Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Personality Traits

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What are the Aries Sun Capricorn Moon personality traits? Ask astrologers and they’ll tell you that these two signs create a perfect balance.

Aries is the sign associated with charging ahead, while Capricorn is the sign known for holding back until everything is perfect. The latter balances the former by helping to channel energy into productivity and hard work. This pairing helps each person focus on long-term goals and is definitely someone who won’t take “no” for an answer.

The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon personality is exciting and disciplined. These people enjoy being leaders and get power from being respected but they are also very practical.

They are curious about the world around them and will take time to learn something new and exciting in any situation. They are thorough, reliable and responsible with a tendency toward excess. These people like to take charge, tell others what to do, organize things and tend not to waste time.

Passionate but practical, Aries Sun Capricorn Moon is a delight for you and others. A need for quality in all aspects of life is mirrored in this person’s work, play, and relationships. This person tends to attract status symbols, including homes and automobiles.

Aries-Capricorn individuals are creative, whiz kids with a lot of brilliant ideas but not the follow-through to accomplish them. They have a wealth of energy, but it takes a while for them to do anything.

The Sun in Aries Moon in Capricorn native is a practical daydreamer. This person likes to philosophize, but more about the “how” than the “why.” Despite their high IQ, they can be surprisingly humorous. These people are actually quite sensitive and may have problems sleeping if they are not kept busy.

The Aries Sun-Capricorn Moon person is complex, smart, and hard-working. When they set their mind to a goal, they stick to it. However, they can be very hard on themselves if they fail to meet their expectations - especially if others are watching them and expecting success!

Those born with Aries Sun and Capricorn Moon in the natal chart are sensitive to life’s changes, for they often feel conflicted and pulled in many directions. Their sense of duty may bring them a parent-like role that is at odds with their work or career. When given encouragement, these natives can rise up to their responsibilities, no matter how stiff the challenge.

Aries Sun people are brimming with energy and enthusiasm. They follow up on their initiative, striving to understand everything first hand and are motivated by challenge. They abhor routine and monotony. They want to experience all that life has to offer.

The destiny of the Aries-Capricorn combination represents a search for a strong sense of symbolical identity. It combines two very different elements, with Aries being a fire sign and Capricorn an earth sign.

They are so different that they have no real connecting link, and are at constant war with each other. This creates a complex person, given to moments of inspiration, rebellion and even genius, which alternates with periods of depression due to fears of isolation and abandonment.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Description

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Woman

The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon woman personality can be summed up as someone who is goal-oriented and motivated, practical and responsible, determined, dedicated to her work, cautious yet adventurous, thoughtful, a perfectionist, and an excellent planner.

These women have a way with people in that they are almost always able to remain friends even if the relationship has ended on a sour note.

The Aries woman is often viewed as a very sensual person. She is well aware of how beautiful her body and face are and this powerful woman knows what she wants in life. She is very powerful herself and she understands how important it is to communicate with others, both men and women on a high level, that everyone can understand.

She has a strong presence, and knows how to interact with almost anyone. Her home is her castle, and she loves to decorate it nicely. She is also very materialistic, and always love to spend on gifts for someone special.

The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon woman is also known as the Fire sign perfectionist. These women are extremely busy people. They know what they want, and they do not waste their time before they get it.

They are very strong-willed and can give orders quite well. The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon woman is very strong in mind but does not impose her strength on others.

She is very attractive and is good at drawing people toward her with her beauty. She is known to be manipulative by others, but her actions are based in a positive way, strongly focused on success.

The Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn woman is full of paradoxes. Capricorn Moon women can be completely contradictory in their personalities, which is what makes them so intriguing to those with whom they come into contact.

Not only will Aries Sun Capricorn Moon people process information logically, but they will also tend to put a lot of emphasis on tradition. She is also is a very creative person with the ability to make anyone laugh.

She possesses the strength of an Aries Sun, and the cautious nature of a Capricorn Moon. She is courageous enough to take action, but patient enough to think before she acts. Some would say her steadfastness is her greatest trait.

She possesses a deep-seated sense of justice, especially in regard to women’s causes or matters in which she feels strongly about. She is also highly intellectual and has a strong intuition.

They are independent and career-minded. They are fiercely protective of their space, but have the ability to surround themselves with great people in their life. They prefer quality over quantity, so they may be a bit selective in their friends and relationships.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Man

An Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is a proud, stubborn and self-sufficient person who enjoys being in charge. He always wants to be first and never likes to concede defeat or be outdone.

He is tough and unforgiving when it comes to business, but his deep emotions often get in the way of his daily life. His appearances are usually brief and abrupt. The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man capacity for leadership will manifest through his business dealings with employees or bosses alike.

He is a very stubborn and determined individual. These men like to be independent and like to do things in their own sweet time. They don’t like being nagged or corrected by others, especially in front of their peers. They will often try to solve problems themselves before asking for help.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon men are known for being strong, silent types; strong enough to be rocklike foundations for their loved ones, and silent enough to be the pillars that they are. A typical Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is career-oriented, confident and patient.

Capricorn Moon influences are evident in the way he values stability and success. The Aries Sun balances the more materialistic but practical side of this man and brings out his determination towards achieving his goals. He will also have a good sense of humor that adds levity to his personality.

On one level, Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is very pragmatic and will take direct action without hesitation or careful deliberation. But on a deeper level, his actions are governed by his sense of justice; although such justice can sometimes be severe or rigid to the point of injustice.

They have an excellent sense of what can be accomplished and realistically expected of themselves. The typical Aries Sun Capricorn Moon will attempt to make no more and no less than they accomplish and do.

They have realistic expectations of themselves and others; they seek out facts for their own edification, and are naturally suspicious of dubious claims. There is something about the amateur that seeks to perfect his performance, or develop a great work which the Aries-Capricorn man can appreciate.

The fiery Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is charismatic and full of adventure. He’ll always be the leader of the group whether it’s for work, or sports, or anything else.

He will work hard to succeed, but you never have to worry about him working alone. He is an excellent collaborator who knows how to bring out the best in others.

The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is refreshing, creative, energetic, and resourceful. This is a man with plenty of drive and he knows how to put his talents to use.

He seeks independence and strives for personal freedom. When this man falls in love he will seek the woman who can keep up with him mentally and emotionally and match his analytical mind.

The Aries Sun Capricorn Moon man is many things: a self-starting wanderer, a practical dreamer, and an introspective actor. Defined by his brutality and courage, the combination is written all over his face – one that’s hardened from years of toil and hardship. This man is complicated, but like any puzzle that’s been put together, all of the pieces fit in the right order.

When it comes to romance, Aries Sun Capricorn Moon men are all for the long game. These guys aren’t impulsive or needy, so you may feel like they’re aloof or disinterested at first.

In reality, they were just watching you and memorizing your flaws in order to teach you how to be a better lover. This requires patience on your end – something you are probably not used to with these fiery personalities.

On the other hand, they are some of the most dedicated and hardworking people that you’ll ever meet. These natives consider long-term relationships as a life-long commitment.

If you are Aries Sun Capricorn Moon, your personality is a dominant and controlling one. Life is serious business to you. You like to have control over your life and your circle of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. When you make plans, you expect everyone to follow them to the letter. When they don’t, watch out!

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