North Node in Taurus

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Many astrologers believe that the North Node represents a person’s desire or destiny while the South Node reveals an experience from past lives that is yet to be fulfilled.

The North Node in Taurus placement describes a person who is practical, compassionate, and sensual. They are detail-oriented, but like to be domestic and spend time in the home. They are realistic about the world around them and enjoy taking care of others.

North Node Meaning

The North Node represents the culmination of personality traits, the pinnacle. In certain birth chart readings, the north node is often characterized with obstacles and limitations which must be overcome to achieve results.

For example, the north node in Taurus is often blocked by fears of failure or inadequacy. This interpretation is based on an internal, psychological approach to astrology which mirrors modern psychology and gives birth to a ‘jungian’ interpretation.

The search for meaning in life is a major function of the North Node in astrology. It is the quest for personal identity, for a way to integrate inner drives and outer experiences. Such a search can be challenging because outside influences can distort or hide one’s original purpose.

But it does not have to be difficult and frustrating. Learning about the characteristics of the North Node and its sign will help you find your own way to fulfill your destiny with passion.

Personality Traits

The North Node in the sign of Taurus is a sign that knows how to enjoy themselves. They are generous with their friends, loved ones, and are never a stranger to having a good time.

They know how to make others feel comfortable when they are around them, they can be romantic and spontaneous and they love to see that sparkle in someone’s eye! With the North Node in Taurus this person can do anything they set their mind to they will also have great success.

The North Node in Taurus is a fixed and very stubborn position. It may mean that you’re difficult to move, or that you’re not really interested in moving from your current position. Or it could mean that you try hard to create stability in your life.

Taurus North Node personalities are stubborn and afraid to trust others; while they may be very loving if they are able to overcome their inability to be totally selfless.

In astrology, the North Node (also known as the Dragon’s Head) represents an important concept of growth and change. In a Natal Chart Interpretation, the Dragon’s Head signifies one’s ability to make major life changes that move them forward in their lifespan. When you hear the phrase “the power of positive thinking”—that is the energy of the Dragon’s Head.

The North Node in Taurus brings about the capacity to love security and stability. The Taurus North Node native is very grounded, materialistic, stable, patient, hardworking, persistent, persevering and loyal.

These natives are devoted partners and tend to remain in long-term relationships built from trust and love (although you will find them unwilling to move away from their comfort zone). They are content with alternative or creative lifestyles as long as it brings them happiness.

This can be an excellent position for any kind of physical activity – sports, athletics, dance, martial arts, and so on. It can also be a materialistic and sensual placement – focused more on physical pleasures than intellectual exploration.

Career and Money

The North Node in Taurus is often found in a professional role such as accounting, banking, the law, entertainment or the food industry.

These natives have an order and symmetry that you would expect with the perfectionist sign of Taurus. They are charismatic and powerful, driven to succeed. But this career path will seem boring, stagnant and routine to a North Node in Taurus.

This is also a good placement for wealth since Taurus rules finances, possessions and materialism in general. Instead of being jealous of those who are more fortunate than us, we will learn to harness our own wealth potential using our desire and tenacity. With the north node here it will not always be easy but the rewards can be great.

His desire for knowledge and self-mastery will lead him toward personal growth through life purpose, service and self-expression. The satisfaction of meeting his own potential will be the prize that makes all his work worthwhile.

This North Node in Taurus is about the things that bring us pleasure. This is not a desire to collect, but an inner understanding that all things are connected and therefore when we do good for others something good comes back to us from them.

The career placement reflects a mixing together of the traditional leadership of the old establishment with a recognition of the necessity to pay attention to workers and labor issues.

Even those born with this nodal aspect in an advanced position will be challenged to find ways in which they can demonstrate they are willing to participate as equals with their employees.

It is not so much a shift away from a hierarchical structure as it is an iteration that the top must be in constant touch with the base and that both should feel that everyone has an equal chance and an equal stake in the organization.

The North Node in Taurus indicates that your pursuit of career success and material goals is likely to be more directed and deliberate than with the South Node. You have the capacity for self-definition - the ability to consciously choose your path and words, your tastes and talents.

Your early life was quite likely structured enough for you to achieve a reasonable level of social or material success. Your parents and/or early guides provided you with a foundation from which you could go out into the world to become materially comfortable and settled into a lifestyle that reflected your familial background.

The North Node in Taurus tests the edge of your comfort zone and asks you to explore what you value and where you can best use your time and money to support your goals. It’s about developing a hands-on, practical approach to life that incorporates all the activities that inspire you. The talents and skills that feel natural to you are keys to unlocking your path to happiness.

The North Node in Taurus is often associated with farming or real estate investments. This placement indicates that the individual is likely to possess an abundance of practical assets, financial or otherwise, and may well make money through hard physical work, investing in real estate, or other tangible endeavors.

If you were born with this placement, you’re naturally financially savvy and know how to manage money well. You may be an excellent saver, and others may look up to you for advice when it comes to handling finances wisely.

The North Node of the Moon in Taurus is about enjoying the good things in life. At this time it can also indicate that there may be an unnecessary emphasis on materialism and extravagance.

Love and Relationships

The North Node in Taurus relates to love and marriage, however it can be a difficult placement as the individual is often quite stubborn.

Firstly, this person must work on gaining self-esteem before relationship issues can be tackled. It is also imperative to learn to control one’s emotions so that this person does not become dependent upon others for his or her emotional needs. With all the effort put into relationship harmony, the North Node in Taurus native will be able to find true love and commitment from another.

The North Node in Taurus can come across as very direct and stubborn in relationships. They tend to speak their mind and even though they do have a great sense of humor they are not easy to tease.

This individual is very determined and tenacious and will strive for what they want. If the North Node in Taurus is married this individual will put all of their energy into making sure that their relationship lasts. When it comes to finding a romantic partner this person will set their targets on the right kind of person and focus all of their attention on that one person.

The North Node in Taurus individual is a practical, industrious person. His approach to life is very straight forward and down-to-earth and he usually has his feet solidly on the ground.

He wants to be secure and feel as if he has a firm grasp of what is going on in his life. He longs for stability and routine in his life. Though this placement might not get him what he really wants, it can give him as much security as possible under the circumstances.

Taurus North Node people are often cautious about taking chances or putting themselves out too far into the world.

With their easy-going personality and caring ways, those born with the North Node in Taurus are naturally attuned to the emotional needs of others. They make excellent parents, friends and partners as they strive to create an atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmony.

The North Node is said to be the seat of love and marriage. In your chart, it is an exact placement. Although you are likely to experience love in many of its experiences, this placement indicates that you may have more trouble than others finding the right one.

Knowing this, you will be extra careful when choosing a partner because if you don’t succeed, it could delay your progress in other areas, such as career and money. Having said that, if you do choose your life mate well, the results can be extraordinary.

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