Aquarius Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant (also known as rising sign) is one of the most significant parts of a horoscope. The Ascendant can reveal the strengths and challenges that we face throughout the course of our lifetimes, and provides insight into how we deal with them.

The Ascendant is the opening of a doorway, door or gateway. It indicates where we are going and what we hope to become. It shows our desire to lead, our urge to learn. The Ascendant is the sign of self-identity, what is projected upon the world and how we come about the qualities of the solar system in which we live.

Aquarius Rising Sign Description

Aquarius Ascendant Personality Traits

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, between Capricorn and Pisces. An air sign, those born under this sign are said to be visionaries, inventive and progressive.

The energy of Aquarius is futuristic; the air of this sign symbolizing intelligence, open-mindedness and an ability to do things with a unique perspective.

Aquarius rising signs are wise, inquisitive and ever determined to succeed in their chosen field. They are organized, focused, and relish order in life. They have a good sense of time as they live by a schedule that works for them.

If your Aquarius rising sign is true to your real personality, you’re going to have an extra brilliant mind, a lively, inquisitive nature, and the ability to see each person as an individual. You’ll be a forward-thinking free spirit who will try new things and be ahead of the pack.

Above all else, you’re a humanitarian and believe in helping others learn to become independent thinkers.

Aries Sun Aquarius Rising

The Aries person born between March 21 and April 20 has a lot of energy. They’re ambitious, competitive, and like to win no matter what they’re doing—from games to arguments to sports to romance. To describe an Aries Sun Aquarius Rising person, just ask yourself: “What would James Bond do? "

The Aries Sun Aquarius Rising person has the attitude of an Aries, with the idealism and unpredictability of an Aquarius, and is combined with a sincere desire for being loved and admired by others.

The sense of adventure is a driving force in most aspects of this person’s life. Even while doing a conventional job such as toiling away in an office, they often engage in daring and unconventional behavior to trick their superiors. Even while building a conventional routine lifestyle such as owning a house or having a family, they will toss in just enough unpredictable quirks to add variety to their lives.

The Aries Sun Aquarius Rising person is strong willed and independent. They are fearless and adventurous and assertive yet sensitive to the needs of others. They love exciting outdoor activities, especially anything that includes sports or fast cars.

The Aries Sun Aquarius rising person tends to be an independent free spirit who values their individuality and uniqueness. They have a strong sense of fairness so they will not tolerate injustice from anyone.

The Aries Sun Aquarius Rising combination is one of the best for the quest for truth. The Aries personality will relentlessly pursue whatever he or she wants out of life. Aries will question authority and everything else in life that they do not understand.

Quite often, a person with the Sun in Aries will be perceived as being arrogant and brash because he or she never lets anything pass. The Aquarius rising sign has an inventiveness and originality which enables him or her to be a leader rather than a follower, able to implement new ideas into the lives of others.

The Aries Sun Aquarius Rising person is humorously erratic in their efforts to rebel against societal strictures. They are restless, witty, curious, intelligent, glamorous and independent, and they are not interested in playing it safe. They love to stir things up. They can be radical thinkers with a great need for freedom of expression and a desire to stand apart from the crowd.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising

The Taurus Sun Aquarius Rising person in your life brings a calmness to the chaos. Born under the sign of indecision, this person is conflicted between their pragmatic side and their desire to be as free as possible.

They are gentle, charming, lonely, kind, inventive, wise at times, and will always see the bright side of any situation. Their gifts include good organization skills and their desire for freedom and variety sometimes leads them to go off lovingly on tangents.

The Taurus Sun Aquarius rising person has to be the perfect bowl of jello because they have a natural coolness or chill factor. Taurus Sun Aquarius rising people owe this coolness or chill factor to both the sign of Taurus, and also the planet Uranus which rules Aquarius.

Taurus Sun, Aquarius Rising individuals are practical with a one of a kind personality. They like to challenge things and have a unique sense of humor. They have lots of energy, can be pig headed at times and have a tendency to be impatient with others.

The Sun in Taurus Aquarius rising sign is receptive, idealistic, eccentric and progressive. This person is highly intellectual and has a wide range of interests. Intuitive and innovative, he or she may be a trendsetter and become involved in many unusual activities.

Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising

The Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising person is charming, friendly and curious. They love adventure, variety and freedom. The Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising person picked up this trait as a child. These individuals were often told not to bother people by standing on their head or doing cartwheels.

Gemini Sun Aquarius rising is an interesting combination. These folks have a great deal of enthusiasm for life, and are true pioneers who always open new doors. This makes them natural leaders and they can be quite charming.

The Gemini Sun Aquarius Rising person is inventive, independent and resourceful. Enjoys intellectual pursuits, secretly dreams of fame and fortune, loves a stimulating environment filled with people and ideas.

Social gregariousness gives a feeling of lightness in life. A restless spirit makes it difficult to remain settled for long periods. Does well financially and can be successful in any career as long as they don’t get bored too quickly.

The Gemini Sun-Aquarius rising idealist is the consummate free spirit. A diehard optimist, this person sees life on the bright side. He or she is an ardent believer in hard work paying off, everything in moderation, and intuition as a gift from the universe. Whatever philosophy you subscribe to, it’s all about new beginnings for you right now!

Cancer Sun Aquarius Rising

Cancer Sun Aquarius Rising individuals are passionate, idealistic, and independent. They may be seen as unpredictable or eccentric by others and sometimes even strangers.

Their pursuits are many, varied, and complicated for they are influenced not only by their nearest peers—family—but by the larger circles in which they move as well.

These people like to be in the forefront wherever they are—theater, politics, humanitarian service and health. And even if they seem not to want an active role in life, you can count on them to do just that!

The Cancer Sun Aquarius rising person is a cerebral and creative soul. They are deep thinkers and enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people. They have very original approaches to problem solving and looking at the world in different ways.

The Aquarius sign blends happily with Cancer’s sensual and nurturing nature. The Cancer Sun Aquarius rising person will want to talk about the latest developments in their career, their love life or how they feel about current events.

Cancer and Aquarius are known for being good problem solvers, so if you had to pick a friend who could help you solve problems, you might choose someone with a Cancer Sun Aquarius Rising.

Cancers are not the most emotional or tender of signs, but they make up for that with loyalty and stability. Aquarians are brimming with creative ideas and have a big vision for their life. Cancer and Aquarius know how to work together guilt-free to support imagination and manifest new goals with commitment.

The Cancer Sun Aquarius rising individuals are a unique group made up of members who are deeply committed to their family and friends. They are, as the name suggests, loyal persons who will defend their loved ones with passion and fury when necessary.

What makes them so different from other zodiac groups is that they truly enjoy the company of others. They are compassionate people who feel connected to others in some way or another.

The Cancer Sun Aquarius Rising person loves to share and receive information, often seen as a great teacher and promoter.

Leo Sun Aquarius Rising

The Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Sign person is always up for a new challenge and can be counted on to be the first to volunteer for a job. They are very devoted to their friends and family and are loved by most people who know them because of their sense of humor and carefree, laidback attitude.

It’s hard for the Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Sign to admit when they have made a mistake or hurt someone’s feelings. After all, they are so confident and outgoing that they tend to forget that not everyone is as fearless as they are.

Those with this planetary position are vivacious but unconventional souls who delight in challenging old ideas and beliefs. Their creativity, somewhat secretive nature and passion for social justice marks them as individuals who stand out from the crowd.

The Leo Sun Aquarius Rising person is intelligent, clever, creative, reserved, friendly and opts for a nonconformist way of life. They will work hard for success and can handle any situation that life will present them.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising

The person with Virgo Sun Aquarius rising is able to analyze and organize well. He/she is neat, orderly, and likes learning new skills as well as expressing creativity. He/she is intuitive, dependable, honest and has a high sense of duty. The Virgo Sun Aquarius rising person does not like to be limited by rules or regulations.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising People are characteristically hardworking, creative, ambitious and dynamic. They possess depth, a desire for recognition and the ability to take on leadership positions.

People with this combination are highly individualistic, strong willed, independent, frank, outspoken and original. Whether at work or play they are inventive, ingenious and ingenious in ways to achieve their ambitions.

They have a capacity for leadership which they must learn to harness and focus on a worthy cause where their high ideals can make a difference. They are easily irritated by folks who don’t see things as clearly as they do, but the good news is that this makes them excellent problem solvers.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising person is often neat, methodical, and organized. Audacious with a mild temper, the Virgo/Aquarius rising person often seems to excel at everything they do.

The Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising is very analytical, original and loves new ideas. They are down-to-earth and have a charming sparkle about them. When it comes to details, they are perfectionists and have an unusual eye for what needs attention – often being the first person to see a loose thread or dirt when no one else does.

Libra Sun Aquarius Rising

Libra Sun Aquarius Rising individuals often have wonderful careers, because they are charming and good at socializing, but they may not stay in one place for too long.

The Libra Sun Aquarius Rising person is a mixture of two opposing elements, which can be perceived as the best of both worlds. Such a person offers a fresh attitude to any relationship with a partner that they share.

Libra Sun Aquarius Rising people often aren’t certain which career path will prove most satisfying. Their changeable nature may cause them to make sudden career changes and they often feel as if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Their ability to reason and make decisions easily makes them envied by their peers who view Libra Sun Aquarius Rising as ‘having it all’.

Libra Sun Aquarius Rising people have a natural eye for organizing and balancing. With the ability to see both sides of an argument and find ways to resolve problems, they are great at being fair, diplomatic and bringing peace. They appreciate great ideas and beauty in all its forms, and love being around people who have a positive outlook on life.

Libra Sun Aquarius Rising natives are charming, artistic, fair-minded, and imaginative individuals. They have a great sense of justice and enjoy helping others. They certainly believe in equality for all, and detest anyone who thinks he or she is better than everyone else.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising

Scorpio is all about getting the most out of life and holding nothing back. They’re driven by a need for depth and intensity in all things, but that means they’re also prone to being a bit secretive and stubborn.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising people are visionary, intense and magnetic. They tend to interact with the world in a highly unusual manner. They have both artistic talent and analytical prowess. They are passionately committed to their goals and ideals but at the same time they are very self-aware regarding their weaknesses and mistakes.

Scorpio Sun-Aquarius Rising loves the role of established power, strong and willful in large groups. This individual has an amazing ability to generate energy and can tap into it with the least amount of effort.

A real mover and shaker, this leader must have a deep seated need for attention. Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising looks to all types of leaders for inspiration, including teachers, friends, and government personages. This native has a talent for long range goals and is excellent at organization.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising is a personality type that usually possess great qualities like: humanitarians, risk takers, and big dreams. If you are born under this sign you might have been the person who would have been heard saying at an early age “I want to change the world!”

Scorpio Sun with Aquarius Rising people are the most inquisitive of all the signs. A Sun-ruled sign, Scorpios seem most comfortable on a journey, though they do like to have their own back yard too. If you encounter someone with a Sun in Scorpio with an Aquarius Rising Sign, be prepared for adventure, as they will never be “stuck in a rut” or tied down to anything. They’re fun-loving and love a variety of challenges!

Scorpio Sun Aquarius rising is a rare and gifted individual. His creativity, sense of adventure, and ability to adapt are extraordinary. He is a person who lives life to the fullest. He knows what he wants out of life and what it takes to acquire his dreams.

He is a born leader, very progressive, and may become involved in an occupation that changes the way things are done. He can manifest the impossible with sheer willpower, but only when working with groups of people who share in his vision. If he has average or poor health, he may not be able to show his true abilities.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising people typically have a great sense of humor and are likely to be very funny, but they are not usually particularly witty. They often have mischievous streak and sometimes this can emerge in response to stress or a crisis.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising folks tend to be freedom-loving, adaptable, cheerful, and optimistic. People with this astrological combination are charming, fun loving, energetic, and ambitious.

A Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising sign means that you are a truly cosmic individual. It is time to break free of the shackles of tradition and get ready for your chance to go way out in a big way. This is a good time for some scientific research or abstract philosophy for the Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising sign, but avoid unrealistic flights of fancy.

The Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising person is one who seeks to find out what is real. The Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising character has a non-stop desire to reach for their goals in every way, whether it is through exploration of the unknown or learning new skills, the Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising will always be curious about how much more they have left to accomplish.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Rising people have abundant enthusiasm, quick minds and a casual directness of manner. They love new experiences and meet life with an assertive outlook. There is great forcefulness in their personality traits and they will never be found lacking in determination.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius ascendant pairing is an interesting mix, these two signs together can be both strong and powerful, yet with a great enthusiasm for change.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising is the term used to describe someone who was born with a Capricorn Sun sign, and an Aquarius Ascendant. Such a person is said to be very willful, tough-minded, conscientious, rational, hardworking, and ambitious. Often Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising individuals are accused of being self-centered and having a strong sense of independence.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising person is well-respected, calm, stable, friendly and reserved. Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising individuals are sensible, smart, quick-witted, original, thoughtful and hard working. They like to evaluate a situation before they act upon it.

They are very organized with themselves and their environment since they want everything to be in control at all times. Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising individuals are very determined when others oppose them or offer an argument that is contrary to what they want or believe in. That is when their stubbornness takes hold and they work even harder to achieve their goals.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising is the sign of the ambitious who understand how to level up and achieve their dreams. These practical people are great at building systems, setting goals, and possess the determination to defeat all obstacles in their path.

Their competitive streak has them pushing themselves just as hard as they push those around them. With a naturally inquisitive mind and an unrelenting curiosity into the world, there isn’t much they can’t accomplish.

The Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising person is a natural leader. They are typically cool, reserved and dignified. They take pride in their astute wit and intellect and respect themselves and others for intellectual achievements.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Rising people are known to be practical and persistent individuals. Capricorn-Aquarius Rising is a person who likes to take charge of situations and makes sure that things are done on time.

Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising

As an Aquarius Sun/rising sign, you are an innovative, intellectual thinker. You are self-confident and regard others as equals. You are objective and impersonal in your approach to problems.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac is an intelligent and keen observer. Aquarians are known for their curiosity and originality in thought.

The Aquarius Sun Aquarius Rising is a statement of your individuality, foresight, and humanitarian cooperation.

You are the eccentric scientist and the computer whiz. You are extremely intelligent, if bored, and don’t understand why everyone doesn’t want to sit around and discuss theoretical physics and doom the world economy. As you age, your rebellious side appears more frequently, but your self-awareness will keep it in check.

Just as the brightest and clearest water sparkles the most, Aquarius Sun people shine with a unique kind of brilliance. Their enhanced intellect makes them very competent at grasping ideas, where they excel in communicating their vision to others.

Their interest is in facts and figures, making them logical thinkers who are not easily swayed by emotion. Cautious and restrained in their emotions, they tend to be aloof among strangers.

But once you get to know an Aquarius Sun — or even better, once you become friends — you will find a sensitive soul who will treat you with great loyalty and respect.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising person has a unique personality with many facets. This position of the planets imbues them with a universal wisdom, great inventiveness, and an idealistic sense of grandeur that they try to live up to.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising individuals are often involved in humanitarian efforts or are interested in establishing universal peace. They hate bigotry and prejudice, and speak out against social injustice wherever they find it.

The pisces Sun Aquarius rising person who has a very complicated personality, it is best to keep a Pisces Sun Aquarius rising person guessing about exactly what you are up to. Try to be very vague in your communications.

If a Pisces Sun Aquarius rising person understands you are using them, or if they feel there is an ulterior motive behind your words or actions, they will distance themselves from you quickly.

Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising people have the ability to read every nuance of behavior and once they catch on that you are up to something you may never get back into their good graces.

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising person has a wonderful imagination and is constantly entertained by their vivid dreams. These interesting people are sensitive, caring and empathetic.

The Pisces Sun Aquarius Rising person is a spiritual visionary with immense reserves of unused energy. They’re charming, inventive and will adventure into unknown lands like a big cat but are always restless to find the next exciting thing.

Pisces Sun in Aquarius Rising denotes sensitive, imaginative, and visionary tendencies. Pisces Sun is visionary in the sense that they glimpse more into the future than those around them. Their clear sense of having a purpose allows them to chart out their life perfectly, while Aquarius Rising instills enthusiasm for realizing goals.

The Pisces/Aquarius Rising person is often a fast mover, but this can place them at odds with the realities of the world. Often an idealist, they can be frustrated by others who do not see things the same way since they need to be understood and have their passions appreciated to function well.

The positive side of Pisces/Aquarius Rising people is that they will remember friends and loved ones effortlessly and provide friendship in return. These folks are constantly on the move, but once they find a passion, they tend to stick with it.

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