Taurus Sun Libra Moon Personality Traits

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Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and one of the four fixed signs along with Virgo, Leo and Scorpio. Personality traits of those who are born under this zodiac sign include being patient, loyal, calm and practical.

The Taurus personality traits are pretty simple to understand: peaceful, patient, reliable, and gentle. A Taurus is always down for whatever.

Taurus is an earth sign and is ruled by Venus. Venus is all about beauty, love, and money, which are three things we need to be happy. Taurus is the first of the earth signs. The earth signs are symbolized by a strong foundation.

Discreet, concerned with detail, noncontroversial and rather reserved, Taurus is the solid foundation of any organization. Steering clear of warfare and controversy by nature, the Taurus personality is highly focused on stability and preservation of resources. Security comes first in any choice made by a Taurus, but if attacked will defend in an almost martyr-like way.

Taurus you are practical, stable, and sincere. You are also stubborn, fixed and hard-headed. When you want it done your way, you can be a bit of a precisionist. You’re cautious and prudent.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon person is straightforward and practical. The bull can be stubborn, but he acknowledges when he needs help. Taureans also are loyal and possess a good sense of humor. They value material comforts and stability.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon personalities are rare but beautiful flowers who find solace in nature and the simple pleasures in life. They enjoy what they have and strive towards a simple, happy life free of overindulgence.

They are someone who is well-liked, charming, and pleasant compared to other people. The person can be described as introverted, well balanced, cooperative and pleasant.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon personality is the most stubborn of all zodiac signs. They always put others first, but the one thing they need is for someone to return that favor and make them a priority. Too many people forget that Taurus also has a temper problem and their love language is gifts.

Did you know the Taurus Sun Libra Moon also makes for an artistically gifted, sensitive, and strong-willed person? These personality traits allow the bearer to have a pleasing personality, strong self-confidence, and an instinctive knack for surrounding themselves with beauty.

This planetary alignment creates personalities who are sensual, romantic and devoted lovers. They are home and family centered. They tend to be good and reliable friends.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon Person is well-known for being cool, calm and collected. These individuals are very sympathetic and willing to give a helping hand when needed. They are empathetic individuals who are thought of as lovers of peace, harmony and beauty.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon Description

Taurus Sun Libra Moon Woman

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman is sometimes even more indecisive than her Moon in Cancer counterpart. Often she gets to the end of her rope and just surrenders to fate.

This lady has a strong need for beauty and excellence in all things. She wants everything she does to be perfect, often laboring too long on something that can not possibly be made better. The Taurus/Libra temperament craves harmony.

The Taurus-Sun Libra-Moon woman is characterized by an air of dignity and gentility. She is very feminine in outlook and carries herself in a graceful manner, a true lady at all times.

The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Libra describe the mindset of a Venus in Taurus female.

The Sun in this chart is quite powerful and indicates that this person is very outgoing and successful at what they do. She is likely a leader among women or men and she plays her cards right in life, always looking to her own interest first.

The Taurus woman is a loyal, sensual, and nurturing soul who aims to create a strong and harmonious family unit. While she may seem passive at times, her assertive personality shines through in the zest that she shows for life.

In a relationship, the Taurus is faithful and dependable, always striving to please her partner. She takes responsibility for looking after everyone’s needs and wants.

The outgoing and charming Taurus Sun, Libra Moon woman enters adulthood with the desire to find deep meaning in life through close personal relationships and creative expression.

As a Taurus woman, you’re someone who is able to balance security and practicality with the desire for change and deep, spiritual experiences. Taurus is known for its natural qualities of being determined, dependable, and patient. You aren’t one to jump in with both feet; instead, you prefer to take your time to assess the situation before proceeding.

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman is loyal, romantic, and generous to a fault. She seeks harmony in her relationships and is willing to make compromises to achieve it. Equally attracted to physical comfort and emotional intimacy, the Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman combines her sensual nature with her devotion to family.

You know the saying “Love is an open door”? Well unlike other zodiac signs you love to stand in that doorway and weigh up your options. You see potential danger everywhere, both real and imagined. The idea of finally committing to someone and going out on a limb terrifies you!

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon woman is the woman that loves her friends and family but often finds she has no one to love her. She needs to realize that she is worthy of love and by offering unconditional love to others, she will receive the love she needs from others. The Libra Moon woman should find ways to stay close to their loved ones and keep up communication.

People with Taurus Sun, Libra Moon are emotionally focused and, like other Earth signs, warm and caring. This Venus archetype is inventive and resourceful, yet slow to act or make changes. They are very competent at relationships. They love luxury and comfort, but may be lazy and unadventurous.

The Sun in Taurus woman is bold, practical and materialistic, yet has a natural generosity that tends to be apparent when her partner brings out the best in her. Her lover will discover a chameleon-like woman of infinite colors and possibilities – once her Taurus man is directing her, of course

Taurus Sun Libra Moon Man

The Taurus Sun Libra Moon man is inherently warm and affectionate, but he’s also one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac!

Determined to undertake any enterprise no matter the size, this man can climb Mount Everest if he wants to or run through a brick wall. His determination and persistence is what makes him so successful.

You are the Taurus Sun Libra Moon man if you are traditional, warm hearted, tactful, charming and very diplomatic. You are charming and a real gentleman who makes friends easily.

You like to be in charge of your relationships and are dependable with people. You will be successful because you have a good insight into others character and because you are clear about your own intentions.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon men are characterized as being more maternal or feminine, emotional, affectionate and sensual when compared to other Sun in the same astrological sign. Whereas the other Sun in Taurus can lead people to be stubborn, bull-headed and materialistic, Taurus-Libra men can show an interest in poetry and art.

The Taurus-Sun-Libra Moon man is a man who enjoys both stability and change. He likes things that are familiar and comfortable or even predictable. But he also feels the need to do things differently, to explore what he has not yet explored in his life. He feels a need to try new things, to cultivate his mind and heart with knowledge and love.

He has a strong moral compass which he uses to guide his life. He’s highly confident in his decision making, and even more so when it comes to what he wants in relationships.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon men posses astrological sun sign traits of the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. The best-known characteristics of the Taurus include wealth, good taste, health, loyalty, creative ability, stability, generosity. On the other hand, people with a prominent Libra in his natal chart will be charming, artistic, fun-loving and open-minded.

The Taurus man is loyal, and an all-around sweetheart. If he’s interested in you, you’ll know! He’s incredibly warm and generous with his attention, but he does not give it freely to just anyone. Quite the contrary. His time is precious, and he only spends it with those who are worthy.

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