North Node in Scorpio

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The Nodes of the Moon are powerful astrological points that influence the unfolding of your story to a much greater degree than most people realize. You will find that this reading will give more context and meaning to immediate events, but it will also reveal patterns that have been influencing you in ways you may not have been aware of.

People with their North Node in Scorpio are often characterized as being adaptable and understanding. While you might not be able to win them over right away, people with a Scorpio North Node will always stay loyal to their friends and loved ones.

North Node Meaning

Your North Node placement in astrology denotes purpose in life and the path of destiny. The nodal axis is linked to our reception of information, new learning, communication, the Internet and technology.

The North Node is the point of destiny in an astrological chart. It represents the ultimate potential of a person’s life, the purpose for which he or she was born. The North Node generally refers to professional success and attainment of material goals, but it also shows what a person must overcome to achieve them.

Personality Traits

The North Node is highly focused on self-mastery and self-awareness, which is your highest potential at this time. The North Node in Scorpio needs to understand where power comes from and how to effectively use its power. You are learning how to transform your personal power into something you can share with others.

The North Node in Scorpio sees life’s experiences in a completely different way to all other permutations you have experienced thus far. This is where you must hone your skills and use all previous incarnations to your advantage. Life’s experiences will teach you how to acquire money, fame and power by using the tactics derived from even your poorer incarnations.

The North Node plays a vital role in the chart of anyone born in the 20th or 21st century. It is the most important point of psychic and destiny energy, depicting our point of entry into the journey we must take through life. The North Node symbolises the end of a cycle and serves to warn us that the time has come to let go, move on and make our own way.

The North Node tells us what we want to achieve in this lifetime, and reminds us that if we ignore it’s messages, we will find ourselves repeating experiences from previous lives and putting off until tomorrow what must be done today.

The North Node in Scorpio is the energy of purification and transformation that enables you to live your fullest life. You have the power to make choices that will dramatically increase your well-being, and when you use those choices, it brings great results in your life.

Career and Money

The position of your North Node in Scorpio reveals the theme of life’s purpose. Those who have this transiting or natal North Node in Scorpio find that leading with their heart guides them to a path where their decisions and actions support their greater sense of existence.

While this is not an easy path, it is one where you can achieve completion for things left undone, beginning with the ending of old relationships and the rejection of a materialistic lifestyle. The rewards of studying the deeper meaning of your pursuit will draw you into a new world.

The North Node in Scorpio describes a person who needs to focus on his or her own self-development and personal aims. This is the person who wants to devote time to projects that will benefit himself and others, often becoming an expert in that area.

These people are intensely private, and their goals may remain unseen by others until they are revealed in some way. They might want to be writers, novelists, research scientists or detectives. They can be very determined persons who follow their own paths even if it means going it alone for many years.

Having your North Node in Scorpio shows that you have a powerful talent for dealing with utilities, money, and possessions. You have a sense of business and an ability to handle difficult people.

You are fiercely ambitious and carry out your plans in the material world. You are more interested in getting things done than in nurturing others.

The North Node in Scorpio is influenced by a creative and spiritual planet Mars, which makes you come across as passionate about your career. You know you want to express yourself through this job, but it’s uncertain where you’ll land.

If it feels too limiting to choose just one field to work with, use what you enjoy most in this position — be it writing, editing or the media — and use your fiery determination to promote it in any way possible.

Those with a North Node in Scorpio are creatively expressive and have a natural ability to delve into the deepest mysteries of life. Although some may choose to be healers or counselors, many find their niche as city builders, providing people with shelter and resources.

Their reputation for building big is well earned. The need to help out others is great. Government units, large institutions and universities can all benefit from their far-reaching mind.

The North Node in Scorpio, is an intellectual who has an in-depth passionate worldview of life that is often expressed through an art form or science. This is a person who wants to derive deep personal meaning and understanding out of everything they do, putting more value on the process than the outcome. They are not interested in hard, practical facts or the cohesiveness to reality of knowledge, instead preferring sensation, emotion, and intuition.

The Scorpio North Node indicates many things such as persistence, stamina, focus, and determination. Scorpions never give up, they simply find another way to accomplish their aims.

They are true survivors and will pursue their goals regardless of the obstacles in their path. The North Node is also associated with achievement and ambition; which they can fulfill through the deep trust that they have for themselves and others.

The North Node in Scorpio indicates a need for hard work and attention to detail. The rewards are usually financial in nature, and you will be seeking security and stability.

Love and Relationships

People with the North Node in Scorpio have a strong need for emotional and physical closeness with others. A Scorpio will become despondent if he or she feels an isolation, and may resort to extreme behaviors to feel close.

People with the North Node in Scorpio are devoted and loyal, motivated by a future vision. With their intuition, they are able to tune into anyone’s needs and create an honest bond.

If you have the North Node in Scorpio, you may tend to be a bit intense and strongly emotional, especially about love and other intimate relationships. You are drawn toward physical contact, and you can often pinpoint where someone touched you or even what he or she was wearing.

People with the Scorpio North Node tend to have an intense, compelling need for close relationships on many levels. They understand how the intimate side of life is life’s most cherished gift and one which should not be withheld for reasons of false pride or the desire to appear aloof and unapproachable.

The North Node in Scorpio represents some interesting aspects of your relationship. Since the sign is ruled by Mars, this position can indicate a forceful approach to intimate relationships and giving your all for a committed bond.

The North Node in Scorpio is the sign of individualization, and this quality is particularly apparent in the Seventh House. The relationships of an individual with their immediate family are intense, passionate, and complex.

The sign that the North Node occupies reveals a relationship from their past that was unusually emotionally charged, especially deep feelings of betrayal or abandonment. These signs also indicate that they could have been particularly possessive or jealous in a relationship with someone in their family.

The North Node in Scorpio is a transcendental force that’s energy will radically alter the very nature of relationships. Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, has made this area of your chart important and expanded your relationships in a unique way. Pluto is all about power and control, and in Scorpio it creates what I call “power with”, where you are able to empower another person without dominating or controlling them.

When our natal North Node ruler is in Scorpio, we operate out of a deep subconscious level. Scorpio energy taps into what is hidden and secretive, and the North Node in Scorpio often finds its way through hidden channels. This placement both indicates an ability to put energy into areas that are vulnerable and also a tendency to express this energy through the back door or via deceit.

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