Diamond Stud Earring Size Chart (with Actual Photos on Ear)

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Deciding on the perfect diamond stud earring size can be tricky - after all, you want them to look chic and elegant but not too big or small.

The best way to decide is to use a size chart, which considers the proportions of your features and face shape.

For example, small or medium-sized studs will likely look best on you if you have a petite face. But, on the other hand, if you have a more prominent face, you can get away with wearing oversized studs.

And if you’re still not sure, then it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go with a smaller size.

Actual Diamond Stud Earring Size on Ears

What size diamond stud earrings should you buy?

Diamond stud earrings are versatile accessories that women can wear in various styles. But with so many sizes and shapes to choose from, how do you know which size is right for you?

Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing diamond stud earrings:

  • Face size: Smaller diamond stud earrings will look best if you have a petite face. Those with more prominent faces can look more dramatic with larger diamonds.
  • Face shape: Diamond stud earrings come in different shapes, such as round, square, or oval. Choose a shape that complements the contours of your face.
  • Wardrobe: More formal attire will lend itself to larger diamond stud earrings, while more casual clothes will look better with a lower carat weight diamond.
  • Lifestyle: Those with active lifestyles may find it uncomfortable to wear large diamond stud earrings all day long.
  • Budget: Of course, the price of diamond stud earrings will vary depending on the size and quality of the diamonds. Determine how much you’re willing to spend before beginning your search.

With these factors in mind, you’ll find the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Stud Size Chart

Carat Total WeightEarring SizeDiamond DiameterNatural Diamond PriceLab-Grown Diamond Price
2.00 ctw1.00 ct each6.50 mm$9,990+$4,250+
1.50 ctw0.75 ct each5.80 mm$4,750+$2,250+
1.25 ctw0.62 ct each5.55 mm$3,000+$1,500+
1.00 ctw0.50 ct each5.00 mm$2,250+$1,250+
0.75 ctw0.375 ct each4.67 mm$1,250+$750+
0.50 ctw0.25 ct each4.10 mm$750+$500+
0.25 ctw0.125 ct each3.20 mm$300+$275+

What to consider when buying diamond stud earrings?

When purchasing diamond stud earrings, it is essential to remember the “4 Cs,” which are Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color.

  • Carat weight is the size of the diamond measured in grams.
  • Cut describes how the diamond has been shaped and includes the height, depth, angles, and other factors. Cut affects the diamond’s symmetry, brightness, fire, and how sparkly it appears.
  • Clarity reveals if the diamond has blemishes or inclusions, which is judged on a 6-point scale.
  • Color is judged on a D-Z scale, with D being no hue (no yellow or brown color) and Z having a yellow-hued diamond.

When picking out diamond stud earrings, it is essential to keep these four Cs in mind because they will affect a fifth “C”: the cost.

How much do diamond stud earrings cost?

The cost of diamond stud earrings varies depending on the quality of the diamonds, but they can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

If you’re looking for the best value, it’s important to remember that the 4 Cs (carat weight, cut, color, and clarity) all play a role in determining the price of a diamond.

For instance, two diamonds of equal carat weight may have different prices if one has a higher clarity or color grade.

A set of 1 ctw earrings with F-G color and VS1-VS2 clarity will cost around $2,600. In contrast, a lower quality set of diamonds with H-I color and SI1-SI2 clarity are about $170 less expensive.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how much you’re willing to spend on diamond stud earrings.

What does Carat Total Weight (CTW) mean?

Carat weight is an industry-standard measurement of how much a diamond weighs. The term carat is derived from the carob bean, as historically, merchants used this bean to balance scales when selling gemstones.

Today, diamond carat weight is measured on a scale with 0.2 grams equal to one carat.

When shopping for diamond stud earrings, it’s important to note the difference between carat total weight (CTW) and diamond carat weight (DCW).

CTW is the combined weight of both diamonds in the earring, while DCW is the weight of an individual diamond.

So, for example, if you’re looking at a pair of diamond stud earrings with a total carat weight of 1 carat, that means the two diamonds weigh a combined 1 carat or 0.5 carats each.

Carat weight is essential when shopping for diamond jewelry because it affects a diamond’s size and price. However, it’s just one of the “Four Cs” of diamond quality, so be sure to look at a diamond’s cut, color, and clarity when making your final decision.

What’s the difference between real and lab-grown diamond stud earrings?

Real diamonds are created by nature, while lab-grown diamonds are made in a laboratory.

These two types of diamonds are physically and chemically identical, but lab-grown diamonds typically cost less than natural diamonds.

Diamonds are mined from the earth, while lab-grown diamonds are grown from a carbon seed. It can take millions of years for a natural diamond to form, while it takes only a few weeks for a lab-grown diamond to grow.

Lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds because they are not subject to the same market forces of supply and demand. However, some believe natural diamonds are more valuable because they are rarer and have more history.

When choosing diamond stud earrings, it is essential to consider your budget and personal preferences.

Lab-grown diamonds may be the best choice if you want a cheaper option. However, if you prefer the idea of wearing a diamond that has been created by nature, then natural diamonds may be the better option.

Bottom Line

Diamond stud earrings are a versatile and elegant accessory that women can wear with any outfit. So how do you determine what size earrings to buy?

The answer depends on a few factors, including the shape of your face, the style of your clothes, and the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

If you have a round face, diamond stud earrings with a larger carat weight will help to balance your features. Opt for diamond stud earrings with a smaller carat weight if you have a square or angular face. The correct diamond size will help to soften your features and create a more feminine look.

The style of your clothes is also an important consideration when choosing diamond stud earrings. If you typically dress in formal wear, opt for the heavier carat weight. Larger diamond earrings will add a touch of class to your look.

If you prefer casual attire, diamond stud earrings with a smaller carat weight will be more appropriate.

Finally, consider the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Diamond stud earrings are an effective way to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. If you’re looking for an understated look, choose diamond stud earrings with lower carat weight.

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