Pisces Rising Sign & Ascendant Personality Traits

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The Ascendant is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon of the place you were born. Rising signs are a very ancient concept in astrology, and add a whole new layer to your natal chart reading.

The Ascending sign, like the Sun, shows how you will present yourself to the world when you are born. The Ascendant is the cusp of the First House on your natal chart; it represents how you come across to other people and how you perceive yourself.

Born with your Ascendant (Rising sign) in Pisces, emotion is your driving force. As a true humanitarian and deeply compassionate soul, you are a natural healer. You seek to find the root of what causes suffering in others and help them recover or heal.

Pisces Rising is a symbol of transformation to different conditions. A human being with this sign is quite sensitive and emotional and will never be happy in a monotonous life.

Pisces Rising Sign Description

Pisces Ascendant Personality Traits

The word Ascendant comes from Latin and meaning a rising. It also called the Rising sign because it is the zodiac sign that is rising on the eastern horizon on your birthday. The Ascendant is thought to reflect how we interact with others and how others perceive us.

The Ascendant is the position of a point on the horoscope that marks the beginning of something. The Ascendant has been considered an important indicator of personality and fate since ancient times.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, and a Pisces Ascendant represents someone who is sensitive and compassionate. Pisces Rising individuals are known for being psychic and for having vivid dreams. This sign also represents philanthropic, artistic and mystical people.

Pisces rising tends to be a spiritual person, very compassionate, and who shows their devotion through action rather than words. They are extremely intuitive people, who work best when they have something to believe in, which will give them the focus that they need.

The Pisces Rising person has a magnetic personality and wins people over easily. You naturally find yourself in a leadership position. As a child you were often playing the role of peacekeeper and may have been accused of understanding other people’s feelings too well.

Having an ascendant in Pisces represents a poet and an artist who lives in a dream world, filled with imagination. He has a creative bent of mind and is very much interested in the occult.

He has an intense interest in mysticism and spiritual activities such as meditation. The Pisces rising native has an active imagination which enables him to visualize his dreams and goals clearly.

Aries Sun Pisces Rising

Aries is concerned with direction and Pisces is concerned with dreams. What do you get when you mix them? A creative genius fiercely driven toward a goal better imagined than visualized. Aries Sun Pisces consists of high ambitions, big ideas, high ideals and ideals that are BIG.

As an Aries Sun Pisces Rising sign, you are filled with passion and fire. This passion can be channeled into a purpose, or may simply drive you to the next exciting thing. You are always in some stage of discontent. Your restless energy keeps you seeking new adventures to explore, new relationships to experience and new knowledge to acquire.

Aries Sun Pisces Rising is a bold blend of philosophies and tactics, a synthesis that can make for an interesting and intriguing personality. The Aries Sun Pisces Rising person can be very kind and helpful to others, but they might also be exceptionally sneaky and prone to manipulation when it comes to getting the truth out of people.

Aries Sun Pisces Rising people are direct, strong minded and apt to be leaders. They have great foresight and love to learn new things.

As an Aries Sun Pisces rising zodiac sign, you are known for your original ideas and dynamic approach to life. You are a great leader and ready to accept the challenge of taking on a tough project. You love to be admired, but this can lead you into attracting more adulation than you can handle from other people in your life.

Taurus Sun Pisces Rising

Taurus Sun Pisces Rising people have a broad range of personality traits. They are artistic, emotional, intuitive and at one with the Universe. They are empathetic to the feelings of others and very observant of major issues in their community.

In general, they are idealistic in their approach to life. They are often able to make wise decisions, as if guided by a higher power or faith that inspires them to walk the straight and narrow path.

The Taurus Sun Pisces Rising person is kind, gentle, and loving. These people are also very dependable, loyal friends and trustworthy. They truly have the ability to love unconditionally which makes them feel very special and a truly bright spot to those around them. They are great at supporting others and appreciating just how special they are.

Taurus Sun Pisces Rising people want to escape the mundane and domestic routine and have a passion for exploring the unknown. Rarely do they possess many practical skills, and yet they are not looking for a secure job or steady lifestyle because their creativity is more important to them than money.

Their need to collect everything that interests them is often perceived as greed by others, but it is a natural part of their collection instincts. Nurturer and friend to all, the Taurus Sun Pisces Rising person is a giver and fills any room with their larger-than-life spirit, which sometimes gets them in a bit of trouble.

The Taurus Sun Pisces Rising person wants to live in the moment. She’s a romantic at heart, and a generous lover who is able to understand the desires of her partner. With a Pisces rising you can expect a gentle woman who wants to be well loved. When she makes love she wants to feel as if she is the only person on earth.

The Taurus Sun Pisces Rising person is highly emotional and easily wounded by criticism. They are also very responsible and imaginative and tend to live in their own fantasy world where they can escape from reality.

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising individuals are described as having a very strong desire for understanding other people. There are astrologers who believe that the ascendant in Pisces will give individuals a “sixth sense” for being aware of intuitive feelings which indicate a person’s mental condition, moods, etc.

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising has a reputation for being the ultimate chameleon. Their ability to perpetuate the status quo makes them extremely adaptable and flexible in both their professional and personal lives.

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising doesn’t like to feel pigeonholed. They need a great deal of freedom in order to feel comfortable in a relationship or business venture, and they will resist any attempt to reduce them to a stereotype.

The Gemini Sun Pisces rising traits includes versatility, intellectualism, idealism, and imagination. The Gemini born with this Sun sign provides the catalyst in a relationship and their partners often think of them as the best partner ever because they are able to give them just about anything.

They can be quite useful to others and love to help out in any type of project. Since they have a bit of an ego, it is very common for them to be used without knowing it.

The pairing of Gemini with Pisces in the astrological chart represents more of a mystic or esoteric nature. Geminis born with this yoga usually have much interest in things of a psychic nature such as the meanings of dreams, intuitive insights, clairvoyance and other paranormal phenomena.

The harmonious combination of Gemini and Pisces uplifts your life. The more you balance Gemini’s intellectual soul with Pisces' aesthetic feelings, the more you experience an elevated sense of awareness which is a reflection of the rising sign. This awareness becomes your guide to finding happiness and restoring energy, vitality and peace of mind.

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising

Cancer is one of the most powerful signs in the Zodiac. Cancers can make very successful politicians, actors, writers, and musicians. Cancers are very sensitive souls who have lots of love and affection to give.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and those born under this sign are known to be nurturing, loving and kind. However Cancer Sun Pisces Rising individuals can also be sensitive, moody and insecure. In addition, they can have an artistic streak but these people are also full of contradictions.

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising natives have a magnetic appeal and the ability to lead others quietly. They can seem quiet and introverted but they are highly perceptive of their surroundings and absorb much information from those who surround them.

They have an artistic bend and can especially express themselves through music and drama. These natives are very idealistic, with a love for mankind that can lead them to make great sacrifices for human good.

They enjoy helping others, whether it is their family, their community or the world at large. Cancer Sun Pisces Rising people tend to be generous in giving of their time, effort, money and possessions to

Bold and dramatic, the Cancer Sun Pisces Rising individual is one of the most creative and artistic people you’ll ever meet. These folks are deep thinkers who are compassionate, caring, and considerate.

They’re excellent at handling money and making investments for the future. Often religious or spiritual, these individuals lead needy souls to new heights of enlightenment. This Sun sign is romantic and complex with many different sides to their personality.

Cancer Sun Pisces rising people are compassionate, intuitive, and nurturing. They like order in life and great at taking care of people, animals, or plants. Those born with Sun in Cancer are highly sensitive to the suffering of others and can be overly protective. Cancer Sun Pisces Rising is also artistic and often image conscious.

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising has an enduring sense of compassion, a natural ability to give and give to others without expecting anything in return. They may have been fortunate enough to be raised with financial security or a spoiled from the material point of view in their childhood years, Cancer Sun Pisces Rising is the personification of a caring friend and protector to others.

Leo Sun Pisces Rising

Leos are ambitious, proud individuals who love luxuries and like being the center of attention. Pisceans are emotional, intuitive, easily hurt and sensitive and can go from zero to over emotional in a second.

You are nurturing, creative, and highly intuitive and posses a strong desire to escape into a fantasy world. Your openness to love makes you charmingly affectionate and magnetic to others.

The Leo Sun Pisces rising is naturally drawn to the water, giving them an affinity for spirituality, mysticism, the occult, as well as a talent for acting or entertainment.

The Leo Sun Pisces rising person is creative with much ingenuity. They possess great writing ability as well as a keen sense of aesthetics. They are versatile in many areas and have the capacity to be resourceful. This person is quite popular and charming, attracting attention easily even during their school days.

Leo Sun Pisces Rising people are creative and visionary, with a highly developed taste for the dramatic. These people can often be found on the stage or behind the scenes working behind the scenes; they love to be the center of attention even if it’s just for a moment. They are friendly, generous, sensitive, and adaptable.

Leo Sun represents your spiritual side, while Pisces rising denotes the artistic side of your nature. Leo Sun tends to be caring, sensitive, and self-sacrificing. You are a dreamer with an idealistic quality to your personality, but you are also a realist, which is unusual for your sign.

If you have a Leo Sun the “Show me” attitude exists in a more subtle way. The leonine quality shines as much through enthusiasm and motivation as through ambition. You love to be in the spotlight and at the center of it all!

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising

The Virgo Sun Pisces Rising person’s ruling planet is Mercury in Virgo, which can indicate musical ability and a practical side. Virgos are known for their attention to detail and desire to help others. They can be shy or reserved until they get to know someone.

The Virgo Sun Pisces Rising person will find that their passion has a greater freedom to develop, while they are able to be more objective in their relationships. They will look for a significant relationship that feels like a spiritual connection.

These natives have a special gift of healing and will most likely be drawn to the medical profession or a healing environment. They should watch what they eat and make sure that they stay as healthy as possible by proper rest and cessation of worry and stress.

In Virgo Sun Pisces Rising, the focus is on practicality, sincerity, and attention to detail. The people with this position approach life in a very methodical and practical way. They tend to be focused on serving others always taking an interest in other people’s lives. They can sometimes be too critical of others or too generous to a fault.

Virgo Sun Pisces Rising people are idealistic, practical and imaginative. They are elegant, generous, romantic but wistful. Born with a dreamy quality, they tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses and rarely lose their sense of wonder.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising

Libra Sun Pisces Rising individuals are likely to show their emotions through their actions and would often choose to express them more than communicate in words. They have a great sense of humor that is marked by subtle wit. They are usually confronters and judges of others' character and personality.

Libra Sun Pisces Rising people enjoy helping others, with a knack for creative problem solving. The sign is typically friendly and seeks harmony in all situations. They possess a dry sense of humor, strong imagination, and love to learn.

The Libra Sun Pisces Rising combination describes a well-balanced and refined person, with beautiful personal qualities and a place in the world. But at the same time, there may be shortcomings of which they are unaware. The Libra Sun Pisces Rising individual is often skilled in diplomatic arts and negotiations, which can be considered a blessing and a curse, at the same time.

The Libra Sun Pisces Rising combination is about feelings being superior to logic, plus a desire to blend the spiritual with the ideal. Your Sun signifies your core personality, and your Rising sign signifies how you interact with the world around you.

Both these signs are Neptune-ruled, and this adds another layer of imagination and sensitivity to your overall impression. You may have inherited (or developed) psychic abilities and be quite visionary.

Libra is the sign of fairness, so it would make sense that diplomats would be born under its sign. Libra Sun Pisces Rising natives are known to be flexible in their outlook as well as their relationships.

The Libra Sun Pisces rising person is a person with extraordinary talents. They pride themselves on being able to see all sides of a situation, and these individuals are masters at intuition; they may even reveal a psychic or clairvoyant side during their lifetime.

If you were born with Libra rising, your sign is said to be ruled by Venus, the planet of love. You are a natural peacemaker who wants everyone to get along harmoniously. This characteristic is part of your appeal as a leader, enabling you to bring disparate elements together and form a productive whole.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising people are typically very intuitive and can sense when others are lying to them. They enjoy being alone to process their feelings about life and the people they meet. This can make Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising people appear aloof at times, but they are simply too wrapped up in their own minds to be bothered with petty communication.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising people have a wonderfully unique energy that combines the best of water and earth. They are deeply emotional, but also highly adaptable. There is a sense of mystery about these people which adds to their allure, as well as a creative spark which sets them apart from many others who share their combination of Sun and rising sign signs.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising people are passionate dreamers who have an active fantasy life and need to keep this side of themselves alive. It’s important for them to be free to intellectualize and philosophize, even if they don’t get much chance to put these ideas into practice.

They have a more determined, pragmatic side that is very cautious and intimidating. They possess great powers of concentration and are good at working toward their goals in a methodical manner.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising can often have problems expressing feelings, especially the softer side. The tendency is to be very private and separate oneself from others. They will go out of their way to avoid having to express themselves intimately.

Scorpio Sun Pisces rising people are born to be loners and their temperament is aloof. They feel that they have been betrayed by people in their lives, and they make it a point to not trust anyone. This deep-rooted mistrust extends to the way they see the world as a whole.

Instead of looking at things from a global perspective, they prefer to look at things in a small scale only, right from their own environment, so that they do not get hurt again.

The Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising individual is a great worker, and has much in the way of common sense. He or she is often very concerned about things that many people miss, and has a tendency to push on about matters, even if he or she does not always state all that this person thinks.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising

The Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising person is optimistic, adventurous, broad-minded and philosophical. These people are often considered to be free spirits because they value freedom and change.

Their quest for continuous knowledge and the latest innovations often makes them adept in many different fields of study. Unlike most other zodiac signs, they cling to their optimism even when things go wrong.

Deeply intuitive, they provide companionship to others who become fascinated by their philosophical outlook on life. They must be careful of exaggeration or appearing to talk down to others, which make people feel inferior.

Both determined and adaptable, Sagittarius Sun Pisces rising people are full of contradictions. They can come across as very set in their ways but they are also very easy-going, and more than a little flexible, especially where their freedom is concerned. These people can be intellectual and imaginative but they are also practical and grounded in the real world – at least most of the time, anyway.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising people are ambitious and adventurous. They are also versatile, idealistic, and independent. Sagittarius represents vision and idealism. Having a Sagittarius Sun sign means you have a great desire to be free, if not of your physical constraints then certainly of your mental bonds.

A Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising combination means that you are a free-spirited fire sign who is typically optimistic and highly eccentric. Your emotional expression via a sense of humor is probably your most prominent trait.

You have a very spiritual personality and are an adventurous idealist. You probably believe in some sort of deity or higher being, and you may have a vivid imagination and sense of fantasy. Silly puns seem to tumble from your tongue before you even realize it!

The Sagittarius Sun Pisces rising person is very intelligent and often has a keen sense of humor. This sign can sometimes appear moody, which they are, but will always bounce back and be ready to face the world with optimism and cheerfulness.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Rising people have that friendly make-you-feel-good quality which is the hallmark of Sagittarius. They’re receptive, spontaneous and basically generous, meaning they’ve got the happy knack of always thinking up new ways to enjoy life.

Usually sunny and optimistic, they love to laugh, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re careless or naive. It’s true that sometimes Scorpio gets a bad press because people who wear their heart on their sleeve can often be taken advantage of; however, Sagittarius gets a better billing although they are just as capable of suffering when love goes

A Sagittarius Sun Pisces rising sign person has an idealistic view of the world, and is optimistic about new experiences. Sagittarius-born people are ready for new beginnings and challenges. They have expansive, philosophy-minded minds that contribute to a happy attitude.

Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising

The Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising sign is conservative, friendly and tactful. You are attracted to refined people who have a lot of class. Yes! That’s you. You may tend to be pessimistic at times and frequently be a bit on the negative side.

The Capricorn Sun Pisces Rising personality is a terrestrial combination of earthly traits and spiritual aspirations. This kind of individuality knows the value and power of experiential knowledge and seeks to retain it.

These individuals are careful, conscientious and reserved but they are fluid and adaptable enough to be accepting of change around them, though they will generally apply structure to resist it. These people need a lot of space to move in and their intuition is well developed.

Capricorn Sun Pisces rising people are very cautious, prudent and careful. They always think about things before taking action. They have realized that life cannot be perfect and they do not expect their external world to be too organized.

These individuals are good at managing time and money in order to feel more comfortable. However, they also fear of being financially unstable. They want to live with peace of mind, so they must learn to save money for unexpected incidents.

When in love, they are quite stable if somewhat cool, and their partners feel protected by how practical they are. They have no passion for flitting from one lover to another like a typical Sagittarius lover would do; this Sun sign is very loyal and committed.

Pisces rules the feet, and this sign is known for its graceful gait. An intelligent fish that lends its sensitive nature to the mix, the Capricorn Sun-Pisces Rising person knows how to stride toward success. A natural leader, your ace in the hole is a sharp intuition and a keen sense of finance that helps you read the market for business or pleasure.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising

Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising is a sign that can be difficult to get a handle on. The planet Saturn represents order and structure, which means this person will always attempt to maintain a good handle on life.

The sign Aquarius is an air sign, and is independent, has a great sense of humor, and finds it easy to make contacts with people. With water in its element, Pisces Rising tends to be sensitive and emotional. This combination is not common

Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising is the most cheerful, optimistic type of zodiac combination. They are in line with our very Western ideas about karma and reincarnation; their aim is to live a good meaningful life from the start. To them, this life is a gift and should be treated as such. Also, they are the least likely to make a splash on stage, being too shy for that.

The Aquarius Sun in Pisces Rising sign is the most sensitive of all Pisces rising personalities, and when combined with an airy Aquarius Sun, this sensitivity can be heightened.

Aquarians with a Pisces Rising tend to find themselves in need of renewing on a regular basis. This can be due to things such as boredom, feeling like they are getting no appreciation or feeling directionless. The more extreme the Aquarian Sun traits are present combined with the Pisces Rising sign traits, the more intense this renewal process may be.

The Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising combination represents the Aquarius' creative and mental abilities and their magnetic personality – traits that often lead them to greatness.

The person with an Aquarius Sun in their natal chart tends to be quite different to those with the rising sign of Pisces. As well as the main traits associated with Pisces rising, they also have a need for freedom and will move from one job to another frequently, perhaps even changing career at least once, or multiple times. They like a leader who is quiet and calm.

The Aquarius sign personality is ruled by Uranus, bringing independence, a need to question the norm and an ability to see the futility of doing things the traditional way. They are imaginative and inventive. They have a strong affinity with technology and like to explore new ideas. They often see themselves as pioneers or inventors.

Aquarius Sun Pisces Rising is a free-spirited and original thinker who always tries to make the best of any situation, while being imaginative, entertaining, compassionate, and even somewhat spiritual. It’s difficult for this individual to see things in a mundane way, and he or she is likely to surprise others with his or her original thinking.

Pisces Sun Pisces Rising

The Pisces Sun Pisces rising sign personality is kind, compassionate, popular, sensitive and passive. This person’s charitable nature doesn’t have a logical beginning. They see something about someone that needs help and don’t think twice about helping them.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to giving, but they don’t expect anything in return. They have a hard time saying “no” because they don’t like to disappoint anyone. You may see them wearing others people’s problems as if they are their own. It is not uncommon for this person to loose sleep over someone else’s issues.

The Pisces Sun Pisces Rising person loves helping others, but may have difficulty helping themselves. These folks are very empathetic and compassionate, extremely sensitive to the feelings of others.

The Pisces Sun Pisces Rising individual is likely to be a very gentle, compassionate and empathetic individual who will have genuine concern for the well-being of his or her lovers. They posses an uncanny understanding of the emotions of others and are able to empathize easily. They will often possess a compassionate aura about them, helping those less fortunate with open hearts and hands.

The Pisces zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune, and the Pisces rising sign personality traits include being creative and having psychic abilities. The Pisces Sun sign gives the qualities of loyalty and generosity.

Curious, dramatic, and fluid in their communication Pisces Sun Pisces Rising express themselves through stories, myths, parables, and poetry. With the creativity of the artist and the passion of the mystic they see life through a myriad of lenses.

Their quest for personal meaning and spiritual enlightenment makes them artists or missionaries whose zeal heralds a family or an organization to higher purpose.

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