Taurus Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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Taurus is ruler of your personality. The Sun sign is in charge of our outward appearance and how we make a public statement. The Leo Moon represents the subconscious, emotional life and how we relate to others privately.

The Taurus Sun, Leo Moon person has a gentle and warm nature. They are known for being kind, down-to-earth people who have a lot of integrity and on the surface appear to be incredibly romantic and generous people.

They seek rare gifts and enjoy beautiful clothing and décor in their lives. They need to have beautiful surroundings to live in but don’t want too much attention. They are simple tastes who want a comfortable life of safety, security, material possessions and comfort.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon person is all about enduring stability. You value the good things in life, and possess a kind of aristocratic charm—the kind that comes from being raised with a certain amount of wealth or privilege.

Having your Sun in Taurus means you are a big-picture thinker who likes to make sure things get done. At their best, Sun in Taurus people are passionate dynamos: they have the stamina and staying power to achieve many goals simultaneously.

They are easygoing, down-to earth, realistic and practical. They are excited by beauty, luxury, quality, comfort and pleasure.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon people are very much at ease with who they are. They enjoy long-standing relationships and take friendship seriously. Their friends often feel more like family to them than mere mutual acquaintances, for their tendency towards sentimentality predisposes them to loyalty.

They can be extremely generous and tend to enjoy the finer things in life. Perhaps their most notable characteristic traits have to do with material security and the quest for established relationships and comfortable routine. They seek evidence of success in their lives – material proof that they have “arrived” somewhere, so to speak.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon reveals a self-confident, self-motivated, and dependable person who has organized personal life around family relationships. They make balanced decisions and follow through with conviction.

Taurus may appear to be stubborn, but they are actually very appreciative. People born under the Taurus sign enjoy the finer things in life and expect only the best life has to offer.

Assertive, responsible, and trustworthy, Taurus people are faithful and loyal friends with a great degree of perseverance. They believe in hard work and are meticulous in everything they do, even when you most wish they would leave your house and never return. Many have exceptional business acumen due to their strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, and bulldog-like drive.

Taurus personalities like security and stability. Since they’re materialistic, they tend to have a lot of possessions. A bull is not one to saunter into the sunset in search of adventure; the vision of coins spilling from a slot machine is more likely to fetch them.

They can have a stubborn streak, and if crossed will react more vigorously than you might expect. But underneath that placid exterior beats the heart of the most passionate of all zodiacal creatures.

Leo is one of the Moon signs that is most creative, imaginative, artistic and visionary. The Taurus Sun rules self-respect, pride, dignity and standing in the community. Leo moon craves romance, passion and fine living.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Description

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Woman

The Taurus Sun Leo moon woman is creative, gentle but also strong, a true steward and able to make tough decisions. She is good at giving advice and always ca be trusted for her word.

Her friends admire her generosity and consistency. Be yourself and she will stand by you through thick and thin. Sometimes her great wisdom can lead a person who needs help or guidance away from the truth, but she never means it that way.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon woman is a natural born nurturer. No longer content to just be the wife of her husband’s dreams, she wants to be the Mother of all Mothers! She has great compassion and empathy for those in need. She takes her responsibilities seriously and delegates tasks with ease.

She is the most hard working zodiac sign of them all. The beautiful and capable female born with this sun-moon combination is adored by everyone who meets her and many others want to be just like her.

She’s very precise, extremely organized (although she won’t admit it), and a great multi-tasker. With an excellent self-esteem, she’s not shy and very personable with others. Lover of the arts, loves to dance, sing and will thrill at any opportunity to act or perform.

The Taurus woman is loyal. She loves to be with people and believes in treating others the way she expects to be treated. She will become very attached and possessive and makes a great loving spouse.

She possesses a lot of determination, which is expressed in their attempt to seek success in all areas. These individuals are always willing to fulfill their responsibilities and duties even if it involves certain hardships.

As they are very hard working, they are able to achieve great results in the end, although everything will not be easy for them. They won’t give up on anything unless they know their journey is impossible, as they are stubborn people.

The Taurus Sun Leo moon woman is loyal, hardworking and a team player. She wants to be recognized for her efforts and will work very diligently to receive praise.

She is romantic and enjoys the pleasures of life, such as fine food and entertainment. She loves to host parties and share her good fortune with those she cares about.

She is sensitive and affectionate, overcomes conflicts with her wittiness. This versatility makes her a welcome guest in any social circle.

She is not a daredevil; instead she is very conscientious about her surroundings. Her internal voice pushes her to take responsibility for the people around her. She prefers working hard and seldom complains about doing so, it’s just who she is.

They are strong, confident, down-to-earth, easygoing individuals. They enjoy the outdoor life and social activities. Their down-to-earth nature makes them great listeners.

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon woman is a philosopher, but she also needs relationships to feel whole and sympathetic. If she doesn’t have significant others, or many friends, it can cause a lot of emotional frustration. She prefers long-term relationships even though she can be slow to warm up and fall in love.

You enjoy physical pleasures and expensive things. You are loyal, even in times of trouble, and will help those who are close to you.

You’re determined to achieve your goals and willing to work hard to get what you want in life. You have strong values and opinions about right and wrong. You can be stubborn at times, but it’s usually clear that your opinions are based on genuine instincts.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon Man

The Taurus Sun Leo Moon man can be hard to understand at times. He is charming, loyal, and your best friend. A hopeless romantic, you share a close bond with loved ones and you’re fond of beautiful things.

You value family life–among them, the home itself is regarded as a treasure. Your finest moments are spent in quiet comfort within its walls, where peace and harmony reign supreme.

You have a big heart and enjoy giving more than receiving. A Taurus Sun Leo Moon man is ambitious, hard-working and has great leadership potential. Detectives, lawyers and scientists are all professions you might feel comfortable in.

They are the living embodiment of conservative, classic style and traditionalism. Born of earth and fire, these men march to the beat of their own drum, and if you’re lucky enough to get in step with them, you’ll see a whole new world in a whole new light.

Everyone loves a Taurus man with a good sense of humor. He likes to have fun and makes sure that everyone is included in the fun. He will even joke around with his family but very rarely will they ever see him angry or upset.

He can be quite creative while also being practical. He is a great planner due to his logical nature and his ability to think in great detail about what he wants.

He is fascinated with things that are new, interesting, and strange and will always try to learn as much as he can about whatever it is that intrigues him. He wants everyone to love him and will work hard to make sure that they do.

He is generally known for having an affectionate personality and a sensitive soul. They are usually a warm and gentle man. They can be very dedicated to partner or friends, but not all the time. Versatile, intelligent, and loyal, Taurus Sun Leo moon men are a catch for any woman.

Taurus men are nurturing. Caring and loving as husbands and fathers, Taurus Sun men are exceptional partners and family men, willing to give their all for the ones they love.

As fathers, they want to make sure that their children are happy with gifts of toys and games. They inspire their children to do well in school. Taurus Sun Leo Moon men even offer to jump in and give the tykes a boost when they need it.

They are loyal, stubborn and possess a gentle heart. They are pragmatic, patient, and dedicated to whatever they do.

They make ideal partners for forward thinking women who appreciate their stability and consistence. Taurus Sun Leo Moon men love a challenge and are stubborn when it comes to anything concerning commitment.

Now It’s Your Turn

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