North Node in Sagittarius

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The North Node is part of the astrological birth chart. That means that everybody has one. The North Node is an important part of your birth chart and has a large impact on where we are going in this life, and since that’s what you’re doing–going somewhere–it makes sense that your chart should reflect where you’re headed.

The Nodes of the Moon have fascinated astrologers for thousands of years. Referred to by ancient Babylonian astrologers as the “dragon’s head” and “tail,” the North Node in Sagittarius is one of the most thrilling points to observe in daily readings, as it can represent a spiritual awakening, focusing energy on growth and expansion, or a huge detour to avoid lessons and responsibilities.

North Node Meaning

The Natal North Node in your astrological chart represents your life purpose or life mission. This purpose will attract and guide our life path and choices in life.

The North Node is one of the primary points in astrology, but most people have never even heard of it. It is the place where the path of destiny appears to be heading. Astrologers have found that this invisible point exerts a powerful influence on your life. The North Node in Sagittarius represents an era of freedom and new possibilities, when you can escape from restrictive ideas and live a life that is true to your dreams.

Your North Node is a key to your spiritual purpose in life. As such, you want to have at least a basic understanding of it, if not an active awareness of it. Look at your birth chart for the house and sign position of the North Node if you don’t already know it or wish to confirm its location.

Your North Node is the place in your horoscope where you are naturally inclined to focus your ambition. It is often quite different from where you might expect it to be simply by looking at your Sun sign.

Once you know your North Node, you can start to look at the theme of your life. You may find clues to your true nature and gifts, and areas that need more attention or nurturing. Additionally, you can examine how you deal with others during different phases of your life.

Personality Traits

The North Node in Sagittarius indicates a lesson of learning to be honest in all situations, whenever it is needed, and to avoid deception. It tells of a life purpose of realizing one’s uniqueness and to allow that to shine in their own way.

The North Node person is very sensitive, serious and purposeful in life. He is capable of understanding and relating to other people’s problems and predicaments. Given enough time, he can draw people out of their shells and bring them around to his way of thinking.

The North Node person has the ability to resolve emotional dilemmas and heal mental scars. If he is not careful however, he may indulge in too much pity for others and never forget their problems or predicaments.

This nodal placement challenges you to seek a higher path, go above and beyond, seek more spirituality, and come up with creative ideas.

The North Node in Sagittarius is a new moon personality, which signifies an easygoing, fun loving and open-minded individual. This individual values honest and romantic relationships and tends to develop them in his or her childhood.

They like to be party people, and have a flair for indulging their senses in food, wine, luxury accommodation and hobbies that involve gaming.

The North Node in Sagittarius personalities are sometimes called “the philosopher of the zodiac”, because they tend to be deeply spiritual and concerned with higher ideals. They can also be witty, and love an intelligent conversation.

They are born truth-seekers, who challenge what they presume or know for certain. Their deepest need is to learn, grow, expand their horizons, and to put their beliefs into action though altruistic pursuits.

Many people are energized by this placement, and will seek to have an exciting and maybe even exotic life. Yet, some may take on too many new ambitions in a short amount of time, causing an increased level of anxiety and restlessness.

The danger is real that these people will overextend themselves and burn out in midlife. The key to managing the new excitement of this natal position is to follow the pathway that has been set by past lives.

Career and Money

There are always multiple ways to reach a goal. The North Node in Sagittarius helps by acting as an oasis, pointing towards freedom and adventure, while also pulling you forward to be the best that you can be.

North Node in Sagittarius people are typically outgoing and have big goals. They are often leaders and trailblazers, defining what is possible for those around them. The future is close to their hearts, even if it means traveling into deep space.

In their careers, it is natural for North Node in Sagittarius to display a high degree of individuality and originality. They are pioneering types, who are more interested in starting something new than following the traditional path trodden by others. They approach their work with a zeal that is inspiring to watch, but they can also lack consistency and follow-through where persistence is needed necessarily.

Those who have the North Node in Sagittarius are here to fulfill their destiny in life as a world leader. They are born with a great leader and pioneer spirit; a sense of adventure, and great enthusiasm that makes them like the frontiersman of old.

The North Node in Sagittarius is particularly successful for people born around and after December 23, 1965. If you have this placement, you may feel more at home in foreign cultures.

You may be interested in the occult, and you might have visions or dreams that help you make important decisions. You are philosophical by nature, and you tend to see life as a quest instead of an obligation. Enthusiasm is your byword, and freedom is very important to you.

The Natal North Node in Sagittarius indicates an enterprising nature that strives toward making a greater impact on the world around you. You may find that your impulsive need to travel and explore the world is also tied into wanting to continuously be involved with the unknown and seeing where life takes you.

Because this placement makes you very inquisitive, you are motivated by learning new things, which can be a good characteristic for setting goals. Inspired by your love of learning, you may further your education or go back to school when it interests you.

Love and Relationships

One of the most intriguing aspects of the North Node in Sagittarius is the influence it has on relationships.

The person who wants to create a deep, lasting partnership must look to the future, to the vision of what a committed relationship can be. First of all, that involves imagining a long-range commitment.

People with a North Node in Sagittarius need to realize that marriage is about more than being in love or experiencing exciting new things. It is about learning to love someone else over the course of time.

If you are looking for adventure or intense stimulation, this isn’t it. Marriage is more like settling down—making a firm commitment to share your life, regardless of how charming, interesting, or intense your partner might be.

The North Node of the Moon in Sagittarius means that you have a vision for what you ultimately want from your life and your relationships. You are able to look beyond the present circumstances and you believe that all things are possible. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you achieve easy victories or smooth sailing.

North Node in Sagittarius lessons are about adventure and freedom. You might feel the tug to travel to some far off location, or across big landscapes in a short period of time. Your body may be craving more activity, and you might find yourself drawn to outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing less than usual.

The North Node in Sagittarius shows that the song of your heart wants to sing about freedom. There can be a tendency to want to go places and do things with others, which is good because you learn a lot from getting out into the world. Sometimes, though, you have a tendency to get a certain picture or belief about the way things are and then you miss out on all the fun that’s available to just about anyone.

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