Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality Traits

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The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon person is the King or Queen of the castle. A born leader, you like to have a following and be admired for your style, grace, taste and manner.

You love home comforts, good food and plenty of it – in fact all your pleasures are sensual. You are a very trusting soul who wants true friendship with your mates because you cannot stand deceit and must be totally honest, even if it hurts.

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon person has a kind-hearted, generous, honest and friendly nature. She is a natural people person who loves to entertain and help others.

This can lead to problems in her life if she is not careful however, due to her tendency to get involved in everyone’s business. She also has a tendency to be overly emotional at times when things do not go her way.

Taurus, your Sun sign is made up of solid earth-like qualities. You are punctual and respectable, but also stubborn and opinionated.

Your Sagittarius Moon makes you electric with energy, and you have an exuberant joie de vivre .

You like to be at the center of things, and you see life as a grand adventure. You’re not afraid of risk, and you know how to give yourself over happily to anything that intrigues or excites you.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon people are no-nonsense realists, who have a deep understanding of human nature and an appreciation for the beauty of nature. They may possess abundant wealth or remain poor, yet they are often recognized as being wise people who can be trusted for their sound advice.

They are very independent, strong-willed person. They have a keen sense of right and wrong and the ability to make sound decisions. However, they can also be idealistic and inflexible regarding their core beliefs.

They are confident in themselves and are not generally swayed by the opinions of others unless they are presented with good reason to change their minds, in which case, they will respond positively.

The Taurus Sun/Sagittarius Moon person is a good-natured, fun-loving, affectionate person. You are a little on the materialistic side and you enjoy the finer things in life. You are not easily fooled and can spot dishonesty right away.

You have strong opinions and your own set of ethics, both of which could come up against others who don’t share them. New experiences catch your eye more than new possessions do and you are very independent with a real need to experience things for yourself.

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon natives are calm, intelligent, and optimistic with a keen appreciation for beauty. They have a cheerful attitude toward life and often seem to be in possession of excellent timing.

Their mental faculties are far above average and they love a good intellectual challenge. They are both tactful and unbiased, and they are often surprised to find others less fair-minded than themselves.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and represents an earthy quality with a great deal of staying power. Stay rooted in the material world while still reaching for the immense spiritual potential that lies within you.

You are steadfast, reliable, and dependable while also being strong and fully capable. Follow your instincts to act and be in situations that bring you happiness.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Description

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Woman

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is patient, determined, and takes life as it comes. She is an independent woman, who knows what she wants, and she contributes to her community. She wants long lasting relationships, for titles are important.

They can be opinionated and stubborn, but they are honest and kind people who are very loyal, if not passionate lovers.

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon woman is a faithful, delightful type that is obstinate at times. She is full of charm and capable of using it to her advantage.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon women are the dominant woman who immediately attracts the opposite sex. She is a sensuous creature who makes overall feminine impressions on a man. She is small and dainty as well as radiant and magnetic.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon women are independent, practical, and hard working people. They are excellent with handling money and efficient at managing their time. They tend to be secretive.

She shows her gentle side in domestic settings but can be just as feisty and fiery as the other tropical Taurus Sun women.

She is a nurturer, tend to be family-oriented and both creative as well as loyal. Spontaneous and determined, she knows what she wants and wanting her way is not something that is uncomfortable for her to express – especially with Taurus Rising.

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon woman might emphasize her inner nature and create the following features. Her features are often expressed through her physical attractiveness, which may be more than enough to captivate a man.

She may wear sensual or romantic clothing and use her make-up carefully to emphasize her facial beauty, which is her most feminine feature. Her eyes and hair may be beautiful, although she often emphasizes her eyes to attract men. She will dress in an attractive way for a man, emphasizing her curves at their fullest.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon women are regarded as extremely extroverted, although it is often difficult for people to get a real read on this lady. At other times they renounce their outgoing spirit in light of a desire to seem humble and modest.

For the strong-willed and spirited Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon woman, “Never give up!” is a mantra, both personally and professionally. She needs a career that provides her plenty of room for creativity and collaboration—especially in brainstorming sessions. This woman craves definition in her life’s work, but she wants that definition to be open to change as her dream evolves over time.

Like the mythological figure for which she is named, the Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon female possesses a wealth of natural talents and abilities. She is both perseverant and thoughtful, dynamic and inspiring–a woman who can maneuver through life quite easily.

This woman is a free spirit. She can be gregarious or witty and she loves to surround herself with friends and family. This girl often has a mischievous streak and is always up for an adventure.

Her curiosity leads her to love learning, and she’s usually interested in subjects like religion, history, science or the arts. This type of woman is attracted to people who bring fresh perspective into her life, especially when it comes to being passionate about ideas.

The Taurus Sun and Sagittarius Moon is an ambassador. She is a people person, bold, self-confident, and has an outgoing personality.

She feels comfortable in the spotlight, but sometimes has stage fright. She likes to spend money, dress stylishly and enjoy the finer things in life but may be extravagant.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon Man

The Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon person is known to be fiercely loyal and possess a genuine sense of humor. They often seem goofy at first glance, but they have more depth than other men with similar traits.

They are soulful thinkers, reliable friends, and dependable partners. Most people see them as honest and patient individuals, but they are actually imaginative and intense.

The Taurus man is a unique sign, and when combined with his Moon sign, he’s the total package! As a protector, Sun in Taurus can be stubborn because of his personality traits like persistence and perseverance.

The Sagittarius Moon man has a great sense of imagination and the ability to see things on a grand scale. He’s got traditional values that make him a respected and dependable man.

They are proud, outgoing, and adventuresome people. They tend to be spontaneous and outspoken and have a need for freedom.

The Moon sign natives of Sagittarius have a fun and light-hearted attitude. The sign of an archer, you love to go on journeys and want to explore new places.

Sagittarians are also very open minded individuals and love the great outdoors. Having the Sagittarius Moon sign means that your emotions are governed by your mother planet Jupiter which is planet of luck, expansion and optimism

The Sagittarius Moon person is usually a free thinker. They will try anything at least once. Adventure is hugely important to them.

They are socially oriented and have few personal boundaries. In their late 20s they begin to settle down and provide structure in their life. They are social butterflies looking for love as a means of fulfilling their life with passion and joy.

The Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon man is a clear thinker who doesn’t like to lose control over his emotions. He should succeed in any kind of career as long as he finds a way to hide his weaknesses.

The key to success for Taurus-Sun, Sagittarius-Moon natives is their foresight, strong sense of right and wrong and pioneering spirit. These traits lay the foundation for a successful life as well as a rich inner world.

Your personality draws people to you as you have a bright, effervescent personality that people enjoy being around. This person isn’t someone who’s shy because your Sun in Taurus Moon in Sagittarius is not afraid of taking risks, even if they are silly risks.

The Taurus man is known for his reliability, stability, and dependability. He is very honest and straightforward-and he expects the same from others. Very fond of money, the Taurus male loves to watch it grow-and will do anything within the law to make sure that it does so!

The Taurus guy is strongly attracted to “the good life” as represented by material wealth. He wants to be comfortable in every way possible.

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