Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Personality Traits

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Pisces Sun Pisces Moon people appreciate the finer things in life but, unlike those with many possessions, they don’t necessarily want all the attention. Voyagers and explorers at heart, they can be as full of creative ideas as they are empty of material wants — if they can think outside the box, what they have is more than enough.

To love a Pisces Sun/Pisces Moon is to love a moving target. Pisceans are dreamers and idealists - although it may not always seem that way! To insult a Piscean is to cut them at the core. An intentional slight will never be forgotten, even if it takes years before the hurt comes out to play.

They are the dreamer, the one who will sacrifice almost anything to accomplish a particular goal. These people are very easy going and willing to try anything once.

Because of their understanding of the world around them, they’re a great person to turn to when you are having trouble dealing with reality. They understand what’s real and what’s not, and sometimes that allows them to help you see things in a different light.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Description

Pisces Sun Sign Personality Traits

Pisces Sun signs have an open, sentimental, even mystical nature, but they can be fickle-minded. Creative, humanitarian; attuned to the needs of others, they often attract followers who propel them into the spotlight.

They have a tendency to be psychic and idealistic. Add up their unique mix of traits and a Pisces individual is unpredictable. Others may not understand them because of their inconsistency in thought and action compared to other signs.

They are loyal and a good friend. When there is a problem, they will cooperate and help others solve the problems. They like to be on their own sometimes. They will appreciate and respect other people’s ideas and opinions. They are insightful, creative, and compassionate.

The Pisces personality, born between February 19 and March 20, tends to be sympathetic and sensitive. Whether Pisces is a man or a woman, it’s important for this dreamer to share their feelings and thoughts with someone who can understand them.

This receptive sign is imaginative and curious; they might want to explore everything about the world around them. Their zodiac sign is often associated with being psychic and having a good imagination.

Pisces are known for their calm demeanor, warm-heartedness, and willingness to help those in need. They are intuitive, sensitive and impressionable.

They are psychics, spiritual leaders, and believers in miracles. Pisceans are imaginative, dreamers with little interest in materialism. They love to create beauty and harmony.

Pisces Moon Sign Personality Traits

The Moon in Pisces is the most intuitive, imaginative, and artistic of all the signs. They are very sensitive and highly imaginative.

They make great artists and poets, because they feel so intensely about beauty. They love to explore and are excellent travelers.

The Moon’s placement in your natal chart reflects a soft, sensitive and intuitive personality. You are a natural survivor and often take on more than you can handle trying to please others. However, you are also known for your feisty, rebellious nature.

Pisces Moon people are those who march to the beat of their own drum. They are dreamers who feel deeply; many healers and sensitive souls fall into this category of moon sign.

They are gentle, compliant and kind. This person wants to please others and be accepted by them. Often shy at first, this individual will blossom once they feel comfortable with you.

A good listener, this person makes a sympathetic confidant who can intuitively listen to your problems and provide helpful advice. The Pisces Moon placement influences your emotional, intuitive, and psychic sides. It is often associated with artistic talent, as well as self-sacrifice, and loyalty.

They may be emotional, sensitive and very intuitive in nature. This person will enjoy many abstract things that are not tangible or concrete.

They are creative and enjoys the arts, anything dealing with spirituality or the paranormal. This person has an active imagination and loves to dream of what could be or what can be.

Pisces moon people are compassionate and sympathetic, but sometimes they can be melancholy. They possess visionary traits and emotional intelligence. This moon sign is imaginative, artistic, sensitive and gentle at heart.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Characteristics

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon is the zodiac’s dreamer, with an active imagination and a vivid sense of fantasy. They can be self-effacing and needs praise and encouragement to feel appreciated. Social and sympathetic, your buoyant perspective gives you a gift for joyful living.

They are warm, intuitive, and responsive to both others' needs and their own feelings. They tend to be quite sensitive to pain, both physical and emotional, and have a compelling need for other people to like them. They may go out of their way to please others, but if they feel unappreciated or criticized they are quickly wounded.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon people are intuitive, sensitive, moody and highly creative. On the opposite side of the spectrum, they can be jealous, weak, and self-indulgent. They may appear aloof or even dreamy but that’s just another way to attract attention without being obvious about it.

They have a highly developed sense of empathy, sympathy and compassion towards other people. This person needs to form a network of friends and loved ones for support and protection, in much the same way that fish need water in order to survive.

They are highly sensitive to others and seek peace and calm in their daily life. They have an innate understanding of the emotional spectrum and may need to be reminded to express their own feelings and desires in order to have a balanced emotional life.

People born with the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Pisces possess intense emotional states and are highly intuitive. They rely on their intuitions to guide them through life, and they’re usually right due to their natural ESP ability. Things that seem impossible for other people to understand, they understand naturally because they are in tune with themselves and their environment.

This Sun Moon combination, often called a psychic Pisces, is an artist with the ability to set audience members at ease. Blessed with a photographic memory and a natural compassion, these versatile people are found where reality meets imagination or dreams become reality.

The Double Pisces pairing makes them a truly one of a kind person. They will likely have a slightly sensitive side to them. In fact, they may appear very sensitive, and in many ways they are.

They strive for perfection and seek the deeper meaning behind all that they see. While this can exhaust them quickly, it will enhance their higher intuition and psychic abilities. This is also an extremely loving combination that embraces every single type of person and makes them feel welcome, no matter who it is.

This person will be sensitive and kind-hearted and overall a very good human being. They might feel a bit different from every other individual they meet, but that’s also what makes them special.

The Sun in Pisces, Moon in Pisces person strives to please. They are ambitious, charming, creative, friendly and sensitive.

They can be artistic and can easily adapt to their environment. They belong to the sign of sensitivity. They make very active listeners who are compassionate and understanding of other people’s problems.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Woman

The Pisces Sun Pisces Moon woman is dreamy and idealistic, a creative who lives in her own utopian universe. A nurturer at heart, she can be the supportive best friend to many people, but because she doesn’t want to be tied down by relationships herself, she never gets close to anyone.

She is very open and sensitive, easily affected by other people’s moods. Her unique perspective shines through with her ability to make your heart melt.

She’s all you’d want in a girlfriend or wife; gentle, compassionate and good looking. She likes listening to friends and family members vent about problems, so she can feel needed and important.

She also has a bit of a martyr complex and enjoys helping others with their problems. She is an affectionate person who needs plenty of hugs and kisses from family and friends.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon people get to know the reasons behind other people’s actions, but they are highly intuitive and can sense what is really going on even without anyone else’s input.

They have a tendency to “feel” others' feelings based only on facial expression, body language, tone of voice, or energy level. Once they’ve gained this insight, they try very hard to be sensitive to the feelings of others and avoid saying anything that would cause hurt feelings.

The Pisces Sun/Moon pairing has a strong pull to the spiritual and paranormal. This combination indicates a person with a deep curiosity about such things, and an affinity for watery experiences in general. They spend considerable time in her dreams and may actively cultivate spiritual arts.

She is a sensitive and intuitive type of woman. When it comes to romance, this soft-hearted soul likes to be appreciated for her inner beauty, not simply her outer appearance. She is one of the most romantic women in the zodiac.

A Pisces Sun Pisces Moon woman is someone who is a free spirit and by her very nature she tends to have quite an aura of mystery about her. She can be gentle, kind and loving yet also have dramatic mood swings and a tendency to act on impulses without really thinking things through.

She is imaginative and whimsical, with an attuned sense of fantasy and the impossible. She has a kind of sixth-sense about what feels right and what doesn’t, as well as the ability to translate her intuition into practical ideas that work.

They are highly artistic, creative and are good at expressing themselves through music and art. They are also very spiritual and are often sensitive to the needs of others.

Their imagination is limitless. They love taking trips to different places whenever they get a chance. They also love to help others in need because their hearts go out to them.

These women are likely to be on a spiritual path – even if they are not consciously aware of it. They have a lot of compassion for others and may feel more ‘at one’ with the universe than most. They are enthusiastic, down to earth (or rather, down to the sea), playful, positive, and genuinely like people.

Pisces Sun Pisces Moon Man

Inspired, compassionate, loyal and imaginative. The Pisces Sun Pisces Moon man is probably the most romantic person you’ll ever meet. He will be completely devoted to you, often making you his world and his happiness will depend on yours. Someone who would do anything for you.

He’s not fond of competition and tends to avoid conflict and disputes. He’s usually a very gentle person and very sensitive.

He’s one of the best someone can have as a friend or a lover, although he needs protection from negative surroundings – jealousy, loneliness and others' bad moods.

The Pisces Sun Pisces Moon man is kind and gentle, intuitive and sensitive. He can be moody, dreamy, and withdrawn, but when he loves you he is steadfast and committed.

Revealing himself slowly, he will share his deepest feelings with those he is closest to as time progresses between you two. Expect the Pisces Sun Pisces Moon male to be a great listener, giving you advice when you need it most.

He is both imaginative and creative. While others could easily get bored with routine, the Pisces man does not.

He is an artist and a dreamer. He loves to quench his thirst for adventure in new surroundings, new people and new experiences.He is warm, sympathetic and gentle. When needed, his romantic side will try to get close to make you feel the passion he develops for you.

The Pisces man is the type of man who tends to be very emotional. He is sensitive, kind and thoughtful toward other people.

However, he is also a bit of a dreamer which makes him come across as absent-minded and not as practical as he might actually be. In fact, he can be quite pragmatic when he wants to.

When it comes to relationships with the person in his life, he can be quite fickle. He may be extremely loyal towards them, but if they don’t meet his expectations he will tend to seek attention from someone else.

He has a deep appreciation for the beauty in all things. He is very intuitive and often sooths others souls as he does his own. He is always seeking knowledge but personal knowledge is what he values most. He feels deeply, and reacts just as strongly, to good or bad news from family or friends.

With an artistic side the Pisces man is often found painting, sculpting, or writing poetry and prose. His aura of mystery makes him an intriguing and enchanting person that some feel they just have to know more about, while others yearn to be him.

His quiet sensitivity and attractive appearance captivate women. Pisces men are eternally youthful, gentle and kind, but they can be given to a sudden infatuation with the first person they meet. Waxing and waning relationships tend to characterize most Pisces men.

He is sensitive, fluid and feminine. He enjoys helping others, exploring mysteries, and if he can combine all of these traits in one person with an equally generous nature, he’s the happiest of men.

This Sun Moon pairing combines sensitivity and mystery. He is guided by spiritual intuition, although he may not be overtly religious. He tends to suffer from mood swings that respond to his surroundings and circumstances.

He is an emotional, sensitive and inspirational person. He does not have a problem expressing how he feels. Whilst the Sun in Pisces man is an uninhibited person, he has been generally pessimistic about life.

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