Moon in 11th House Personality Traits

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The Moon in the 11th House makes you a sensitive, imaginative person who often takes a philosophical approach to life. This is a highly creative placement which makes you an excellent storyteller and writer. You are someone who loves romance, glamour and anything beautiful.

Having the Moon in the 11th House tells you how other people see and perceive you. This placement of the Moon symbolizes that the person has an intuitive side, and often bases decisions on gut feelings rather than facts or reason.

People with this placement are often very deep thinkers. They are usually very in tune with their emotions as well, which makes them fantastic at understanding and analyzing their own feelings. Additionally, they have enormous compassion for others when they experience similar emotions.

The Moon in the 11th house is a powerful placement. The 11th house is the realm of hopes and wishes. Having this placement indicates that you are extremely motivated to achieve a big goal or dream of yours. You have a desire for success and fame, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

An 11th House Moon denotes an individual blessed with good fortune, good health, achievements and recognition in work, and a stable and happy home life. Their sense of timing is extraordinary, as if they were on schedule with events from the moment they are born.

The Moon in the 11th House indicates that certain people from your past will make unexpected appearances in your life from time to time, often when they are least expected. If they appear unexpectedly, the Moon is trying to relay a message for you, so try to be open to whatever it is.

This placement may cause you to feel misunderstood and isolated, although it may cause you to have a great desire for company and friends.

When the Moon is in the 11th house it indicates a compassionate and highly intuitive individual who is constantly involved in humanitarian causes. Here, the Moon is the ruler of dreams and intuitive visions, and this placement suggests that you are always reaching outside of yourself for inspiration.

You are extremely aware of your surroundings, particularly when it comes to people, and you’re likely to accumulate lots of ideas while traveling. This position shows a deep compassion for humanity, and you are likely to have many connections around the world that open you up to new experiences.

Moon in 11th House Personality Traits

The Moon in the 11th House influences your emotional stability, relationships, and your creativity. People born with the Moon in 11th House are often strong and independent individuals with unconventional views. They can be interested in radical political or spiritual beliefs, as well as alternative health.

11th House Moon people are generous, warm and friendly. They resolve conflicts with ease and are very popular. They have good intuition and know how to get people together.

They are flexible and spontaneous, they follow a dream wherever it leads them, even if it is risky. They love challenges, even if they fail sometimes they will not lose heart.

If you have Moon in the 11th House, you are endowed with sincere generosity, calmness and maturity. You take on more responsibility than your traditional role or wealth would indicate; you’re indulgent toward others but may neglect yourself.

The path of least resistance is where your comfort zone lies, so you may prefer to avoid conflicts over confrontation. Your gift is being a good listener and counselor.

The Moon in 11th House people are natural-born leaders. You feel the need to be active and participate in the community. The Moon in this house gives people of this placement strong powers of observation, making them great judges of character.

11th House Moon people love the unknown and are open to many experiences. They tend to have a fantasy and creative side, but also have an interest in helping and serving the community.

They can be idealistic, loyal and extremely intelligent with a great ability to influence others with their ideas and plans. They appear as natural leaders who have a strong sense of justice.

An eleventh house moon indicates that you are very sensitive to the people you are with and there is a high probability that you have excellent instincts.

Moon in 11th House Woman

A Moon in the 11th House woman will tend to live her values, hold beliefs that are optimistic, larger than life, and she is willing to risk everything to follow them. She has good intuitive and psychic abilities. Because she is an idealist she can have prophetic insights about the future events.

This woman is cool, kind and friendly. She is very popular among everyone. She has a close emotional tie with her mother or female sibling. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Her father may have been emotionally distant from her when she was a child. The Moon in House 11 is well placed for writers, psychologists and anyone who wants to help or work with others for a living.

Blessed with an inspired sense of imagination, a Moon in the Eleventh House woman can see and create a perfect world. This is especially true when she is getting along well with her spouse or partner. Many such individuals are talented artists, musicians and writers. Their enchantment can make everything seem possible.

The source for their ability is love. Love inspires them to create and to believe; it fills them with hope. They have the ability to envision success even in the face of what appears to be hopeless odds. Hope is what drives them forward, giving them a positive outlook on life and on whatever they encounter.

These women tend to be generous, caring, protective, strong mothers, excellent homemakers and good at nurturing their children and the people around them. They are very family-oriented.

You’re friendly, lighthearted, and playful. A good conversationalist, you can relate easily to your children as you chat with them. If your kids have a dramatic side to them, stay out of it!

Focus instead on their strengths, like the ability to perform or be creative in some way. Your childlike nature helps develop his or her strengths and talents. Sometimes it’s helpful for you to lighten up and share your own vulnerable inner self with your child—that makes you more approachable and less judgmental.

The 11th House is often thought of as the house of hopes, wishes, and groups. It can also involve distance and travel. If your Moon is in the 11th House you will be seen as a friend by strangers and more importantly, your spirit and social life will be enhanced as long as it doesn’t interfere with family matters.

Establishing a relationship with someone with the Moon in the 11th House is a rewarding experience. This woman is sensitive, moody and emotional. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, is intuitive, and can be very psychic. Friendships are extremely important to her.

If you have your Moon in the 11th House, you are a woman who loves to be in love – but not necessarily with a person. This is because the 11th House is the house of partner choice, so it could be anything or anyone that you choose as an ally for life.

Moon in 11th House Man

The Moon in 11th House man is a dreamer, an idealist. He dreams of better times, and he holds onto unrealistic expectations, romantic notions of life. The Moon in 11th House man tends to not be realistic or aware of how the world truly works because he has a tendency to escape from reality.

He is likely to fantasize and live in his dreams, which are often not fully achievable for him. He may choose to spend time in isolation far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This dreamy nature might cause the Moon in 11th House man to give into the power of anyone with a big vision for a utopian world.

Passionate and romantic, the Moon in the 11th House man is a doting and loving partner that will shower you with adoration whenever he gets the chance. Romantic to a fault, he will present you with flowers, gifts, or song wherever you go.

He likes for his beloved to wear their hair long and loose down their back, just like Princess Leia. He also likes to give friendship bracelets and secret romance notes.

Moon in the Eleventh House men are very creative, expressive and communicate easily with others. Being of this position, they attract people towards them.

The Moon in the 11th house represents a sensitive and intelligent man who has a genuine interest in others. You can see directness and real sincerity in his powers of observation which could make you feel very connected to him, but he may struggle to truly identify with other people’s problems or emotional needs.

An 11th House Moon placement indicates a personality that is analytical, imaginative and complex. They will be likely to develop a strong belief in higher powers or will at least lean towards spirituality and some kind of faith. This placement of the Moon can create a deeply caring and empathetic person who is adept at building positive social relationships and friendships.

Moon in 11th House Synastry

In synastry, the Moon in the 11th House indicates how people relate to each other. The Moon is a planet of security and resources, the 11th House rules over group relationships within the public sector.

The Moon in the 11th House synastry is a very powerful position. It is one of the most advantageous locations for the Moon in a relationship. The couple with their Moon here will be imaginative, intuitive and possess a rich inner life. This placement can give the native a natural gift for language and a real flair for writing.

The person with the Moon in the 11th House is an excellent partner for marriage, and may also be a top notch professional. This individual makes a great boss or colleague, as they are well liked by people.

When you have 11th House Moon synastry it can feel like you have entered a whole new world. You suddenly feel lighter and more expansive and you have an ability to relate to people who are very different from you.

The Moon in the 11th house synastry is a message from the universe to take a chance. You are being asked to take a risk and live life on the edge.

In Moon in 11th House synastry, an affair of the mind is as much a part of your love life as one of the heart. You enjoy chatting and writing letters, and you are more likely to be viewed as a friend than lover.

You take no prisoners in your relationships, and you don’t like to look back. You feel if someone is not with you on the journey, it is time to move on. Maybe you have a tendency to want to know everything that is going on in a relationship.

The Moon in the 11th House is a positive placement and indicates a person who has excellent communication skills, likes to live in the imagination with others, and values unusual associations with people from all walks of life. This placement can indicate an artistic or musical talent or an interest in psychology.

A person with their Moon in the 11th House is more or less likely to have a high level of learning or profession involving religion. They can be attracted to and inspired by great minds, and will often follow a leader having a strong mind.

These people will often worship or believe in a greater power, sometimes turning to this as a last resort in hard times. Having their Moon in this house also indicates an interest and ability in any psychic or paranormal subjects.

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