Moon in 2nd House Personality Traits

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The Moon in the 2nd House placement is a part of your natal chart and reveals your emotional needs. This placement says that you require stability and security in your home, and that you also need to feel emotionally safe. You will also need an emotionally fulfilling partner.

This placement is associated with a very real inner struggle between the desire to have a stable base in life and the desire to be free to come and go as one pleases. The 2nd house shows our physical needs and the things that give us security.

The Moon here can show a person who wants to feel secure, coupled with someone who really dislikes their job or place of residence. Moon in the 2nd House people have good communication skills, especially written and verbal expression. They like to use their intuition as well as logic to make decisions.

This placement of the Moon causes one to be a hypochondriac, both growing up and even into adulthood. The individual is fond of having family tell their fortunes and presents a generally gloomy impression on others at times.

However, the Moon in the 2nd House does not just cause fear or gloominess; it also generates a desire for improved health and longer life. This placement has a positive effect on the stomach, intestines, skin, teeth, hair and clothing.

A Moon in the 2nd House can mean a need to feel secure, and may attract you to make or invest money. Moon in the 2nd House people tend to have a love of material comfort and they can enjoy making where they live into a beautiful home.

Their love of contributing to the home is also reflected in their relationships with others, particularly those who are close to them, such as parents, children and siblings.

The Moon in the 2nd House indicates a person who is sociable, kind and sympathetic. They tend to enjoy being surrounded by friends and family. A Moon here is very open-minded and has strong instincts when it comes to financial matters but they should also endeavor to pay close attention to detail!

Moon in 2nd House Personality

The Moon in the 2nd House indicates that you are very sensitive and feeling oriented. You are also very protective of your possessions, including your personal space, time and money. If you don’t feel safe with something, you will guard against it like a mother bear guards her cubs.

Moon in 2nd House natives are very concerned with the order in which things occur and how they fit into their daily routine. You need a set schedule that you can rely on.

These people tend to be moody, fickle, and indecisive. With the Moon positioned here, you may have very dramatic dreams that seem deeply personal. You will also possess a vivid imagination and an artist’s eye for design. You live life on an emotional level more than on a logical one, with impulses rather than rational thought directing your actions.

The Moon in the 2nd House brings emotions into play. Love and money is connected to your emotional reactions. If you have the Moon in this House, then this is your emotional value system for money.

You need to think about what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Any disharmony with the moon could cause financial problems down the road.

The consideration of keeping pets may also be a reflection of this placement, as well as a deep desire for the security of “happily ever after” fantasy which may be expressed through home ownership.

The Moon in your Second House can make you the prime shopper in your group of friends, or maybe you’re the one who always knows when a sale is about to pop up.

On a larger scale, this placement helps you use money to express who you are. You might be someone who loves to dress up and be seen, or you could spend more time trying to find “good deals,” and then sharing them with everyone else.

The Moon in the Second House wants to see their hard work pay off, but they are, more often than not, the ones putting in the work. They live to serve others and fulfill their duties and responsibilities with grace and pride.

The Moon in the Second House is a sign of a reliable partner. The individual can be relied on to take care of things that need doing. They are deceptively strong and robust, and have a devoted nature, which may lead some to interpret them as weak willed.

Moon in 2nd House Woman

In a relationship, this woman will become a mother figure to her partner. She can be very moody at times, and she is also the emotional type of woman.

If she and her man live alone or with their own families, she will be the one cleaning up, doing errands and tasks that often go undone when others are not around.

She is very low key and calm about life situations. She has a stable inner world where she finds refuge when the outer world loses its momentum or energy. She is also into more traditional religion and spirituality, enjoying yoga tremendously.

A woman with the Moon in the 2nd house is quite independent and determined. She always knows what she wants from life, she sets her goals, and then she devotes herself totally to achieving them.

Women with Moon in the Second House tend to be emotionally intense and surprisingly passionate. The Moon is a natural ruler of the emotions, and placing it here allows an emotional intensity that borders on obsession.

The Moon in the 2nd House is really about financial security and feeling safe, providing a strong sense of reassurance and personal safety. She also relates to values that you place on money, property and possessions as well as your overall sense of security for yourself and those closest to you.

Moon in 2nd House Man

A 2nd house Moon man is said to be of magnetic personality and he will draw attraction from others towards him. He will develop a good rapport with the public during his career, even if it constitutes a class by itself.

The Moon in the 2nd house man will display the magnetism exuded by an actor or singer on the stage, who gets applause for each line read or song sung.

He is likely to support himself through the assets of his spouse. He tends to value security over freedom. Bank accounts and investments are fertile grounds for him, although he may prefer real estate.

This position indicates a very frugal person with a love of money and an interest in investments. These people love to spend but they always spend within reason so that their income is sufficient to cover any purchases they have made.

They can be quite tight-fisted—not poor, but careful about every penny they spend. It often takes time for them to loosen the purse strings.

The Moon in the Second House of a person who manifests lunar energy, is usually a good speaker. He can sell even the shoddiest goods for a high price, just because he speaks well.

Such a person becomes an excellent orator, politician, publicist. He knows how to influence other people and charm his listeners. He does not hesitate to tell pitiful stories moving others to tears. But it calls forth all his attention, and often makes others indifferent.

The Moon in the Second House describes a person that is cautious, careful, methodical and calculating. This placement can be good for investments or businesses as they tend to save and work hard towards their goals. They are honest and loyal with a tendency to be frugal.

This placement does not favor risk taking or gambling but is more likely to be cautious, calculating, conservative and follow trends within the marketplace. It also indicates a person that is not afraid of public display and is truly happy for all types of compliments and recognition

Moon in 2nd House Synastry

The Moon in this position can be considered a “double-strength” moon. The individual with the Moon in their 2nd house will be very attached to family, traditions and roots. They may become very patriotic over time. Their desires may be placed more upon materialistic goals, tied to security or money, which can create an inability to leave previous relationships for new ones.

The Moon in the Second House synastry deals with income and wealth. It is an indicator of how much emphasis you personally place in financial matters and potential prosperity through your spouse’s career.

The attraction of the Moon in this position lies in the empathic nature of the partner who is either highly creative or involved in business or sales work. Certain forms of joint enterprise are favored by this soft interpretation of financial windfall.

Contrarily, if one partner has an inherently extravagant nature, which is a slight possibility, it could be rather difficult to deal with financially.

The Moon in the 2nd house synastry shows a partner that feels familiar and welcoming, like going home. It’s the person who, even if you haven’t seen them in a long time, knows you better than you know yourself, and who always treats you exactly how you need to be treated in that moment.

The Moon is our emotional needs, our moods, our love of comfort and familiarity, making it an especially complex and powerful planet in a synastry chart. The moon shows how we feel about ourselves on the inside; it’s not what we’re used to showing the world on the outside.

If your moon is in the Second House, you are probably friendly and warm, but can also be fickle and overly sensitive to criticism.

One partner’s Moon is in the other’s 2nd House of security. The partner with their Moon in the other’s 2nd house has a profound effect on the health, career and financial well-being of the other partner.

People who have their Moon in another’s second house should look out for one another’s interests as if it were their own. They will often share financial goals or projects together.

When partners have the Moon in the Second House they take pleasure in each other’s finances. Their money management styles mesh and complement each other. They are able to turn meager resources into a sum to be shared and enjoyed.

The Moon in the 2nd house is an excellent placement for financial gain. Where you have possessions, there will be gains. Additionally, there is an innate ability to achieve your goals with smaller means, rather than looking for major gains. Couples see opportunity, and are apt to work together towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

Now It's Your Turn

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