North Node in Capricorn

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When you discover that your North Node is in Capricorn, you may feel like society’s reluctant activist. You’re a social reformer by nature, sensitive to injustice and eager to fight for what is right.

It can be challenging to reconcile your high ideals with the practical, day-to-day aspects of life on Earth. At times your lofty ideals may seem out of reach.

Capricorn North Node individuals are very strong willed and practical. You are the most ambitious of all north nodes, possessing a keen desire for success.

You will do whatever it takes to get to the top because you don’t value being in second place.

North Node Meaning

The north node represents the goal of your life, what you should try to achieve in this existence. If you become conscious of it, you can direct your destiny towards a successful fulfillment of it. With time and effort, by living an uplifting life, you can attain great happiness in this lifetime.

The astrological symbolism of the North Node of the Moon is about personal growth. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to leave your current situation or that you must try to grow up. The north node represents what and who you are growing toward, rather than a starting point from which to grow outward.

The North Node is also called the Dragon’s Head. it represents the “wants” of each person in their life. These are urges and desires that drive you in life. While the South Node represents what you need, you can think of your North Node as what you want.

Personality Traits

The Capricorn North Node person is filled with a sense of importance, always wanting to better themselves to achieve the respect and status they want.

They are often successful, as their disciplined way of life gives them a steady pace that enables them to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Such people have their work cut out for them, but they may just be up for the challenge.

Those with the north node in Capricorn often find themselves on an intellectual journey. They like to accumulate knowledge, which they use in areas of business and service. Although they enjoy research and writing, they need to ensure that it’s practical as opposed to simply a theoretical construct.

The north node in Capricorn individual has a strong work ethic and is motivated by prestige. This placement also brings focus to matters involving money and governmental issues.

This placement also suggests that on a soul level, the purpose of life is to support and work for larger social structures such as government, public service and the legal institutions and then to make them serve humanity rather than manipulating people or misusing power for personal gain.

When this placement is activated, the world will benefit from the practical intelligence that is able to create workable organizations without losing sight of the bigger picture.

A strong sense of responsibility and a helpful nature make you the ideal candidate for career paths such as counseling, healthcare, medicine, social services, law, and public administration. A north node in Capricorn suggests that you are destined to be of service to others; therefore you should seek occupations that allow you to give assistance and care.

The north node in capricorn individual is conscientious, careful and responsible, often having to play the role of a parent for others due to the lack of one in his childhood. He may be emotionally restricted and overly serious.

When north node is in capricorn, you are a very practical and responsible person. The north node of the moon in a chart indicates where you are likely to accumulate karmic seeds which can later ripen as destiny.

In this case the combined influence of the node and the sign of capricorn indicates that you have a duty-conscious nature, always seriously striving to make the best use of your abilities.

This position is not necessarily favorable for taking risks, since your unconscious mind often has an excellent memory of the consequences of past risks.

The North Node in the sign of Capricorn will ultimately seek to make changes that integrate them into society. They will be resistant to change and will chafe under restrictions, but they will also have a strong inner drive which is hard to ignore.

Career and Money

North Node in Capricorn can be a difficult path for the young adult. With a desire to soar above petty material concerns, North Node in Capricorn can find him or herself entangled in the web of mundane reality.

The North Node in Capricorn is a “do-er” - someone that is committed and ambitious. He/she sets goals for their life and works toward that goal unwaveringly. This person has a tremendous sense of responsibility, with his actions shaping the future.

The North Node is a part of your astrological makeup that will help you learn how to maintain an orderly way of living. You’ll be most satisfied in jobs that have a structured environment or that offer structure through systems or order. This could be a job in a factory, office setting, or other establishment where everyone has a place and knows what they’re doing.

The North Node in Capricorn’s method of operation is to trust his own judgment then work toward the realization of his goals with all diligence and faith, often projecting a very image of confidence and success.

Working in a structured environment can make you feel comfortable and secure. You are conscientious, determined, and value work for the sense of accomplishment it provides. You may be an excellent leader, or simply enjoy being part of a team.

Having a north node in Capricorn describes a strong career focus and an ambition to climb up the ladder of success. It shows management potential as well as drive, foresight, patience, and hard-working, perseverance.

Above all, these individuals are people who do everything well but without fanfare or extravagance. They know how to delegate and are quite comfortable working under other people’s direction.

The North Node in Capricorn personality is well-known for being hardworking and dependable. They are also known as the “under-achieving workaholics.”

These folks enjoy the security of a regular job with little competition. Not being forced to compete brings out your easy-going style, so you may not always be as ambitious as other North Nodes in the Zodiac. As long as you continue working hard and maintaining a steady, consistent routine, your success will continue to grow.

Having a north node in Capricorn indicates that you have an exceptionally strong connection to earthly matters.

The North Node in the Capricorn sign can be a positive or negative influence. In either case, people with their North Node in Capricorn are often serious, focused, ambitious and have a strong work ethic.

The North Node of Capricorn always points to financial success, and those in the Spring of their lives will have the opportunity to enjoy material security if they are willing to work diligently on their goals.

Love and Relationships

The North Node in the sign of Capricorn makes love all about lasting partnerships. Not only do they need the security of a secure relationship, but they prefer traditional forms of love such as marriage and commitment.

They tend to get bored with relationships that look after themselves. It’s much more interesting to have someone to build something together with.

North Node in Capricorn is practical, patient and methodical. They are pragmatic strong-willed people with a keen eye for detail, a sense for planning and a realistic understanding of the world around them.

Although they may seem reserved, this sign is far from cold and calculating. North Node in Capricorn has innate wisdom to provide advice when it is needed, though others may have to draw out their input through genuine conversation.

For those with their Nodes in Capricorn and who want to be even more successful, it is recommended that they spend more time making sure all of life’s details are taken care of so they can focus on being creative and on taking action

The North Node is in Capricorn, and brings many gifts of a practical nature. There will be an urge to protect the home, family and possessions to the best of our ability and to build upon our existing security. These natives have excellent judgment as to which future endeavors will be most successful or rewarding in providing high levels of income; they are financially savvy indeed!

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