Moon Conjunct Moon Meaning

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Moon conjunct Moon is a combination representing friction. It can occur when a person’s needs are being frustrated.

There could also be a sense of inner pressure or tension. This is a time to take care of yourself and prevent frustration with others by recognizing your capabilities and sitting tight until the proper time presents itself.

You like the familiar, and are always attracted to daily routines, security and warm surroundings. You are empathetic, gentle and loving with relatives and friends, and show considerable compassion for the less fortunate or mistreated. You like to make an impact on your environment and be part of large social units.

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Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry

Synastry, or composite chart astrology is an advanced form of astrological analysis used in relationship compatibility. It allows us to see the deep, subconscious connection between two people and all that lies underneath the surface.

Moon conjunct Moon synastry is one of the strongest of all, nothing can really hurt it. Full wisdom and understanding flows between these two when they are linked.

This is an intimate aspect that indicates a sympathetic connection between two individuals. It can be indicative of a shared purpose, connection, and investment in a relationship.

Moon Conjunct Moon in synastry is when the two partners both have their Moons in the same sign or house. It can show a deep connection between the two people as they knew each other while growing up or this was a relationship from a past life.

The conjunction aspect between the Moon in two different charts - which can sometimes indicate a profound emotional connection between the native and significant others - can be a challenging position to live with. What is easier for some may be difficult for others, depending on their life experiences.

This synastry aspect can be quite interesting, especially between two people who have a very similar approach to life and to love. These unions are bound to take place in friendships, long-term emotional partnerships and even within families.

Moon conjunct Moon refers to an intense connection between two people, as their mutual personal and emotional needs are highly in sync with each other.

This conjunction can indicate a close family relationship or marriage if other aspects are also present in synastry and compatibility. You have a good memory of past events with this person and make an excellent listener.

The man with the Moon conjunct his partner’s Moon likes to be the center of attention both emotionally and intellectually. He wants to be noticed and doesn’t mind making speeches or taking on leadership roles. Note that when this aspect is applied to a woman’s chart, she wants to be loved more than anything, even when she doesn’t show it.

A Moon/Moon conjunction is one of the easiest synastry aspects to find in a natal chart. This aspect reveals a deep emotional connection between the two persons involved. This placement gives people with this configuration a deep connection, often feeling like they were “meant for each other.”

It is important to note that it does not indicate the type of relationship, but rather the depth of sharing that exists between the two. If you have a Moon/Moon conjunction in your synastry study, then be prepared for significant amounts of emotional intimacy and mutual understanding.

The connection between these two individuals has likely been very strong since they met. Together their lives form some sort of circle and they are part of each others lives for many years to come.

There is also an added layer of attraction going on, which shows an ongoing romance between these two people, as opposed to just an initial one. They are very much into each other and they both want to be together, with communication and understanding being the main focus.

This pair of people has a great deal in common, yet they can find it hard to relate to each other on an emotionally intimate level. The reason that this is so has to do with their strong feelings of identification with each other’s moods.

This Moon conjunct Moon combination intensifies the emotional and psychological connection between two people. This can make them both feel more connected to one another, but it can also bring out a lot of sensitive feelings. They may become overly emotional and will need the other person to provide comfort.

This is not always a bad thing since they want to feel close to that person. They may experience some highs and lows in their relationship especially when combined with other synastry aspects, but overall they are committed to each other and work at making things better.

Moon Conjunct Moon Transit

Moon conjunct Moon transit is an excellent time for creative activities that can be used in the future. Spend a few hours on creating something unique and promising in the future. Even travel in this period can bring success to you, as long as there is a purpose behind it.

Also, during this time, it is really possible to notice how others see you. Do not try to hide yourself at this point, do everything openly and honestly.

Moon conjunct Moon transit relates to the unconscious, female archetype side of our persona. The combination of both the inner and outer feminine energies of the psyche. It can be a very positive time allowing for the possibility of clarity of vision and appreciation for what we already have.

Since this is a cardinal aspect, what is symbolized as masculine energy (Yang) can now be challenged by feminine energy. We may begin to see deep issues within our psyche brought to light, or conversely put them on hold so we can enjoy life and avoid facing issues directly.

This Moon conjunct Moon transit can cause extreme feelings in some, especially if Mars, the planet of anger is involved. This Moon cycle can cause emotions to go from high to low and back again quickly.

Some with this cycle may feel so connected to others that they have a limited sense of who they are as an individual and who they are apart from the people around them. The positive aspect of this cycle is that it allows a deeper empathy for others along with insight into why they do what they do.

At times, the influence of Moon conjunct Moon can make you feel lonely and misunderstood. There is a lot of emotion and energy swirling around within you. This is a very sensitive period and people can also be unusually emotional during this time.

Some astrologers compare emotions running high during this transit as feeling like being on a roller coaster at the amusement park. You might feel dependent or even desperate to be loved during this time cycle. However, being in control of all that stirring energy is a must.

When the Moon is in conjunction to the Moon in your birth chart, you may experience intense emotional highs and lows. This makes for a passionate personality but one that can get away from you at times.

It is also a strong indication that somewhere inside yourself lurk great creativity, artistic talents, psychic powers, imagination, fanciful vision and even magical ability. These aspects also tend to indicate intuitive insight into romantic relationships and emotional situations of all kinds.

When the transiting Moon conjuncts your natal Moon it represents an opportunity to reassess your emotional responses. An area of your life that you have been inattentive to may now push itself forward for attention.

It could be a current relationship, or even an aspect of yourself that has been ignored. It is an opportunity to notice where you need to attend more fully, understand more deeply and love more purely.

In transit, the energy of this aspect generally could come from a relationship, love or otherwise, and will affect how you view your mother, and other females in your life. It may also relate to your fundamental views about women in general.

When the transiting Moon is near the natal Moon, the feelings are more intense and may interfere with thinking. Self-awareness is heightened and can become too deep to conceal feelings and reactions.

Even a minor setback can trigger intense, sometimes irrational emotional reactions that may be inappropriate. This transit causes restlessness, edginess, and moodiness.

Now It's Your Turn

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