Pluto in Cancer Meaning and Personality Traits

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If you have Pluto in Cancer, then you have a personality that is strong on defense but weak on offense. You are able to operate as well in a covert manner under the cover of night as you do in your preferred daylight.

This can make it difficult for those who associate with you to understand how this works and why such an approach is necessary to your survival.

What Does Pluto in Cancer Mean?

Chances are if you have Pluto in Cancer it is a good sign for a long-lasting relationship. They are highly sensitive and easily gets hurt. They are more emotional and secure when they feel understood.

This relationship lover turns into an insecure, jealous and possessive partner when Pluto in Cancer is unhappy. They get extremely defensive when someone comes between them and their partner, they demand attention and care when they are down.

They need to control their partner even if they’re not aware of it, but this is done subconsciously. When this person is happy and comfortable with you they will love you unconditionally;

Pluto in Cancer people tend to be eccentric and emotional, they create their own belief systems which aren’t always shared by others.

They tend to be confused about what they want in life, but underneath there is an intense longing to connect with others emotionally.

A person born with Pluto in Cancer is one who has a very close emotional bond to family members. They will make a fuss over their nieces and nephews and tend to be overprotective of them.

They have an excellent memory for dates, names, and events, so they never forget a birthday or anniversary. They are friendly and kind; they like to go out and socialize.

They also enjoy the pleasures of the table and can eat rather freely, especially if it is someone else footing the bill!

Pluto is the planet that carries life force energy. In Cancer, it helps you absorb, transform and assimilate feelings.

When Pluto is in Cancer, you are sensitive to peoples' moods and feelings, and hyper-aware of your surroundings. You are empathetic to everyone around you and very perceptive of finer details at work or at home.

If you were born with this Pluto placement your biggest concerns and most difficult challenges surround issues of the heart.

Pluto is the planet of the unconscious, intense feeling, and great psychological power. In astrology it represents extremes:—either remarkable power or shocking weakness.

Pluto symbolizes our profoundest drives to transform ourselves—our obsessions and compulsions—and has a strong connection to various forms of healing arts. It is linked with death and rebirth, and is also associated with transformation through conflict.

Pluto in Cancer Woman

The Pluto in Cancer woman is gentle, sensual and caring.

Loyal, devoted and faithful, she may seem shy and reserved at first, but she deeply cares for the ones she loves. She is easily moved by music and art, and may want to devote her life to art.

She is a very reliable person and a true soul mate for anyone who dares to trust her completely.

She is a very mysterious and complicated character. She truly knows how to use her femininity, she’s an excellent strategist, and she can tell stories that are fascinating and emotionally involving.

She might be incredibly self-centered at times but her self-confidence allows her to do almost anything.

The spontaneous, exciting and romantic Pluto in Cancer woman makes her man vibrate with passion and feel that he has a real soul mate. She is an excellent lover – but not necessarily a good wife, at least in the traditional sense.

She can be overpowering for some guys; others are entranced by her undisguised emotionalism and attraction to all things interesting – flirting, gossip, artistic pursuits – which seems to brightly light up her spiritual aura.

A Pluto in Cancer woman can be both intensely emotional and extremely reserved. Her relationships and feelings are very important to her, so she takes extra care in choosing the right partner for herself.

She may even feel that, if you’re not extremely close to her, it’s not worth diving into a relationship. She loves emotional conversations and doesn’t like anything superficial about others. She’d rather cut ties then have any kind of relationship that lacks depth.

The Pluto in Cancer woman is strong-willed, sentimental, and moody. She is sensitive to the needs of others.

Although she may fail to find true fulfillment in her life, there is always a risk that she will be surrounded by people who love and admire her.

Pluto in Cancer women tend to be wise, deep, and mysterious about their feelings. Mirrors are often their friends.

They can be nurturing and sympathetic to others. This placement tends to make them excellent carpenters, plumbers, and surgeons. The women have a strong sense of belonging and support of their home community.

Pluto in Cancer Man

The Pluto in Cancer man is not a bad catch. He can be difficult to approach because he tends to hide his emotions and feelings, but if he lets someone in, you will know that you are the most important person for him. He gets involved with a few things very intensely.

They usually have a sensitive personality and deep feelings. These men are quite emotional, more so than the average man.

Their emotions can be easily hurt and they are likely to get aggressive when their egos get hit. They are sympathetic towards others and love to help those in need.

These men are nurturing, generous and protective people who would do anything for their families and friends.

He is intuitive, empathetic, and compassionate. He has an air of mystery about him as well.

This man probably has a secret life that others aren’t aware of or perhaps he is prone to keeping his feelings close to the chest.

To himself his Pluto in Cancer man needs independence and space, especially from time to time. However, he doesn’t want to abandon family and close friends.

Pluto exerts a powerful influence on Cancer, and may color or flair up emotions and feelings in these men.

They are often attracted to underdogs and cases which they can turn around. They are motivated by the challenge of making something better than what they found.

Basically, these men are looking for a way to give back to society through hard work and dedication. They are protective, territorial and possessive. They will go to the wall for those they love.

Pluto in Cancer Transit Meaning

A Pluto in Cancer transit is a special time to go inside. You may feel isolated and struggle with isolation issues, such as feeling misunderstood or ignored.

This transit often reinforces a dependency on what you were born into—your family and home. Change becomes difficult, even toxic. This is a time to avoid new relationships or situations that could derail your existing foundations.

Do some serious self-reflection now to find out what you really want from life and what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

The influence of a Pluto transit tends to magnify positive and negative feelings. This transit could trigger a desire for companionship and an increased interest in money matters related to those close to you and your family.

With this particular Pluto in Cancer transit, you could be particularly indulgent with family members, including individuals who are often difficult or impossible to live with.

You may also focus on nurturing the family through financial assistance, looking after them, or by making food for them.

This is a time of reevaluation, turning inward, and deep psychologic transformation. Your personal relationships will be tested now, and all other life areas are affected by the spiritual depth you encounter.

Your daily routines and behaviors will need to adjust for growth and change. You are likely to become more empathetic, compassionate, or intuitive now.

Many of you will experience a willingness to get in touch with deeper meanings, and the spiritual transformation brought by taking back your power can give you the impetus needed to truly change your life for the better.

Pluto in Cancer Generation

The Pluto in Cancer generation is a mass generation born under Pluto in the Water triplicity. They are strong instinctual people who tend to follow their star and become successful based on what they truly believe in.

They are often misunderstood and can have many unique characteristics other generations never experience. They are often introverted, unassuming, and sensitive to the dreams of others.

These people seek to make a difference in the lives of the youth around them. The children of Pluto in Cancer grew up in the shadow of materialism and greed. They are now beginning to build a new Earth, on the rubble left behind by their parents.

This generation is going to see that we need to realize that planet Earth is our home and we need to respect it. This will not be an easy task, since Earth’s resources are far reaching.

The activities of the Pluto in Cancer generation will be concerned with conservation of the planet’s limited resources. They will be the guardians of the planet.

The Pluto in Cancer generation will take over from the free-spirit generation that came before them. This is the generation of fear and anxiety who were born in the midst of chaos.

It is a generation that has always had to be cautious, and one that is very distrustful of institutions. For them, government or other bureaucracies are not allies; they are dangerous enemies that must be watched carefully at all times.

Now It's Your Turn

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What does this placement say about your personality?

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