Moon in 12th House Personality Traits

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Our Moon is the ruler of our feelings, our subconscious and our unconscious mind, and therefore it is in charge of how we feel in general.

Astrology says that if you have the Moon in the 12th house placement then you’re likely to feel a little lost and confused about your life, as if you’re not sure what direction your life should be taking. You’re likely to feel shy and reserved.

The Moon in the 12th House placement indicates people who have a gift for sensing what is going on beneath the surface of life. It suggests people with receptive and intuitive natures that give them an extraordinary ability to gain secret information from others.

This placement also indicates different types of psychic gifts and bizarre behaviors, depending on whether the other planets are harmoniously placed in the horoscope. This placement often makes you kind and sympathetic to others, but you are also deeply sensitive to any controlling or manipulative tendencies that others may display.

Moon in the 12th House indicates that the person may have hidden psychic abilities, but is not ready to use them. The intuition of the individual is less developed than Moon in First or Second House.

The person with Moon in the 12th House may receive occasional flashes of insight, but these are seldom followed up by action. Such people often refuse to take advice from others because they feel that they already suspect what other people are going to say to them.

The Moon in 12th House refers to a native’s ability to see behind closed doors and understand the motivations that lie behind other people’s behaviors. Because this Moon position gives the native a deeper insight into matters that they couldn’t possibly know on their own, it is what gives them their outstanding ability to psychically intuit and perceive things going on within the home.

With this placement, the native has an innately strong sense of family and intuition for anyone close to them, making it difficult for other people in their lives to keep secrets from them.

The Moon in the 12th House shows that you will have a very emotional, compassionate, maybe even dreamy nature. You may experience intense mood swings and have difficulty with your emotions because of this placement. It may also indicate hidden enemies and worries that never seem to go away.

Moon in 12th House Personality Traits

The Moon in the 12th House person acquires a sense of emotional well-being and security from personal associations. Friends can be counted on to help out when needed.

These people often enjoy taking care of others, including the elderly, children, and pets. They are often extremely sensitive to and aware of other peoples' feelings.

This placement describes someone who often feels alone, sometimes even hidden from the world. Your sensitivity and empathy may be off the charts, but it can also make you an intense, complex individual who doesn’t always fit in.

This Moon placement is well suited for professions oriented towards home life or “in service” professions such as social work, counseling, and caring for the elderly or people with disabilities. These folks are also capable of making many important contributions to society through their research work and studies in science, nature, music, and other forms of advanced learning.

The Moon in the 12th House indicates that you have a spiritual, introspective mind. Rather than relying on worldly influences to tell you who to be and what to do, you look inside yourself for answers, taking meditative time out so you can be your own best friend.

You may be shy or quiet because you are sensitive and easily overwhelmed by outside influence. While others may criticize this part of your nature as timidity or lack of self-reliance, more often than not people with a Moon in the 12th house don’t want to rush into things that scare them just for the sake of being cool or original.

The Moon in the 12th house bestows psychic gifts, sensitivity beyond anything mortal, and a penchant for getting involved in other people’s lives. You can sense things that others cannot; you are telepathic, highly intuitive and empathetic.

You often know what other people are thinking or feeling even if they don’t tell you. You may become a psychiatrist or psychologist, or you may be involved with public or charitable causes.

The Moon in the twelfth house of the horoscope describes someone who is very understanding and receptive to others' feelings. Their intuition is strong, and they may have a profound appreciation for spirituality. The 12th house describes someone who has a strong emotional side, and some form of communication or creativity.

Moon in 12th House Woman

The Moon in the twelfth house belongs to women who are emotionally sensitive, captivating and beautiful.

She is one of the most mysterious types of women you will ever meet. She is a puzzle that will keep you guessing at her true character. She craves solitude and privacy. She prefers to work behind the scenes. She seeks out service-oriented employment or gives of herself to help others deeply.

The Moon in the 12th house describes a woman who is moody, ethereal, dreamy and serene. She may have had difficulty with her mother or mothering in some way. The Moon in 12th House woman personality traits can also point to someone who is “driven by their unconscious.”

She is one who puts her emotional needs before anything else. She has plenty of imagination and creative talents and can often be found daydreaming or being distracted by something that captures her attention. Since the Moon rules our emotional needs, this woman is very sensitive, sometimes too much so.

A Moon in the 12th House woman is a mysterious, vivacious, beautiful, and sometimes cunning woman. She knows her power, but she does not like to exert it. She simply radiates an aura of mystery that draws everyone’s attention on herself.

This is the position of all emotional self-awareness. The most important thing for this woman is her family. The 12th House Moon woman is a soft and tender woman with deep feelings in her soul. She will do everything only to protect and comfort herself and those around her.

These women are hardworking people who are always prepared to help other people. They often dream about making improvements at home to feel more comfortable and resourceful.

This placement describes a womanly soul’s journey into the unconscious realms of existence. The resulting psychic and experiential wisdom is then applied to everyday life as a spiritual advisor to others.

Moon in 12th House Man

The 12th house is where intuition and luck can shine. If you have the Moon in the 12th House, then you need to go within your mind and start listening to your own intuition.

The Moon in 12th House man has a highly developed sense of what is right and wrong. He may participate in non-violence or anti-war movements, and generally speaking he will not pick fights or be engaged in contention.

People born with the Moon in the 12th House are able to cooperate easily with every sort of group, even when they belong to none of them, or on the other hand they may well join clubs and societies of all sorts. The important thing is that they have an innate sense of oneness with nature and its groups.

Many people are surprised when they meet a Moon in 12th House man, and wonder what (if anything) is wrong with them. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the Moon in 12th House man, except that he has a different way of looking at everything from his peers.

He doesn’t expect to be understood by other people; rather, he expects them to keep their distance, which is something most can’t bring themselves to do.

Your intellect is powerful, and you use it to keep your emotions under control. You have great compassion for others in need and you are known to help those who need it. The Moon in 12th House man makes a good leader, but only when there is no one else to do the job.

This individual wants order in his life, and when there is discord, he may feel like he’s losing control. You have an active imagination, but always follow through with what you start. As a Moon in 12th House person, your strategic mind keeps you on top of any situation.

The Moon in the 12th house tells about how we feel about ourselves, our self-image or ego. The twelfth house is a house of karma and we are often here to learn compassion and forgiveness for others and to understand that other people’s problems are none of your business.

This position means you are idealistic and sympathetic, yet secretive and easily hurt. This Moon placement makes you manipulative–learn to think of yourself as an instrument of Divine Providence.

The Moon in 12th house man has difficulty in conceptual thinking but can sense the feelings of others. He works hard to keep his ideals, and his unconscious mind helps him achieve them. He is lucky with women and he could have trouble with co-workers.

Moon in 12th House Synastry

Moon in 12th House relationships can be complex, but they are also rich in intimacy and meaning, and often involve great suffering. 12th House synastry describes the unconscious patterns or repetitive behavior that each person brings to a couple.

When two partners have Moon in 12th House synastry they both feel that each has a lot to give the other. Each person will bring out the best qualities in each other.

They can experience a sense of success and fulfillment together. The obstacles to this aspect may come from financial problems, health problems, or problems dealing with anxiety or stress. Through these crises, they will be able to help one another cope with some very unpleasant and difficult situations.

Moon in the 12th House as a synastry aspect is primarily about hidden or unconscious relationships. With this kind of connection, someone may feel more comfort than attraction.

Or this could be the big escape from reality, where both parties are unconscious of what they truly feel for one another, or are driven by impulses that work against their best interests.

Individual identities dissolve into a blended oneness, which can be deeply empowering and nurturing in its own way. Moon in 12th House people can seem distant and unreachable. They may draw you in by suggesting that there is no need to make a deeper commitment.

You are both adventurous and broadminded. You share the same goals and philosophy of life and you will travel well together as long as you both stick to your beliefs, regardless of what other people have to say.

You’ll have plenty of intellectual rapport, because there is little you can’t discuss with each other. With this couple, communication is always an easy process, because the people in this union have many things in common, so they are able to understand each other’s point of view better than with any other dynamic in a love match.

The synastry aspect of Moon in Twelfth House is a highly sensitive association between two people. These folks are highly tuned into each other and they are made to understand each other.

Their emotions run deep, their ability to feel is extraordinary and their desires are cherished. They can be extremely dependent on each other.

The aspects of the Moon in synastry speak to an individual’s emotional nature, and their need to retreat at times into solitude. For some, it means a tendency toward escapism or dependence on others. For others, it can indicate a need for retreat and reflection that leads them to successful self-examination and understanding of their deeper motivations.

This placement shows a deep yearning for—and uncertainty about—finding the right path in love. This placement indicates that you possess an innate soul awareness, a connection with the inner self that is rarely available to most humans, including most people who are born without this placement or with a poorly aspected Moon.

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