Sun in 11th House Meaning

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The Sun in the 11th House is one of the best astrological placements a person can have. If you have the Sun here, your personality is likely extroverted, friendly, loving and resilient.

You enjoy learning, meeting new people and making new friends. When you share something with others, it has a sense of meaning to you and you have something worthwhile to give.

The Sun in the 11th House of your birth chart is one of the most auspicious placements possible. If you were born with this solar position, you are blessed with success in all your undertakings, a magnetism that draws others to you, and a wonderful ability to solve problems for yourself and others and make decisions that are well grounded.

You are a peacemaker and a natural politician, who knows how to get a group to work together. Modesty and charm make you popular and open you up as a contact for others.

You like to spend time with friends, but also have an active mind that questions and ponders all of life’s mysteries.

A celebrity personality with the Sun in the 11th House is famous for his or her smarts, knowledge, and self-expression. This placement of the Sun signifies success through education, awareness, and humor.

The Sun represents your sense of self: how you present yourself to others in terms of attractiveness, physical appearance, social graces, and self-confidence. With this placement of the Sun, you may have received lots of love from a grandparent or older sibling.

The 11th House is the traditional astrological house of friendships, groups, and organizations. It is also your professional network and place for achieving status and recognition.

Those with the Sun here are often highly ambitious people who aspire for a distinguished career. They often have the ability to climb upon ladders of success as they take on leadership roles within their surroundings.

Your Sun is in the 11th House of friends, groups, organizations, humanitarian efforts, and travel. This does not necessarily mean you are involved in such things—but when your friends ask for advice, they’ll consult you.

The Sun in the eleventh house is a bit of an odd duck. It’s tightly enmeshed in other people and friendship. This position gives a sense of belonging to others, and can mean that you are part of something larger than yourself. You are either a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond.

Sun in 11th House Personality Traits

Sun in 11th House people are often known for their achievers and lifelong learners. They are tireless in their pursuit of long-term goals.

People with Sun in 11th House may be drawn to careers that focus on education, teaching, or science. They are keenly aware of how they fit into the bigger picture and have a knack for discovering the possibilities beyond the obvious. These folks often make great teachers if they choose this path.

The ability to engage in social interactions with ease, a comforting demeanor when meeting new people, and an optimistic view of life are hallmarks of Sun in the 11th House.

Sun in the 11th house denotes a lover of society, refinement and culture. This person is particularly fond of art, music and literature. They will have many friends who are willing to stand by their side through thick and thin.

They are easily moved by emotion and may be subject to severe mood fluctuations. People with Sun in the 11th house are able to judge items at first glance, make quick decisions, change opinions much too fast and thus get into considerable conflict with others.

People with their sun in the 11th house are usually interested in things over people. They feel a close tie to their friends and family, but friendship comes a bit easier than romance. At times, they can give the impression that they are somewhat distant from everyone, and at other times that they are overly dependent upon those around them.

The Sun is in your Eleventh House of groups and friends, which means you enjoy the company of others, whether accompanying them or attending large parties where there is good food and plenty of alcohol. With the eleventh house as your landing pad, you’re likely to trend toward hero status—either rescuing someone from danger, or being saved by someone else.

Sun in 11th House Woman

The Sun in the 11th House woman possesses a deep interest in philosophy, religion, and the arts. Because of her genuine nature, she is likely to form friendships that last for many years or even an entire lifetime.

When searching for a mate, the Sun in 11th House woman values intelligence and creativity over other traits. She is drawn to those who are mentally agile and articulate as this quality makes for a stimulating partner.

Despite her seemingly fortunate destiny, the Sun in 11th House woman does not have a very harmonious personality. She is constantly struggling with her identity and personal freedom, and her external behavior is shaped by strong ethical principles and morality.

She has an introverted, reflective nature; she is reserved and shy with people she does not know well, but when she trusts someone, she reveals herself through her passion for philosophical discussions and her scholarly inclinations.

The Sun in the 11th House gives a love of home and family, a charitable nature, a pleasant personality, great community spirit and a love for people. Above all this is a romantic, optimistic nature.

The woman with the Sun in the 11th House is protective of her friends and sympathetic to animals and children. She will be happiest if her partner shares these feelings.

If she is unattached there may be many friendships but no deep relationships until later life when she marries or meets someone who loves wholesome living as much as she does.

People with Sun in 11th House are artists who put their talents at the service of their ideals and for those they love. Their eyes shine with a fiery light, while their mind is often dark and tormented.

The 11th house is that of Humanitarian Workers and Social missions. There’s no better place for Sun than here because it is in harmony and “at home”.

The woman with the Sun in the eleventh house has a good sense of herself and her direction in life. You are definitely not vague or wishy-washy, however you are open to others' ideas and feelings. You have an ability to communicate quite well, and people often find this easygoing manner quite charming.

A woman born with the sun in this house is optimistic and independent. She possesses excellent people skills and is committed to her friends and family. In love relationships, she has a tendency to get involved far too quickly.

The Sun’s in 11th House indicates the individual’s overall approach to life: personality and talents, orientation towards the world and its concerns. This position relates to one’s capacity for personal achievement and recognition and social success.

Sun in 11th House Man

The Sun in the 11th House man is a person of authority. He has charisma and is quite strong-headed. He believes in firm discipline and rules for his household, including time-tables for everyone to follow. There will be no goofing off or making plans behind his back because the Sun in 11th House type can see right through you.

He wants to be pampered, but he also likes things to happen on time and the way he hopes they will fit into his physical and mental schedule. He loves his freedom and his self-sufficiency.

A Sun in the 11th House man’s personality is full of optimism and enthusiasm. These traits are a demonstration of the viewpoint that this person has on life and his surroundings. The Sun in this house is known to be quite influential, as it represents our conscious mind.

The Sun in the 11th House man is independent and resourceful. Charming and sociable, but not usually prone to leadership or authority roles, he prefers to go his own way and travel light.

The Sun in the 11th House man wants to make a difference in the world. He has a strong need to make a name for himself and his lifetime goal is to become successful at some point in his lifetime.

He wishes to be known on a global scale, perhaps by becoming President of his country, or at least in his line of work, he hopes that he will make such an impact that will be talked about for many generations. He may also want to start a business or become a motivational speaker and/or consultant.

Sun in 11th House nativities are leaders who are able to influence others. They do so through their words, their emotions and their beliefs. This type of person is often very involved in whatever cause they believe in, whether it be a social campaign or a spiritual movement.

This is because they believe in the ability of people to be touched by spirit and lifted into higher states of consciousness. Whatever the motivation, they know that what motivates them also motivates other people. They don’t try to force anyone into believing as they do but seek to educate through showing examples rather than through words.

The Sun in the 11th House is a personality that likes to have a strong social network filled with numerous outside interests, groups and organizations that fit with your personal goals and are meaningful to you.

You’re most comfortable when you’re in the company of others and won’t be content if you spend too much time alone. Your need for other people will lead to a lively social life when you’re an adult and it will likely be focused on friends, clubs or other activities involving other people.

Sun in 11th House Synastry

Sun in 11th House synastry can illustrate a partner who will support or aid the native. It is one of the more positive aspects to look at, as it indicates an easy and congenial relationship that won’t be full of difficulties.

When two people come together as friends first, it creates a supportive foundation for any relationship, and this aspect is an indication of one such foundation.

The best thing about this aspect is that no matter how many other problems might crop up in the marriage, these two can always work past them because they like each other on a non-romantic level.

The Sun in 11th House synastry has major implications, and is the reason that this is considered one of the most important combinations in marriage charts. Although it’s known for its romantic aspect, the Sun in 11th House also has a career dimension. It greatly benefits activities that you share with each other.

The Sun in 11th House attracts, embraces, and loyal partners. Loving, warm, and positive, the energy of 11th House holds connections that last. Natural teams working together for a common goal. This synastry aspect is especially good when it comes to the traditional family unit.

The harmonious Sun in the 11th House relationship is so well-balanced that there is almost no need for the partners to discuss anything major, for instead of arguing about details or procedures, they understand each other perfectly.

Common interests draw them together and the love they have for one another is more an extension of their own personalities than a separate thing. Sun in 11th House people are friends even before they become lovers, so their marriages are more on the order of something that just happened—they didn’t really decide to be together!

Sun in 11th House people are vital and charming, quick to understand and relate. They have an amazing ability to draw people to them and the world can be their stage for expression of their talent or skill. They are often prominent in public life, especially if partners need a little encouragement for self-expression.

Sun in 11th House suggests that this person will be interested in long term goals regarding their profession or higher studies. They will most likely plan for significant developing of their career or for creating a new life plan when they are around 30 years old.

At this age they will start to travel more, as work allows them. This person will also start to study or will have the desire to study related subjects such as religion, philosophy or psychic sciences.

Symbolically, the Sun in the 11th house is important because it suggests that the two people will draw on some of the same things to get through life. The Sun has to do with power and authority, so it’s reasonable to think that these influences will be a little similar.

In addition, friends are an important part of the 11th House; if your partner has supportive friends, you’ll find that you benefit from them too.

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