Saturn in 8th House Personality Traits

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People with Saturn in the 8th House have no compunctions about working hard, and putting their best foot forward. These individuals are valued for their common-sense approach to a task, and have a particular talent in leadership positions.

While their serious nature may lead others to believe that they lack fun and playfulness, this is far from the case. Indeed, these natives often find humor even in some of life’s most difficult experiences.

This placement can create a person who is reserved, private, and hard to know. In this post we will look at some of the Saturn in 8th house personality traits.

What Does Saturn in the 8th House Mean?

Saturn in the 8th House is a signal that we are to grow up. To take responsibility for our elder role, to age appropriately and to engage with life as a responsible adult.

It may mean we take on certain kinds of responsibilities without being asked (rather than waiting for a command we resent).

Saturn placed in the 8th House of marriage on an astrological chart indicates a relationship with one partner for life. They expect their spouse to be their best friend as well as their lover.

Saturn in this position often means a difficult early start to a relationship, but once it becomes strong and secure; Saturn rules take over and the couple may become completely cut off from the outside world.

It’s a powerful placement that indicates responsibility, ambition and strong sense of duty. It’s all about gaining knowledge, learning and growing.

This placement represents the mysteries of life, intimacy and death. All in all, Saturn in the 8th house represents an important time for your soul to learn how to grow up.

Saturn in 8th House Woman

The Saturn in 8th House woman is dark, mysterious, and intense. Influenced by Saturn, the planet of limitations, boundaries and restrictions, she is used to having structures and stability in her life.

She is a deep thinker and focused on many intellectual areas of interest.

This woman is a real catch. She commands attention as soon as she enters the room, inspiring respect, admiration and even fear.

Her beauty can be described as sexy, alluring, mysterious or even intimidating at times. Like any woman with Saturn in this position, she’s a tough one to please but when you do she’ll lavish you with all the love and affection you could ever want.

Saturn in the 8th House is a very serious, very difficult placement, and can bring about many negative characteristics in a woman’s personality.

They are known for their practical approach to life, their desire to be successful - it’s all about power over them! They are often introverted, cold-hearted, manipulative and very hard to read.

A woman affected by Saturn in the 8th House is a good friend and she becomes a great woman that people love to have around. She is knowledgeable, polished, and always prepared.

This placement represents the person who is highly intuitive about her man and his motives. She can see beneath his mask and often times she knows what he is thinking before he even tells her.

She has good judgment of character which she uses to assess her man character.

This is definitely not a glamorous position and by no means an easy one. But, on the flip side, you have more control and power than people realize.

Saturn in 8th House Man

These men have strong characters and they cannot be easily influenced by others. The energy of Saturn in the 8th House denotes a combination of power, fame and selfishness.

Maybe one of the most influential Saturn placements, it indicates many hard choices throughout a person’s life, including an inability to enjoy the finer things in life, little satisfaction through work and challenges with money.

This Saturn in 8th House man will not be afraid to confront the darker side of life. He is very intelligent and cynical, which will make him an excellent critic. He seeks power and he loves to have a great admiration from others.

Saturn in 8th House people are born with a strong personality and they carry an aura that attracts others towards them. Apart from this, they also face lots of problems in their personal relationship.

He is an introvert who is cautious about stepping out of his comfort zone and letting others get close to him. He tends to be calm and serious, with a propensity for philosophical musings.

They also tend to be more defensive, or work better or harder for their beliefs.

Saturn in the eighth house indicates that the native is less likely to be a broker, business partner, or somebody who wants to keep it all at himself. Instead, he is more likely to share his gains and work with others.

That does not mean that lots of money will not come into his possession, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as he remains fair. The man who has Saturn here is bound to earn something from anything he does.

However, he will most likely have to do it by himself rather than by making business deals. His personal ties are often strengthened through responsibilities and obligations.

People with Saturn in the eighth house often feel like outsiders looking in; they witness others having their fair share of fun and interactions, but do not have a way to join in.

Their way of dealing with this sensation is often through hard work and perfectionistic tendencies.

Natal Chart Placement Meaning

This Saturn placement is most positive if you are humble and eager to learn, and want to help others around you.

With common sense and practicality in a way that wisdom might not show, put your Saturn in 8th House placement in service to those who need your help.

This placement indicates a person of high stature, good principles, and firm religious belief. He has strong will power and is a person of ability with high ideals. The native is wealthy, highly cultured and dignified.

He intends to have clean thoughts and works for the benefit of humanity. He cares for the needy and helps those who are in distress.

A person with Saturn in the 8th House has a profound effect on the partners they choose. Others may see the native as possessing material wealth due to long-term business partnerships and joint holdings, but this placement also indicates an individual who is less comfortable sharing their personal property.

An 8th House Saturn indicates that a person’s wealth will come from taking advantage of a system, rules, authority, or their connections to others. Saturn brings about completion through change and transformation.

Saturn is capable of going deep into matter and finding what is hidden. This placement can be a great teacher for many, as it will reveal the reality of the physical world.

When Saturn takes up residence in your eighth house, you may be discovering that there are limits to how much your relationship can be challenged or how deeply you can feel.

Saturn in the 8th House is associated with financial problems. It represents a time and place when major changes are made towards making fiscal improvements and balancing one’s resources.

After years of poor financing, you may finally learn to take control of your economic resources and develop a plan for self-sufficiency.

This is a difficult position to be in for Saturn. On the positive side, it can give you the drive to work your way up to a level where you can get more of an ego boost.

It is also a good placement for business people or those who are thrust into positions of authority due to their experience and knowledge.

Meaning in Synastry

Saturn in 8th House synastry is a complicated pairing. If you’ve gotten this far, there’s a lot of love going on between the two of you, as Saturn promises long lasting loves and commitment.

But Saturn is not exactly affectionate, so what you have here is a relationship where your beloved brings structure and care to your life – and sometimes that means tough love, advice that you may not want to hear, or a sobering look at reality.

Saturn in the 8th house can be tremendously successful at putting their partner under their wing. This could most certainly be one of the best Saturn synastry aspects, as this pairing is likely to be more long lasting than other Saturn placements.

This couple tends to feel distant from others. They find it difficult to let their guard down and tend to be more manipulative and controlling when it comes to other people.

The only people they find easy to trust are those that are like them, often going out of their way to spend time with these people, but once they have built up a sense of closeness with them they will try to destroy the bond.

Saturn in 8th House can intensify the feelings between you two and mark a period where you will need to solidify yourselves as an entity.

You may feel this person is controlling so it may be important to have an open and honest discussion about what each of you wants out of your relationship.

This Saturn placement also indicates that responsibility will play a big role in your relationship. This placement means that there will always be tension between you and your partner.

Now It's Your Turn

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What does this placement say about your personality?

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