Mars in 8th House Personality Traits

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Individuals with Mars in 8th House may have great popularity but they are somewhat restless and excitable.

Their spirit is usually directed into fraternal, partnership, and social activities. These individuals have the ability to work far better with groups than alone.

An individual with Mars in the 8th House is a born risk taker and always looking to expand his or her horizons. They are very determined, adventurous, and driven by an all-consuming desire to get ahead.

Life will rarely be boring for them as this placement indicates their need to push limits and test their will to the utmost.

What Does Mars in the 8th House Mean?

The energy and gusto of Mars in the 8th House attracts excitement in every area of life. Mars rules assertiveness, courage, and drive. With Mars in your 8th House, you’re a doer who wants things done yesterday.

You have an instinct for action and a quick way with decisions. This placement also denotes an iron-will that can be hard to sway once you set your sights on something you want.

Tradeoffs are not welcome here; you just know what your goals are and have no qualms about cutting through red tape or conflict to achieve them.

Mars in the 8th House denotes a person who is courageous, adventures and has a great fighting spirit. This placement of Mars signifies that the native has a lucky streak that can go well with career prospects.

People who are born with Mars in this house have a great deal of courage, and spirit that can lead them to do some daring things.

If you have Mars in the eighth house, your passion for life will translate into a strong sex drive and a tendency to marry or have affairs with members of the opposite sex. In other words, you’ll give as good as you get.

You have a bold, confident, and fearless personality. You are highly persuasive – exceptionally skilled at influencing others to achieve your objectives.

Mars is the planet of energy and action. Those who have Mars in their 8th House hold a lot of passion, energy and drive to accomplish their goals.

These individuals seem to have the ability to carry on at full speed and power for long periods of time with no signs of fatigue or slowing down.

To make it possible to achieve all that they want to, they are able to use all of their Mars energy resources. Their actions can cause them to be a little impulsive, but once they get their mind set on something, there’s no stopping them!

Mars in 8th House Woman

Mars in 8th House women are independent and direct—they are the most athletic of the Mars placements in a woman’s chart, for they insist on being masters of their own lives.

What this woman really wants is a partner who feels like a soulmate. She is intensely passionate and can come across as controlling when, in reality, she just wants things to be equal and fair.

Mars is the planet of passion, initiative, assertiveness and action. An 8th house Mars refers to a lady who may act aggressively to achieve her goals.

She will always want more and never seems satisfied with whatever she has already got in life. According to astrology, if Mars is placed in eighth house it gives the positive qualities of this planet and also magnifies its negative ramifications on a person.

She has an unpredictable nature and swings from sadness to ecstasy within minutes. Her superficiality attracts attention and arouses curiosity.

She possesses a pure soul buried under her rough shell. This woman can make a fortune if she changes her material nature in favor of a spiritual one.

She is fond of research, experimentation and the unknown, participates in politics and government while maintaining an unbiased attitude towards circumstances.

This Mars placement represents the woman who lives to nurture others, including her man. She will want to mother him, and she wants nothing more than a strong, powerful man who can take over everything else.

She is the woman who doesn’t want a life of her own, but prefers to share one with a dominant male who knows how to take control.

This placement indicates a woman more comfortable with others than alone. She may be on a mission and that mission could very well be to figure out what she wants in life. The Mars in the 8th House combination makes this woman a magnet for men.

This woman can be fiery and sexy; both men and women notice her. What excites her most are challenges with a lot at stake.

Other people and their resources are clearly important to you. You like to be in control and don’t mind being in charge, but happily recognize when someone else is doing the job better.

Mars in 8th House Man

The Mars in the 8th House man attracts fortune. Such a native is favored by the people. He possesses a satisfactory amount of wealth and may be an owner of large business organizations in some countries.

He is an honest and straightforward person. He has a strong inner nature, suggesting that he is destined for a life of public service.

A man with Mars in the 8th House prefers to maintain a certain physical distance from life, to stay behind and watch. This is uncomfortable for him and creates a sense of boredom.

That’s because he feels this realm where things happen, which belongs to others, is more real than his own private inner world.

He needs to make a difference with others, is not afraid of taking risks, seeking adventures, self-sacrifice for the sake of the community or even the nation.

This is a man who can be very loyal. He has a hard time getting close to people but still enjoys his relationships.

The Mars in 8th House man can be temperamental and impulsive, which tends to land him in trouble.

When he has a problem, he will go out of his way to do something to fix it. It’s likely that the Mars in 8th House man seeks out challenges and adventures.

Being aware of his faults and his own mortality, this man strives to overcome them and become stronger than he was before.

He is the fierce charmer. He loves to talk and his voice often has people listen. He is born with charisma and should be taking advantage of it overall.

The Mars in Eighth House man is the man with the power. He’s not especially interested in being popular or well liked by others. He’s private, mostly unseen and mostly unknown, even to those closest to him.

He’s a king or prince, a magician or a warrior, mysterious and enigmatic. He could be a priest or monk who has long ago given up a normal life and accepted a calling as holy man, sage, or teacher of secret wisdom.

Or he could be an outlaw who doesn’t play by the rules of society but instead is outside the law and has used his powerful personality to get what he wants.

Mars in 8th House people have a heightened sense of individualism. There is an aura of magnetism or charisma around them that makes others take notice.

They have enormous self-confidence, but at the same time they are a little detached from reality and themselves.

Without the foundations of a solid relationship with their own mother, for instance, this person can feel somewhat adrift in the world.

They are the ultimate competitor and fighter. These guys step to the front when they have to and they rarely back down. Mars here wants to prove himself, to earn his keep, and to show everyone what he’s made of.

The problem is, unless a male has this planet strongly aspected by other planets, he’ll often resort to bashing others just to prove his point.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

There is a powerful and penetrating sense of mission here, and this can manifest as death or grief.

This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily negative, but you do have a great deal of power at your disposal if you choose to use it wisely.

Mars in 8th House people are very fond and passionate about their work life. They love to work so much that they tend to work hard at it, often being all the way unrealistic about how much they actually do.

They have lots of willpower and enjoy working for longer hours without feeling fatigued, but what makes them tiring is trying to stay focused over a long period of time.

Mars in 8th House people have a desire to be great and are determined to achieve their life goals.

They may live a life that seems more adventurous than many and will often discover that they can be fearless when it comes to putting themselves in high-stress situations.

They have flaws, but they do not allow them to stand in the way of achieving their ultimate life goal, which is success in whatever area of their lives they wish to succeed in.

Mars in the 8th House indicates a powerful, confident, and highly-energetic personality who makes interesting friends and enemies.

This Mars placement generally indicates a strong personality who will take up a profession based on interest. Because of Mars auspicious placement in 8th house, the native becomes popular in public very quickly.

They are dynamic, go-getting, adventurous and courageous. They tend to be competitive and not afraid to try anything that might spice up their life a little.

Meaning in Synastry

Mars in the 8th house synastry represents someone who likes to lead, and with a partner who is also strong willed, there may be many headaches. However, this may also be the person who proves to be your best ally.

Mars is the planet of action and desire, and when it forms part of a synastry aspect with another planet (or planets) it tends to make the native more extroverted, assertive, and courageous. It gives an added boost to any planet it aspects.

This synastry aspect indicates that there is a particular dynamic to the relationship between these two individuals. It is important to try and understand the dynamics or to seek professional astrological advice because the tendency may be towards anger, confrontation, or manipulation.

The Mars person may feel cheated as their will or desires are dashed by the opposing influences of their partner’s Venus placement and can result in them turning aggressive and at times not being able to handle this frustration like they should unless they are willing to look at it and resolve it.

This unique placement is often very challenging to deal with. Mars represents our assertive drive and struggle for personal power, while the 8th House of astrology represents shared finances and the ability to commit. When these two points are combined in a relationship, it can go either really well or really poorly.

Mars in 8th House synastry will show you a couple who could achieve their goals together. They have a high energy level that would get the average couple to the top in no time.

They can be a bit ruthless with their drive, and they may hurt loved ones just to get their way. Still this synastry can be great if both signs are compatible and able to have things done their way.

This synastry aspect shows that the partner is, in a sense, an extension of oneself. For this reason, a person who has Mars in the 8th House will be very possessive of their partner, and likewise possessive of all that they feel symbolizes them.

Therefore, gifts are very important to this type of person. Not just any gift will do since it is not just a matter of wanting to receive something, but rather having something that ties them to their partner.

We’ve examined numerous aspects of Mars in 8th House synastry, and although this aspect can often be difficult, it also has its strengths. Appropriately a warrior planet, Mars is always looking for ways to challenge and inspire us to action.

Whether or not that takes place within a romantic relationship, we feel an increased drive to pursue new experiences like sports and adventure travel. Landscapes may become more rugged and wild with this aspect, which is unafraid of the untamed side of things.

The relationship will be very passionate and physical. All the excitement of Mars in the 8th house is here, but it will not be the focal point. This puts the focus on the other person in the relationship and how they react to us and our philosophy of life.

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