North Node in Libra

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Each of us has our own North Node, a point located where the moon crosses the ecliptic. This placement can indicate where we are likely to achieve success in life, or bring failure.

The North Node in Libra suggests a focus on fairness, service, and collaboration. Individuals with this placement are driven to develop teamwork and balance creative endeavors with practical needs.

This usually involves working for companies that provide leadership and mentoring opportunities, as well as contribute to the community on a larger scale.

North Node Meaning

The North Node in Astrology defines what you’re striving for. It is the source of your purpose and drive. It also relates to where you need to learn the most about yourself in order to live an authentic lifestyle and manifest your highest expression and potential.

Known as the place where planets develop and grow, the North Node influences your destiny in ways that even astrology itself cannot predict.

It is a point of transition, with its inherent lessons of life being explained as which road you take in life, while demonstrating the importance of inner strength and motivation to manifest your true self.

It represents our place of destiny and the area where we are growing on the spiritual ladder.

Personality Traits

The North Node in Libra is a soul at work, to the degree that you were able to realize your life’s purpose and become successful in it. The nature of this soul is to work well with others.

This placement represents an individual who likes to take on the roles and duties that are supported by community standards. The underlying meaning of this configuration is one who works for the greater good - not necessarily for money or fame, but more so for a sense of fulfillment brought on by seeing large projects come together rather than working on many small ones.

The unique purpose of the North Node in Libra is the harmonization of justice. Your quest is to achieve balance and harmony in all aspects of your life, whether it be legal disputes, personal relationships, work situations, or just leisure time. You are capable of having a deep understanding of the needs of others and do not support injustice or dishonesty under any circumstances.

They are “idealists”, aspiring to perfection and willing to sacrifice whatever is required in order to achieve this, even if this means they sometimes have a tendency towards martyrdom. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to a feeling of frustration when things do not happen quickly enough or as expected.

Libra North Node people have high standards and ideals for themselves as well as others, and expect everything and everybody to be perfect. They know that the only way you can have success is if you are totally committed to what you are doing, and being a perfectionist means you are totally committed.

They have the ability to sense what others need in the moment, and how to accomplish this in a way that makes them feel good. They are not bound by an old way of doing things; rather, they go along with what is needed in the moment.

They have exquisite taste and a refined aesthetic. They have an eye for quality, are connoisseurs of the arts, love beauty, and savor excellence. They are more interested in appreciation than accumulation.

The North Node in Libra describes a need to be seen and heard. You are able to get along with almost anybody, provided you receive the same amount of love that you give. You have a tendency to listen more than you speak, and when it comes time for you to talk, your voice is soft and persuasive.

When the North Node is in Libra, you’re a natural diplomat. This placement gives you a peaceful, charming demeanor that attracts many people. You have strong intuitive skills that you may not even realize are there, and they are what people really respond to.

Career and Money

The North Node in Libra symbolizes a need to be part of a team. They have a very strong sense of fairness and a need for harmony and balance in their lives. They tend to be very social, and will try to get along with anyone, sometimes making a greater effort than is strictly necessary or appropriate.

Several times during their lives, people with this placement feel like stepping back, separating from the crowd, and finding ways to be alone with their thoughts. The first half of life they are caught up in human power struggles, people pleasing, needing approval and proving themselves to others.

Once they turn forty they experience a massive awakening and transformation. They begin to see the bigger picture, they seek balance and harmony.

At the age of about fifty they realize that the only thing that is truly important is the freedom of the self to be themselves and ultimately live their soul’s purpose.

With the North Node in Libra, your talents are at work in the arena of social interaction and you will be inspired by the efforts of those around you to create a cohesive society.

You will likely perform well in almost any career that involves facilitation, collaboration, mediation, or competition. We often see traits such as a diplomatic touch with the masses, tact and grace under pressure, a talent for finding common ground and moving groups forward.

There is less of an artistic flair with this placement; rather you have a gift for working with others on creative projects. This placement is associated with careers such as: actors, dancers, surgeons, teachers, social workers, politicians, playwrights and librettists.

Your emotions are colored by your need to have things work out for you. Material success is indicated, but only if your life-style fits with the rest of your chart.

The North Node in the Libra makes you a natural when it comes to financial planning and investments. You make superb choices with your wealth, helping others to find ways to improve their financial situation as well.

You have an innate sense of strategy and tactics for playing the game of money. As a result, you are able to accurately predict where the economy is going, and what opportunities will present themselves for advancement.

Love and Relationships

The North Node in Libra describes the person who is always seeking another relationship to get the love they feel is missing. They believe that once they find the “right” partner, then they will have everything they ever wanted in life.

Many times this person marries at an early age, and then an unending chase begins for someone who will make them feel complete. They work hard to be the perfect spouse and parent, but it is never enough. A spouse could stay with this individual for many years because he/she feels a need to protect them

This placement explains why you are focused on resolving relationships through your sensitivity to people and attraction for romantic partners. You are the one who seizes control, because integrity and fairness mean a great deal to you when it comes to your relationships.

Exciting, charming, and passionate, North Node in Libra natives are always in search of beauty. They may be inspired by a beautiful flower, a song, or a piece of art.

The North Node in Libra describes a person who is idealistic, dislikes confrontations and is diplomatic. They go out of their way to make everyone happy and will often care for a partner more than they care for themselves. With a well placed north node they might be a priest or politician.

This node is particularly about partnership both on a romantic level and on a larger scale as social issues. So people with this placement may find that they are involved with public service groups, working for social causes or some type of large group activity or organization.

This placement describes someone who has a desire to be accepted and loved for their talents and abilities. Not wanting to hurt others feelings, they can avoid conflict at all costs, however this could cause them to leave relationships that need working on.

It’s important to this person that everyone have a good time with no arguments or disagreements. They want harmony in relationships and will do whatever they can to see that it continues. They are a nice person who likes to entertain, but not necessarily clean up afterwards.

Librans love a good discussion, and they can be quite the negotiators. They value harmony, and strive to maintain it in their relationships.

They are interested in the arts and culture, and enjoy meeting new people. Libra is the sign of partnerships and relationships, so when the urge to search for your mate comes raging forward, it’s best to listen to the voice of this planetary position.

This is a significant position in your natal chart because it marks your living essential core. It’s the point towards which all of the energies of your life flow for fulfillment.

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