North Node Meaning in Astrology

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This is a comprehensive guide to the astrological sign of the North Node, also known as the Dragon’s Head. This article provides not only information about the sign itself, but practical tips for maximizing your potential under this unique astrological influence.

You’ll learn how North Node energies can help you achieve success in work and business, develop fulfilling relationships with others (including partners and creative collaborators), harness your psychic abilities to be more intuitive and visionary, and so much more.

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North Node Meaning

The North and South lunar nodes are two points where the Moon’s orbit around Earth crosses the path of the Sun, called the ecliptic. If you superimpose the ecliptic on a map of the Moon’s orbital plane, you can see why they’re sometimes called Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail.

Astrologers believe that this placement has tremendous influence over a person’s motivations, aspirations, and development. Some astrologers even claim that it is more important to know your North Node than your Rising Sign.

The North Node represents purpose, desire, and direction in your life. When you are aligned with the North Node you feel excited and confident that each day will bring something new and a little different. The North Node is static, stable and persistent; it provides a foundation for your future.

The North Node is your destiny. It represents the way that you are meant to live in harmony with the higher purpose of your soul. Your North Node shows what you are destined to achieve during this lifetime, as well as the lessons to be learned in order for you to understand these goals on a deep level.

North Node in Aries

The North Node in Aries temperament is the most courageous of all the personalities and they feel an innate need to be first and foremost in anything that they do. They get a thrill from competition which drives their determination to achieve even more success. They have an exuberant, courageous spirit, are optimistic and energetic.

North Node in Aries people are known for their love of adventure and tendency to be restless for change. They are freedom-loving, action-oriented and energetic. They love to travel and enjoy stimulating conversation, not to mention they put out a lot of energy.

Nurtured by the impulsive and adventurous Aries sign, North Node in Aries natives are action-oriented and willing to take any risk in order to get ahead. In their quest for achievement they will dive into any opportunity, even if it’s outside of their comfort zone.

While aplomb is their middle name, it can be difficult for them to stay grounded or focused in their efforts as there is so much to do that they tend to jump from one thing to another, trial-and-error style.

North Node in Taurus

A North Node in Taurus placement represents a deep appreciation for the value of money and resources. This is a smart person who can manage money well. Allowed to develop naturally, this configuration creates a very stable temperament. The North Node in Taurus native is not in danger of making serious mistakes with money, and they will work hard to have security and success.

The North Node in Taurus is a sensitive person who has an unapproachable quality about them. Their strength of character and their stubborn nature is often quite intimidating to others.

Since this placement requires someone willing to immolate themselves for the good of a cause, the North Node in Taurus finds itself surrounded by people who are willing to give unguarded loyalty and devotion. The only problem with this is that such a person may tend to become self-important and even self-centered because of this.

The North Node in Taurus person is extremely nurturing and their good naturedness allows them to easily bring out the best in others. They are bound by tradition and very practical, even somewhat conservative in their choices. The North Node in Taurus is a creature of habit, comfort is very important to them.

North Node in Gemini

When North Node in Gemini people are young, they may feel that they must meet society’s demands, spending much of their effort receiving praise and rewards from an early age. As they grow older, however, these people begin to understand their individual destinies and are determined to devote the majority of their lives pursuing self actualization. These individuals never cease to search for knowledge or to seek answers to the big questions.

The North Node in Gemini is a person who has much enthusiasm for life, people and for the world they live in. This position shows a person who thrives on new experiences and is always seeking new information to absorb. They are good at making friends because of their curiosity, openness and vivacious personality.

The North Node in Gemini represents individuals that are, broadly speaking, vague about their beliefs. They have a versatile set of skills and talents, and approach each new situation as an opportunity to learn something new or explore unfamiliar territory.

The Gemini North Node personality is wise, lighthearted, and curious, while always seeking answers to questions. They’re adaptable and can speak a variety of languages with ease. They’re often drawn to careers that involve traveling or communicating, including teaching.

North Node in Cancer

The North Node in Cancer is the home of the true-believer, the sentimentalist. Love for the world, and all of its creatures, is part of this person’s psyche. The North Node in Cancer’s energy tends to be sympathetic and nurturing – a side of Cancer that most people do not know about.

They truly care for others and would be happy to do anything for them. Their biggest strength is that they care about people and this shows through their actions.

Perceptive, home-loving, and deeply emotional, people with North Node in Cancer sign make constant use of their intuition. Practical and down-to-earth when it comes to everyday matters, they are also fascinated by spiritual concepts, the power of love and human potential.

People with the North Node in Cancer are often very nurturing and giving. They will do well in careers such as: environmentalist, therapist, nurse, hairdresser, cook, designer.

North Node in Leo

North Node in Leo people are energetic, fun-loving, and like being the center of attention. They are generous and kind, but also impulsive and a little superficial. They have youthful charm, but can be very immature and self-indulgent.

Their need to be at the center of attention leaves them craving excitement and activity. North Node in Leo is not suited to careers which leave them isolated or where they have to follow rules strictly.

The North Node in Leo symbolizes a very magnetic personality. The person possesses numerous gifts and talents. He or she has a great desire to make their mark on the world. These people are positive, energetic and have a great sense of humor.

They walk into a room or into a conversation and truly command the attention of everyone around them. These people love to be in the center of attention and will go out of their way for excitement.

North Node in Virgo

The North Node in Virgo individuals are perfectionists and devoted workers. They are very observant and thorough, which helps them succeed in the areas of health, precision, medicine, teaching and service.

They like to work behind the scenes and often find themselves in managerial positions. They take their responsibilities seriously, are responsible, and conscientious.

The North Node in Virgo personality is idealistic and analytical, a serious researcher who seeks perfection in whatever service work he undertakes. His gift is for making the daily activities in ordinary life meaningful and almost sacred.

The North Node in Virgo describes a person with an analytical mind who enjoys details. It is an indicator of perseverance and hard work. A person with the North Node in Virgo is very careful and observant.

North Node in Libra

North Node in Libra people present a fascinating combination of contrasts. One the one hand, they have an active sense of honesty and ethics. Yet on the other hand, they can also be part of the “dark side” to some degree.

They may be quite adept at attracting people who are drawn to them like a moth to the flame, as this is a phenomenon that comes naturally to them. Yet at the same time, meddling in other people’s personal lives is not their usual style. Usually they prefer a more formal relationship and social connection with others.

North Node in Libra people are the peacemakers of the world. They go towards conflict and attempt to settle it with their good-natured, diplomatic approach.

People with a natal North Node in Libra have the ability to understand and sympathize with other people. They are good listeners and communicators, able to recognize and empathize with what others are saying.

North Node in Scorpio

The North Node in Scorpio is a complex placement that adds intensity and passion to your chart. Those born with this placement are fervent and deep. They can be destructive and obsessive as well, as if feeling the world were nestled in a grave.

People often look to them for spiritual and inspirational knowledge. Those born on this date never lose their thirst for the greater understanding of life, and they go all out pursuing it.

The North Node in Scorpio person is an intense soul. They are passionate, mysterious and insatiable. The deep desires hidden beneath the surface may sometimes be frightening even to oneself.

The person who has this placement is blessed with a fantastic intuitive ability, and is often involved in the world of occult or hidden knowledge (arts, psychic abilities, religious practices, etc). These people are drawn to deep and hidden mysteries.

North Node in Sagittarius

North Node in Sagittarius is a placement of limitless horizons and possibility. There is an optimism and enthusiasm for life that propels you forward!

The Sagittarius north node individual has a deep need to probe philosophical questions and socialize. Although he or she may feel isolated at times, these people are actually very popular and successful when they exert themselves. Notoriously impatient, they also have a tendency to act hastily and inappropriately.

The Sagittarius North Node person is restless, adventurous, and is seeking to broaden his or her horizons. Enormously optimistic, the Sagittarius North Node individual is outwardly enthusiastic about life in general and loves talking about his or her vision for the future.

The North Node in Sagittarius gives you a sensitivity to the needs of others and a desire for adventure. You have a strong sense of idealism and compassion and want to contribute to humanity. Your need for personal freedom may lead you to philosophical pursuits as they interest you, or to outdoor activity that provides both pleasure and excitement.

North Node in Capricorn

The Capricorn North Node is practical, focused and ambitious. The Capricorn North Node loves to plan, organize and create lasting structures and the Capricorn’s sense of order reinforces the North Node in Capricorn’s belief that they can control their environment.

North Node in Capricorn people tend to be pragmatic, ambitious and persevering. They are capable of great endurance in working toward long term goals, but they can be stubborn and self-righteous. These people have a talent for making useful contacts and building solid relationships that can later be drawn upon when needed.

North Node in Capricorn tends to emulate the attributes of those they love and respect. They can have a quiet intensity, and have a tendency to work behind the scenes without drawing attention to themselves.

The North Node in Capricorn person is ruthlessly practical and realistic. They don’t bother with ideas that don’t have a good chance of working out. They focus on concrete plans, which they steadily carry to completion.

North Node in Aquarius

North Node in Aquarius personalities are bright, creative and independent individuals who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. They are gifted communicators, thinkers and abstract innovators with a steady flow of new ideas and know-how.

North Node in Aquarius people hate feeling restricted, and having their freedom limited. In fact it makes them feel totally uncomfortable. They are not the sort to conform or to let rules dictate to them how they should behave.

North Node in Aquarius natives are unusually talented at bringing out the best in other people. They have a special gift for seeing what is unique, special, creative, and ideal in another person, and for bringing that out so that it can shine through. This is because they themselves possess those qualities in full measure - not just an ability to recognize them in others.

The North Node in Aquarius is idealistic and progressive, drawn to new ideas, technologies, and social reform. They have an almost psychic ability to know what other people are really thinking. Inspired by humanitarian causes, they try to be nonjudgmental about the faults of others. They work to be a force for change in the world.

North Node in Pisces

North Node in Pisces people have a good sense of humor and often make others laugh. They are always striving for freedom and are very intuitive individuals.

The North Node in Pisces person is sensitive and compassionate, creative but not overly self-expressive. He or she likes to be involved in helping others and is a good counselor, using intuition and sympathy in understanding other people’s difficulties.

The North Node in Pisces person may be dreamy and spend much time staring into space lost in their imagination. They can be sensitive to the point of being shy and withdrawn.

They possess a love for fantasy, imagination and emotional nuances of life. They are very sensitive to the moods and feelings of others. It is not easy for them to say what is on their mind, even when someone asks them bluntly about anything they think.

When they communicate, they open up from their hearts, expressing their deepest emotions in an artistic or musical way. This may not be easy for those around them to comprehend as it is difficult for them to express themselves verbally.

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