Mercury in Aries Meaning and Personality Traits

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Mercury in Aries is lively, energetic, and likes continuous mental stimulation. They love to move and be “on the go” at all times.

As an Aries, they are impulsive and impatient, so a Mercury in Aries person will be even more so. This placement gives an individual a lot of drive and self-motivation. These people see life as a challenge, which they enjoy participating in.

Mercury in Aries is a quick thinker, who likes to get things done quickly. They tend to be very enthusiastic, and dedicated to making their ideas reality. Many are also strong-willed, and determined to succeed in the face of obstacles.

What Does Mercury in Aries Mean?

Mercury in Aries people are born leader types. They want to see everything happen yesterday! They set a fast pace for life, at work and in play. These people adore new ideas and fresh starts.

If you’re a Mercury in Aries, you probably act as if a time machine has just brought you back from tomorrow. The best things to say to Mercury in Aries people include an invitation to do something active—to do lunch, or go to a meeting or to the gym.

These individuals have a lot of energy and vitality. They have an eagerness for achievement and excitement about the future. These are people who are motivated, either to build or create.

Forward thinking and logical, Mercury Aries people are self-starters, who love to be free agents in their jobs. They are independent, optimistic and open minded, but also restless and temperamental.

They are quick thinkers with a lot of energy. They also have a short attention span. Both characteristics can make them very productive or very scatterbrained, depending on how they manage their energy.

Aries people eagerly follow through with commitments, and once an idea is in motion, they’re tremendous at getting things done. Their independent streak can make them impatient to move forward without the help of others, however. Understanding their impatience and helping them to focus long enough to carry a project to completion is one of the key challenges of working with Mercury in Aries people.

People with this Mercury placement are quick-witted and intuitive. Quick to act on new ideas or impulses, Mercury in Aries bounces from one thing to another without breaking stride.

They are mentally quick, and have a clever use of words. They will often come up with unique solutions to problems.

Their talent for saying exactly the right thing at the right time can be extremely valuable. The are able to turn almost any conversation into something interesting, and people enjoy their sense of humor.

Mercury in Aries Woman

The mental Mercury planet in Aries is a good indication of a person’s character. They are a positive and sunny, spontaneous, dynamical, full of energy, doesn’t repeat the same mistake twice, capricious, energetic and exuberant.

Mercury in Aries women have a unique and enthusiastic viewpoint on life, but there are also some negative traits that might interfere with the way they communicate. Adding to this attitude, Aries is a fire sign so they love action and gaining independence from others. Later in life Mercury in Aries woman do well in careers that respect their energy such as business, sales, or politics.

She is energetic, quick-witted and can go from zero to sixty in an instant. Mercury in Aries placement reveals characteristics of her inner self when she is at work, making decisions and solving problems.

As the ruler of the head, this Mercury placement makes her attractive and a natural leader. She is opinionated, dynamic, and likes to get things done both quickly and efficiently. Although she is a go-getter, she talks about herself in second person.

These women are fierce go-getters, and they have the tenacity and energy to get things done. They are courageous, ambitious, and adventurous – and are at their best when they’re living life to the fullest.

Mercury in Aries is fiery, intense, and overwhelms those around her with her enthusiasm. An issue that stands out to all Aries-Mercury people is the idea of accomplishment - they want recognition for their achievements.

Mercury in Aries Man

Mercury in Aries men are sometimes a contradicting mix of independence and impulsiveness, as this placement is an energetic one. One day they are quietly observant of the world around them, and the next they might be impulsive and outspoken, ready to proclaim grandiose or improbable ideas.

They can sometimes lack a bit of common sense but yet have a knack for being exacting and competent in whatever they apply themselves to. They want to make things happen and love to explore new horizons. They are never at rest with fixed situations and find it hard to stay put for very long.

The Mercury in Aries man is ruled by both the planet Mercury and by Mars, the god of war. His talent is for speed and energy.

He’s a natural salesman, a natural athlete, a natural risk-taker. He’s also quick to speak his mind and act on it, with little or no regard for what others think.

They are friendly and outgoing. They have many friends and are good conversationalists. They usually keep up on the latest trends, and like to make fun of them too. They’re not sensitive snobs who only want to talk about lofty subjects, but they do enjoy intellectual conversations.

People with Mercury in Aries are generally very intelligent, quick and witty. They get bored easily of life and mundane routines, which is why their lives are often full of excitement and adventure.

They love change, excitement and everything that provides a thrill. Mercury in Aries people tend to “live a day at a time.” In their youth they might not follow what their elders tell them, and they can be hot-headed, outgoing and rude. As they get older though, they mellow out and become more reliable.

They are fascinating but they also have a tendency to be fickle. Since Mercury rules the mind, these men are very sharp. They make excellent analysts as well as speakers and writers, although they prefer to give their thoughts through action rather than words.

Mercury in Aries Transit

The Mercury in Aries transit can last up to eight weeks, depending on the year. This transit occurs when Mercury makes its way from the sign of Pisces into the sign of Aries.

This transit can be a roller coaster of emotions. Mercury will be moving fast, quick decisions, and impulsive moves. Things will move fast and you will be able to respond with quick thought processing.

This transit could ignite friendships, romances, and give you more energy than usual. Be careful of acting on impulse without thought process and decision making. Use the gift of being quick, about making decisions quickly, but think things through first.

Transiting Mercury in Aries brings your assertive, confident, or pioneering side to the forefront. This transit is an excellent time to communicate with others and get things going. You’ll be quick-witted and fast-paced, eager to exchange ideas and get your opinions across. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

This transit is an exciting and even somewhat tumultuous time. It is not a time to be shy or subtle. We are energized and driven by our ideas, and could suffer from nervous exhaustion if we are not careful.

Mercury in Aries is about new energy and taking action. Mercury rules thinking, communication, travel & commerce. Mercury rules our mental energy & ability to receive information from others.

This is a time of big plans. You can be brash and energetic, outspoken and direct. There’s a tendency to say exactly what you mean, and if you’ve been thinking something, this is the time to let it fly. Mercury in Aries is a great influence for making deals or getting projects off the ground, because that communication you have might spark just the synergy you need to settle into your goals and objectives. Don’t waste it.

This natal transit creates extremely sharp mental energy, and Mercury in Aries people can come across as somewhat insensitive or blunt. However, these people are very honest. They make clear thinking Mercury stronger, more confident and more daring. Mercury in Aries people can be both visionary and short sighted. They can be innovative and creative as well as selfish and opinionated.

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