North Node in Leo Personality Traits

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The North Node in astrology is also called the Dragon’s Head or the Dragon’s Tail. It symbolizes our life purpose and unfinished business.

Having your North Node in Leo is an indication of your life purpose. You came here to play a very special role – one that very few people are destined to play.

This is more than just a placement, it’s a quality you radiate, and it is part of your identity. It is the most visible placement in your chart, and it represents you as a person.

It denotes a strong desire to be the center of attention. You will have an extravagantly expressive personality and a unique sense of style. You will also have a passionate streak and a love of drama that you may find hard to control!

North Node Meaning

The North Node (also known as the Dragon’s Head) is an astrological way to determine your potential in life. It symbolizes the direction you want your life to go in. It defines what you are meant to accomplish in this life.

The Dragon’s Tail, or South Node, defines what is holding you back and what must be surrendered and destroyed (e.g. a bad habit or outgoing loan). In the whole chart, the Dragon’s Head shows leadership qualities, while its tail reveals how it will be expressed.

Personality Traits

The North Node represents our hidden potential, what we really are capable of being and doing, as well as the necessary evolution to get there.

It is the process that we must go through to access that potential. It is hidden because the path is always less obvious to us than where we want to end up, or even than where we currently stand.

The natives with North Node in Leo are likely to be enthusiastic, fun loving, creative, dynamic, imaginative, expressive and show leadership qualities. They take pride in their work and give all they have to achieve what they want.

The natives are generally creative and imaginative in their approach towards life. At the same time, they can be overly proud and arrogant at times in order to strive for fame and attention.

You have a great sense of humor and love to take care of the people around you. You are a natural leader because others naturally gravitate to your confidence, warmth and passion for living.

You are truly a standup guy or talented gal who loves seeing people smile. Whether you’re the queen or king of a castle, small group or family, you have the gift of gab, giving you a tendency to brag and boast at times. If you are careful not to abuse power or authority by being too domineering or bossy, your leadership abilities will go far.

The North Node in Leo is a generous lover, though people of this sign tend to give too much and find it hard to accept any appreciation in return. They may have a tendency to become jealous or possessive in their relationships.

Being generous and warm hearted, Leos do well in the creative arts. They are often excellent actors, dancers or visual artists.

They are a fiery, vibrant and enthusiastic life-force with an insatiable appetite for life and celebration. They crave the spotlight, being cheered on by a crowd and are always eager to be the leader rather than a follower.

They love to impress others with a flamboyant exterior and passionate approach to most that they do. At their most joyous, they shine like the bold, golden sunlight they draw their energy from, exuding warmth and positivity into all of its surroundings.

This placement reveals a strong dramatic desire and need for attention. Those with this position want to be center stage. They appear warm and generous, but are really manipulative, insensitive and aggressive.

When their self-interests are threatened they become highly critical, sarcastic and mean spirited. They lack an understanding of what is occurring around them; it’s as if they are blind to others needs or desires.

Although people with a North Node in Leo are warm and generous, with a motivating value system and a tendency toward supervision of others, they can appear haughty, domineering, impatient and pompous if they ignore their own insecurities.

They are passionate about life, themselves and their personal beliefs. They keep their friends close and will always be there to give support whenever it is required. The physical appearance of these folks is often grandiose.

Their vitality and warmth has the effect of encouraging others to reveal themselves to them. Then they can use this information to guide them into their chosen direction in life both personally and professionally.

The North Node in Leo is like an actor who specializes in playing royalty, head of state or a boss with gravitas. Striving for excellence and commanding attention are other ways this placement manifests.

It’s like having the ability to come into any room in the world and take charge, a kind of charisma that has nothing to do with physical appearance.

Career and Money

The North Node in Leo is about big efforts and big results. It’s a great position for people who are focused on progress in career and leadership as well as those who want to be associated with powerful or prestigious people or organizations.

Leo is the fire sign that rules creative expression and the desire for fame. This placement is ripe with opportunities for self-expression, but it can also land you in trouble if you’re not careful.

This indicates that your most powerful efforts are made in your chosen field through some sort of leadership or authority. This manifests in different ways for everyone, but the North Node indicates one’s career path is likely to be towards a position of extravert authority.

The actions you take will be geared towards controlling or directing the environment around you and the influences that come up against you, rather than attempting to suppress these factors or change their influence directly.

Having your North Node in Leo indicates that close relatives, friends, or coworkers may feel drawn to you for help and advice. Discussions tend to center on art, music, theater, or dance.

The man or woman with this placement in his or her chart can look forward to fame and fortune, no matter what house it falls in. In fact, that is its primary function; to bring you recognition, praise, and admiration from the world beyond your home.

Love and Relationships

When a Leo North Node person is in a relationship, the relationship is the focal point of every area of their life.

They are a natural born lover, which or who will require a gratifying emotional relationship that the present will provide in all its love-laced splendor. They are an adventure-seeker who craves attention and popularity, often becoming involved in the limelight.

The Leo North Node’s positive characteristics are a vibrant energy, an adoration of life, and a dramatic flair. They do not allow anything to cramp their style, and will almost always get what they want.

Their negative traits can include excessive attention-seeking behaviors, the need to dominate others, dramatic outbursts and a tendency to demand instant gratification.

When the North Node of the Moon is in Leo it symbolizes the individual who wishes to be known. This person plays a major role in any group setting and seeks to be out and seen.

He is a performer, an actor or a singer who loves to entertain. He will be quite accomplished in what he does as he is disciplined and focused.

People will want a piece of him for he will draw them to him with his social grace and warm personality. His sense of humor is quite developed and when used well, can win him special recognition at work or home.

Now It's Your Turn

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