10 Best Date Ideas in Portland, Oregon [2023]

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With its rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and wide range of activities, Portland offers something for everyone. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, food and drink, or cultural attractions, you’re sure to find many unique date ideas in this exciting city.

One of the biggest draws of Portland is its food scene. The city is known for its diverse array of restaurants, food carts, and breweries, making it a great destination for foodies. Couples can explore the city’s many food and drink options together, trying out new flavors and cuisines.

Additionally, Portland is home to a number of outdoor attractions, such as Forest Park and the Columbia River Gorge, which offer opportunities for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.

Overall, Portland is a fun and exciting city for couples to explore on dates. It offers a unique blend of culture, food, and outdoor activities, it offers a memorable experience that is sure to create lasting memories.

Portland couple on a date

What are the best things for couples to do in Portland?

Whether you’re a long-time Portland resident or just visiting for the weekend, these date ideas are sure to impress your significant other.

1. International Rose Test Garden

International Rose Test Garden

The International Rose Test Garden is a stunning oasis nestled in the heart of Portland. It’s renowned for its breathtaking collection of over 10,000 rose bushes representing more than 650 varieties of roses. The garden serves as a testing ground for new rose varieties, making it a horticultural treasure.

The fragrant and colorful blooms provide a picturesque backdrop for a romantic outing. This garden also holds historical significance, having been established in 1917.

Location and Accessibility:

Situated in Washington Park, the garden’s address is 400 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205. It’s easily accessible by car, and there’s ample parking available nearby. Alternatively, you can take public transportation or even hike through the park to reach the garden.

Cost and Booking:

The best part? Entry to the International Rose Test Garden is absolutely free. There is no need for reservations – just show up and enjoy the natural beauty.

Availability and Timing:

The garden is typically open from early spring to late autumn, with peak bloom occurring from May through September. It’s open daily, allowing for flexibility in choosing your date. Keep in mind that the roses are at their most splendid during the summer months.

Activities and Experiences:

While the primary activity here is admiring the stunning roses, you can also bring a picnic and savor a romantic meal amidst the blooms. Additionally, the garden offers fantastic photo opportunities, so don’t forget your camera. If you visit during the summer, there are often live music performances, which can add a lovely soundtrack to your date.

Romantic Potential:

The International Rose Test Garden practically oozes romantic potential. The fragrant scent of roses, the vibrant colors, and the serene setting create a dreamy atmosphere. To enhance the romance, consider bringing a blanket for a picnic or a bottle of wine to share as you watch the sunset over the city skyline from the garden’s elevated vantage point.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes for exploring the garden’s pathways.
  • Bring snacks and drinks for your picnic.
  • Visit during the late afternoon for a beautiful sunset view.
  • Capture the memories with photos of you and your partner amidst the roses.

This date idea is exceptionally suitable for couples due to its enchanting ambiance. Strolling hand in hand among the vibrant roses, you’ll find plenty of cozy nooks and benches to steal a quiet moment together.

The garden’s tranquility fosters an intimate atmosphere, perfect for romantic conversations and shared experiences.

2. Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books

Powell’s City of Books is a book lover’s paradise. This iconic independent bookstore covers an entire city block and boasts an extensive collection of new and used books in every genre imaginable.

The store is a multi-story labyrinth, with color-coded rooms and maps to help you navigate its vast selection. Powell’s has been a beloved part of Portland’s cultural landscape since its founding in 1971, making it a destination for both locals and visitors.

Location and Accessibility:

You’ll find Powell’s City of Books at 1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209. It’s conveniently located in downtown Portland and is easily accessible by public transportation, with parking garages nearby for those who prefer to drive.

Cost and Booking:

Admission to Powell’s is free, and there’s no need for booking. You simply show up and start browsing to your heart’s content. Of course, the cost will depend on whether you decide to purchase any books, but window shopping is just as enjoyable!

Availability and Timing:

Powell’s is open every day of the week, typically from morning until late in the evening. You can plan your visit at your convenience, whether it’s a daytime excursion or an evening date.

Activities and Experiences:

The primary activity here is exploring the vast collection of books. You can get lost in the stacks together, searching for hidden gems, rare editions, or your favorite titles. There are also comfortable reading areas where you can sit down and enjoy a book together.

Romantic Potential:

While Powell’s City of Books may not exude overt romanticism, the shared experience of discovering new books and discussing literature can be incredibly romantic for book enthusiasts. Imagine finding a book that holds sentimental value for both of you or spending hours debating the merits of different novels over a cup of coffee in the store’s café.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Take your time exploring the various rooms and sections.
  • Share your favorite books and authors with each other.
  • If you want to relax, you can have a cup of coffee or tea in the in-store café.
  • Keep an eye out for special events or author readings happening at Powell’s.

This date idea is perfect for couples who share a love for books. Powell’s provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere, with countless nooks and crannies to explore together. It’s an excellent place for intellectual discussions, discovering new authors, and sharing your favorite book recommendations.

3. Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is a breathtaking showcase of Japanese landscape architecture and horticulture. It spans 12 acres and features meticulously crafted gardens, serene koi ponds, meandering pathways, and traditional Japanese tea houses.

The garden’s design is inspired by Japanese aesthetic principles, creating a harmonious and contemplative atmosphere. It’s a place where nature and art seamlessly intertwine.

Location and Accessibility:

Located at 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205, the Japanese Garden is easily accessible by car, public transportation, or even by walking if you’re exploring the nearby Washington Park. There is ample parking available, but it can get busy, so arriving early is a good idea.

Cost and Booking:

To secure your entry and potentially save time, we recommend that you book your tickets in advance online. The price of tickets may vary depending on the time of year and any special exhibitions or events.

Availability and Timing:

The Japanese Garden is typically open year-round, with seasonal variations in its charm. Spring and autumn are extremely popular due to the vibrant cherry blossoms and fall foliage. Be sure to check the garden’s website for current operating hours and any seasonal closures.

Activities and Experiences:

While in the garden, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the different garden areas, including the Tea Garden, Strolling Pond Garden, and Sand and Stone Garden.

Engage in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Umami Café or attend cultural events if they are taking place during your visit.

Romantic Potential:

The Portland Japanese Garden is inherently romantic, with its serene landscapes, blooming cherry blossoms, and the soothing sound of water. To enhance the romantic experience, consider packing a picnic to enjoy under the shade of a cherry blossom tree or seek out a quiet spot to meditate together.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be exploring various pathways.
  • Bring a camera to capture the garden’s beauty.
  • Consider reserving a spot for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Check the garden’s website for any special exhibitions or cultural events during your visit.

This date idea is ideal for couples seeking a peaceful and romantic escape. The garden’s serene ambiance invites intimate conversations and quiet moments of togetherness.

The picturesque settings provide countless opportunities for hand-in-hand strolls, making it perfect for couples looking to connect on a deeper level.

4. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a dynamic science center dedicated to making science accessible and engaging for all ages. There are a variety of interactive exhibits covering everything from physics and astronomy to natural history and technology.

The museum is not only educational but also highly entertaining, making it a perfect date destination that combines learning and leisure.

Location and Accessibility:

OMSI is located at 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214, near the east bank of the Willamette River. It’s easily accessible by car, public transportation, and even by bike. The museum offers on-site parking, and there are bike racks available for cyclists.

Cost and Booking:

Admission to OMSI typically requires a ticket purchase, and prices may vary depending on age and the type of ticket you choose.

Availability and Timing:

OMSI is generally open year-round, but checking their website for current operating hours and any special exhibitions or events is a good idea. Consider visiting during weekdays or less busy times to have a more relaxed experience.

Activities and Experiences:

At OMSI, you can explore interactive exhibits on topics like space exploration, chemistry, paleontology, and more. Don’t miss the planetarium shows, which offer a fascinating journey through the cosmos. The museum also often hosts special events and workshops, so be sure to check their calendar for any additional experiences.

Romantic Potential:

While OMSI may not have the traditional romantic ambiance of some date spots, the shared learning and discovery experience can be incredibly bonding. You can challenge each other with hands-on experiments, marvel at the wonders of the universe during a planetarium show, and share laughs as you navigate the interactive exhibits together.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Plan your visit around a planetarium show or a special event to enhance the experience.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking and exploring.
  • Take your time in each exhibit to fully enjoy the interactive elements.
  • Feel free to ask questions and engage with museum staff to deepen your understanding.

This date idea is fantastic for couples who enjoy exploring and learning together. OMSI’s interactive exhibits encourage hands-on exploration and offer plenty of opportunities for bonding over shared discoveries.

It’s a great way to engage in stimulating conversations and enjoy a mix of educational and recreational activities.

5. Portland Saturday Market

Portland Saturday Market

The Portland Saturday Market is a long-standing tradition in the heart of Portland. It’s the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the United States. This bustling market showcases the creativity of local artisans, offering an eclectic mix of handmade crafts, artwork, jewelry, clothing, and more.

Beyond the shopping, you’ll find live music, delicious street food vendors, and a festive atmosphere that captures the essence of Portland’s vibrant culture.

Location and Accessibility:

Located at 2 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204, the market is centrally situated along the Willamette River. It’s easily accessible by car, public transportation, and even on foot if you’re exploring downtown. Parking options are available nearby, though it can get crowded on weekends.

Cost and Booking:

Admission to the Portland Saturday Market is free. However, the cost will depend on what you choose to purchase. Most vendors accept cash, but some also take credit cards.

Availability and Timing:

As the name suggests, the market operates on Saturdays and Sundays, typically from spring through autumn. Be sure to check the market’s website for current operating hours and any special events or seasonal closures.

Activities and Experiences:

You can spend your time at the market exploring the booths of local artists and craftspeople, finding unique and handmade treasures. Savor the diverse array of street food from various cultures, which can be a delicious adventure in itself. Enjoy live music and street performances that add to the festive atmosphere.

Romantic Potential:

While the market itself may not be inherently romantic, the shared experience of exploring the eclectic wares, enjoying delicious food, and people-watching can create a fun and memorable outing. Plus, you can surprise your partner with a thoughtful, handcrafted gift from one of the market’s artisans.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Some vendors do not accept credit cards, so bring cash.
  • Try different foods from the various food stalls to experience a wide range of flavors.
  • Take your time strolling through the market to discover hidden gems.
  • Consider purchasing a unique piece of art or craft as a memento of your date.

This date idea is ideal for couples who appreciate arts, crafts, and local culture. It’s a fun and casual outing where you can explore the talents of local artists together, indulge in street food, and soak up the lively atmosphere.

6. McMenamins Kennedy School

McMenamins Kennedy School

McMenamins Kennedy School is a historic elementary school transformed into a one-of-a-kind entertainment and lodging destination. This whimsical establishment retains the school’s character while offering various experiences.

Explore hallways adorned with original artwork, enjoy craft beer brewed on-site, dine in themed restaurants, catch a movie in the old auditorium, and even spend the night in a cozy classroom-turned-hotel room.

Location and Accessibility:

Located at 5736 NE 33rd Ave, Portland, OR 97211, McMenamins Kennedy School is easily accessible by car and public transportation. There’s ample parking available, and you can explore the various amenities within the school without any accessibility issues.

Cost and Booking:

The cost varies depending on what activities you choose to partake in. There’s typically no admission fee to explore the school’s common areas, but food, drinks, and lodging prices vary.

You can make reservations for lodging in advance, especially if you plan to stay overnight.

Availability and Timing:

McMenamins Kennedy School is open year-round. The various restaurants, bars, and amenities may have different operating hours, so checking their website for current information and any special events is advisable.

Activities and Experiences:

Within the school, you can enjoy a variety of experiences, including:

  • Dining in themed restaurants like the Courtyard Restaurant, Detention Bar, and Boiler Room.
  • Sipping on craft beer, wine, or cocktails in cozy bars.
  • Watching a movie in the old auditorium, which has been converted into a movie theater.
  • Exploring the artwork and history of the school.
  • Relaxing in the lush courtyard gardens.

Romantic Potential:

McMenamins Kennedy School offers a whimsical and nostalgic atmosphere that can be very romantic.

The unique setting, combined with cozy corners and themed rooms, provides a backdrop for intimate conversations and shared adventures. Consider booking one of the charming classroom hotel rooms for an unforgettable stay.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Make reservations in advance if you plan to stay overnight.
  • Explore the school’s various restaurants and bars to sample different cuisines and drinks.
  • Attend a movie screening in the historic auditorium for a unique cinematic experience.
  • Enjoy a stroll through the beautiful courtyard gardens.

This date idea is ideal for couples who appreciate a touch of nostalgia and a unique atmosphere. The school’s quirky charm and the range of activities it offers make it a versatile option for couples looking for a memorable date night or weekend getaway.

7. Portland Art Museum

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is a cultural gem nestled in the heart of Portland. This museum houses works of art from a wide range of periods and genres, including European, American, Asian, and contemporary art.

You’ll find masterpieces by renowned artists alongside thought-provoking contemporary works. The museum serves as a hub for artistic expression and appreciation, making it an excellent destination for art enthusiasts and those seeking cultural enrichment.

Location and Accessibility:

Located at 1219 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205, the museum is centrally situated and easily accessible by car and public transportation. There are parking facilities nearby, but arriving early is a good idea, as parking can get crowded.

Cost and Booking:

Admission to the Portland Art Museum typically requires a ticket purchase, with different pricing tiers for adults, seniors, students, and children. Ticket reservations can be made online or you can purchase them at the museum’s entrance.

Availability and Timing:

The museum is generally open throughout the year, with variations in operating hours. It’s advisable to check the museum’s website for current hours, special exhibitions, and any closures.

Activities and Experiences:

While at the museum, you can:

  • Explore the extensive art collection, ranging from classic to contemporary.
  • Attend special exhibitions featuring renowned artists and thematic showcases.
  • Take part in guided tours and art-related events.
  • Visit the museum’s gift shop for unique art-inspired souvenirs.

Romantic Potential:

The Portland Art Museum provides a setting that can be inherently romantic for couples who appreciate art. The beauty and depth of the artwork can spark meaningful conversations and create a shared appreciation for creativity. You can also stroll through the museum’s galleries hand in hand, exploring the world of art together.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

Plan your visit around any special exhibitions or events that interest you.

Take your time to absorb the art and engage in discussions about your favorite pieces.

Visit the museum’s café or nearby restaurants for a meal or coffee to extend your date.

Check for any guided tours or workshops that may enhance your museum experience.

It’s a great date idea for couples who appreciate art and culture. The museum’s diverse collection offers something for everyone, making it a great place to explore together, engage in intellectual discussions, and appreciate the beauty of human creativity.

8. Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo is a captivating wildlife sanctuary located in Washington Park. It’s home to a diverse array of animals from around the world, offering an opportunity to observe, learn, and appreciate the wonders of the animal kingdom. The zoo is committed to conservation and education, making it a perfect place for couples to connect with nature while having fun.

Location and Accessibility:

The Oregon Zoo is situated within the picturesque Washington Park at 4001 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221. It’s easily accessible by car, public transportation, and even by hiking if you’re exploring the park on foot. There is ample parking available.

Cost and Booking:

Admission to the Oregon Zoo typically requires a ticket purchase, with varying prices for adults, seniors, children, and toddlers.

Availability and Timing:

The zoo is open year-round, with different operating hours depending on the season. It’s a good idea to check the zoo’s website for current hours, special exhibits, and any closures.

Activities and Experiences:

During your visit to the Oregon Zoo, you can:

  • Explore various animal exhibits, from African elephants to polar bears and orangutans.
  • Participate in educational programs and wildlife presentations.
  • Enjoy seasonal events, such as ZooLights, during the holiday season.
  • Relax in designated picnic areas and enjoy a meal amidst the natural surroundings.

Romantic Potential:

The Oregon Zoo offers a unique and heartwarming date experience. The shared excitement of seeing animals up close, the beauty of the zoo’s natural settings, and the opportunity to engage in conversations about wildlife conservation can create a romantic and meaningful outing.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Plan your visit around feeding times and animal presentations for an interactive experience.
  • Bring a camera to capture your favorite animal moments.
  • Pack a picnic to enjoy in one of the designated areas within the zoo.
  • Check the zoo’s website for any special events or behind-the-scenes tours.

This date idea is fantastic for couples who share a love for animals and the outdoors. It provides a chance to bond over wildlife encounters, engage in meaningful conversations about conservation, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through beautifully landscaped exhibits.

9. Pedal Bike Tours

Pedal Bike Tours

The “Donuts of Portland Bike Tour” is a 2 1/2-hour, 4-mile journey that takes you on a pedal-powered exploration of some of Portland’s most renowned doughnut shops. Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll bypass the hour-long lines at Voodoo Doughnut and head to four carefully selected donut shops known for their mouthwatering treats.

The Pedal Bike Tours provides a delightful blend of cycling, culinary exploration, and discovering lively and iconic neighborhoods along the way.

Location and Accessibility:

The tour typically begins from a designated starting point, and the route covers various neighborhoods in Portland. Accessibility information and starting point details can be obtained from the tour organizers when booking your experience.

Cost and Booking:

The cost of the “Donuts of Portland Bike Tour” typically includes all the doughnuts you’ll sample during the tour. There may be a difference in price depending on the tour provider, so it’s advisable to check their website and reserve your spot in advance.

Availability and Timing:

The tour is likely to operate seasonally and may have specific departure times. Be sure to check the tour organizer’s website for current schedules, availability, and any seasonal adjustments.

Activities and Experiences:

During the tour, you can expect to:

  • Pedal through lively neighborhoods such as Old Town, Chinatown, and the Pearl District.
  • Stop at four renowned donut shops, including NOLA, Blue Star, Coco Donuts, and Voodoo Doughnut.
  • Savor a variety of doughnuts, each with its unique flavor profile and charm.
  • Learn about the history and culture of the city as you ride through its iconic landmarks.

Romantic Potential:

The “Donuts of Portland Bike Tour” offers couples a unique and memorable experience. Sharing sweet treats, exploring diverse neighborhoods, and skipping the lines at Voodoo Doughnut can create an exciting and fun date with plenty of opportunities for laughter and photos.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Dress comfortably for cycling and consider the weather conditions.
  • Bring a water bottle and sunscreen for your outdoor adventure.
  • Come with an empty stomach and an open mind to sample various doughnuts.
  • Embrace the opportunity to interact with your fellow tour participants and share your doughnut preferences.

This date idea is perfect for couples with a shared love for sweet treats and a sense of adventure. It offers an opportunity to bond over the joy of sampling delicious doughnuts while exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Portland on a bike.

10. Willamette River Dinner Cruise

Willamette River Dinner Cruise

The Willamette River Dinner Cruise offers couples a delightful journey featuring breathtaking views of the Portland skyline and iconic landmarks. This cruise is perfect for unwinding after a busy day or celebrating a special occasion.

You’ll be treated to a freshly prepared three-course dinner with bread, salad, choice of entrée, and a delectable house dessert. What sets this experience apart is the use of local ingredients, highlighting the flavors of the Pacific Northwest. As you dine, enjoy live piano music that adds to the ambiance.

Location and Accessibility:

The cruise departs from 1010 SW Naito Pkwy, Portland, OR 97204, USA. This location is easily reachable by car, public transportation, or rideshare services. Please ensure you enter the full address on your GPS or rideshare app to reach the correct location. The cruise operator owns two docks, so be cautious when searching for “Portland Spirit” to avoid selecting their office location.

Cost and Booking:

The cost of the cruise includes the three-course dinner, a private reserved table (note that window seating isn’t guaranteed), live piano music, and service gratuity. Couples have the option to purchase appetizers and beverages during the cruise. It’s advisable to book this experience in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure your spot.

Availability and Timing:

The cruise typically operates during specific seasons and departs in the evening, starting at 07:00 PM. For the most up-to-date information on schedules and availability, refer to the cruise operator’s website.

Activities and Experiences:

During the cruise, you’ll:

  • Glide by picturesque landmarks, including Salmon Street Springs, the Hawthorne Bridge, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Enjoy a scenic journey under iconic bridges like the Marquam Bridge, Ross Island Bridge, and the Burnside Bridge.
  • Pass by notable attractions such as Oaks Amusement Park and the Sellwood Riverfront Park.
  • Experience the charm of the Tilikum Crossing Bridge and the excitement of the Steel Bridge turnaround.
  • Admire the beauty of Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the Portland Oregon Sign, and Morrison Bridge.

Romantic Potential:

The Willamette River Dinner Cruise exudes romance from start to finish. The combination of a gourmet dinner, live piano music, and the enchanting backdrop of the river and cityscape creates an inherently romantic atmosphere.

Couples can make the most of this experience by enjoying intimate conversations, dancing under the stars, and taking in stunning views together.

Tips for a Memorable Date:

  • Dress elegantly for the occasion to enhance the romantic atmosphere.
  • Arrive a bit early to soak in the pre-cruise ambiance and capture beautiful photos.
  • Opt for a private reserved table to ensure a more intimate dining experience.
  • During this enchanting cruise, embrace the opportunity to relax, unwind, and focus on each other.

The Willamette River Dinner Cruise is an ideal date idea for couples seeking a romantic and relaxed atmosphere. The serene river setting, live music, and gourmet dining create a special environment that encourages connection and intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun date ideas in Portland?

Portland offers plenty of exciting date options! You can visit the Oregon Zoo to see amazing animals, explore the beautiful gardens at the International Rose Test Garden, or take a leisurely stroll along the Willamette River. Don’t forget the famous Powell’s City of Books for book lovers, and try out the delicious food carts for a unique dining experience. Whether it’s a picnic in the park or a visit to the Portland Art Museum, there’s something for every couple to enjoy!

Is there anything romantic to do in Portland?

Absolutely! Portland has many romantic spots for couples. Take a romantic walk in the serene Lan Su Chinese Garden or enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the Pittock Mansion. You can also plan a cozy date night at a local coffee shop or indulge in sweet treats at a dessert spot. Don’t forget to watch a sunset together at Mount Tabor Park or along the waterfront – the perfect setting for romance!

What indoor activities can we do for a date in Portland?

If the weather isn’t cooperating, don’t worry – Portland has fantastic indoor date choices too! Visit the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) for interactive exhibits and fun learning. You can also challenge each other to board games at a local board game cafe or try your hand at indoor rock climbing together. For a more relaxed indoor date, catch a movie at one of the city’s historic theaters or attend a live performance at a local theater or comedy club.

How can we have a fun date in Portland during the winter months?

Winter in Portland can be just as fun! Embrace the holiday spirit by visiting the Christmas Festival of Lights at the Grotto or enjoy ice skating at the Lloyd Center Ice Rink. Warm up with hot cocoa and cozy up during a carriage ride through downtown. Explore the Oregon Historical Society Museum to learn about local history and culture. For a romantic winter date, plan a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden, which is equally beautiful in colder months.

Bottom Line

Couple on a date

So, there you have it! A whole list of fun and unique date ideas right here in Portland.

Whether you’re into art, nature, food, or just looking for a good time, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from. Remember, the best dates aren’t always about what you do but who you’re with.

So, grab your partner, pick any of these fantastic ideas, and set out on an adventure. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite spot in the city, or better yet, create a memory that you’ll cherish forever.

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