Aries Sun Leo Moon Personality Traits

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The Aries Sun Leo Moon combines the adventure and courage of Aries with the sophistication and flair of the Moon in Leo.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon personality is dignified, energetic, ambitious and assertive. You often spill over with energy. You like to throw yourself into a project with abandon and are a gutsy sort of person, who always put your efforts where you feel they’ll be most productive.

This personality type is very ambitious and has the desire to lead. They have the ability to inspire others to greatness. They are action oriented and love to get things done.

They would rather be busy than being idle or bored. These people are generous, honest and fair. They are good friends, lovers and family members.

The dominant characteristics of all Leo Moon signs are: courage and leadership, a love of nature and animals, joy in their surroundings, generosity in giving help and advice to others, magnanimity in achieving their ends.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon person is wildly energetic, enthusiastic and friendly. The Aries individual is an all-or-nothing person, who needs to lead everything they do.

For this reason, the Sun in Aries Moon in Leo personality type can be fiery, restless and erratic. This sun sign combination gives extra enthusiasm for work or life projects, but they tend to have a violent swing of moods.

They can be described as assertive and extroverted. They are self-confident and energetic, seeking to be the best at everything they do.

Their self-confidence extends to have an opinion on any topic imaginable. They are likely to be leaders or trendsetters because of their passion for adventure.

Aries Sun Leo Moon natives are trusting, optimistic, and independent, but also volatile, possessive, and competitive. They make the ideal employers or bosses. The Aries Sun Leo Moon individual craves praise but may also have very high standards for themselves.

These people like to have a purpose, something they value to care about, something bigger than themselves on which to expend their energy. A single cause is enough for them.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Description

Aries Sun Leo Moon Woman

Living in harmony—this is what life is all about for an Aries Sun Leo Moon woman. Born to lead, she is naturally charismatic and able to get what she wants by charm, diplomacy, and force of personality.

This woman likes everything and wants everyone around her to be happy. She can get impatient when things don’t go as she has planned, but when this doesn’t work she regains composure and picks herself up.

She loves an adventure, a thrill. She knows how to enjoy herself as well as enjoying others' company, always having something new to say or do to entertain the world around her.

She has a fiery personality that can be easily triggered to anger and a quick or sarcastic response. She does what she wants to do, not for what she should do.

She is passionate, action-oriented, and she quickly makes up her mind. This brave and confident woman is fearless, she has no reservations about tackling new challenges. Her enthusiastic and outgoing nature can lead her into adventures that sometimes get out of hand.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon woman is on a constant search for the ideal lover. Since idealistic expectations are very high, long-term relationships present a challenge.

These women looking for Mr. (or Ms.) Wonderful will put considerable effort into being attractive to potential partners both in their external appearance and in their personality.

An Aries Sun Leo Moon woman must feel admired and appreciated by her partner. She will not settle for men who treat her in an offhand manner or with indifference; she wants romantic gestures and concentrated attention from the man she chooses to share her life.

These women are quite mysterious because they have a lot of different facets of their personality, but in general they are natural born leaders who always know what to do: they like taking charge and being in charge. They need to be the best and can be a little prone to showiness because of that.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon woman is very much a chief in command. She likes to be the center of attention, be it in a positive or negative way. Changing things is also a trait of hers. She likes new people, mingling with lots of friends, and doesn’t stay in one place for long.

Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo women are blessed with a passionate spirit, a warm, generous heart, and an exuberant love of social interactions. This combo is both their blessing and greatest challenge.

Aries Sun Leo Moon Man

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man, seems to have it all. He is masculine, confident, and charming but is also a hard worker. This can often lead to him having others dependent on him.

At home he will want a stable and secure life, furnished with the type of creature comforts that he enjoys. In his personal relationships he will want to be loved for who he is and feel supported in his endeavors.

The partners in his life must be able to express their feelings without the fear of being rejected by him. His home should be warm and welcoming, which reflects his need to feel comfortable and secure.

At first, he might seem a bit shy and not talk much. But as you get to know him better, his cheerful personality will grab your attention and get you interested in him.

He knows how to make people laugh and often wins most friends' hearts. Most of the time, he doesn’t even have to try. His personality is very friendly and charming.

He is incredibly strong and can be an amazing lover. He’s always hard working, enthusiastic about what he does daily.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man enjoys challenges and being a winner. He’ll do everything to win and show that he won.

Evoking the power of Leo and the warmth of Sun, the Aries Sun-Leo-Moon man is a charmer with charisma to burn.

Unlike the other Leos, these men are happy to be number one and the center of attention. They love drama in all shapes and sizes and will turn an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man has a head full of confidence and the energy to do anything he puts his mind to. While he is very loyal and always stands by his friends, an Aries Sun wants more than most to be known for the things that he can do.

At one point or another in this man’s life, he will need to learn to be more sensitive towards others feelings. He can only do this with the help of those he holds dearest, but also through experience.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man is intensely vibrant. He is handsome and highly visible. He has a magnetic personality that demands notice. Though charming and popular he can be overbearing in his need for attention.

Where others may see obstacles, the Aries Sun Leo Moon man sees challenges. He’s a born leader and true mover and shaker, always on the move and always enough going on to keep him that way. He can be just as ambitious about his personal life as he is about his professional life, and he likes things to be just as interesting at home as they are at work.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man is a powerful creature. Without the right balance, they can appear to others as arrogant, self-centered, and domineering. When they are in balance, they are driven, creative, ambitious and courageous.

He is a hard worker, loves risk taking and has an innate sense of honor. Possessing a great personality and a strong sense of self he is very motivated to seize the day.

Pushing for success, he works hard to be at the top in everything he does. He holds to his promises and responds to challenges with gusto.

The Aries Sun Leo Moon man possesses a tremendous sense of strength and leadership. From the moment he wakes till he lies down to sleep, he is always in control of the situation.

He expects you to be at his beck and call whenever he needs you. He is very stubborn and headstrong.

This sense of pride definitely runs in his family, but this man goes way overboard with it. He wants everyone around him to acknowledge him for the strong, confident person that he is and this dude definitely has a difficulty accepting defeat in any situation.

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