Pluto in 10th House Personality Traits

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The Pluto in 10th House person is a leader who is at ease with unsettling situations and crisis.

You care about human rights and have the power to promote change in government or society.

If you want to make a difference, this is your placement. This placement is also found with the religious, politicians and those involved with the media.

Those with Pluto in the 10th House are mysterious, provocative, and strong-willed. Detailed descriptions of their personality traits can be found below.

What Does Pluto in the 10th House Mean?

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. The Pluto in the 10th House person is going through a major life change, renewal or regeneration.

His or her whole life has been lived up until this point, or close to it, under another person’s influence. Now he or she is ready for a complete overhaul.

A person born with Pluto in the tenth house of their horoscope knows how to focus on getting everything they want, and once they have a target in sight, nothing will stop them from getting it.

These are the people who are able to get through anything that life throws at them. They are often ambitious, and walking through life on a mission to get what they desire.

Pluto in the 10th House can indicate an individual who is a very prominent personality. They are often persons of genius, capable of deep understanding and insight, and penetrating insight into the minds of others.

This position bestows great intuitive powers and also inclines toward occult studies such as astrology, telepathy, phrenology–whatever is supernatural or “mystical.”

When Pluto is located in the 10th House of career and ambition, it’s a sign that whatever you set your sights on and work hard for will come to fruition in abundance.

The person with Pluto in this position is not frightened to draw attention to whatever they feel is important. They want power and influence over others and are determined to rise to a position of command or at least become the leader of their social group.

At times these people can be intimidating because they may know so much about a particular subject that they appear learned, when in fact it is their drive and intensity which intimidates those around them.

Pluto in 10th House Woman

A Pluto in the 10th House woman is strong willed and determined, she’s the kind of person who goes after what she wants and makes it happen. In fact, she’s the type who often doesn’t even know what she wants yet but somehow ends up getting it.

They don’t like the daily routine; they want to push their boundaries and try new experiences and changes. If a rut is created in their life, they feel terrible.

Normally, they would do anything to change that, even if it means going through some major life transformations.

This can involve changing location or houses, job, appearance, behavior or even emotions. Their need for a life transformation is never-ending – quite an exciting attitude!

The 10th house is associated with partners, groups, and prominent people in your life. Pluto is a planet that rules power, control, and authority.

A woman with Pluto in the 10th house will have very distinct personality traits; many are likely to be leaders and/or bossy. These women will excel at bringing communicative skills to the forefront.

She is a woman who has to achieve results and make an impression on others including her parents. She makes a good first impression on others.

If you have Pluto in your 10th House, you are likely a powerful force to be reckoned with. Possessing the drive and determination of Mars and the power, ambition, and competitiveness of Pluto, you are a true powerhouse!

A born leader and expert at achieving goals, you have an innate know how when it comes to challenging situations.

The 10th House represents our public, professional life, which is why women with Pluto in this house care about their image. They are politically active, expressing themselves through political and social organizations, interest groups, charities and much more.

Women with Pluto in the 10th house are often the power behind the throne. They can seem subtle, secretive and even manipulative, although they probably don’t see themselves this way.

There is an inner drive for achievement that slowly reveals itself. These women are goal oriented, and use their intuition to achieve their targets.

There can be a tendency to manipulate others to get what they want as well as using guilt to keep others in line with what they believe is best.

Pluto in 10th House Man

He is ambitious, a born ruler and craves power in all forms. He is a natural force with the ability to achieve anything he wishes for.

He will be extremely hard worker possess leadership skills, but hey can also be demanding.

The Pluto in 10th House man is persuasive and very charming and has the potential to have a stable career and earn lots of money. His professional life once will be much better when he is in his mid life.

The main purpose of the 10th House Pluto man is to establish himself. Pluto inspires him to learn the necessary skills, then pass them on to others.

When his ambitions match the need for progress at the time, Pluto takes complete control of this man’s psyche and pushes him to achieve success both in his professional and personal life.

Pluto in the 10th house gives men a more restless, intense and persistent feeling of dynamism. He longs to be in the center of attention.

He often has a large presence and is strong-willed, dominating and determined to conquer any difficulty that comes his way.

He is something of a fanatic, who may try to convert others into sharing his beliefs or views. But once committed to a cause, he will do everything possible to accomplish his emotional objective.

His ideals may be noble and far reaching but the Pluto person man can be ruthless in pursuit of them. The Pluto man tends to build up armies and alliances.

He’ll do things just to prove to himself that he can do whatever he puts his mind to and he’ll rise to the occasion. Such men are often ambitious, creative, restless and lacking in confidence.

The man under the Pluto in 10th House influence is a powerfully built individual with an impressive physique, containing in it the body of an athlete.

Routine physical activity becomes his habit and he often leads a very energetic life full of hard work.

If you have such a placement in the natal chart then you also have inventive tendencies, therefore the desire to be a pioneer seems to be required by your nature.

Pluto in the 10th house of a man’s natal chart is an indication of a person who will experience hard work, tragedy and success all in one lifetime. Those born with Pluto in this placement are usually so driven that they will do anything to achieve their goal.

Success will never be handed to them; instead, they have to climb every rung on the corporate ladder with hard work and perseverance.

As far as money-making goes, these men can seem unstoppable. It’s rare to find someone with Pluto in the 10th that isn’t highly ambitious or competitive at some level of his personality.

The Pluto in 10th House men are charismatic, self-assured, driven, and often powerful figures. They are also charming, physically attractive, and have strong senses of responsibility.

They can be stunningly successful in their careers and attract others with their wit and personality.

However, these men aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill brutes. They have a mysterious air about them - they can even make you feel like a friend from the first meeting.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

Pluto in your 10th house has a tendency to hurl you into positions of leadership over groups of people.

Your parents may have been either figures of authority or revered within the community at large, perhaps even gaining celebrity status.

This placement imbues a desire to be powerful and creative, but it only heightens the need to get things done for themselves if no one else can do them for you, rather than creating a sense of dissatisfaction with receiving help from others.

You must take responsibility for yourself and your own goals before you can begin to ever feel truly content.

People with Pluto in their Tenth House tend to be visionaries, and may often feel the urge to expose themselves politically or otherwise.

They have a huge personal ambition and the ability to achieve their aspirations as well. However, they do have an unfortunate tendency to create scandal where none is needed.

When Pluto is placed in the 10th House of a person’s birth chart, it signifies that you have an innate ability to take on large and expansive projects, and to transform them into something magnificent.

If you have this placement, you’re ambitious and driven, with great determination and grit when it comes to reaching your ultimate goals.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. When it is in the 10th house, we can see that this placement shows how you come to stand out for your power.

You are compelled to make a difference in the lives of those around you, and have a way of transforming situations.

There may have been times when you had to start from scratch due to others' actions in your life, which made you pull away from them – which later showed up as transforming your relationships and where you stood in the world.

The 10th House is about leadership and status. This placement will often coincide with karmic realignments that have the “ring of truth” to them.

Pluto in the 10th House suggests a gift for self-expression, and shows how this will be utilized.

Meaning in Synastry

The decision to get married is a momentous one. The more aspects between the two names that indicate compatibility, the more likely they are to succeed together. Remember, aspects alone don’t guarantee success.

You have to look at the whole picture—a picture that includes both the person you are and the person you’re with.

Pluto in the 10th House is a synastry aspect that strengthens the relationship and creates a deep bond.

This represents a strong desire to achieve combined success with intense emotional involvement.

The Pluto person is an intense, powerful individual who can infuse a relationship with strong emotional energy and passion.

They have a great need to be in a position of power over others, but it’s very likely that this need will go unfulfilled, at least on the conscious level, because it’s important for these people to retain an air of mystery about them.

In other words, they may gain the respect and admiration of others but rarely do they assume roles that would put them in charge, such as positions as bosses or leaders.

When Pluto forms an aspect to your partner’s 10th house, you both are so attracted to one another that you end up emotionally involved for a long time. At the beginning of a relationship when synastry aspects are just starting to form, Pluto stimulates all kinds of buried things in people’s hearts and subconscious minds.

This is an aspect that feels like a relationship full of passion and power struggles, where both partners can draw out the others worst psycho-emotional tendencies.

This aspect falls deep into the unconscious of both partners, so it should be treated as a reflection of early childhood issues or even prior lifetimes.

When Pluto is in the 10th House, Pluto will be more intense, and will affect other planets as he has an unusual way of seeing things and the way they should be.

Now It's Your Turn

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