19 Fun Date Ideas for Couples [2022]

by Ryan Hart | Updated on March 8, 2022 | Post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you looking for new things to do on your next date night? Date nights aren’t just a fun night out with your significant other, they should be an opportunity to improve your relationship over time.

Great relationships are built on great date nights. With busy work schedules, long commutes, and our crazy social media filled lives it can be hard to make quality time with your partner. This is why planning fun dates is one of the best ways to improve your relationship.

If you want to spend more time talking, less time arguing, and even save some money, try one of these fun date ideas:

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What is the best place to go on a romantic date?

1. Take a Local Tour

Taking a city tour is a fun date idea because it gives you and your partner something to do together. By getting out of the house, you’re also more likely to have new experiences, which can help strengthen your relationship.

The best city tours are the ones that let you hop off at any point and explore on your own. If you get tired, you’re never stuck somewhere for the duration of the tour. City buses can be better than trolley or train tours because there’s less pressure to stay onboard if neither of you is interested in learning about a particular stop.

Some city buses offer audio tours, but I prefer the ones with live guides who are able to answer questions and customize their commentary based on what passengers want to hear. These drivers can also help point out restaurants, shops or attractions that may be of interest.

You see so many things when you’re on a bus tour that it’s easy to find topics for conversation later - if you run out of ideas, talk about what surprised you most or what seemed most interesting. This is true whether you’re on vacation or just exploring your hometown together!

2. Go on a Bike Ride

Going on a bike ride is a fun date idea for many reasons. First, you get to see a bit of the city or countryside together. Whether you’re riding in a park or on the street, there are plenty of things to see and do along the way.

Second, It’s great exercise. If you’re like me, you don’t always eat as healthy as you should but still want to stay active. A bike ride is one of those great activities that lets you burn off some extra calories without having to go through an intense workout regimen or spend time at the gym. Plus it gets your endorphins flowing so you’ll be feeling even better by the time you’re done!

If you don’t own bikes, then consider renting or borrowing a few for the day.

3. Go Thrift Store Shopping

Thrift stores are a great place to start a date. They’re fun, cheap and keep you busy for hours. Because they’re packed with so much stuff to look at, they rarely feel awkward or boring.

Plus, they’re full of opportunities to make good impressions on each other: picking out something sweet and surprising for your date, showing off your creative taste by putting together an outfit from scratch, or just being a good sport about trying something weird on.

Even if the clothing itself doesn’t work out, maybe you’ll find something else that does–a book you have to share, or a piece of furniture that reminds you both of an inside joke.

4. Attend a Sporting Event

Going to a sporting event is a great idea for a date. First of all, there’s always plenty of action. When you’re at the game, there’s never a dull moment: you’ve got the crowd roaring, the players running around, and the ball (or puck or whatever) flying this way and that. You can’t help but get pulled in by all the excitement.

Second, sports games are relatively inexpensive. It’s only $20 or $30 bucks for decent seats. You can’t even go to a movie these days with your date for that price!

Thirdly, sports events aren’t just about watching people run around; they’re about being part of something bigger than yourself. It’s about being part of a crowd that is totally focused on one thing: winning. So if you want to feel like you’re part of something important and exciting, sports games are definitely the way to go!

5. Volunteer

Volunteering in your community is a great way to give back to those who are less fortunate but it is also a great way to spend quality time with your significant other. When you spend time helping others, you and your partner will be able to connect through the shared experience which will ultimately strengthen your relationship.

When you volunteer, you will be able to see another side of your partner that they may not show while they are at home or out on the town. You will both get to experience different sides of each other and you will be able to truly see if the two of you are compatible for the long term.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn more about yourself and about the world around you. This type of date will allow you both to see if you are compatible for the long term or if this is just a fling that should remain as just a temporary arrangement.

6. Take a Dance Class

Even if you’re not naturally good at dancing, taking a dance class is a fun date idea and learning together can be more fun than watching a movie. Learning something new is always a great way to bond. Plus, it’s always fun to challenge yourself and see how far you can push your comfort zone.

By the end of the dance class, you’ll be able to have dance parties wherever you go! And if you already know how to dance well, this is a fun way for you to show off your moves and for your date to see them for the first time.

7. Get Ice Cream

Getting ice cream is a fun date idea because it’s a casual activity, and you can get to know each other without the pressure of a fancy dinner.

It’s one of the few kinds of food that turns people into children. If you’re with someone who doesn’t like ice cream, it’s a bad sign. If you’re with someone and they say “I don’t like ice cream”, then they are either lying or crazy, and in either case you should run away from them as fast as possible. ;)

8. Hop into an Arcade

Dating can be expensive and uncomfortable. You have to pay for drinks and food, sit through awkward silences, and try to make small talk. Video games are fun and don’t require much effort, or money, to play.

Going to an arcade is fun because you can get competitive with each other without actually being competitive. You can also see how they handle losing or if they’re good sports.

It takes the pressure off trying to impress each other with witty banter. Instead, you can focus on having a good time with each other while playing the games.

If you are looking for a fun date idea, going to an art gallery is a great option. Whether you are looking to impress your partner or simply get to know them better, a trip to a gallery can be an enjoyable experience.

There are many benefits of visiting an art gallery on a date. For one thing, it is relaxing. The soft lighting and quiet background music make for a soothing atmosphere.

Another benefit is that it is free or cheap. You can go see some incredible things without spending much money at all. A third reason is that art galleries are filled with interesting people. Many interesting people make art galleries their home away from home, so you never know who you may bump into there!

10. Play Mini Golf

Mini golf is a great date idea for couples, who enjoy being competitive with each other.

Whether you are a newlywed or have been together for decades, mini golf can be a fun activity that gets the blood flowing and the discussion going.

Mini golf is an activity where you can let your competitive side out without having to worry about your pride getting in the way. While it might be difficult to compete at bowling, mini golf really is all about keeping things light and casual.

It’s also a wonderful activity because of its convenience and low price tag. Many mini golf courses are indoors, which means they’re available rain or shine. And most good mini golf places are relatively inexpensive and don’t require reservations.

11. Get Coffee or Tea

One of my favorite date ideas is to get coffee together. It’s a super casual first date that takes the pressure off while still being fun.

A coffee date also gives you enough time to really talk and get to know each other. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone by ordering fancy drinks, but you can still chat for an hour or two before deciding if it’s worth it to go out again.

On the other hand, if things aren’t going so well, a coffee date isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not like you had an elaborate dinner. If you do want to take things to the next level, however, a coffee date is a great transition into getting drinks after work or going out with them on the weekend.

12. Check Out an Open House

Going to open houses is always fun, and it can be an easy way to spend an afternoon or evening together. It’s free, and there are no expectations.

Not only do you get to see some gorgeous houses, but you also get a chance to imagine what it would be like if you lived in one of them. If you’re truly looking at buying a house together, it can be a good way to see some places that are on the market now.

You can find open houses by reading your local paper or searching online listings. Many real estate agents also post their open houses on websites and blogs that are specifically geared towards people who are looking for homes.

When you arrive at an open house, remember that you’re not there to buy anything! So relax and have fun. You don’t even have to talk to the real estate agent if you don’t want to.

13. Go Hiking

Going on a short hike is a nice date idea for couples. It’s much less expensive than most dates, it’s a fun way to get some exercise and connect with nature, and you can have a lot of fun exploring the wilderness together.

If you’re looking for a hiking destination near you, check out a website like AllTrails. It has thousands of trails listed all over the world, with reviews and photos from other hikers who have been on the trail before. You can browse nearby trails by distance and difficulty level, so there should be something that fits your skill level.

14. Visit a Farmers Market

If you’re looking for a fun date idea, heading to a farmers market is a great way to spend a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning. You can get to know your date while browsing the stalls, and it’s an easy way to transition into lunch or brunch afterwards. Plus, it’s free!

The best part about visiting a farmers market with your significant other is that it’s not just about the food. The experience of being outside and walking around together is enough to make it worthwhile, even if you don’t buy anything at all.

15. Try Roller Skating

If you’re looking for a fun date idea that doesn’t involve spending a lot of money, you might want to consider roller skating. It’s a great way to spend time with your significant other and get some exercise.

You’ll want to make sure that you go roller skating on a day when the rink isn’t too crowded. That way, you won’t have to worry about having other people get in the way when you’re trying to skate with your date.

It’s also important to make sure that both you and your date know how to skate before going on a date together. If one or both of you don’t know how to skate, you’ll probably just end up getting frustrated and falling down a lot.

16. Go Wine Tasting

There are a lot of fun things to do on a date, but nothing says “romance” like a trip to the vineyards. A day spent tasting wine is the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company, whether you are newly dating or have been married for years.

Wine tasting is a great opportunity to show off your knowledge of wines and drinks in general. You can impress your date with your ability to describe the flavor, aroma, and bouquet of each wine you encounter.

It’s also a nice way to spend time together in an atmosphere that encourages conversation, but doesn’t put too much pressure on either person to carry the conversation.

17. Plan a Picnic

Picnics are a fun date idea for couples, especially if they have been dating for a while. It’s more fun than just going out to dinner, and it takes more effort than inviting someone over to watch a movie.

Picnics are more fun when you plan them together. The two of you can pick what food to bring and where to go. You can make it romantic, or you can just make it fun. Either way, it’s an outing that will help you get to know yorur date better.

A picnic is also an opportunity to show off your cooking skills. If you don’t like to cook, you can always buy some nice food from the supermarket or bakery and pack it up in a basket with some plates, napkins, etc.

It’s also nice to bring along some games - like cards or board games - to play at the picnic if you get bored of talking and eating.

18. Go Bowling

Bowling is a great date idea for couples because it is an activity that allows you to enjoy each other’s company in a laid back environment. You do not have to worry about dressing up or impressing one another, but rather just enjoying time spent together.

Bowling can also be very affordable if you are on a budget or just looking for ways to save some money while spending time with your partner. Bowling centers offer many different specials and discounts so you can find something affordable that fits into your budget.

It can also be a great way for couples to bond by teaching them about patience and teamwork by working together as partners to reach their goal of knocking down as many pins as possible!

19. Try Indoor or Outdoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is an adventurous date idea for couples that are looking to add a little spice to the age-old routine of dinner and a movie. Climbing is a great workout and an opportunity to test your strength and agility. If you’re afraid of heights, it’s also a chance to conquer that fear!

Indoor rock climbing gyms offer day passes for those who want to try it out before committing to buying equipment. You can rent harnesses and shoes there, in addition to other gear you might need.

If you’re planning on going with your partner, make sure that you know their skill level before bringing them along.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many fun date ideas for couples beyond dinner and a movie. From watching meteor showers to going on dates filled with laughter and adventure, you can create memories that stand the test of time.

Any of these ideas will impress your partner and keep romance alive in your relationship for many years to come.

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