11th House Astrology Meaning

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The 11th house in astrology is a house of hopes and wishes but also of fears. The 11th house is where we build our friendships, and our goals and hopes for the future lie as well.

This placement is quite common in those born with Neptune prominent in their chart as they are naturally drawn to others. This type of placement can bring on many different forms of emotional healing for those living with this indication.

The 11th House is the house that indicates our friends, groups, clubs and associations. This house shows where we contact with outside world. It governs our social life, groups, clubs, associations and travelling

This house has been called the “birds nest” and deals with the dreams, wishes and aspirations of an individual. This house deals with everything that has to do with friends and people in authority. This can be life-long friendships or group activities you enjoy. It can also be your hopes and wishes for the world as a whole.

The 11th house is the area of life dealing with philosophy and religion, idealism, speculation, understanding other people, idealism.

Often this house will deal with organizations or groups that are humanitarian in nature, such as charities, organizations set up to better the lives of others who are less fortunate than yourself, societies related to various beliefs (religious, political) or even clubs.

The 11th House represents breadth of view and generosity of spirit. Planets in the 11th house will help you connect to others, expand your network, and introduce you to new areas of interest. The planets there bring luck through friendships and groups.

Sun in 11th House

The 11th House of Astrology is the House of Hopes and Wishes. It is often associated with travel to distant lands and many changes in life. When the Sun is positioned in 11th House then this person’s nature will be more adventurous, enthusiastic about life and freedom-loving.

If the Sun is in the 11th House, the person is an extremely sociable person. This placement indicates that a person who often likes to be among people more than being alone, and has a need for close human relationships.

Sun in 11th House persons are usually sociable and make friends easily with other people. They love to share their positive attitude with others.

This position can also show that the native may have little interest in long-term material matters, but good luck when dealing with other people in their social life. These natives are usually well liked by many people regardless of sex, age, or background.

This placement makes you very sociable, and you will always look for an opportunity to mingle with others. The Sun in the 11th House people love to be among crowds and take active part in social events, cultural gatherings, and parties.

You love to be praised and revered by others. People with the placement of the Sun in 11th House are energetic, enthusiastic, ambitious, and often have marital problems.

This placement denotes very good fortune, especially for those who seek positions of status and leadership.

The 11th house is symbolic of the collective, the larger picture, and how you see the world. The 11th house Sun represents your belief system. You are a spiritual person whose personal belief system should be used to guide you through the process of living life.

You need to take the time out to follow your own moral code and live according to what you believe in. By doing this, you are invoking cosmic energy and bringing balance into your life.

The Sun is the planet of vitality, creative expression and leadership. It represents your core identity and your individuality. Wherever the Sun falls in your chart, it indicates an area through which you can typically express yourself.

Moon in 11th House

The Moon is the astrological planet which can be responsible for mood swings and reactions, addictions, or behavioral patterns. For this reason, the Moon in the 11th House position has a particularly profound effect on our behavior.

This placement considered by astrologers to signify profound inner development and personal growth, occurring through learning from others. These people may spend much of their life learning about various interests, as well as different cultures.

The 11th house is powerful and is associated with career, authority figures, social groups, the community and friendships.

The 11th house also indicates a person who has broad interests and loves to travel. When the Moon in the 11th house their love for exploration makes them friendly, easygoing and generous. Their love for traveling makes them broaden their mind and appreciate subtleties of life.

This placement of the Moon in your 11th House shows an early interest in religious matters. With your inner mind active, you may question the logic of religious dogma and therefore feel you should keep away from organized religion. There is a strong chance that you will follow some spiritual path during your life, even if you do not adopt a formal religious path.

The Moon In 11th House person is one with an overall optimistic view of life wherein every day can be viewed as a new opportunity to make the most of it. This optimism, as well as the person’s love of adventure and variety, stimulates constant movement.

Your Moon in the Eleventh House shows that you are genuinely kind-hearted and have a natural ability to persuade others. This placement gives you an excellent sense of people and allows you to be an excellent mentor, friend, or parent if you choose to use it.

You have no difficulty displaying compassion for others when they need a little help. Your inner voice tells you when to offer a shoulder to cry on. Even though some people may see your behavior as overbearing, you don’t let that bother you. You know what needs to be done and will do it without letting your ego get in the way!

The Moon in the Eleventh House may indicate that you rely on your communication skills and emotional support to get through difficult situations. Humans are a social species, and it is very important to you that you have a sense of belonging and some kind of emotional connection with others. By working well within group dynamics, this placement highlights your willingness to share emotions and collaborate with others.

Mercury in 11th House

Mercury in this position denotes shrewdness, cleverness, adaptability and foresightedness. Because of their ability to be versatile and inclusive, people with this placement can use their intelligence to take on many roles and positions successfully.

In fact, they tend to have many areas of interest and hobbies that they are always eager to learn more about. Ultimately this person will succeed because they are able to make use of multiple talents at any given time.

The placement of Mercury in the 11th house has a positive effect on communication and the general attitude towards life.

Sincerity and honesty make it easy for you to accomplish your goals, while you also enjoy being with people and feeling appreciated by them. You value everything that is unique and special in people and by sharing these things with others, bring harmony into their lives as well.

Mercuries in the 11th House can make for some of the most fascinating people. Their perception of reality is different than everyone else . This puts them in an exceptionally strong position when it comes to intellectual pursuits, but unfortunately not so much in other areas of life. From a purely astrological point of view Mercury in the 11th can be characterized as being a most powerful placement.

When Mercury is in the 11th House your mind travels and you are energized to share your knowledge. Encouraging friendships with fellow students and colleagues at the workplace, you can expect many rewarding opportunities that open doors to other countries and cultures.

Mercury in the 11th house signifies the interest and gains through profession and the increase in income. There is also a possibility of unexpected gains to come through family members. This placement also tells that there is a possibility of favorable speculation.

The native will have ambition and desire for success in life and do anything to achieve it. He will have inspirations from beyond to guide him properly in life.

Mercury in 11th house can represent strong beliefs that are adopted early in life and carried throughout adulthood. These early adopted beliefs or philosophies on life may remain unchanged as this individual is not likely to consider new perspectives or beliefs, even though new information may have been presented.

The position of Mercury in your 11th house is one aspect that indicates what types of relationships you may enjoy and be successful in. Given that Mercury is the planet that represents communication skills, this placement can show how you interact with others as well as what social situations and environments you prefer.

Venus in 11th House

Understanding your Venus in the 11th House placement can help you unlock the power of relationships, happiness, and creativity. Expect social activities to be lively, fun and pleasurable.

Venus in her rulership of joy, harmony and beauty in the eleventh house presents us with a plethora of fun friends, flirty friends, intense friendships and possibly even a hook-up or two. If you have Venus placed in the 11th house expect a social life that is vibrant and alive.

This placement may give you a love of fashion and all things beautiful. You will delight in being around other people, and your generosity of spirit will draw them to you.

This position indicates advanced intuition as well as individual appreciation of finer arts and pleasures. You will want to make friends with like-minded people, especially those who are interested in spiritual or cultural pursuits. You do well in positions where you support others.

Venus in the 11th house shows that the partner will bring a nice deal of money into marriage or business partnership. They will earn more than you. You will feel extremely happy when you are in their love nest. You will be satisfied with your lover’s earning capacity and your living conditions, and you will not have to struggle for more money.

Venus in the 11th House will give you an appealing, charming appearance. You are likely to be very attractive to persons of the opposite sex and/or those of your own sex whom you can love.

Mars in 11th House

Mars in the 11th House placement means that you at times may have a tendency to try and force change or novelty into your life, sometimes to the point of appearing restless, unruly and/or self-centered.

While it is true that you will want to change things on occasion; always remember that more often than not, the best way to go about doing this is by changing yourself first. Change starts within you and resonates outward into the rest of your life.

Mars in 11th House can be a stimulating and rewarding position. This placement indicates that you are independent, self-motivated, have leadership qualities and speak your mind freely and honestly. You’re an ingenious entrepreneur with visionary thinking and the ability to implement ideas.

Mars in the 11th house is a placement of ambition and career, but this planet also denotes interest in occult, philosophy, religion and law. This placement gives a restless nature, a need for change and constant activity.

It is the zeal and will of Mars in the 11th House that can express itself as virility, endurance, initiative, force, strength of action and endurance. You have a strong personality and an inexhaustible energy.

You are never afraid to take risks and always have the motivation to bring them to fruition. Ride the wave of your inspiration as long as it lasts.

Mars in the 11th house gives your individuality an assertive edge, where you may wish to project yourself in the public life of your community. You will seek the limelight and like to play an active part on any field of competitive activity.

There is never a dull moment when you have Mars in the 11th house with strife always brewing as the energy just won’t settle down. You can find yourself in trouble during these periods, or on the run from others that try to make mischief for you.

Having Mars in the 11th House indicates that you are a risk taker. You may take on more than one role, and you might be a visionary. You can easily impress others with your charm and social nature. You love excitement and are inclined to be quarrelsome and impulsive.

An 11th house Mars placement gives you a greater ability to influence the people in your circle, and to instill confidence in others. If you possess this placement, then you are worthy of respect from a wide variety of people, because they recognize your determination and strong sense of purpose.

Jupiter in 11th House

Jupiter is associated with social standing and other’s opinion about you. A Jupiter in the 11th House placement in a chart indicates good rapport with uncles, aunts, and siblings.

Jupiter in the 11th House has a natural ability of luck with wealth, status and gain. People having this Jupiter placement seem to have an edge when it comes to winning over others. They are also likely to reach their purpose or goal as it would help them progress forward in a smooth manner.

Jupiter in the 11th House has a good placement for those who like to travel a lot. This Jupiter placement could refer to people who are able to find success in the meeting of people, or relate to large mass groups of people, as teachers or lawyers. These persons also make good marketers, promoters and may even enjoy careers in foreign places, such as ambassadors or ministers.

The planet Jupiter, the largest and strongest planet in the solar system, is associated with education, understanding and expansion. It is a planet of growth, luck, prosperity and expansion.

To have Jupiter in the 11th House however, means you also have a lot of responsibility in your life to look after yourself and protect others. You are a strong humanitarian who is willing to give of your time to help others less fortunate than you.

For those with their Jupiter in the 11th house, life is all about expansion and growth, gaining knowledge of a subject or ability and then using it to help others or advance your understanding. Jupiter’s placement in your 11th House of Groups, Friendships and Organizations is a very favorable one. Although you may not rise to positions of prominence and authority, the good luck you receive from Jupiter’s presence will nonetheless bring both money and adulation.

Saturn in 11th House

Your Saturn in the 11th House placement gives you immense ambition, the perseverance to reach your goals, and the wisdom to understand people. You are determined to succeed and sometimes that can translate as stubbornness to others.

Because of this, it is important to recognize when you need to slow down. This placement represents a strong interest in matters of law, and often politics, philosophy, or religion.

Saturn in the 11th house shows responsibilities for the group as a whole. In other words, responsibilities for greater good of the society, or for those who are in need.

This placement deals with necessary role that is played on behalf of others and the whole which are usually not so easily seen as supportive in nature from Saturn’s square-aspect on perspective.

Similar to Saturn in 7th House, this placement is about getting ahead of the game. What it differs in is the mode of positive expression of achievement. Upgrading to higher education, building assets to be passed down to future generations, and developing creative solutions to problems.

Saturn in 11th House means you are a person with many responsibilities who serves in various organizations such as school, church, business, community and social clubs and have obligations to meet. It makes you develop leadership qualities and it is an indication that you have good and solid reputation among people.

Saturn in 11th House denotes financial security, a good and satisfied partner or spouse and a happy domestic life.

Most of the people with Saturn in 11th house are reserved, disciplined and respectable in their social relationships and home life. They like to spend their free time with family and friends. They like cooking, listening to music, reading books, learning new things or discovering about different cultures and places.

Saturn is the planet of structure, rationality, and restriction. When placed in the 11th house Saturn can bring limitations on freedoms, a necessity to conform for the greater good, discipline and direction for our lives.

Uranus in 11th House

This person is very free-willed and probably suffers from a little bit of boredom due to the philosophical nature of this placement. Uranus here shows that the individual, when not busy, will be doing things that are out of the norm just for excitement and stimulation.

The 11th house signifies friends and, with this planet in this house, you will see friendships that are unlike any others. There is also the probability of sudden friendships or friends coming out of nowhere. Due to their rebellious nature, these individuals have a number of enemies but they don’t really pay attention to them as they are focused on their own ambitions.

Uranus in the 11th House people have a strong sense of humanitarianism and an urge to remove the evils from society or their culture.

With this placement there is likely to be a rebellious streak within the person, along with a tendency towards confrontation and strong-willed meetings with others. There may also be dramatic events through the years that are eventful for these people, including one that occurs about three years after birth.

Uranus in 11th House is a placement that does not give “true justice” for you. In other words, you will feel that things are not running properly, or not according to the accepted norms or fair play. So you will be relentless in your causes and personal relationships; and will try to change the status quo through your excesses, shocking others in the process. The result may irritate family members or close friends of yours.

To someone with Uranus in the 11th house, relationships can be a truly amazing ride. In some cases, they may seem to come out of nowhere, but once you are on board, you are glued in for the long haul.

People with this placement can go from 0 to 60 in no time at all and can unapologetically turn on a dime as far as their loyalties go. But this may not be as dramatic as it seems. Uranus people are constantly doing this – they have an unwavering belief in change and are constantly learning new things about themselves.

Neptune in 11th House

In astrology, the 11th House is known as the “House of Hopes and Wishes” – it can also be referred to as the “House of Illusions” and the “House of Delusions”.

Neptune in the 11th House refers to how Neptune affects your goals and ideals. If you’ve been searching for answers to the meaning of life, or what is spirituality, then Neptune in this House can point the way.

Neptune in the 11th House represents Spiritual goals that will take you far from home. You can embody the concept of “mystical native” with this placement, as your spirituality becomes something you want to share with people close to you, rather than something private and isolated.

Neptune’s influence may bring a religion into your life, or it may temper down any dogmatic religious tendencies you have. While in the 11th House, Neptune is often called upon to defend personal faith and meditational pursuits. You can seek understanding through dreams and visions.

Neptune in the 11th house is a placement that offers the native heightened insight into people and relationships. A strong sense of compassion and acceptance of others. Imaginative and compassionate and someone who sees beyond what is visible on the surface. An inspirational leader who is able to bring large scale changes with ease. A healer who incorporates spiritual consciousness at some level in their healing work.

Neptune in the 11th House of astrology indicates an individual who is idealistic. This individual strives to achieve universal love by appreciating and loving his or her surroundings. The placement inspires creative and artistic abilities as well as humanitarian efforts, but sometimes hinders the ability to concentrate on the present.

No matter how far a person may wander in life, Neptune in the 11th House draws them back to the family home. Family and friends may be scattered, especially during youth, but they are never lost entirely.

Friends come and go throughout life, but family always remains. There is also an emphasis placed on travel and movement through life. It is important to take note of all places one visits, as clues about their life purpose can be found in these places.

Neptune in the 11th House signifies that you have a gift of clairvoyance and spiritual mysticism. The universe, destiny, time and space are all reflected through your thoughts and personal philosophy. You may even go as far as to write the doctoral thesis on the search for life in other planets, or stumble across vast amounts of money.

Pluto in 11th House

Pluto in the 11th House gives you a mind that is crafty, cunning and is capable of out smarting anyone.

This placement is as much an opportunity as a challenge – the opportunity to exert power over your world and define how you want to change it; the challenge to carry that responsibility.

Most people will only encounter this placement in their later years, after they have learned what it means to be responsible for something more than just their own psyche. But if you’re reading this now, this placement is an indicator of a later coming life path development: discovering personal power.

Pluto in the 11th House shows that attaining success will be a slow, steady process. Those that possess this placement are often blessed with a strong sense of intuition and a sixth sense for just what is needed to bring about positive change. Pluto in the 11th House also indicates that those born with it have the ability to inspire others to follow them on their journeys, at least for awhile.

Pluto in the 11th House gives an interest in business, law, politics, religion. You have a creative flare for investing. You could be drawn to working for non-profit organizations that are involved in legal or political issues.

Pluto governs the factors that can remake your fate. Placed in the 11th house, Pluto will act as a secret power in your career and mastery over your finance. With the ideals of democracy, you can shape the career to any type you want. But do not renounce your past for it might be relevant to your present life.

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