what the relationship needs, this placement can be exactly what she needs to give her that sense of control she craves.

Pluto in the eighth house is not a typical placement for the archetypal reaper, and while it can be an indication of a difficult childhood and a tendency towards extreme emotional states, there is definitely passion at play here.

These women are not afraid of getting their hands dirty with power. They dive right into the political arena and are usually very convincing in the process.

Pluto in the eighth house can cause some of the most karmic relationships. Even better, this placement can teach you to love truly.

Pluto in 8th House Man

The Pluto in the 8th House male is definitely someone with a magnetic personality. He has a strong and vibrant persona that sucks people into his orbit, like he is a black hole!

He is generally someone who takes charge of his life and makes his desires happen.

He won’t tolerate feeling stuck or stagnant for long! He tends to be a perfectionist at heart, but one who is willing to get rid of unneeded attachments related to an activity or an item or being sad about letting go.

He is loyal, focused and driven. The Pluto influence provides special skills and leadership which could potentially take him to high positions of power and influence. He has a feel for politics and finances and can be pretty astute about real estate matters.

He enjoys time alone, and is a true individual. He may spend his early childhood at home with one parent.

When he grows up, he will want to have his own place where he can make all the decisions and his decisions will be respected.

The Pluto in the 8th house man has tremendous psychic ability and an ability to get insight into the hidden problems in other people’s lives.

This man is deep, complex and multi-faceted. He has an uncanny sense of what is possible in his life and he genuinely wants to fulfill his potential.

And this man is very capable of doing just that. If there were an Olympics for being the best at what you do Pluto would win a medal.

With Pluto in your 8th house, vocation is a living metaphor for who you are. With everything you do, you also express what you are meant to be. Because this man is creative and impulsive, he lives as though every day is his last day on earth.

Pluto in the eighth house is the planet of power, so a man born with it in his chart will not need to be handed power on a plate – he’ll take it by force if necessary.

This placement indicates a man who will achieve as much success as wants, sometimes at the expense of others.

He may be a strong leader or tyrant, but his need to dominate will be respected if he has the powerful air that this placement can give!

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

Pluto in the Eight House of any horoscope is always going to denote an intensely powerful influence, and this placement also creates a number of difficult problems in life.

These concerns can be paralyzing, because they involve intense fear of someone or something else having more power than you do, and even the people closest to you can invoke such a fear response.

If you look at your own list of fears, then review what actually lies behind them, you will find that this is often what Pluto in the 8th House reveals.

This placement reveals that we are on the verge of a transformation, as we become aware of the archetype of marriage.

We also feel the need to look at and transform our relationship with power and authority, including playing out and breaking free from patterns of co-dependent relationships.

Pluto in the 8th House has a profound influence on your relationships. The 8th House rules all forms of contractual agreements, with an emphasis on anything financial.

Beyond any money and monetary issues, Pluto in this position also can have an impact on where you feel trapped by circumstances beyond your control.

Pluto symbolizes endings, both literal and metaphorical. It is the ultimate source of power for “escape” and self-protection.

It has an unusual energy that often you are not even aware of; however, it still has a strong impact on your life. The placement of Pluto in 8th house can mean many different things.

Pluto can certainly be a challenging placement, as it seeks to collapse systems and structures that no longer serve us.

When in the 8th House, Pluto is all about the transformation of your deepest relationships—with friends, lovers, family, partners, colleagues.

This placement can make the individual into a powerful force for good or evil. It is not all gloom and doom, however, as this individual will be motivated to achieve concrete goals and possess the power to do so.

Meaning in Synastry

Pluto in 8th House is a synastry aspect where Pluto is the planet that represents your deepest drives and motivations. When it comes into contact with your partner’s natal Pluto, these needs may not be fulfilled like you anticipated.

There can be a sense of putting all your efforts into the relationship, just to have them feeling either overwhelming or smothered.

This configuration indicates that you are going to come into direct confrontation with their soul, their emotional foundation. It does not matter which partner has Pluto in the 8th, but it has a profound impact on both of them.

Having this synastry aspect is a claim upon your life and can dramatically change what you think you know about yourself and your relationship

This relationship will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. You are together, then you are not, and this pattern may repeat itself several times.

The frustration and confusion experienced by Pluto in 8th House couples will be intense. The good news? They are destined to experience some of the deepest love imaginable.

A synastry chart reading shows your cosmic beginnings and is geared toward defining your sense of personal identity. This begins with the 8th House, which describes your place of work as well as the health and vitality you derive from such employment.

If your mate’s Pluto is in your 8th House of shared resources, your love life will be all about survival and security.

Symbolically, Pluto is about death and rebirth; the endings of things and also new beginnings. So when Pluto is in your 8th House, you may have to deal with endings concerning your relationship with your partner, and perhaps even other people in your life.

However, this eclipse cycle also means that the end of these things are allowing you to create a new and fulfilling relationship for yourself that are built on stronger foundations.

Pluto and the 8th house are very intense and powerful energies. When they are connected through synastry, they will be your partner’s most powerful influences.

If you are on the receiving end of this energy flow your partner can be a bit overwhelming.

Now It's Your Turn

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