Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Personality Traits

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The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon personality is one that loves beauty and luxury. You prefer to spend your time at home and are quite happy to spend it alone, but will also welcome the company of your friends. You are a conservative dresser and ladies love being around you because of your charming personality.

Taurus is both practical and sensual. Once they are committed to a relationship, they are faithful, give of themselves completely, and are able to open themselves to the inspiration of the cosmos.

Health-wise, they have strong, sturdy feet and legs, placing less stress on bones and muscles. They are also very comfortable in their own skin.

A Taurus person is loyal, honest, practical, cautious, and stable. They are responsible people who put their all into any job they do. Strong willed, determined and dominant are words that describe the Taurus personality.

They are also very patient and calm people. Life is never rushed with a Taurean because they know that everything happens in its own time.

Taureans are hard working people who would rather have something done right than have to do it again. This makes them good at jobs with rigid structures such as teachers or police officers.

The Taurus personality is earthy, pragmatic, and stubborn. The Bull is a born leader who knows how to take charge. It’s a sign that’s just as comfortable wearing the corporate uniform as it is dressing down after a fulfilling day of manual labor. Stylish yet rugged enough to stand up to any challenge, the Taurus personality has staying power.

Taurus, as one of the Earth signs, you are all about stability, perseverance, loyalty, and stability. The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon personality profile is a little weird and unique when compared to your closest compatriots. You are definitely one of a kind!

As a Taurus sun Aquarius moon person there’s no doubting your unique traits and ability to be independent or help out others in need.

The Taurus Sun-Aquarius Moon’s matter-of-fact attitude, punctuality, and thrift allow it to be an economical spender, although its money is not always considered entirely its own. They like being on time, will be punctual even as a child, and rarely misses an appointment.

Taurus is conservative in its financial dealings; careful and calculating where spending is concerned; though capable of making sudden large purchases or investments if so moved by the Moon.

This combination can be expressed as the hardworking, patient, enduring, loyal, practical and stable Aquarius character with the emotional expressive Taurus traits. You are a people person who loves company of others and enjoys entertaining them.

The Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon person prefers to be in a group rather than be alone all the time. They are more self-confident when among other people.

Taurus natives are down to earth and practical individuals, who are totally dedicated to fulfilling their partners needs. They live in the present and don’t get lost in the dream of a distant future.

Taurus is one of the zodiac’s most materialistic signs. They love anything comfortable, especially their own home, which they have decorated tastefully. They can easily see the value in that pair of comfortable old slippers; “practical value” is a Taurus phrase you’re sure to hear.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Description

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Woman

To the eye of an average person, Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon women are not easily distinguished. However, when we take a closer look at them, we see that a variety of Aquarius traits are present in their personalities. Most of these women have Venus as the ruler of their zodiac sign and therefore are quite sensual and sentimental.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon woman is a lady of extremes: she likes things on a large scale and lives life in the fast lane. She loves to travel for fun or profit, and can adapt herself to almost any kind of situation.

Her friends turn to her for advice; she is popular and well-liked, but has restless energy that makes it difficult for her to stay in one place for very long. Her mind is always buzzing with new ideas, which she restlessly tries out to see if they will fly. She is idealistic and often impatient since she has so much she wants to accomplish.

The Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon woman is the classic Taurus personality with an intriguing twist. Her magnetic personality combines the practical values and steadfast nature of her Taurus sun sign with the adventurous imagination of an Aquarius moon.

The Sun in Taurus woman is one of the most beautiful kinds of women. She always appears to perfection, and knows how to dress according her beauty.

Her favorite colors are warm tones like oranges or reds. But with an Aquarius Moon, she can be a bit eccentric and crazy sometimes.

Taurus woman in love will be the most affectionate, loyal and reliable partner in every way. A romantic at heart, you also have a strong sense of duty. You are not afraid to express your feelings to a lover face to face and you honor and respect them with your loyalty and honesty.

When there is a conflict between Taurus' sensuality and security urges, Taurus women turn to career as the way to make her own security, as well as fulfill her need for more variety and fun.

Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon women are artistic and intelligent; they enjoy creating dazzling effects with very little effort. They live in a world of illusions and sorcery and can accomplish amazing things when working out their fantasies. Underneath it all though, they’re driven by emotional needs or wounds that are hidden from themselves, as well as from everyone else.

Warm and inviting, the Sun Aquarius Moon woman has an enlightening insight into people’s feelings and motivations. Her ability to read others' emotions makes her a sympathetic and supportive friend, while her own sensitive nature means she is always aware of others' needs. This deep empathy also gives her a strong sense of responsibility towards society, and she strives to help those who are less fortunate than herself.

Taurus women are emotional, peaceful, and gentle. They are excellent listeners.

They are reliable, grounded and determined. Sun in Taurus can make a woman bossy or stubborn at time. She will not be intimidated by anyone and will always speak her mind.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon Man

The nature of Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon man makes him someone who is patient and guarded, always keeping an eye on the outcome.

He is independent and likely to be more shy and reserved than other individuals with Sun in Taurus. It takes a while for him to warm up to you but once he has he becomes very loyal.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon individuals tend to be more objective than subjective. They are independent, sometimes even iconoclastic. They like their own time, and they resist rules to work toward goals.

He is a born leader with a mission to embrace the future. Creativity is essential to his being, and he wants an instinctive ability to understand and relate to others. When set in motion, this man will build something on solid ground for the future and not just for himself.

The Taurus man combines the emotional sensitivity and nurturing nature of the Taurus Sun with the optimism, playfulness, and sociability of the Aquarius Moon. There is a unique balance to this pairing because a Taurus Sun man’s Moon also enhances his emotional side, providing him with an ability to express emotions more freely.

This is a man who is fascinated by the world around him, and has many talents. He can layer his creative abilities with some practical skills in order to achieve success in his career endeavors.

The stolid stability of Taurus may seem to put you into a bit of a rut, but it’s far from it! You have the ability to bring out the innovative side in your partner. A common issue for you both is not appreciating one another enough.

With a keen mind and natural talent for analysis, it is easy for the Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon man to distance himself from others and form high, and sometimes lofty ideals that others may seem to lack. He often has a tendency to plan for the future and forget the present.

This is why he needs a partner who reminds him of his responsibilities and who can get him out of his head to remember how important it is that he participate in the very moment he finds himself in. If life seems too dull or meaningless, he may be at risk for overindulging in the pleasures of life in order to feel as if there is a reward for his sacrifices.

A Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon is a rare blend of two fixed signs that makes for a very strong character. The Sun in Taurus can be stubborn but also highly practical, and the Moon in Aquarius gives this an unconventional streak, a unique vision and an unusual strength. These natives are bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to meet them, from admirers to reluctant lovers!

Aquarius Moon men are true free spirits. They desire a life of ease and happiness, where their time is their own to pursue the things that make them happy. There is a deep-seated social consciousness about Aquarius men that compels them to fight for causes they believe in, or to help a person in need when they see one.

These men are highly intelligent, with a thirst for knowledge and understanding that can’t be satisfied by research alone. They must learn through direct experience. Aquarius Moon men enjoy thinking, learning, and discovering new things, and they will often collect a variety of interests over the course

Aquarius and Taurus are both very independent signs. The Aquarius Moon feels that there is no one more capable of self-sufficiency or understanding them better than themselves, while the shy, thoughtful Taurus Sun is reluctant to express their feelings or opinions about most things.

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