North Node in Aquarius

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Aquarius North Node people are highly individualistic, and their primary interest lies in the expansion of life experiences through their interaction with others.

These individuals are benevolent leaders who bring strength and vitality to every venture. They also have a visionary outlook, a sense of the future.

This desire to progress is fueled by your forward momentum and optimistic view of the future. You know that success comes from making a difference through collaboration, living spontaneously and creating the unexpected.

The North Node in Aquarius suggests your career path is to offer information to others and to provide services related to legal matters, travel, and education. You have a deep respect for learning and enjoy research and investigation.

North Node Meaning

The North Node is the focal point of any astrological chart. The North Node is a point in space that represents the place where we are going, the direction in which we are moving.

The North Node represents our life purpose and what we aspire to become. It’s the search for enlightenment, purity and the like. It is positive when it’s more specialised - pursuing one path rather than being wishy-washy about every option.

Personality Traits

The North Node in Aquarius describes a path of life that is all about making visionary connections to what’s next. This life purpose involves effective communication, offering your unique recipe for change, and inspiring people to start moving down the road you’ve created.

The North Node brings freedom and independence, encouraging us to break from traditional life paths and try new things. In Aquarius, we make friends easily and experiment with different identities. We’re also inspired to help others, and have an affinity for humanitarian causes.

North Node in Aquarius is described by the esoteric philosophy “learning the lessons of life”. Being an Air sign, North Node in Aquarius tends to focus on personal freedom, and his/her own way of life. Some questions that come up at this time might be: How do I establish a sense of uniqueness and independence? How can I become what I was born to be?

Aquarius North Node people are often very progressive thinkers. They have a unique perspective on the world and take great pleasure in being part of a team. More comfortable with concepts than detail, North Node in Aquarius people aspire to make their ideas come to life. They are often at home in the world of the mind, and can be intensely interested in science and technology.

Having your North Node in Aquarius is all about change, living for the future and breaking from the past. Individuals with this placement often work to build a world where all ideas are considered valid provided they are an expression of freedom and open-mindedness. They strive to make a utopia but must also learn to live in the present, or else their dreams will never be realized!

Since it’s often not easy to get along with you, your friends think you’re a little strange. Particularly mysterious is your attitude toward authority figures. You have one foot in the future and one foot in the past, which makes it tough for anyone to pin you down.

Career and Money

Being a legal or scientific researcher seems to be the best option, but in general, you will do well if you are either working for an organization of some kind, or teaching. Or, perhaps even inventing methods for these things.

Your goal is to make your mark on the world somehow. By joining groups and organizations, and getting involved in projects that you think will leave something behind when you are done.

The North Node in Aquarius symbolizes a time of preparation and planning for future pursuits. Aquarius is the sign of group efforts and visions. It’s ruled by Uranus, who has an insatiable quest for novel experience, innovative ideas, and freedom of expression. When it comes to career achievement, you’ll be working with others in a larger group effort.

Whatever your chosen field, Aquarius North Node people combine the idealism of Aquarius with the practicality of Capricorn to make a major contribution. Favorably positioned in human service professions such as counseling and teaching, you bring depth and edge to an otherwise cerebral or mundane environment.

The North Node in Aquarius is a great placement for financial success. The North Node in Aquarius is gifted about managing money and increasing their finances, particularly through investments, banking, and other forms of finances. This is an excellent placement to have if you’re looking to build wealth in the future.

The north Node in Aquarius indicates that your approach to money is likely to be unconventional and inventive. You’ll tend to value substance over appearance, and be both generous and tolerant of others with regard to wealth. You also have a healthy tendency toward turning your own ideas and inventions into cash: perhaps you’re the person who comes up with the really novel widget at work or takes on a second job as a caterer in order to supplement your income.

The person with their North Node in Aquarius is a planner, and a person who loves to make the world a better place. A humanitarian, with an interest in the rights of an individual, this person may be involved in human services professionally.

North Node Aquarians have the potential to achieve their greatest financial success as career-minded professionals. Their teaching and preaching nature often leads them to a similarly satisfying, but public, position in society.

This can be as an activist or crusader for justice in the legal system, a freelance writer or photographer with their own column in a major magazine or newspaper, or as a physician with their own television show on health and nutrition.

In these positions they are not only making money but also promoting some sort of cause. Oftentimes Aquarians don’t see the money they make as something of value, unless it is given to some cause that is close to their heart. In that sense, it is also a way to show off their wealth.

They may do this through a charity, funding for a non-profit organization or donating money to a good cause. Aquarius is a sign that is often associated with selflessness and generosity.

Love and Relationships

One of the most important aspects of love is to understand what it means. At this time in your life, you are likely to be attracted to very different kinds of people than you were at other times. You may pursue unusual friendships or encounter partners with sharp contrasts in age or background.

Your love relationships may differ widely from those in the past. Often this indicates a need for greater variety in your life. People who seem unsuitable partners may turn out to be ideal – and vice versa. Aquarius North Node people are also especially sensitive to beauty in all its forms – in nature, music, art, and people.

However, their needs for freedom must be respected, otherwise they could easily disentangle themselves from a relationship, even if it is working. Deeply spiritual and intellectual, they seek to have a partner that keeps up with them intellectually and spiritually.

The receptive, emotional, intuitive side of your personality is represented by the North Node in Aquarius. This placement on the chart indicates a musician or artist. The North Node in Aquarius is more intuitive than logical and so may not be as good with details or could struggle with math.

North Node in Aquarius personalities are detached, free-spirited individuals who prefer to experience their world through intense intellectual stimulation. They can also become involved in humanitarian causes, groups and organizations that challenge the status quo.

They need to feel significant and need a certain degree of autonomy in their relationships. Aquarius North Nodes are strong willed, though often quite charming and friendly with those they like or admire. They are highly principled individuals; however, they have no time for what they consider the trivial nonsense of everyday life.

Your quest for independence and sincerity makes it hard for others to understand you, but that isn’t important because you consider yourself at one with the future. You think and act in unconventional ways, and you can happily be involved in large-scale projects with many different people.

You focus on receiving thoughts and input from other minds, and your openness to new ideas puts you at an advantage in the modern world. On the downside, you could feel alienated from what’s considered mainstream society, and you may have difficulty relating to the people around you.

You’re very open-minded, and you like to think about abstract notions. You don’t just believe in something, you’re willing to question your beliefs.

The North Node in Aquarius suggests a love of the future and curiosity about the world beyond your front door. Curiosity about how to experiment with home decor can make it hard to focus on current possessions, and this in turn may lead you to leave your home unkempt, or cluttered.

You may feel unhappiness with your home environment because it is no longer fit for the person you are now and that’s what you need right now. Alienation from a partner or lonely personal circumstances can make it hard for you to bond with your possessions.

Now It's Your Turn

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