Pluto in Leo Meaning and Personality Traits

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The Pluto in Leo person is all about honor, dignity and preserving the status quo. Progressive or revolutionary ideas are always met with a certain hesitancy, while the established way should be preserved at all cost.

Whatever the power structure, the Pluto in Leo is part of it. There could be a lot of competition from siblings, but this is true only if they were close in age or in similar phases of life.

It’s almost like having to wake up and prove yourself all over again when there’s a new sibling born into the family.

What Does Pluto in Leo Mean?

Pluto in Leo people are original, inventive, charming, and magnetic. They’re powerful and dominant, authoritative and inspirational. But they can also be absolutists who try to force their will on others.

This is a person that is fit and full of energy, while still being able to relax. These people are great leaders and have an eye for beauty and detail.

They are not shy and like to have a variety of strong feelings in their life once they reach adulthood.

While you might strive to have a deep sense of self, you find nothing more gratifying than when others recognize your successes. You’re most passionate about things you can accomplish by yourself, far away from the superficial distractions of modern life.

The Pluto in Leo native is assertive, creative, self-assured, and a born artist. He’s also very stubborn and strong-willed. The latter traits may often get him into trouble, but they are also the forces that make this person extremely powerful and influential.

This placement can denote someone who is very driven, sometimes to the point of selfishness, and self-promotes his or her accomplishments. This person may sometimes be used as a “tool” by others to achieve their own personal goals.

This can cause them to be powerful and influential, but it may also cause him or her to experience disappointment from time to time.

Someone with this placement should focus on working for the betterment of others instead of himself or herself, and on setting his or her own ego aside.

You’re no stranger to powerful emotions and a flamboyant passion for life. You love entertaining, living the dream, having a good time, and pushing the envelope, so much so that at times your restlessness and impulsivity hint at the darker sides of Leo (and Pluto). Your dramatic flair and intense energy sweep others up in your whirlwind, or drive them away.

Pluto in Leo Woman

If you are a Pluto in Leo woman, you have charisma and allure that will draw people to you. You are driven and full of passions, and you don’t shrink from breaking up the monotony of life by doing things that are shocking.

She is a dazzling extrovert who can be both self-sacrificing and autocratic. She is enthusiastic, charming, gracious, playful and seductive.

Pluto in Leo women love luxury, the finer things in life and are great designers. They tend to use expensive pieces for practical purposes, like a Hermes scarf on a backpack.

They also tend to like lots of accessories and bling which they keep gleaming and clean. They often bathe more than is necessary just to enjoy the ritual of it.

Pluto in Leo women are creative individuals, with a need for power and success. They have a flare for the dramatic, focusing their energy on what they want with determination and perseverance.

This woman may have split personalities - in matters of love the possessiveness comes through, while on professional issues she may be a loner. This is a woman with ambitions and goals who is not afraid of taking risks to get what she wants.

She is a great supporter of her friends but if they make a mistake in judgment she won’t mind letting them know their place. It takes two to tango, and this one doesn’t like to share.

Business sense is strong here; she needs it being such an attraction, pulling all eyes to her.

Free-spirited and unconventional, Pluto in Leo detests anything that smacks of routine. She likes to shake things up and is fiercely independent.

Her sense of humor is wicked and she’s known to be rebellious at times. Witty and charming, she can be very generous when she feels like it but often expects others to keep up their end of the bargain.

Pluto in the sign of Leo is the best time for these women to play new roles with confidence, not caring what other people think, and not being afraid to share their love and affection.

Sensual and dramatic, they’d like others to be open about their feelings as well. They want passions of all kinds, many changes of scene, fast action, drama, intense experiences, romance novels and movies to satisfy their need for drama.

Pluto in Leo Man

The Pluto in Leo placement describes a man who is strong and ambitious. This man is unafraid to set goals, and he uses his ambition to achieve glory.

The Pluto in Leo man yearns for admiration and greatness. He loves to be noticed for his accomplishments. He is not afraid to take charge and lead others on the path towards the same goal.

A man with this placement possesses a strong personality guaranteed to attract the kind of attention he wants. Those with this placement prefer dramatic and flamboyant gestures, which are used to increase their own self-importance.

They like to be the center of attention and do things that stand out so that people will notice them. They carry themselves in a manner that exudes confidence, but they are secretly afraid of being overshadowed by others or rejected for not being different or unique enough.

The Pluto in Leo gentleman personifies the meaning of “dapper.” Well-dressed, well-groomed and well-mannered, the outward appearance reflects an inner strength.

He is often well-spoken and carries himself with pride. His eyes are expressive, drawing you in with a confident gaze.

This combination of power and compassion is impressive. He’s clearly a leader. The Pluto in Leo man has a talent for inspiring confidence in people. He is also very protective and possessive.

They tend to be naturally assertive and confident. They are loyal and dedicated to their families.

He is a natural born leader. He is highly ambitious and courageous and is likely to succeed in a position of leadership or authority.

He likes to be center stage, and enjoys the spotlight, but is aware of when enough is enough. He strives for perfection in all that he does and expects no less from others.

Fun-loving, charismatic, and generous to a fault, Pluto in Leo men are so attractive to women that even they can’t understand why all the ladies are into them. Their lust for life assures them that they will never be alone – as long as there’s a party going on!

Pluto in Leo men have a strong sense of self-worth and are proud of accomplishments. For the most part, Leo is ruled by the heart. That figuratively translates to someone who loves passionately and expects to be loved in return.

Being an earthy sign, Leo is known for its practicality, but in this position can make it hard for him to put his money where his mouth is.

He will expect quality without compromise, and if he has settled for less often in the past then Pluto in Leo men will certainly demand more from themselves now.

Pluto in Leo Transit Meaning

The Pluto in Leo transit occurs when the planet Pluto moves into the zodiac sign Leo, bringing color and passion to all that it touches.

With Pluto in Leo each area of life will be touched by the themes of showmanship, creativity, ego and pride as we feel a desire for personal recognition and transformational leadership.

During this time a lot of things will change in your life and some of them will be very intense, keep your focus on being positive and think of what you really want to do with your life.

During these years, you are likely to get a sincere interest in what you do; when it comes to sports, they’ll want to get a uniform and play all the time.

During this time, individuals tend to gain an appreciation for the theatrical arts and others forms of creative self expression, such as dance and music. Often during this transit people associate with groups or teams, either on an informal or formal level.

The Pluto in Leo Transit is difficult to deal with even at the best of times. During this transit, everything in your life tends to revolve around your ego and emotions.

This is the best time for you to work toward making your life into what you really want it to be.

Pluto in Leo Generation

The Pluto in Leo generation is a generation of generosity, creativity, and intense passion. These people strive to live life to the fullest, and believe that anything is possible.

They have big dreams, powerful motives, and are brought up in supportive families with parents who truly love them and want the best for them.

They want to express themselves creatively through any medium that they can get their hands on. They also enjoy being in the spotlight. They love attention, and will pay whatever price necessary to win it back if they’ve lost it.

Their soul mission is to increase self-worth and personal power. They will seek careers, relationships and investments that allow them to realize their highest potential.

They come into a period of major life changes as they enter their forties or fifties, focusing on career choices that use their creativity and talent. As they draw from their inner being they are able to fulfill their soul purpose.

Through the eyes of this generation, we find an inner-will to not settle, a drive to work harder, and the revealing of some altruistic traits and practices.

With Pluto in their generational position, we know that these individuals will participate in lifelong learning; this could perhaps be a product or service that caters to this need.

We also see a strong desire to gain productive power through legacy; there are many ways to make a difference in the world.

Now It’s Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Is your natal Pluto in Leo?

What does this placement say about your personality?

Please leave a comment below and let me know.

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