Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon people are sensitive and protective of themselves and others. In their relationships they prefer to have control over the other person because they feel it is safer that way. They are strong-willed, yet must always search for someone who can stay in charge of themselves.

They possess a gentle heart, and when they love, they do so deeply. They feel protective of those they care about, but are so selfless that it’s hard for them to get the same in return.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon individuals have trouble asserting themselves in relationships, and their romantic partners need to believe strongly in equality for them to achieve mutual happiness.

People with Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon share their Sun sign’s sensitivity, imagination and spiritual awareness. Yet they differ from the average Pisces person in that they are more disciplined and responsible. Others see them as serious-minded yet sympathetic people who have a natural ability to motivate others and give direction.

They have a deep desire for peace and solitude, and may be relentless in his or her pursuit of dreams and ambitions. They are likely to be successful, practical, and traditionalist. This astrological combination is one of the most ambitious and can inspire a drive to succeed that sometimes border on single-mindedness.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Description

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune and is an air sign. People born under this Sun sign are often considered to have superb imagination, gentleness and sensitivity. This zodiac sign has a great charge of intuition as well as self-confidence that varies from individual to individual.

The Pisces personality is among the most complicated of all zodiac signs and is often misinterpreted as indecisive and weak, but life with a Pisces is never dull. They are extremely intuitive and possess tremendous empathy, making them great partners or friends. Creative, sensitive, idealistic, and romantic, they love anything that captures their imagination.

Pisces is represented by the symbol of two fish, swimming in opposite directions, yet somehow remaining connected through a shared life force. Pisceans are receptive to others' energy, and quite often find themselves naturally connecting with almost everyone they meet.

They are known for being extremely generous to a fault, and have been accused of “riding the wave” of other people’s talents and skills without offering anything in return.

Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

Your Moon sign plays an important role in your personality, it represents all the characteristics that you were born with, based on the position of the moon when you were born. Those born under this sign are ambitious, confident, passionate and tenacious.

You were born with a natural leadership ability and a strong sense of independence – you will never be involved in group think or involved in a cult (sorry), but you also don’t really care what others think about you. You don’t follow the crowd – you’re your own person.

The Moon in Capricorn person is more concerned with her status and security than when the Moon is in other signs, such as Aries or Gemini. This Moon sign tends to be quite analytical and practical, which fits her practical personality trait.

They are serious and reserved, yet ambitious and practical. He or she likes to take charge of his or her surroundings, especially if it involves work.

The Capricorn Moon person will often take on responsibilities and run them effectively with little need for guidance. They are detail oriented and have high expectations about what they want in their lives.

They are as practical as they come. They are more cautious and reserved than the other Moon signs, but the Saturn influence has given us a serious case of “the right tool for the job” when it comes to solving problems.

The Moon in Capricorn is connected with the Goat’s long-term view and the desire for structure, tradition, and personal achievement. This sign stresses patience and perseverance.

The Moon here prompts people to take a practical approach to life. It favors discipline, hard work, high standards, attention to details, domestic matters, tradition, classicism, authority, and family loyalty.

Whether you’re an observer or an active participant, the Moon in Capricorn will have you pondering how far you’ve come and how much further you still need to go. Capricorn is the sign of ambition, and its natives often possess a tenacious streak that keeps them going when other people would give up. If there were no future, they probably wouldn’t bother trying at all.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Characteristics

The Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon individual is intuitive, intelligent, and into everything! The one thing you can count on them for is that they’ll keep you on your toes always having you guessing what they’re up to.

They can be very hard to pin down as they tend to like a lot of things. They are very good at “geeking out” and will often have more than one project going on at the same time.

A Pisces Sun/Capricorn Moon is a person who is in touch with their emotions. They take life seriously but they don’t take themselves too seriously.

They have an inner strength that allows them to stand up for what they believe in. They always seem to make wise decisions in life and much prefers spending time with a few close friends over a crowd.

People with the Sun in Pisces, Moon in Capricorn embody the ideal of the truth seeker. They are always searching for their higher mind and a deeper meaning to life. Pensive, other-worldly, sensitive, and creative, the Pisces Capricorn Moon person is continually questioning why things happen as they do.

Humility and empathy are two of their primary personality traits. This tends to translate into a character that is extremely loyal, caring, and loving. For those born with this zodiac placement, communicating and working with others is easy due to, not only their intelligence, but also their natural ability to be diplomatic and tactful.

Sometimes called the “Royalty of the Zodiac,” Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon people have strong leadership qualities, a deep desire to learn life’s lessons and an appreciation of beauty. Although they like to help others, they must be careful not to sacrifice their own needs.

They are one of the most ambitious signs in the zodiac. They often have trouble finding direction or staying focused, as they tend to become easily distracted. However, if this person can learn how to rein in some of their wilder impulses, their determination and perseverance can lead them into a successful career path.

Sometimes Pisces will be indecisive due to their “dependence” on feelings. If a difficult situation arrives, this person can become a little scattered or confused.

The Pisces Capricorn person, ruled by the planets Neptune and Saturn, thrives on social roles and control. They are sensitive and compassionate, and as a water sign they are emotionally attuned to how people are feeling, acting as an emotional barometer of their surroundings. They have a deep sense of intuition that helps them understand how to better interact with others.

They are organized and make a good manager or leader. They are responsible and trustworthy. Sometimes impatient, they want to see results now. They take care of themselves and expect others to do the same. At work they are ambitious, hardworking and serious about success.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

Sun in Pisces Moon in Capricorn women are very intuitive, aware, and compassionate. They are beautiful on the inside as well as the out.

She is a fighter, with a lot of air and fire elements in her earthy disposition. She is stubborn, independent and quiet. Her secret ambitious side makes her motivated for success and money, but she’s not necessarily interested in showing it off.

Pisces' feminine energy acts like a repellent towards men she doesn’t desire, while having the ability to enamor any man who catches her attention.

The Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon woman is sensitive, caring, traditional and down-to-earth. With a hint of shyness, she’s socially adaptable with a keen sense of the status quo. She can be a bit bossy if she doesn’t learn to lighten up, but that’s just her way of exerting control.

She deeply values her place in the family order, a place she’ll work hard to earn through self-sacrifice and service – sometimes overcompensating for perceived weaknesses by overdoing it in the giving department.

A Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon woman is like a tropical fish in an arctic sea. She has the sensitivity of a Pisces, but in a Capricorn world. She feels everything and everyone around her, and to protect herself she keeps her cool and takes herself out of the situations causing pain and discomfort.

These women have powerful feelings and are drawn to the mystical, the occult and spirituality. In general, Pisces women have a hard time making up their mind about things.

The Pisces temperament is full of contradictions: sensitive yet strong-willed, intuitive yet strongly materialistic, kind-hearted but not easy to get along with. They seem to have it all put together on the outside but they are really sensitive and vulnerable deep down.

They are both silent and mysterious. Their emotional nature encompasses their serene side where they sit back and observe the world from behind a calm ocean of feelings. However, Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon women are also prone to mood swings as well as periods of unexplainable sadness that leave loved ones scratching their heads in frustration.

She is a magnetically beautiful and seductive woman. Her personality traits are influenced by both Pisces and Capricorn which makes her sometimes mistreated and misunderstood by others. When properly channeled, these traits fit very well into the archetypal role of the mythological mermaid with its compulsive need to be adored and admired.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon women are often overprotected and will forgo even their most basic needs at the expense of their families. They tend to be nurturing, committed, and somewhat insecure. Their desire to please others can lead them to sacrificing their own personal goals.

This lady will fascinate you on many levels. She is a strange, wonderful blend of emotions, intuition and calm practicality. It can be difficult for her to assess what she wants out of life, and she may have a tendency to go with the flow.

Just hanging out with her will not help when it comes to figuring out this strong-willed individual, but if anyone can break down her natural reticence, it’s a Jupiter or Venus man. When they appear in her life, intense desires and emotions emerge.

She is very up-beat, focused on business, ambitious, and practical. Her life path is quite difficult because she may face opposition and rebuffs from those around her.

She gets frustrated and loses self-confidence for not being able to get the recognition she deserves. People who share this Sun sign combination are usually programmed to take over a large corporation or business.

Bold, independent, and able to use her intuition to do pretty much anything she puts her mind to, the Pisces Capricorn Moon woman is an extremely hard worker who is very disciplined. When it comes to love, this woman has a deep-rooted romantic soul that can take a while for a man to truly understand.

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon Man

Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon men are gentle, compassionate individuals who are genuinely kind and caring towards others. These men are often unreasonably modest and humble which frequently leaves those closest to them in awe of their good deeds and wisdom.

Pisces men seem to know exactly what people need, whether they choose to take action on the knowledge or not. He has deep feelings and empathy for hidden motives. He’s the man people go to when they need to receive a logical response.

An old soul, mysterious and magical. You find magic in the world and you like to give it. You are compassionate and surprising, even romantic but Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon men can be deliberately difficult and guarded.

The Pisces Sun-Capricorn Moon man is self-assured, with a strong set of morals and values. He might also be a bit of a workaholic, especially if his Sun or Moon is in the career or business sector.

He is a highly determined and practical man with a bit of the dreamer in him. He may cultivate an appreciation for the finer things in life and may have a creative streak.

Their positive traits include their easy-going nature, generosity and compassionate and loving personality. Negative traits often associated with Pisces Sun in Capricorn Moon are the tendency to be overly sentimental, moody and to suffer from a lack of self-control.

These natives are cautious and pessimistic in life; this is mainly because of the influence of other planets in their horoscope. However, despite this pessimism, they are powerful people. They are full of creative ideas, and these creative ideas can change the world around them for the better.

A man born with the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Capricorn is very quiet and tends to be private. He is also intelligent, imaginative, self-disciplined and ambitious. Like many other Pisces, he enjoys being in love and may fall in love for an instant before moving on.

The most negative trait of a man of Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon is that he may seem weak at times, but it is his way of hiding inner strength. The right woman can bring out the best in him and help him go after what he wants in life.

He is very strong willed and determined. He is practical, trustworthy and honest with high ethical standards. He wants to be well known for his work and will often get involved in things that help others. He has a strong personality, is intelligent and expresses himself creatively.

The Sun in Pisces man is soft-spoken and gentle, but kind and sympathetic. His delicate compassion will win over most people he comes in contact with. The typical Pisces Capricorn man blends love and logic to help others feel at ease.

This Sun Moon pairing can put a damper on his social life; however, he loves being alone. Even though the Pisces Capricorn man has plenty of friends, he enjoys it when he can spend time alone staring at the stars or meditating.

The Pisces man is the most enduring and endearing of all zodiac signs. Whether in a romantic relationship or platonic friendship, a Pisces man will go to great lengths to please his love interest.

He is a nurturer who views women as a source of comfort, devotion and support. Pisces men are very sensitive, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. In love, there is no black and white, there are only infinite shades of gray.

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