Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Personality Traits

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The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon personality is often very stable. They enjoy living a simple life that centers on family and work. They are practical, logical, and down-to-earth. They tend to also be keen observers.

They are very patient and extremely dependable – if they say they’re going to do something, you can count on it. They are thoughtful, patient, and competent. They have a great work ethic and make excellent leaders.

The Taurus “Bull” is the most durable sign of the zodiac. They are hardworking and stable, more likely to be the provider in their relationship rather than the recipient. They make great bosses, employees, and neighbors.

The Bull is dependable and patient, with a natural ability to develop systems and structures for getting things done without having to leave a fingerprint. They have an intrinsic talent to manage people and resources effectively that allows them to create win-win solutions for everybody involved.

People with this sign are calm, analytical thinkers. They are extremely practical and down to earth, but also dreamers and idealists.

They are food lovers who are at their happiest when indulging in excesses of food and drink. These traits together gives them an appreciation for art, restful evenings at home, and a passionate temperament.

Taurus people are known for their calm, practical and sympathetic nature. Taureans are generous to a fault and take pride in being the glue that keeps family and friends together.

They are down to earth and competent individuals who’s strengths lie in making wise decisions, living a sensual life style and promoting peace among others. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the natural ruler of the heart; this explains the Taureans love for romance which is enhanced by their capacity for affection, kindness, sympathy and determination.

The Taurus personality is complex and very deep. They pride themselves on being dependable loyal, and stable. They are happy to work hard to obtain the goals they set for themselves and expect others do the same.

They are very attached to the physical world, and are sensual, persistent, hardworking, determined individuals seeking comfort after a long day’s work.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon personalities are can-do people, dedicated to the noble task of building a more secure, stable and prosperous world through their own hard work. They are practical and persistent, solid and dependable, slow moving but immensely powerful.

Like an earth sign, they’re fertile with new ideas and have a knack for getting things done. They take life seriously and are responsible and cautious. They strive for perfection and are hard working and loyal.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon person is of the earth, takes things slow, and likes to dig deep. They are responsible and dependable. They are proud of themselves and others.

They may be a bit self-conscious and somewhat hard on himself; but very responsible when it comes to money. Very practical, thorough, and organized. Does not believe in live for today; this person always has his eye on the future. A patient, and calm worker who is not one to jump the gun; he knows when and how to wait for the best result.

The combination of the Taurus Sun sign and the Virgo Moon sign results in sensitivity, calmness, patience, keenness of perception, practicality, conscientiousness, precision, and ambition.

With the Moon in Virgo, this person is rooted in values but also possesses an unusual amount of pizzazz. He or she flirts with a kind of charming sincerity and knows what he or she wants. The Moon in Virgo is helpful and stays positive even if his partner has an emotional outburst.

May be a little shy and reserved, but once this personality really warms up to someone, he or she becomes very loyal. Good manners are the hallmark of this personality, with true intelligence and good insight into something.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon individual has a good sense of what is right and wrong. The word practical describes this person very well.

People love to talk about the successful life of this individual. Management or business is exceptionally well-suited for them.

When it comes to the details of life, Taurus Sun Virgo Moon natives remember the little things. While others may not understand their need to be consistent in their behaviors, these natives truly enjoy paying attention to and carrying out the small but important details of life.

They can appear methodical and perhaps even obsessive or possessive – hence the Earth signs are involved here, a key feature of Taurus – but they are simply highly sensitive to their environment. It requires very little effort for them to make strong emotional connections in their interpersonal relationships.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Description

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Woman

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon women are kind, practical, patient and live a modest life style. They prefer to do a sensible job and live within their means. These women have high morals and values.

She is loyal, but at the same time she knows how to hide her own emotions. You must take into account that this woman does not like being pushed around emotionally.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon woman is very strong-willed and quiet. Secretive, conservative, shy or timid, she rarely makes the first move, but once involved in an affair she is deeply passionate and loyal.

She may sometimes be a little odd, but always trying her best to help others. She does not like criticism and very hard to forgive those who have hurt her. She has no interest in the opposite sex unless it’s destined by fate.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon woman is a homebody at heart, feeling very much a part of her family despite any outside interests or endeavors. She loves to work in the garden, cook and take good care of her family and friends

The Taurus-Sun-Virgo-Moon woman is the definition of easy going. On the surface, she seems to lack ambition and other life goals; however, inside she is actually very ambitious who just doesn’t care about success in the regular way.

Her idea of a successful life includes her home, family and friends surrounding her. What she wants more than anything else is inner-peace, happiness, and financial security.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon woman is a charming and affectionate partner. She brings a zest for life, is entertaining, and has the ability to make everyone feel special.

This lady loves her creature comforts and hates change and problems. She likes to eat well, enjoy luxurious pleasures, and socialize with friends.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon woman is grounded, laid back and at ease. She can be flirtatious but is not into one night stands or casual type affairs.

They are very stable, reliable and practical. These women are always true to their word and are good friends. They are of a very calm and collective nature, never being irritable or nervy. You can rely on them no matter what the situation.

As the Taurus Sun Virgo Moon woman, you want to be loved and cared for. You seek romance, affection and closeness. Your ability to turn dreams into reality draws others to you, for they trust your judgment, wisdom and loyalty.

She is a very strong woman. Not only she looks strong but her good manners and sense of responsibility are very well developed. She loves to take care of others and takes care of herself as well; a very rare combination indeed!

She loves keeping herself in good condition, She always smiles when it’s appropriate, even when there’s good reason not to.

She knows how to get her own way with a man by doing things for him rather than just demanding them from him. As one of the earth signs, Taurus is practical, methodical and steady in her approach to life.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon combination describes a woman who is outwardly down-to-earth but has a deep penchant for the finer things in life. Possessing personal style and beauty, she holds herself with confidence and elegantly dresses to accentuate her femininity.

She is a highly intuitive person, very in tune with her inner self and possessing the ability to dig deep into matters of the psyche. Equally, she is likely to be gifted with prolific creativity and imaginative insight. She may well use these qualities in art, music or design; or no doubt in some other creative way.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon Man

You are driven, practical, and very grounded by material gains. You come from a long line of stable workers and planners. You were born to be hardworking, practical, and scientific-minded. You are not one to be overly emotional or artistic.

His challenging Virgo Moon makes that difficult to find balance between his two extremes. His is the man who is frugal by nature, but loves himself some luxury; he is intelligent and logical, yet may seek the advice of a psychic or numerologist when making important decisions; he can be a clean freak, but also enjoys devouring a burger and fries.

Taurus men are the surest of foot, steady, reliable and dependable, calm and totally secure. Easily bored, they tire of routine quickly.

A Taurus Sun Virgo Moon is very stubborn. They cannot be rushed into a decision or persuaded with flattery.

He is a unique zodiac combination, as his personality is highly organized and very practical. The Virgo Moon man is very hard working and a perfectionist.

This man will stop at nothing to achieve his goals in life, but will never brag or boast about his accomplishments, like a Taurus might. Possessing an analytical mind and great memory for detail will usually give this man an edge in his career life.

The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon man frequently feels overwhelmed by his feelings. He is likely to feel resentful when the demands of everyday life are placing high pressure upon him.

Fortunately, he finds comfort when he withdraws, especially from the people around him. The Taurus Sun Virgo Moon man adores his mate and family, but is not able to express it on a consistent basis. If someone senses that they have been hurt or abandoned by him, he becomes extremely upset.

This man is steady and reliable, especially in times of crisis. Inwardly, he is steadfast and patient in his decisions. He is an achiever who relies on personal standards of excellence to measure his self-worth. His motto: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Considered one of the best Sun-Moon aspects, a Taurus man with a Virgo moon will always be prone to take the time to examine details. He’ll tend to think things through in a careful manner and enjoy doing detailed work that requires concentration such as organization or accounting.

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