North Node in Pisces

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What is the North Node? The north node is a concept in astrology that refers to the way in which we move through life. Our north node is the direction of our purpose, growth, and development. In brief, it refers to how we use our powers and approach our lives.

With their sensitive and empathic natures, people born with their North Node in Pisces are attuned to human suffering and have big hearts that ache for the vulnerable. These folks are idealistic, creative, compassionate, and altruistic.

North Node Meaning

The astrological north node is a point used in astrology. This node is considered a point of potential and is defined as the position in the sky where the path of the Moon’s orbit crosses the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun (the ecliptic).

Understanding the North Node in astrology is vital for living fully. Unlike the south node, which is about repetition and what you need to eliminate from your life, the north portent represents a marker that moves as you move into future choices.

The Northern Node describes where you are going and what you need to do to remain on track. As such we can say it is both the goal and the stepping stone to achieving it. It is also known as the “karma” position.

The North Node is the destiny indicator in astrology. This is because it indicates what we need to work on in this lifetime for natural spiritual growth. In Western Astrology, it is called the Dragon’s Head or Dragon’s Tail depending on its direction from the Eastern Horizon.

Personality Traits

The individual whose life path is influenced by the north node in Pisces will come into this world to dissolve an existing order of things and make room for a new one. The teachings of this individual are founded on the principle that progress and human happiness are achieved through a series of orderly changes.

He or she will be concerned with adapting and improving the conditions of life, and will have a vision of the future world that humanity aspires to achieve. This north node personality is drawn naturally toward working with teachers, healers, leaders, artists, supporters of the underdog and all who are working to improve common welfare.

Compassionate humanitarian with a natural compassion for people in need. Defends the rights of others, but often limits this to supporting causes rather than actually becoming personally involved.

The North Node in Pisces indicates that your life purpose involves ephemeral as well as long term projects, and is likely to be based on work toward the improvement of mankind. Most compassionate and caring of the North Node placements, you are guided by an independent spirit and the ability to help others with their belief systems.

The North Node in Pisces is one of the most sensitive placements we can have. It shows how we seek peace and bring spirituality into our lives. Natives will work toward developing a deep understanding of themselves, and they are warm and caring teachers who want to show others how to attain peace.

They try to subdue impulses that might disturb the peace they’re trying to bring into their own hearts and minds. They desire wholeness, harmony, healing, compassion and creativity. They love art and music and many are musically or artistically talent in someway.

The North Node in Pisces indicates that you were born to be a spiritual healer. It shows that your greatest desire is to help others by sharing the healing powers of professional counseling with those in need. Here, you were supposed to know how to be a counselor and have been attracted to helping people until this life.

The North Node represents your place of awareness. The South Node represents your place of impact. Research shows that a person is likely to experience in his lifetime the consequences of his own actions, based on where the Nodes were activated before birth.

According to the astrological birth chart, people with their North Nodes in Pisces are very creative and spiritual people, who would rather be in a dream world than in reality. They have strong empathy for other people’s feelings and psychic intuition about what others might be feeling or thinking.

When the north node enters Pisces, there is a desire to enter into further spiritual study and to dissolve the rigidity of fixed beliefs. There is a tendency towards a psychic/intuitive approach to spiritual growth and which also lends itself to fantasy.

There is also a tendency toward escapism and the structuring of hidden agendas for protection and manipulation. The soul is seeking something beyond what it has known in past lives. It is driven by an inner hunger for connection with others, with nature, with the cosmos.

The North Node in Pisces combines the dreaminess of Neptune with the need for freedom and self-expression of Mars, creating a strong desire to find meaning and purpose in their life. They are compassionate with an interest in spirituality, which can lead them to feel confined by the demands of reality.

They are idealistic, but may feel their ideals have not yet been achieved. They desire to serve humanity (or whichever group they can identify with), and in doing so may ignore their own needs and desires.

Career and Money

The North Node in Pisces occupies an important house, involving your career, daily routine, and how you use your time. Your work environment as well as your career path are described by this influence.

The North Node in Pisces indicates that the opportunity to succeed financially is tied to a sincere desire to help others. You most likely feel a strong responsibility to help and are selfless when it comes to the welfare of others.

This would be a great asset for you as you build your career. It is important for you to put yourself in situations where you can benefit another person or cause without appearing self-serving. As long as this responsibility doesn’t get in the way of your main goals, it should become an asset towards success.

In monetary and business affairs, your goal is to create and develop an institution or service that will last forever. You will make your mark in the business world through your originality in planning and design.

In a career sense, you are most interested in working with people of high ideals. Whatever vocation you choose – marketing, broadcasting, sports, travel – will be highly successful because you will be loyal to it as long as it is around.

North Node people are guided by their inner visions, and they hate to be told what to do. This allows them to be quite original in their work, often coming up with breakthrough ideas. However, it can also lead them to be very inconsistent in the way they handle money.

Pisces North Node people may also find that they have become so involved in their work or profession that they ignore their basic needs, and miss out on what the world has to offer.

The North Node Pisces person has a way with words, and may be more dependent than usual on the state of their finances. They would be well served to consider if they are on the right path with respect to their finances and how it is that they are earning that wealth

Love and Relationships

The North Node in Pisces represents the way a relationship is moving, how it is growing and changing. It rules the first half of your marriage, from the early romance to the middle age years where some things start to go wrong and deadlock can cause a stall in progress.

The North Node also indicates how flexible you are with each other and what you have both brought to the partnership in terms of assets and also liabilities.

If you have a natal north node in Pisces, the chances are that you have a talent for bringing together people and cultures that are different from your own. You are able to persuade people to join forces so they can achieve something they couldn’t on their own.

The north node is the point in your chart where you are naturally inclined to move toward. It describes where you can most easily be yourself and feel most comfortable as you grow.

For example, if the north node is in Pisces, your intuition and your desire to explore new places and ideas take on a distinctive dimension.

The North Node in Pisces can make people feel like everyone but them has the perfect marriage – so what’s their deal? Rather than blame their spouse, they will focus on blaming themselves.

They tend to take everything personally, and this creates unnecessary drama in their marriage. They need to realize that they are not perfect, but neither are they being judged. While it’s difficult for a NN in Pisces to see this, if they can get there, perhaps a marriage can last.

The north node in Pisces will be most attracted to charismatic individuals who are very creative and talented. They enjoy having a partner who is understanding, compassionate, and patient with their perceived wisdom.

If you have the North Node of the Moon (your guidepost) confined to Pisces, you often are motivated by a yearning for the sea of spiritual enlightenment. It is your desire to merge with infinite consciousness, or to gain spiritual fulfillment through founding a spiritual retreat where others may come and find their own freedom.

The North Node of the Moon in Pisces person has a beautiful imagination that creates unique ideas. People are drawn to this native’s kind heart. He or she is responsible and gentle.

The North Node of the Moon in Pisces expresses a willingness to share their talent with others and is compassionate to the needs of everybody. There is a tendency to be influenced by others as well as an ability to help others see alternative ways of approaching situations.

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