Yellow Butterfly Meaning & Spiritual Symbolism

by Ryan Hart | Updated on September 4, 2019 | Post may contain affiliate links

Curious what it means when you see a yellow butterfly?

I was, too! So I went on a journey to discover the spiritual meaning of butterflies and was surprised by what I learned.

I’m excited to share these discoveries with you.

Plus, at the end of this article I’m going to reveal the most common signs from heaven that a deceased loved one is still with you.

Ready to find out what it means when you see a yellow butterfly?

Let’s get started!

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What Does it Mean When You See a Yellow Butterfly?

Butterflies symbolize hope and transformation. But when you see a yellow butterfly, it carries an additional message.

You see, the color yellow represents energy, optimism, and joy. The fact that you saw not just any butterfly, but a yellow butterfly, tells me much about what you are currently going through in life.

Butterflies go through a special transformation called metamorphosis. Over a short period, they change from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

You may also be going through changes in your life as well. Seeing a yellow butterfly might be a positive sign of what is to come.

Here are 3 possible meanings of seeing a yellow butterfly:

1. You Are About to Receive a Big Announcement

Seeing a big yellow butterfly is often a sign that you are about to receive very good news about your financial or romantic situation. This might be a welcome change for you.

You are happy with how things are going in your life at the moment, but it’s no secret that you enjoy a little variety to keep things interesting.

When you get into a dull routine you start to feel trapped by the limits you’ve created for yourself. After all, you are a creative person and like to express yourself in many different ways.

For some people change can be scary. But you are excited to see what opportunities this next chapter in life will bring.

2. You Will Be Reminded of a Childhood Memory

When you see a yellow butterfly this can be a message about your childhood. After seeing a butterfly it is not uncommon to be reminded of a memory or experience from your youthful days.

For example, you might stumble across a toy or book you kept as a childhood memento. This will remind you of the happy times from your past.

Butterflies may also deliver messages about someone from your past or childhood. If you have been thinking about a person you’ve lost contact with, seeing a small yellow butterfly might mean they are thinking about you as well.

3. You Will Have a Spiritual Experience

Yellow butterflies carry powerful spiritual messages. Beware that you may have a positive spiritual experience soon.

Keep a lookout for signs such as answered prayers, miracles, or help from your guardian angel. Watch closely for messages from God that He is watching over you and hears your prayers.

You are about to go through a period of enlightenment. If you’ve been looking for guidance about your purpose or direction in life, you will receive clarity.

Seeing a black and yellow butterfly is often a sign that you are currently at a crossroad in your life. You have worked hard to get where you are but now are feeling trapped by your success.

God has a special plan for you and is working to guide you in the right direction. You may have a spiritual awakening that answers the big questions you have been struggling with.

Common Types of Yellow Butterflies

Yellow butterflies can be found in all shapes and sizes around the world.

They often have black stripes or designs on their wings and are rarely all yellow.

Depending on where you live, you might see yellow Swallowtail, Sulphur, or Brimstone butterflies.

Names of Yellow Butterflies:

  • Two-tailed Swallowtail (Papilio multicaudata)
  • Western Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio rutulus)
  • Orange-barred Sulphur (Phoebis philea)
  • Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus)
  • Common Brimstone (Gonepteryx rhamni)

These butterflies are thought to deliver special spiritual messages about hope and transformation. Butterflies are attracted to nectar-producing flowers such as Milkweed, Marigolds, and Sunflowers.

So if you want to attract more positive messages of hope, consider planting a few more nectar plants in your backyard!

Signs From Heaven That a Deceased Loved One is with You

Here are the 15 most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you:

1. Feathers on the Ground

The next time you pass by a feather on the ground, don’t ignore it. Feathers are one of the most common ways to receive messages from angels and deceased loved ones in heaven.

2. Finding Pennies and Dimes

One way that a deceased loved one might send you a sign is by placing pennies, dimes or quarters on the ground in front of you. I like to call them “pennies from heaven” and they are a special way to remember loved ones that have passed away.

Click here to see the entire list of signs from heaven

Now It's Your Turn

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you ever had a yellow butterfly land on you?

What do you think it means when you see yellow butterflies?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Ryan Hart
When was the last time you saw a yellow butterfly? Please leave a comment and let me know.
Monique Rios
Since my husband passed I have seen yellow butterflies daily. When I’m driving it will pass right in front of my car , when I’m in the kitchen washing dishes one will pass near the window. If I’m outside I will more than likely see one. Funny thing though, on Sunday’s I see dragon flies outside my front yard but When I look around, the house near by , I don’t see them any where else.
Marilou Job
I saw a yellow butterfly in my garden few minutes from now.
Tamara Brownlee
Just a few minutes ago. I saw the most beautiful and biggest butterfly I ever seen in my life.
I have been praying and fasting, really seeking God with all my heart. I have been seeing white doves, yellow and red cardinals, dragonflies, and yellow butterflies. I have been seeing these recently. I know God is with me and hearing my prayers.
bridgett Lee church
I just saw a yellow butterfly is was a magnificent yellow color. My son says it was outlined in black but I didn't see the outline.
Anjellica Gomez
This Afternoon A Big Yellow Butterfly With Black Out Lining On The Wings No Dots, No Stripes.... I Would Love To Know What It Means It Was A Really Big Butterfly.
Dilki Udawatta
I saw a yellow butterfly yesterday out of the window.when I was with my twin babies.when I saw the butterfly I said to my babies that a angel is here to see us.i was very pleased
Maybe a tiny yellow butterfly last year walking around the park behind me
I see them all the time since I lost my baby black blue day after I lost my baby and some yellow ones just about everyday since 8/3/2021 I also seen a beautiful orange one on my break for lunch at work and it stayed for every break I took
Lori A McCracken
I had a solid yellow butterfly land on my knee and it sat there for about 5 or 6 mins opened its wings 3 times and flew away . What did this mean
Thank you for posting this. I'm in Costa Rica and the sky is FILLED with yellow butterflies. It's as if they all hatched today. In a span of a minute, staring into the rainforest, I wouldn't be surprised if I counted 100 butterflies in my view.
Ryan Hart
WOW that sounds beautiful. What a blessing to see so many butterflies all at once.
Just this morning I saw a yellow butterfly in the bathroom and until now its still there.
Ryan Hart
What a beautiful way to begin your day! God bless.
I love this wisdom being bestowed upon me! I have been seeing the orange barred sulphur in my backyard just as beautiful as ever and seeing butterflies pop up on clothes and even come up in conversation
Ryan Hart
The fact that you've been seeing butterflies everywhere you go is a very positive sign. You are blessed!
Hi, Me and my 15 month old saw a huge bright yellow butterfly with what looked like a little bit of black on the wings out back yesterday. It was beautiful. It was huge as well. We NEVER see butterflies around. We live in the kindle of the woods no plants or anything of the sort. In fact the back yard is all woods. I have been in spiritual warfare for about 2 and half years now. Like serious spiritual warfare for myself my family my relationship. I never even thought to look at it from a spiritual side we just thought how pretty it was. But I am reading this book on discerning of the spirits and she was staring always be aware of things in nature because it could have a spiritual meaning behind it for you. And so I Google and found this article. P.S we are from Florida i don't know if that makes any different with the type of butterfly. Like the panhandle.
Ryan Hart
What an incredible experience! Yes, I also believe our guardian angels send us messages using the nature around us. Seeing a yellow butterfly is a very positive sign that change is coming soon. I will keep you in my prayers.
Thank you for your article on yellow butterflies which I found very enlightening. My husband had a stroke 2 years ago & has not recovered very well. I have been looking for a house which would make both ours lives a lot easier & found the perfect place. I took my husband to see it and 2 yellow butterflies danced in front of us. When we got home another 2 yellow butterflies also danced in front of us. I am hoping that this is a sign that our lives will change for the better & to take this opportunity.
Ryan Hart
I am so sorry to hear that your husband had a stroke. Seeing yellow butterflies is a very positive sign. I will keep you in my prayers.
Arthur Reyes
I just had a small yellow butterfly land on my finger and stood there for a bit what does that mean
I have been seeing butterflies in my back yard since I went through my divorce, & lost my job. I really need a breakthrough in my life now. I've struggled all my life and I want stability.
Ryan Hart
When a butterfly lands on you it is a very powerful message from your guardian angel. This is often a sign that you will be blessed with energy and optimism to overcome an obstacle you have been facing. You are very blessed!
Hi Ryan.. I just wanted to share an experience I had on Friday evening..July 17th . Was sitting in my backyard with my mom looking at my husband and son practice with my son's new bow.. I then saw the most beautiful light yellow in color butterfly!! It got my attention because it was so graceful,simple yet so beautiful...I knew seeing this was very symbolic...been going through stuff in my life and really desiring things to change to be the person My Father has called me to be... Astrianette
Ryan Hart
Thank you for sharing that beautiful story! May God bless you and your family.
I had a spiritual awakening this past May, and my life has changed dramatically. I see hawks, rabbits, cardinals, deer, groundhogs, and white butterflies almost daily. Last week I saw the biggest yellow butterfly I have ever seen! The tips of the wings had several colored spots. Today I saw another yellow butterfly, but it was much smaller. I feel truly blessed!
Ryan Hart
Isn't it amazing how God sends angels to deliver these special messages? You are very blessed!
J i a n n e
It's my birthday today. And I saw the prettiest yellow butterfly I have ever seen in my entire life! It encircled me a few times and stayed for awhile. What a beauty 💕
Ryan Hart
Happy Birthday! 🎉 🎉 🎉
Kim a
I was walking my dog..and the yellow butterfly followed me half way down the block..n it seemed that he really wanted me to no he was following me..and I just began to tell the butterfly how beautiful it was the prettiest I ever saw...
Ryan Hart
It sounds like that butterfly was trying to deliver a special message to you. You are very blessed!
Kelly Morrison
I am going thru so many positive changes in the last year I found out my life path number is 33 and I have been going thru so much spiritual growth. I found a small yellow butterfly and I feel peaceful. I'm on a trip as we speak I'm in the mountains for my first time I know that I'm going to grow spiritually during this trip I feel it!!!
Ryan Hart
Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a safe journey! God bless.
Texas I was working in the yard yesterday afternoon, I was by a big tree in my yard and a big yellow butterfly with black spots flew down towards me and up and around my head. It was beautiful, immediately I saw a message for me, a happy one.
Ryan Hart
Yes, that is a very positive message indeed! You are very blessed.
Beth Ong
Thank you for some enlightenment about yellow butterfly. I have seen one now, I know there's an spiritual message and answered prayers. Tomorrow is my birthday, Aug. 2, thank you my Lord!
Ryan Hart
Happy Birthday! 🎉 May God bless you on your special day.
A yellow and black butterfly manifested in front of me for 5 days in a row. I wondered if I would see one on the 6th day. I opened my mail to find a most beautiful thank you note with a picture of a yellow butterfly. I'm ready for God's answer.
Ryan Hart
What an amazing experience to receive so many messages from your guardian angel! God is clearly working to transform your life in a positive way. I will keep you in my prayers.
Ryan Hart
I am so grateful God connected us. May God bless you.
August 5,2020 today a two tail swallowtail yellow and black butterfly hit my windshield then flew in my car onto my passenger seat. It was an amazing experience, tho I felt the butterfly wanted my attention sounds weird but that’s what I felt. I kindly pick it up and set it free to continue to fly. Two weeks ago the same kind of butterfly flew into my front fender n ride along I assume lol. I was coming out the store n notice the butterfly and again kindly remove it so that it may continue on with it’s day. I thought what a consequence to have the same type of butterfly within weeks of each other that both seemly grabbed my attention. So I decided to look them up and landed here!!! Thanks for the great read on such beautiful creation of God’s work:)
Ryan Hart
Thank you for leaving a comment. I am so grateful God connected us. Seeing the same yellow butterfly is clearly a sign that your guardian angel is watching over you. You are very blessed!
Debi Kloeppel
Good morning. In 2005 my grandma passed. She started me in my love of flower gardens. After she passed every summer Ihad a yellow swallowtail that goes to this one area of my garden. The butterfly is never afraid of me and will land on me . It came every year from 2005 to 2014. In 2014 my mom passed. Having a very hard time with her passing, I was making arrangements for her celebration dinner and a small yellow swallowtail appeared in that same garden again very friendly and landed on my hand. After that I hadn't seen one again until a few days ago. While outside with my dogs a large butterfly was up near my front door. When I stepped out the door it flew toward me and kept circling around me. It didn't land on me but came very close to brushing against me. Honestly I felt like I was in a Disney movie. As I let my dogs inside it almost got in the house. Strange things have happened this summer. I have had 3 different types of flowers appear that I didnt plant one being a yellow flower. I have been going thru some personal issues and having a hard time for quite awhile. I will say seeing the butterfly the other day perked me up again. Why after 9 yrs would the butterfly appear again? Why are these flowers appearing? I definately believe in signs and am hoping that's what these are.
Ryan Hart
I am so sorry to hear about your mom passing. I will keep you in my prayers. Thinking about her each time you see a yellow butterfly is a beautiful way to keep her memory in your heart. ❤️ God bless.
I saw a yellow swallowtail butterfly in my flowers today while I was trimming them up he was right next to my face he was really tiny, and earlier I saw a blue butterfly in my flowers and I think it was a swallowtail also and had a long tail on it and it was a real dark blue so yes I had a yellow and a blue one and a monarch butterfly also went by me today it was a pretty interesting day.
today a yellow, and black,or brown butterfly landed on me and im needing to understand this meaning,if you can please help me,I have had a bird land and walk up to me mad peak my shoes 3 or 4 times
I keep having either black and yellow butterflies land on me or hover over me and today a yellow and black one came to me. I am trying to manifest love into my life is this a sign?
I was recently at the cemetery visiting my sons father. He took his own life in April of 2019. I've really had a rough time dealing with his loss. As I was sitting at his grave on Friday, praying and crying...a large yellow butterfly landed on my shoulder. I believe it was his way of letting me know he was okay. Thanks for your article
I keep having either black and yellow butterflies land on me or hover over me and today a yellow and black one came to me. I am trying to manifest love into my life is this a sign?
What a wonderful experience I had today while I was preparing to cut the grass in my backyard. A gigantic yellow butterfly came over to me and my 5 dogs and began to flutter around us. He was beautiful and emitted a atmosphere of beauty and peace in nature. Gods creation is fabulous!
I had very spiritual dreams last night. Im not sure the exact details of what went on, but I do know that my dreams were about these different people, and there were demons & evil spirits I kept seeing & the people told me they were there. Significantly, I do remember looking to my left where I was sitting. Three small to medium sized completely yellow, beautiful butterflies that were flying together, also landed together, like they were family. Not touching each other, but small space between them, kind of in a triangle shape, landed right next to me on my left. I remember just somehow knowing & thinking that they were "innocent". Then, shortly behind them, following them, was a much bigger black butterfly with a weird gothic like pattern on each wing, kind of symbolic of an upside down exclamation mark kinda. I remember looking at it, several spaces from the three yellow butterflies, feeling it was evil in some way. Like danger. The unknown people in my dream said, "That is the devil". Not sure what this means, but I have an idea. I have in my family my young daughter, my husband & I. I also have 3 female small dogs. My mother recently past away. So, not quite sure what to think of it, but its been bugging me all day. Any suggestions or interpretations or opinions are welcome. Thank you & God Bless.
I saw before two days when I opened door and yellow butterfly enters into my yard two times.
So today while sitting during a conversation with one of my friend. Three yellow butterflies flew pass my front windshield. The first was a large yellow and black one. Shortly afterwards, two more smaller solid yellow butterflies followed behind. I had just left church service and was having a spiritual lesson learned conversation with my friend. Could you give me some wisdom on when there are three within a second crosses ones path?
Gail Lilley
I saw 2 yellow butterflies this morning and one really seemed to be trying to catch my attention. A few minutes later I got into my car and I heard an old song that reminded me of a good childhood memory, and a friend I lost touch with years ago. When I just read this I was very surprised that one of the signs of seeing a yellow butterfly is exactly what happened.
Today I was gave a new job, and I’ve been going through a huge change in my life. I was getting something to eat and a butterflies comes and lands on my car so I put my finger by it and it climbed on me then it flew on my face. And it went back on my hand and sat there until I was a block away from home!
Jan Hamlett
During quarantine, I have been going to sit in the parking lot of a church around the corner, in front of their prayer garden, where a cross stands at the top of the steps. This week, I have been (figuratively) laying a specific burden in front of the cross. Today I placed there the burden of guilt over my past sins, mistakes, and failures. After a moment, I saw a little yellow butterfly flitting around the azaleas. It felt as if God was giving me a fatherly hug. I was looking for an image of a yellow butterfly when I found your site. It was an additional blessing to discover the yellow butterfly has special meaning. Thank you!
Thanks for this insightful yellow butterfly meanings. I saw one today and it kept hovering around me. It was full covered pastel yellow with soft almost translucent wings. It immediately made me feel cheerful and blessed. My husband and I are trying for a third child and I’m leaving it in God’s hands if that is our chosen path. I trust that the yellow butterfly will bring me peace and joy and happiness and who knows maybe it’s a sign of a third blessing to our happy family 🙏🏽
Hi, Ryan. I'm going through a tough situation. Every time I pray, I see a yellow butterfly. I see them every day, usually near the woods, and they make me feel calmness, happy, and positive. I swear God is real and God is good and I'm being guided and protected.
I was walking down a trail on my step dad's land and as I was walking dozens of yellow butterflies were flying all around me and following me! It was magical and I felt like a princess in a fairy tale. For me, the yellow butterfly symbolizes growth. I also have a good feeling that something amazing is right around the corner, and I love surprises!
Tomiko T Hills
I had two yellow Butterfly flew around me an my dog. 2 God sent to me to let me know about my life
Yes, everyday a black and yellow butterfly visit me everyday
I’ve been walking at a park since being on vacation and every morning, I have seen a lot of yellow butterflies cross my way and i had to look it up to see what the meaning of it a.
Susan Attaway
I just had back surgery so I'm going to HAVE to change jobs and move. I've been sitting outside alot while I'm recovering and I've been seeing LOTS of different butterflies 🦋 as well as hummingbirds. I'm been going through clinical depression but seeing these beautiful insects are helpful cope with my situation LOTS better! Thank you for sharing!
Lately at work I've been seeing different kinds of butterflies, more yellow when I'm out on break and sometimes,it seem like they or trying to get in through the window to me. When I'm walking to the store I see beautiful butterflies flying around me.
I keep seeing lots of them do it mean i am blessed what do you think it mean by the way im Ezekiel
thanks for the invite. I was sitting in the back seat of a car, side shoulder of the expressway, and a yellow butterfly capture my attention, so I followed with my eyes until I couldn't see. So I got out the car and to be shocked to not see the yellow butterfly anymore but yet a white butterfly that happily glided down the highway on the mountain side.... I thought wow! Thankyou again for the follow-up of my following the butterfly
I have seen many beautiful plain yellow butterflies this summer when I go on my walks. I also see them at other times. I have been seeing more dragonflies lately, with some landing very close to me. I have heard the dragonfly is a loved one come to visit, and was curious about the meaning behind the yellow butterflies.
So after my fiancé and I of almost 3 yrs separated, I ended up meeting this woman through a close friend of mine. We ended up having a very easy and comfortable connection right off the bat and a few days after I was at home talking to a realtor on the phone because I’m now selling my house that my fiancé and I lived in and was kind of just pacing through my yard . Out of nowhere this little yellow with a few small black Designs butterfly landed right on my hand and kinda walked around on my hand then flew away. What does this mean or possibly mean?
I just saw a all yellow butterfly and i always see little white ones and i know that's my mother
Several years ago, I moved back to my childhood home. My parents have passed away and my husband passed away a few months ago. I see a bright yellow butterfly almost everyday ,sometimes several times a day ,at home, in the car driving.. at my friends business..I couldn't help but look up and read about the yellow butterfly!
Holly P
Unfortunately, my mother went to Heaven to be with the Lord 14 years ago. Over the past 6 or 7 years I have noticed more and more yellow butterflies around me. It seems that it is always during a time when I'm going through a rough situation. When I see one it makes me feel that my mom is there with me, looking over me, and making me feel secure. When one crosses my path, I always say......I know that it's you mom, thank you & I love you.
I have been seeing yellow butterflies at least 2 times a week for the past 3 weeks. This has provided me so much clarity.
Ryan Hart
I am so grateful God connected us through yellow butterflies. Isn't it amazing how God is always guiding us in the right direction?
Marla Southard
I have been seeing a yellow butterfly around my apt for about 3 days it always flies around me .so today I was outside in my yard and I noticed that their were 3 yellow butterflies flying all around my porch and flowers .they even flew around me.they are beautiful and sure do make me happy .
Ryan Hart
Hi Marla, what a blessing to receive such a beautiful message from your guardian angel!
I have seen yellow and white and orange butterflys flying in my front yard.when I be sitting on my front porch or looking throw my window.
Ryan Hart
How beautiful! You are very blessed to be receiving this message.
Felicia French
I hand just seen a group of yellow butterflys just before I got on line to look up the meaning of seeing them there was two small ones and 3 or 4 Bigger ones and I know at least one of them was all yellow no black on it at all.. wondering what that means
Ryan Hart
Seeing a big yellow butterfly is often a sign that you are at a crossroad in your life. God has a special plan for you and is working to guide you in the right direction.
Roy Amores
I have been seeing yellow butterflies daily in my garden this past 7 days.
While writing my diary today, I saw a yellow small butterfly around me. My thoughts at that time were about miracles in real life. Lately, I am feeling that I am stuck at some point professional and love life, I am expecting something new or change, and saw the butterfly at the same time. I am wishing for positive and abundance. Thanks Ryan for writing this blog.🥰🥰
Thanks for the article it clarified a lot, as I just had an experience with a bright yellow &black butterfly while sitting on the couch watching tv
Just saw a yellow butterfly its yellow outside with orange from inside but when I Pict it up it was already dead what could this mean
Ive been seeing a yellow butterfly when i sit outside and this really helped me understand the meaning behind it, thank you for this. xoxo
Amy Jennische Garner
I was listening to the ones who didn’t make it back home song and along came a yellow butterfly. Can’t help but feel good thinking 🤔 Its a sign from God that he has my 6
Today as I was sitting outside talking on the phone a solid yellow Butterfly flew close to my Face ,then flew away. My Husband , my only Sister and one of my best friends passed away within 14 months apart . I/ Family have been going through a lot . My only Grandson has Stage 2 kidney Disease and lots of other issues ,along with health Problems of myself and Daughters. I believe that this is a sign of some kind . I pray a lot during the day ,reading my Bible. Giving God Praise . I pray that this is a sign of better days ,Yrs to Come . In Jesus Perfect Precious Name I Pray. Amen
I seen a big bright yellow butterfly standing at my backdoor this morning. I have lost my husband and been married twice and now divorce. I been depress for along time. Don’t know what happiness is anymore. I was walking in the front yard this morning and the yellow butterfly flew in front of me twice. Please tell me what it means
Virginia sum
A small yellow with green border in the wings and flying inside the room and it flock in the curtain and never move i didn't bother it.
I walked down my staircase outside I saw a yellow butterfly with grey stripes an grey borders around circles. I think it is dying So I left it sent a prayer for it to live again in another metamorphosis. My husband passed away 5 years ago and I will be having a double bunyon operation soon. I see feathers on my walk and a grey feather floated into my hand. These are signs from God, Angels and my late husband to reassure me things will be ok. I have been praying for other people and they have been answered how amazing is that!
I saw a butterfly on my way in 3 days, the same color black at the edge around the wings and yellow at the middle,,, last Monday Feb. 1, 2021..I walk going to the market, on my way I saw on the ground,after 10 minutes I was arrived the market I cross the road I saw again flying up on my head and "I said wow you follow my guardian Angel...Tuesday I saw again 2 times on my way flying.... today's Thursday I saw 3 times on my way and 3 times on the ground the same butterfly in different places, On my way on the footwalk I saw on the ground, then I walked to the stairs the butterfly was also there,, then I go to market there also on the ground... "I said to myself my guarian angel guiding me and I said also what's the meaning of these"?
My grandson passed a while back. A few months ago a baby yellow butterfly landed on my finger and stayed for a few seconds. I know it was my grandson
Thank you for this wonderful Article, Ryan! It really brought clarity to me about seeing a yellow butterfly! May god bless you infinitely! Take care :)
Vanessa Haslam
A beautiful well explained article. Thank You I saw a yellow butterfly in my garden when i was praying on Saturday Morning God bless
Vanessa Haslam
A beautiful well explained article. Thank You I saw a yellow butterfly in my garden when i was praying on Saturday Morning God bless
My daughter was deid last dec.6.after three days I saw a yellow butterfly.intering my house And they stay overnight in my house
Mary Jo Verissimo
I believe butterflies bring spiritual messages from your angels or spirit guides. There were 2 incidents where butterflies landed on me when I was going through a hard time. They came to remind me that things will get better and there is a higher power that looks after us. I also see them in my dreams.
I just saw a really neon looking yellow butterfly. It followed me for a bit. I think it was a Gonepteryx rhamni. I am currently looking for a job and this gives me hope for positive things to come. :)
Rhonda Fitch
I saw a vibrant yellow butterfly with black around it's wings this morning. First butterfly I've seen in many many years.
My husband and I saw a black and yellow butterfly on our porch last week March 30th in up state Maine. Very early for a butterfly
A small yellow butterfly landed on me for 7 seconds. I did not know the meaning.
Anuradha Kurup
Thank you. A yellow butterfly has come by when I am thinking about my Dad who passed away last year and at a time of change
Faye Hester
A friend of mine recently died. About a week before her death, she had a hallucination about a large butterfly with fire coming out his wings, and a black face. Other creatures were tearing up her house. When the granddaughter heard about it, being a Christian and being concerned that her grandmother was not, she told her that this fiery butterfly sounded like a demon to her. Grandmother agreed. The granddaughter then proceeded to present to her the plan of salvation, and it is believed that grandmother accepted Jesus as Savior. Later, just prior to her death, she was caught staring into space for the longest time. When asked what she was seeing, she replied, "A beautiful yellow butterfly!" We are convinced that she is now with the Lord!
Eleanor Matias
I have seen a butterfly this morning , entered in the office a combination of yellow & white color. I was so amazed if what does this mean to me
Yesterday I had a yellow tail swallow fly in to the yard, started flying around in circles and landed on the chair, after awhile the butterfly flew up and then went south, has any one ever experience this before
Rebekah Grant
A yellow butterfly with black stipes and blue&orange dots landed on my today. He doesn't seem to want to leave me alone. He is currently resting on my desk beside my arm. He's breathtakingly beautiful. I feel cherished by his attachment. I believe he needed rest and a safe place to do so which I'll happily provide. I would love to think it represents a 'lucky omen' or perhaps a message that 'I'm on the right path'. Maybe he's reminding me of my inner joy and giving some back in return. Who knows! I'm just grateful he chose me to be his friend :)
Very inspiring and uplifting
I'm manifesting my loved one ....and from few weeks iam seeing yellow butterfly and many other butterfly in the whole day thank u thank u thank u universe
I saw a small yellow butterfly with black on all sides outside our window. Dont know what does it means.
I've had 2 yellow butterflies follow me and land on me. Recently, on my way to my doctor's appointment, I found a dead Beautiful yellow butterfly, I picked it up on my way in the door. The nurses looked at me questionable, I didn't explained. I kept it I until got home then put in a plastic sandwich bag. Today, I found one fluttering low by my bushes and I spoke to her. She landed on the ground and let me touch her for over a minute and take pics. A glorious moment, I compared the pics of her and bag and that match identically. I know they are messages but what?
I just had a yellow butterfly land on me , and found this article. Thanks xXx
Today at Presque Isle a yellow swallowtail flew right into the lake!! Had I not been there to fish it out I’m afraid heaven is the only place it would be flying to. I set butterfly on a piece of drift wood to dry. After a few moments it fly away from the beach toward grass and trees!
I just saw a big yellow bright butterfly passing by my back yard 😄 it was amazing!
Hello I'm always seeing butterflies especially yellow ones .☺️ Saw some yesterday after work. I had won a free mini animal reading from a shaman and was told that a yellow butterfly is strongly connected to my heart energy.not sure what that means but it must be a good thing right☺️
Wanda Jean Brown
I've had this beautiful yellow butterfly fly around my house for 3 or 4 weeks. This message you sent is absolutely beautiful.
Before my partner of 15 yrs passed away, the entrance to his building seemed 'guarded' by yellow butterflies. Their numbers rose as his health declined. I would have to lead our young daughters (7 & 5 yrs old) through a cloud of yellow swallowtails. Since his passing, we are visited/escorted very frequently by yellow butterflies. They lead in front of us, adorn our windows, and often land on my daughters (now 13 & 10 yrs old)! Visits from Dad are always shared with excitement. We miss you, TJ.